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Found 3 results

  1. Event Title: SELECTION BATTLES OF NYGAM'S EXPANSE Event Trigger: Reaching 500K in The ORP COMMUNITY REIASTU Sign Up Period: Closed Event Duration: Ongoing Until Completion Event Head: Nygam "The Overseer" [Event NPC Controlled By: Rash] Location: Nygam's Expanse Combatants: No. 1113 Tamura Ryūnosuke - Fullbringer No. 0081 Connor Knight - Fullbringer No. 6660 Yamashiro Gazami - Arrancar No. 0003 Yuroshima Hoshiko - Shinigami No. 6172 Hizorashi Masato - Fullbringer No. 6969 San Salvatore - Shinigami No. 9999 Tsukishima Higurashi - Arrancar ______________________________ Overview: Nygam, a mysterious entity with the power of oneirokinesis initiates the "Selection Battles" at the command of The Sentinels of Potential, mighty beings powered by limitless power sources known only as "Relics". In possession of a relic shard of his own, the very origin of his own incredible abilities, Nygam sets the events Selection in motion by pulling powerful beings from all known realms into a singular dreamworld; his base of operations, and the stage of the Selection Battles, Nygam's Expanse. The chosen beings battle one another in an all out battle royale style death match using powers beyond imagination in an endless world of limitless possibilities. After a very long elimination round, the Selection Battles come down to just a handful of remaining combatants, all the others have lost all their "Weaves" (lifelines) within Nygam's Expanse or have otherwise passed away while conscious. When the finalist are gathered for the grand finale of the Selection Battles they think that they are meeting Nygam for the first time, however in reality they've actually known Nygam for a long time and have been battling --winning and sometimes losing-- hundreds of times within the Selection Battles. They've only forgotten about the battles when they'd awaken from their dream-state. The remaining combatants are down to their last seven Weaves each, they have all passed the Selection Battles, but the time has come to name the "Champion" among them. That champion will stand the greatest chance against the Sentinels to come. ------------------------------------------------------------ Nygam "The Overseer": Little is known about this mysterious individual named simply Nygam and titled "The Overseer" of the Selection Battles. Thanks to his own shard of a Relic of Potential, Nygam is able to pull unconscious minds into his own dream-like realm, dubbed "Nygam's Expanse. Although his powers are virtually limitless Nygam seems to only use his powers in the service of the Sentinels of Potential under whom he serves. The duties of initiating and moderating the Selection Battles, from its beginning until its ultimate conclusion, are solely his. -------------------- Weaves: Weaves are a reflection of how many lives a person has left within the Selection Battles. Each "life" is signified big a single weave that appears as a black bar-shaped marking on the combatant's body. A single Weave disappears each time a combatant is killed and resurrects. The combatant is naturally eliminated from the Selection Battles when they run out of weaves. At the beginning of the Selection Battles, each combatant possessed between 99 and 999 Weaves. By the time of the grand finale the remaining combatants all have only 7 Weaves left; meaning they've all possibly been defeated and killed within the Selection Battles at least 92 times. Weaves can also be spent to change aspects of the environment and setting of Nygam's Expanse where battle is taking place; however this must be done at the start of a battle. Combatants can also compete in changing the environment to suit their preference, but each change costs an additional Weave. Lastly each Weave contains a copy of the combatant's life force and their current potential. A weave can be given up to increase amplify their potential within their current life. -------------------- Nygam's Expanse: A dream-like realm that can only be accessed while in an unconscious state. Within the expanse, there are no limitations; possibilities are endless and potential is infinite. As it is a realm of his own creation, Nygam has absolute control over all elements and aspects of the expanse. However, for the purpose of the Selection Battles, Nygam has granted that power to the combatants in order for them to do battle. Normally the limitless potential of the expanse in reflected as an vast white space that goes on infinitely in all directions. The combatants can change aspects of their environment and setting by sacrificing one of their lifelines, known as Weaves. On occasion, Nygam may even change dynamics of the realm himself. Although each combatant has been in Nygam's Expanse dozens if not hundreds of times since the beginning of the Selection Battles, they have all forgotten about everything involving it each time they gained consciousness or woke up. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INFORMATION: What's The Deal? How Do I Sign Up? Who Can Sign Up? When Will It Start? How Does Combat Work? How Do Abilities Work? How To Do Battles? Can I Kill Nygam? What Happens If I Win? OKAY. I'm a bit tired to there may be some things that I left out. If you have any other questions feel free to post them here and I will answer everything I can. Try to keep them short and to the point. Looking forwards to seeing this one blast off with all of you.
  2. Hello everyone, I've got a brand new arc for us to enjoy; and don't worry, it isn't an invasion. Rules are simple: those involved with the arc will RP it through and have some fun. I would've said that there are no rules, but that isn't quite true. If you aren't involved in the arc, I don't want someone rushing in mid way and trying to throw nukes everywhere or something else to make themselves seem like some sort of magical solution to everyone's struggles. Basic Plot: I'm going to be a bit vague here, as to not give away too much of the surprises we'll have to face throughout the story. Scouts from the Gotei 13 have located a large, mysterious city-like base outside of the Soul Society's known land, but within the realm. In response, Captain Kuchiki Hakumei will be forming a team of preferably 6-8 characters with the orders to investigate the area and eliminate any threat it might pose to the Soul Society. Unbeknownst to them, the massive base will be home to a powerful antagonist group consisting of an unknown number of soldiers, 12 officers, and 4 leaders. I have developed characters for the officers and leaders and will create a database here that will be filled in with information as it is revealed through the story itself. Anyone involved in this arc can choose to create entries for any other members(soldiers, scientists, doctors, prisoners, slaves, etc.) introduced throughout the story to give them a more fleshed-out character. Each of the leaders have their own job important to the maintenance of the group, as well as 3 officers each that work under them with jobs of their own. For Example, one leader will be in charge of the group's militant forces; the three officers serving under him will each have their own jobs related to their leader's: training the soldiers, punishing disobedient soldiers and slaves, and leading the soldiers into battle. Got a little side-tracked there... back to the actual info: This group will also be kidnapping a Bount. In response, the Bount Coven will need to assemble a Rescue Team to go into the Soul Society and save their ally. I'm asking for the Bount rescue team to only be around 4 characters, but if Haley's triplets want to join, I'll count them as taking up one spot so that there's fair opportunity for everyone who really wants to join. Lastly, the Vandenreich know about this city-base and suspect that a missing Soldat Captain may be there. Whether he's been kidnapped or defected to the antagonist group, the reich is tasking Lieutenant Ringo Fiehr with finding him. This mission is a test to see if Fiehr is capable of developing a schrift and becoming a Sternritter; because of this, the only ally going with him will also be his proctor, Sternritter Simon Brandt. Anyone can apply to have other Quincy character go, but don't expect much unless you have really good reason why they'd be going. Shinigami Infiltration Team: -Leader: Kuchiki Hakumei -Cluckers - - - - - - Bount Rescue Team: -Ilyse Minette Lebensdauer - - - Quincy Retrieval Team: -Ringo Fiehr -Simon Brandt Character Database: (be sure to include Name, Race/Species, History, Personality, and Abilities & Powers) Four Beasts: Twelve Zodiacs: Other:
  3. Phase One: Get Signed-up!!! This is a going to be an unofficial RP Thread (the actual one is going to be separate from this) Currently you will be divide into teams of two (TBD) A general rule but a reminder: GMing will not be tolerated Each team will be given an item to guard This 'item' is what keeps you in the game There will be an in-game money prize Stay tuned for update on details!!! If you want to join just post your in game name and pay the entrance fee of $100 in-game money to one of the two (and message them as well): AnthonyHolroyd Id # 107740 MadarameIkkaku Id # 109820 Once paid, please send them a message in-game or on here saying that you've paid the entrance fee for the survival game. Also any questions please post them below Moderating the event: Arimei Anthony Holroyd Yuroshima Hoshiko Currently Participating: (Highlighted names are those who have paid the entrance fee. Hurry up and pay if you want to participate or you'll be in the stands) Hakumei Seishin-Kuchiki Sasuke Shihoin Laanniie ene aKeith Liu Shen Sorin Suzaku ulquiorramarques (kurosakipedro) Stein A. Nevskii Ashikaga Shizuka Zoro Shihoin Nakayama Kanako BennyCSS Zero"Kuchiki"Phantom redhawk Miyazaki Lucia Harumi Rash Raita-kun *on wait* fabiokurosaki *on wait* Sakamoto Mie Alvito Teams have been generated: Team 1 Laanniie Sasuke Shihoin Team 2 Re-joined. Nakayama Kanako kurosakipedro Team 3 redhawk Hakumei Seishin-Kuchiki Team 4 BennyCSS ene Team 5 Ashikaga Shizuka Sorin Suzaku Team 6 Stein A. Nevskii Liu Shen Team 7 aKeith Zoro Shihoin Team 8 Zero"Kuchiki"Phantom Miyazaki Lucia Harumi Team 9 fabiokurosaki Sakamoto Mie Team 10 Alvito Rash Raita-kun Re- Team 3 Hakumei Seishin-Kuchiki Sakamoto Mie Re- Team 6 Liu Shen SSVegeta3000 (kyoraku)
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