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Found 1 result

  1. The rules and good housekeeping mechanics of unofficial RP For newer members of the forum who want to join unofficial RP stories it can be tricky to know how certain things work on the site. To help I've written out some basic topics for people to make fair posts and to enhance the overall experience of not only your own writing but also the experience you can bring to other people. These rules aren't created to limit your creativity, not are they written down as a means to punish people. I can only write them out as guidelines of what has been perceived for years to be decent posting. 1 God Modding God Modding (cfr. explanation), also known as GM'ing, is strictly forbidden during fights. When you see that your opponent God Modded you, you ask the other person politely if they could rephrase that part so the outcome isn't that definite and that there is room to counter. When the dispute continues you can contact a senior RP member who will either confirm that the move was valid or who will specify a penalty. According to the depth of the GM a penalty up to death can be given. Only when the party being GM'ed agrees on it, for instance I say it's ok for somebody else that we both went inside a building, it is seen as a valid reason for doing so. 2 Overpowered It is common sense and decency that you write with your character at a reasonable level of power. This being for a new RP'er to be a lower ranked character. The further your story progresses and the more skill you gain in posting, the more powerful your character will be. We all write together to have fun and it isn't exactly nice to have twenty small Ichigo's and Aizens going around in threads. Be realistic and don't get ahead of yourself. 3 Posting guide It is by many perceived that a good written post has a minimum length of ten sentences and is written from the third-person as if you were to describe the actions of another being. In RP you create a character and you develop them as an individual with a background, emotions, feelings and a personality. Stay true to the image you build up of your creation. If you find it hard to write a longer post then sit back for a couple of minutes and think about what goes around your character and how he feels at that moment. You will not only get a better insight of your own character but you will also provide feedback for other people to respond on, enhancing the overall experience for both parties involved (being a fellow RP'er or those who are reading your posts). 4 Ability spamming When using abilities or release forms your character will use up energy. The amount of energy that is consumed will be determined by the force of the attack. One cannot simply fire a dozen of level 90 Kido incantations or Gran Ray Cero's without even panting. As was stated in rule number 2, we aren't all small Ichigo's and Aizens and as such we don't have the power to smash whole mountains with our bare hands. One-hit wonders don't exist people so use realism. 5 I'm best in everything It can be that your character is outstanding in a number of area's though it is impossible to be the best in everything. You're either specialized in Kido or fighting with a weapon or you're at medium level with both of them. Pick a basic area for your character to develop itself in and work around that. Area's that have been common are physical strength, spiritual attack power, speed and stamina. 6 I can't post for a while When you can't actively participate for certain reasons then it is polite to park your character somewhere and let them know so that other people don't depend on you. If you stay inactive during a fight and you fail to respond to an attack within 48 hours then it is commonly said that the attack will auto hit and that the attacker may specify the outcome for the sake of their own story progression. 7 Hybrid-fusion-fullbring-Quincy-Rider of the apocalyse-butterfly-being It is good if you want to introduce new elements to RP but remember that you are on a Bleach forum and that the rules of the Bleach universe still apply. If you want to be a wizard with a magic wand then go on a fantasy forum where they will love your story but for the sake of other people keep it reasonable within the limits of what is possible in Bleach. 8 Ooc comments If you want to make a small comment outside of the post then do so below your post by putting "Ooc:". These are, like I said, meant for small comments. Pages of chatter belong somewhere else and pollute the story being written.