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Found 7 results

  1. This is for anyone who ever needs a soul burial on the RPG. Post your request for a soul burial and what district your soul is in here. Note: if your soul is in Rukongai then there is no need for a soul burial. Just go through Training Dojo(if you've done this before go straight to Seireitei).
  2. Members of this Faction:(13) Commander: Yoshirou / Nero Sub-Commander: WeCameAsRomans Seat 3 - Alvito Seat 4 - Saito Seat 5 - KiritoIchi Seat 6 - KenshinHimura Seat 7 - fulbring Seat 8 - humanhybrid Seat 9 - SkylerChaseClark Seat 10 - Synyde Seat 11 - Ryukata Seat 12 - TensaMugestu Seat 13 - HichigoKurosaki Seat 14 - Duruan Seat 15 - adam
  3. If you don't mind, post here if you're going to leave Squad 3 for either forever(Until you feel like coming back in the distant future) or temporarily. It'd be much appreciated if you do I'm leaving for a temporary amount of time. feel free to find a new VC while i'm gone~
  4. Rion walks around the Seireitei looking for people who don't seem to be affiliated with any squad in particular yet. He was on his first mission given by his new Captain, Alvito Black, who had asked him to bring in more people to the Kido Corps so they may strengthen their numbers. Rion had just begun looking and had high hopes that someone would be willing to join the Kido Corps in order to prepare for any future battles.
  5. I'll just keep this as a pinned thread or something basically to let people know when there is going to be a purge. I'll do one this time next week, so sometime on Saturday June 15th. What does this mean to those of you who play the rpg? It means that if you haven't logged into your account in the last month or so, your account will be erased from the database, just the RPG, not the forum one. What do you have to do to keep from being deleted? Log into your RPG account at least once a month. Why does this have to happen? To free up the server's resources and keep the game/forum running as smoothly as possible. Why are VIP's not protected? While they aren't currently, they will be after the next RPG reset. It just wasn't something that was coded into the database, and it's too hard and bothersome to do it with thousands of accounts already in the system. There will also be a "vacation" mode where you can switch to a state that will prevent your account from being purged if you are away for any length of time.
  6. As of late, I have noticed the disrespect Kido Corps members, and what's even more shameful, their high ranking officer, Vice-Captain Yuroshima, show toward other Captains by judging and criticizing the manner in which they run their Squads. Most recently, this was directed towards Squad 5 though not exclusively. With this in mind, Squad 11 hereby declares WAR against Kido Corps.
  7. Here you can post how many times you have died or post when you die up to you (in rpg) Mortal/Akito = 2013 = forever dead Mortal's new account = 5 LiuShen 2013 =116+
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