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  1. Setting: Athena's Sanctuary is a mountain located near Athen's Greece. Home to Athena and her 88 Saints. It holds a Colosseum at the base of Sanctuary with living quarters scattered about. Towards the hills to the left of the entrance into Sanctuary is a field of flowers with the tombstones of all the deceased saints over the many ages. Sanctuary itself has a total of 12 temples going up the mountain where the Pope's house lies. These 12 temples are connected to only one path that leads to the top and so the only way to reach the top of Sanctuary is to go through each of the 12 temples. -------- The Master of Sanctuary he was and a saint of a bygone age as well. Soon this remnant of the last holy war would soon die, but his legacy must continue. So thought the Master as he stared into the dimming landscape. Night would soon fall and so another day would pass where the Goddess Athena had yet taken up her mantle. The Master had lived these past 200 years awaiting the return of Athena who would be reborn in human form. Perhaps she was already on Earth but regardless the few Saints the Master had on hand could not locate her. The threat of Poseidon flooding the Earth and Hades exterminating all life on earth hung over the Master like storm clouds on the horizon. They had no hope of defeating these fierce Gods without their Goddess' assistance. Perhaps with their cosmo they could produce a miracle when the most desperate hour occurred but for now The Master of Sanctuary needed certainties. He needed to know the future was ensured for humanity and he needed the new generation of Saints to protect peace love and justice on Earth. As the sky passed from twilight to blackness the Master retreated back into the Master's House. It was a two story building of greek design meant to house the Pope leader of the Saints and Athena herself when she would assume her duty of defending the Earth. In the main chamber was the throne of the Master, but behind it hidden by a curtain was far more valuable. Extending his hand upwards the Master latched onto the curtain and pulled it away as a golden light shone through. What emanated the golden light was none other than twelve golden boxes each one marked by a symbol of what it contained inside. Each box contained none other than the armors or cloth representing the golden zodiac Taurus, Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. The greatest cloth of the Saunts of Athena, greater than the bronze or silver cloth. But even then the Master knew it wasn't the cloth that determined a warrior's worth but their cosmo! The power to burn their spirits and obliterate atoms with a mere punch. The Master himself burnt out his cosmo long ago as youths from 13 to their late twenties had the greatest potential to unleash their cosmo. But where did these youths go the Master wondered? Where were these future Knights of Athena. --end of post--- Fun Fact: The Master of Sanctuary while their identity is shrouded in mystery and their face hidden by the shadows of their helmet goes by a different title as well. The Mast can be referred to as the Pope or Grand Pope. The reason for this is the Pope is able to directly commune with the Goddess Athena or hear her will. Lately however The Pope hasn't heard Athena and this can be explained for a number of reasons. Athena could no longer be residing in the heavens and reborn on Earth, the Pope himself could be tainted with evil, or the Pope's powers of his cosmo has far diminished that he is unable to reach a sense above the five senses. Overview of Athena's Sanctuary http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/saintseiya/images/c/c5/ND-Santuario2.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120404060144&path-prefix=es Sanctuary's Twelve Temples and the Pope's house behind them.
  2. Fimbulvetr Age: 214 Appearance Cloth: Former Ophiuchus Saint (currently none) Affiliation: Athena Abilities :3 out of 3 Ability Slots filled 1)Diamond Dust Close to Mid-Range Cosmo Attack Description: Fires off a stream of cold air from this character's punches. Cold enough to slightly freeze cloth/surplice/scales When Used +50 Cosmo +10 Bonus Damage against Armor 2)Pegasus Meteor Punch Close Range Cosmo Attack Description: Fires off a rapid succession of punches. A Classic move. Can only be used every 3 posts after first use for any battle. When Used +20 Cosmo +An Additional 10 Cosmo in battle after every use of this attack. 3)Demon Emperor Fist Close Range Heart/Mind Attack Description: When this attack is used it instills a thought into the target's mind that tells them to kill the next person they battle even against their will. This attack can only be used once on every character. Warriors hit by this attack cannot kill the user of this attack when afflicted by it. The user of this attack cannot use defensive abilities. The user of this attack cannot also wear armor while using this attack. When used +50 Heart/Mind If this warrior's Heart/Mind stat (plus the boost) is greater than the target's then this attack takes effect. Character: Wise yet mysterious. The Pope serves as head of the Saints while Athena in not on Earth. He believes in the mission of the saints to fight for Peace, Love, Justice, and Athena wholeheartedly. While he preaches the dogma of fighting with Pride and Honor the Pope knows that for the head of the organization he will do what he must for the survival of humanity. Actions that he would see himself do before seeing a Saint tarnish their character. The Pope also believe a Saint who can maintain Pride and Honor must have the power to do so. While not physically fit enough for hand to hand combat the Pope still has the iron hard will of a Saint to do what is right. History: Born in the Alps and trained in the Sanctuary. He achieved his silver saint cloth at the age of 13. During the war of the Gods 200 years ago he remained in Sanctuary to defend it as Athena and most her saints took to battlegrounds everywhere to fight off Hades and Ares. When the war ended Athena had pushed back Hades and Ares at the expense of her life and the lives of over 70 Saints. Before she died she passed on the role of leader of the Saints to Fimbulvetr. She tasked him with replenishing the ranks of the Saints for her eventual return when the Gods would once again wage war. Fimbulvetr was thus anointed The Master of Sanctuary to serve in place of Athena. Fimbulvetr with the assistance of the remaining saints from the last war trained and raised the next generation of Saints knowing that while they may not be the ones battling Hades they would train the generation that would do so through teaching them the skills they acquired in the 200 years in between. Fimbulvetr and one other Gold saint from two years ago are the only saints from that last war that remain alive on the Earth today. Their unnatural longevity is due to Athena’s blessing which gave them extended lives at the expense of most of their cosmo in order to carry out their mission of gathering Saints. With the war about to start Fimbulvetr is awaiting the reincarnation of Athena as a sign of the impending battles. Fun Fact: One of the few remaining survivors of the last battle of the gods 200 years ago. He never had the chance to fight however. Spent his entire life training himself and training the next generations of saints for the approaching battle of the gods in modern day. One last important note is the Pope's face is always hidden by the Pope's Helmet which is always being worn. Only those from 200 years ago have ever seen the Pope's face.
  3. Table of Contents 1)Saint Seiya Roleplay Plot 2) Factions 3) Terminology 4) Rules (Mostly just about Conducting yourself in the rp) 5) Character Creation 6) Abilities/Attacks/Defenses 7) Cloth/Scales/Surplice List 8) Threads and Posting. Starting your first post for Saint Seiya 9) Locations in Saint Seiya for the RP 10) Objective/Missions List 11) Collecting Points, Boosting Stats, Where to put Char Apps, need-to-knows/STARTING STATS/STAT LAYOUT 12) Combat/Stats/Points For Stats 1. Saint Seiya Plot Since the age of Mythology Gods and Goddesses have continuously fought over the Earth. Out of it Athena stood out in a selfless act and defended the humans caught in the crossfire. From then on Athena has always been humanity’s protector with the aid of warriors known as Saints. Saints wore armor called cloth and with it could withstand incredible attacks infused with energy called cosmo. Cosmo born out of every soul is energy that can be harnessed to great destructive effect or for supernatural abilities such as manipulating space. However two Gods stood opposite to Athena, Hades and Poseidon. While Poseidon was peaceful and friendly with Athena at times Hades was always her sworn enemy. always intent on ending humanity Athena was always vigil. Each God had their motives for their actions and it usually caused them to fight between each other. For humans battles shaped them. Athena herself dictated weapons and barred them save for extreme circumstances and her Saints used not swords or spears but Fists to fight. These fists when empowered by latent cosmo could go from smashing a plank of wood to creating chasms in the earth. Such force is usually concentrated into an attack that affects only an individual thereby sparing the landscape grievous harm. 2. Factions Saints Athena since the age of mythology has strove to defend humanity for the sake of love and justice against gods who would seek to conquer or destroy them. To aid her in her quest an ancient people created armor know as cloth which are based on the 88 modern day constellations. Athena sought out warriors who possessed energy known as Cosmo which could be used for great destructive effect to fight for her cause against evil. With this cloth the warriors of Athena could battle without being killed by enemies in mere hits as cosmo fueled attacks had too much destructive force for a human body to withstand. With this armor these warriors came to be known as Athena’s Saints who dedicated their lives for Athena’s cause. However Athena fought in mortal form and eventually died with her soul returning to Mt. Olympus. Appointing a Pope to serve as her representative from the Heavens out of the ranks of the Saints Athena left Earth in their hands until a time came when Gods would seek to conquer earth again. Throughout the ages Athena has kept her promise by returning to earth in mortal form to aid the Saints. Now that time is nearing again. The Pope in Sanctuary is desperately seeking out new young men to become Saints in preparation for Athena’s return and the signaling of a new battle of the gods. For young men seeking to join the ranks of the Saints they must achieve a cloth in which to battle in, Earn your cloth, train yourself and saint candidates and prepare for battle. Mariners Poseidon for the most part has been docile but prone to rapid mood swings. Since the age of mythology Poseidon himself has battled against Athena and other gods for the control of the Earth. In Poseidon’s case he wishes to make it a tranquil paradise at the cost of wiping out most of humanity. To do this Poseidon has battled in human form possessing suitable young men as hosts. However in the last war he participated in his soul was entrapped in a vase kept in Sanctuary. However he still holds tremendous power and his influence stretches far. To heed his voice means he has chosen you to fight under his banner and serve as the new leaders of his paradise. Go to Atlantis at the bottom of the Mediterranean sea and become a Mariner. Train yourself and others in the way of hand to hand combat and cosmo for the true battle. Mariners wield armor similar to Saint’s cloth known as Scales. These were known to be the earliest form of armor for mortal men to wear and fight in battle with. Specters Hades since the mythological age has hated the sunlight and disliked humanity greatly for their perceived sinfulness. Those select few humans he chooses as his specters are of the most purity. For this Hades does not like to waste the lives of his specters needlessly and so orders attacks when absolutely required. Hades like Poseidon possess humans to serve as his mortal host as opposed to Athena who is born in mortal form as a baby. Hades host is the most pure soul out of all of humanity and usually quite beautiful. From this form Hades rules atop his throne at the very edge of the Underworld leaving his base on Earth Hades Castle in the hands of stewards his Specters. Specters themselves may be pure evil, pure good, or sometimes somewhere in between but they follow Hades willingly usually as every human when they die is sent to suffer in the Underworld forever. This seems to be good incentive as well as Hades promise of granting them immortality if they serve him faithfully and conquer the Earth. Hades goal is to shroud the Earth in darkness and exterminate all life off the face of it. The Earth will become an extension of the Underworld. As a Specter fight for Hades and claim immortality or at the very least spare yourself from eternal torment. 3. Terminology Cloth Scales and Surplice Cloth is the armor worn by Athena's Saints Scales are the armor worn by Poseidon's Mariners Surplice is the armor worn by Hades' Specters Cloth/Scales/Surplice All three of these are armor types that are worn by warriors in order to withstand power cosmo based attacks. For Cloths in the original series there are three types: bronze, silver, and gold. Gold cloth is usually the most durable and powerful while bronze cloth is usually the weakest and easily shattered. This logic is applied to Scales and Surplice too dividing them into 3 categories as well. Cloth and other armor are frequently shown to be shattered or damaged , sometimes even disintegrated. No Armor can truly be destroyed but they are very hard to repair. Blood is needed to repair them as cloth are themselves living beings. Offering your blood to your cloth to repair it is dangerous in the series as one can actually die from so much blood loss, but in this RP it only takes up half of your warrior’s current HP. More on that in another section. Cosmo Cosmo is the main source of power in the Saint Seiya universe, but it's more than that. Cosmo is described as a philosophical concept and seems to take inspiration from both western and eastern religious philosophies. Cosmo is the source of life for all living beings and also the reason all matter in the universe exists. It seems that Cosmo may also be related to the movement of atoms, so it's clear that with a sufficiently powerful, Cosmo it's possible to alter the nature of any object, from destroying atoms to stopping them. The origin of Cosmo is the Big Bang that gave birth to the universe, and any time Cosmo is burned inside a body, it's a smaller scale reproduction of the real Big Bang. All human beings have Cosmo deep inside themselves, but only a few are truly aware of it, and even fewer are able to burn it and/or increase it until it explodes. Being able to burn Cosmo gives a person superhuman abilities like breaking rocks, hitting faster than the speed of sound, firing up to 100 blows per second, etc. But the more the Cosmo is increased, the more extraordinary the power becomes and the harder it is for a human to control. Saints are those who are typically trained with the purpose of awakening their hidden Cosmo and thus becoming able to accomplish extraordinary feats. It doesn't matter how strong a warrior is, without the use of Cosmo they will never be able to stand a chance against even the weakest Saint. 4. Rules No Mean spiritedness! This rp is meant for fun and there shouldn’t be major emotions being flung around. Crying about a character of yours that got killed or getting angry that you were treated unfairly supposedly doesn’t help attract new people. If you want a fun RP you need people and you need to be a people person. Try to spin a bad situation into a positive one in your head. When creating Abilities it’s always good (and saves mods time) about what some of the consequences for using that ability is for not only your enemy but for you. Do you have a really powerful attack? What would be the negative effects of that attack on you for releasing such massive power out of your realistic human character’s body? After all in this rp humans not including the cosmo they possess are very durable. Cheating…that’s a no-no. If someone got cloth they didn’t earn, gave themselves more stats then they should have or do something savory then punishment will come depending on the type or severity of the act. You may get a reduction to your stats, a warning, and rarely a barring from you participating in the RP. We’re not here to make enemies but we do expect responsibility and respect on here. Just remember the mentality of most folks are treat others as they treat you. So that’s incentive to be around people that respect you and not the other way around. Cloth that are not present. You may note a lack of lower tier Scales in this rp. That is because there really are none. That means you can create not only Scales but other armors based on your faction without having to meet requirements but that means you are given no special bonuses other than just the defense bonus for that level of armor. Who can create cloth/scales/surplice? Only people who join Poseidon can create scales as there are enough Surplice and Cloth form the original series that can still be put into the Rp. Those who wish to create scales to wear can do so by basing them off of mythological creatures, animals, mythological people or etc. Scales need to be approved by mods or Dandy and may or may not provide a bonus special ability tied to the scales if you put effort into it. When creating scales or any cloth you must provide 1)What the armor looks like when not in use 2)What the armor covers on your body. You can describe the detail to any extent 3)Armor can not be duplicated. 4)Post it with your character app and await approval. The armor will be added to the Cloth list thread as it becomes a permanent armor. Autohits..are there any? Depends. for normal abilities and attacks you can never auto hit someone unless it’s pretty clear that the opponent can’t avoid it. Generally speaking there are no auto hit attacks. 5. Character Creation Saint Seiya RP Character Outline Name Age Appearance(pictures would be best) Cloth(for the armor you met requirements to obtain and selected) Affiliation: Who does this character have an allegiance to? (Poseidon/Hades/Athena/etc) Abilities(place number of ability slots used/place total number of slots you have here) For the abilities you have placed in your ability slots place here. Character: Describe how your character thinks and acts History: Describe in however long a fashion their past. If you wish you may edit to include actions your character has done in the rp. Fun Facts(Not Required) Place any trivia relating to your characters here Few examples but not limited to just these -Inspiration for your character -Like/Dislikes of the character -Quirks EXAMPLE 6a. Abilities and Ability Creation There are two types of attacks and defenses for this RP. One is Cosmo attacks and defensive abilities The other is Heart/Mind Attacks and Defenses Both Cosmo and Heart/Mind attacks and defenses are divided into three ranges. They are Close Range,Mid Range,Long Range Your attacks/defenses for a generally hand to hand combat role-play is divided into three effective ranges. When creating abilities one must decide the effective range of the attack. The range symbolizes where the power of your attack will be concentrated the most for the desired effect. Sometimes a power may come around that doesn’t just pertain to one single range. That is shown as close-long range (meaning your attack is effective from close range all the way to long range) or close to long range meaning that attack can inflict damage at any distance if it makes contact. *Depending on the ability you will be unable to have such an attack range Close Range This division represents all body to body contact. That means limbs must be making contact with some other form of matter. Powers affecting the space around your body fits in this spot. Mid Range This division represents the immediate vicinity of the battle. Usually when both parties are a living room space apart. That means when your body isn’t making contact with your target Mid Range applies. So essentially if your not standing right next to your target abilities under this division of attack apply. Long Range Attacks that are very concentrated and shot outside of the current battlefield tend to fall into this category. For most effective use these attacks are usually meant to be used for surprise attacks as an introduction into battle. Generally long range attacks are not practical enough and generally a waste of an ability slot. For Heart/Mind attacks the range they can be transmitted from your mind/body points have the same logic as Cosmo based attacks. For creating abilities outside of figuring out if they are cosmo or mind/jheart based and what their effective range is in battle it's a matter of what the ability is and the logic behind it. For Saint Seiya abilities center around Cosmo which is the inherent energy inside all things based on the big bang. In more scientific terms it's the ability to manipulate the basic building block of life..atoms. Everything has atoms in it and the ability to manipulate or affect them is what your powers need to revolve around. So freezing powers can stop the movement of atoms aka killing life, or you can simply shatter an atom with enough cosmo to basically break or tear apart a person's body. You can even project illusions or teleport atoms to other dimensional spaces. For Heart/Mind attacks they apply to affecting a person's mind to an effect of producing hallucinations, the blocking of a person's senses, projecting an image of themselves or others into people's minds to communicate of distill fear. For advanced users of heart/mind attacks they can even project their essence into inanimate objects such as a Cloth and do physical battle albeit their physical body is elsewhere in a trance. 6b. Ability Rules 1) Every character unless specified starts out with 3 ability slots. To fill in those three slots create powers for use. They can be defensive in nature, or for attacking. You can gain more by doing certain missions or by exceptional actions within the Saint Seiya roleplay both in or out of character. 2) Be warned that if you decide to use up all your ability slots when first starting out your powers will be very weak. Note that as you improve your base stats when creating more abilities they will be stronger compared to if you made them in the beginning. 7. Cloth/Scales/Surplice List Cloth/Surplice/Scales how do I get? Considering the big gimmick for the series is wearing fancy armor and kicking butt this is important. Cloth does not necessarily determine your power but it is known more powerful fighters wear better cloth. There are three levels of cloth/surplice/scales. It is Bronze-Usually the weakest armor and gift you the worst bonus abilities Silver-Moderate cloth worn by advanced warriors that usually specialize. Gold-Reserved for the Elite of the Elite. They usually give you the best bonus abilities or most interesting. Each cloth has requirements that need to be met before you can wear them. They are listed on the Cloth Thread in the descriptions. You meet them and if they don’t have an owner then you can get them. Cloth after a time can grow in power and become more suited for your increasing power. Cloth provide a stat bonus usually in defense and sometimes others. The defense boost given from this cloth also represents its durability. If you sustain damage you usually subtract it from your HP or Defense or Stat Defense Boost or specified stats. When you want your cloth to take damage for you so your HP doesn’t go down your defense bonus this cloth provides takes the hit and you must subtract that amount of damage from your bonus when you do so. When your cloth is damaged or destroyed and you want it back you must offer Half of your current HP to do so regardless of how severe or minor the cloth was damaged in order to gain the full bonus of your cloth defense. IMPORTANT when you get a cloth it does not mean it stays with you for life. It just means you can wear it as you meet requirements to obtain better cloth or ones you want. However you can only have one cloth at a time. So you can train to get a weak cloth, use that cloth to make earning a different cloth easier and when you earned your new cloth discard your old cloth. You can only meet the requirements for one cloth at a time. So if you earn a cloth you must make a note and counter for achieving a different cloth. 8. Information on Posting and Threads 1)All Saint Seiya threads must have a tag that says "seiya" and a tag that says "rp" for reference use. 2) For Thread Titles be as generaic as possible and call them by the location/setting the thread is taking place. This saves space and it allows other Rpers to post in that thread if they wish to go to that location without the need to make another thread. 3) Before making a thread check to make sure you are not creating a duplicate. 4) For Starting Out- When you create your first thread or make your first post the locations you should find yourselves starting out should be For Athena's Saints they should start out in "Sanctuary" or a location on Earth. They cannot however post in any of the Zodiac Temple/Pope's House/Athena Statue threads save for the first Temple "Aries Temple" as it is the first of the 12 Temples but it cannot be passed through to reach the second Temple without permission or by defeating the guardian of that temple. For Poseidon's Mariners they should start out in the "Mediterranean Sea" or a location bordering it. For their home base of Atlantis they will need to find a way to get to there at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea by acquiring a Scales. For Hades' Specters they should start put in "Hades' Castle" or a location somewhere in Europe. In order for them to Enter the Underworld they must have earned a Surplice. 9. Locations 10. Objective/Missions List 11. Collecting Points, Boosting Stats, Where to put Char Apps, need-to-knows 1) When creating character Applications PM Mr. Clean so he can approve it and so you can edit it when needed. 2)When submitting word count, completing objectives, and updating your stats PM Mr. Clean 3)Mr. Clean will keep a Master List of people's current Total Stats so if they are lost people will know what the total of their base stats are equal to and to distribute them. Layout/Description of Stats Ability Slots Ability slots are free spaces to place abilities of your own design into. Everyone starts out with 3 Ability Slots. Stats Sense(Sum of all base stats *add all stats together*) Cosmo(Attack Power) Def(Defense Power) HP(Health) Mind/Heart(Applies to both Attk/Def for such powers) Cloth/Surplice/Scales: Clean Layout Sense Cosmo Def HP Mind/Heart Armor: All Warriors Start out with this set of stats VERY IMPORTANT Sense: HP: 20 Cosmo:5 Defense: 10 Mind/Heart:Determined by personality*Limit for starting out is 5 6th/7th/8th/9th Sense Your Sense reflects your power and effort. Sense is shown by adding all your base stats together. Its that simple. If you have at least 500 points in total for your base stats you obtain the 6th Sense. It you have 670 stats are a minimum you have gotten to the 7th Sense. 800 stats in total means you’ve achieved the 8th Sense. HP Stands for your health. This is the number one way of determining how much life/fight a person has in them. When your HP is brought down to zero is does not necessarily mean you are dead but that you are unable to continue fighting until your health recovers. There is Health Cap and Current Health. The Health Cap is the most amount of health you can have at any time. It is grown by obtaining points or certain missions. Current Health represents the amount of Health you have within your Health Cap. Your Current Health is affected by attacks and other abilities raising it or lowering it. When your Current Health reaches zero you cannot continue battling until it recovers. Current Health recharges by 50% after every five posts after battling. That means after 10 posts outside of battle you will regain full health. If you are currently posting alone in a thread meant only for you and in no threat of being attacked you may replenish your health in full after your battle within reason, which means if you sustained major damage it would be implied that it took you time to recover or have some way of quickly healing yourself. Cosmo Determines the power of your attacks. Warriors in saint seiya infuse their physical attacks with energy burned by their soul poured into their attacks to achieve incredible results. A single punch could be turned into a flurry of punches and the mere focus of cosmo sent blazing at an enemy could have the power to crush planets condensed onto a single individual. Cloth/Defense This stat is your base defense. Defense points from your Cloth are to be added into this stat when they are worn/used. This stat represents the amount of damage you can sustain before your cloth is broken and your HP is affected. Points placed into this stat require two for one Stat increase. That means you need at least two points you’ve earned in order to gain +1 base defense in this stat. The reasoning behind that is your cloth should provide adequate protection while shortening battles enough for them not to grow dull. Defense is reduced by the power of the attack sent at you. So if a long range streak of cosmo at 75 attack power made contact with you in full your base defense stat would be reduced by 75. If the attack power is over your base defense the extra power reduces your health by what amount your defense could not absorb. Defense fully replenishes straight after every battle. Cloth/Scales/Surplice that are damaged need to be repaired at the expense of half your current HP as cloth requires blood to repair itself. That means if you want your full cloth bonus you must offer half your HP regardless of how minor the damage you wish to repair. If you are wearing your cloth and don’t wish it to absorb any amount of the attack making contact with it you may either let your base defense accept the damage or HP or a combination of the two in order to save your cloth bonus for a greater need. Attack making full contact 75 power Base Defense 5 Cloth Bonus +60 Total Defense=65 If you want your cloth to accept the full amount of damage it can sustain your cloth would be shattered meaning your cloth bonus would be reduced to zero and your base defense reduced to zero. The remaining 10 from the attack power would reduce your HP by 10. Heart/Mind/Soul Sometimes you have that fancy power that is meant for an opponent’s mind or soul. It may be to block out their senses or place fear in their hearts. Whatever the case this stat represents your defense against such attacks. It also represents your attacking power through such attacks. Attacks that affect the Heart Stat will reduce the total stat for that battle by the power of the attack. That means if you also have attacks that affect the heart the power of your attacks will be decreased by whatever mind attacks you’ve had to defend against. How do I gain Stats?****IMPORTANT**** By posting 1)By Posting. If you meet a certain amount of words posted for the week you get a number of points to divide up into your stats Under 500 Words: Gives 5 Points up to 2000 Words: Givers 10 Points up to 3500 Words: Gives 15 Points up to 5000 Words: Gives 25 Points up to 10000 Words: Gives 40 Points Or by completing certain objectives. Completing certain objectives gifts you stats, cloth, and special somethings that I’m sure will be eagerly sought out. For completing objectives go to Saint Seiya RP Mission List. You still have words count towards gaining points while completing objectives or etc. 2) WORD COUNT AND MISSION COMPLETED MISSIONS MUST BE POSTED BY THE END OF EVERY WEEK! NO EXCEPTIONS Word Count at the end of the week you must distribute your points before you can post again. You can’t post if you’re not up to date. When in combat simply apply points you earned that week(s) after combat is over but not while in combat. 12. Combat How does combat work in this Rp? Combat first off revolves around not only basic math but creativity. Just because you launched an attack doesn’t mean it’s going to hit. Attack stats are applied to basic attacks that are not abilities. That means a punch simply relies on the base attack power including whatever bonuses you got. When posting in combat situations one post equals one new action. That means if you start a fight you may only move into position and launch your attack or defend yourself. If you’re being attacked you can make an action based on your opponent’s actions towards you and then use up your one action in the same post. That means you can respond to your opponent’s post and then make your own attack or action in the same post. So if you want to counterattack an opponent as a reply to his moves and then send another attack you can do that because one action is replying and one action is initiating your second attack. When you launch your attack how do you know if it’ll hit? You don’t. Depending on your opponent they may be smart enough to find a way around having to suffer stat damage. Note: I’ve found cramming up my combat posts with multiple actions tend to confuse me especially when attack one out of 3 affects me in a way that completely kerfuffles the flow of the other two attacks and their responses.
  4. Mr. Clean

    Squad 4 Barracks

    Squad 4 Before The Major arrived Squad 4 had barely started repairing its' barracks and repopulating it's highly valuable healers. Many of them were slain in the crossfire between the fighters. The barracks were only partially repaired with the framing still in view. The courtyard still had recently filled ditches and rubble everywhere. Teleporting to the entrance of the courtyard the Major set his feet on the Squad 4 grounds for the first time. He took a moment to observe the situation before stepping inside. He remained emotionless and walked with a sense of authority. He saw several Squad 4 members sweeping the courtyard and proceeded to walk towards them. Looking up at the Major heading their way they dropped their brooms and drew their swords. Intruder I don't know how you got back into the Seireitei, but you are to leave immediately! The Major made a sort of depressing sigh as he rose his hands in the air. I aplogise for scaring you all, but I come in peace. I have recently been given the honor of being the First Quincy Captain as a sign of peace. Gripping their swords tighter, but slightly unbalanced they remained stern and slightly nervous. Identify yourself! If this is some trick we'll know in a matter of minutes. Someone send a hell butterfly to Squad 9 and confirm this. After a short while they received the vital information and sheathed their swords. The Shinigami then nervously interacted with the Major who reassured them of who he was and why he was there. The Squad 4 shinigami politely showed the Major to the Captain's quarters which also served as an office on account the Captain's office was destroyed in the battle. It was a room the Major never saw before, nor was it a room that was personalized for him. He brushed his gloved hand over the Captain's desk and observed the dust on it. Turning to one of the shinigami in the room with him he opened his mouth to speak. If I may be so bold what happened to your previous Captain? I'm afraid he was killed by a hollow attack when he was sent to Hueco Mundo to aid some Division long ago. Ahh I see... The Major took a long pause as if it was a moment of silence for the slain warrior. You may leave me now to adjust to all of this. I thank you for the assistance you have provided me. Thank you. The shinigami simply nodded their heads and closed the door after they all left. Opening a dresser drawer he found a Captain's coat as white on the outside it could possibly be. The Dusky pink inside of the coat dimly sparkled yet seemed like a sad color to the Major. Dusky Pink...A color hued with a darker tint. The Major laid the Captain's coat on the bed and moved his hands up to his Stern Ritter Cape. Looking down at the two buttons the Major made no hesitation in unbuttoning the cape and dropping it down to the ground. Before moving the Major saw a note slip out, so he reached down and picked it up. It said to meet in the Rukon, but the Major knew who the letter was from. Quickly changing into a shinigami's robes he pulled up the Squad 4 Captain's coat and slid his arms through the long spacious sleeves. He exited the room and walked out the Squad 4 grounds as he had unfinished business to settle with a certain Quincy that wouldn't stay dead. The Peace..Will be Maintained . OOC:left thread
  5. Vesrin

    Naruto Rp

    Hey, does anyone know a good Naruto RP website? I've found a couple, but they were small scale and the admins/mods weren't active at all. Does anyone know of a good sized Naruto RP site?
  6. Reekel Havok (Kyoraku)

    Department Of Research And Development

    The Research and Development Center from the Division 12. The entire lab is open for researches, feel free to come in and join the scientist teams led by the Division 12 members. List of scientists: Scientist Leader: Scientist Leader Assistant: Equipment Manager: Scientist Chief Alpha Team: Scientist Assistant Alpha Team: Scientist Chief Beta Team: Scientist Assistant Beta Team: Scientist Chief Delta Team: Scientist Assistant Delta Team: Developer of War Equipments: Developer of Special Equipments: Researcher of Strange Equipments:
  7. ABSOLUTELY NO POSTS OTHER THAN ONES THAT FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE IN THIS POST. IF SOMEONE ASKS A QUESTION ON HERE I WILL BE SAD AND I WILL HATE YOU FOR BEING DUMB. ANYONE WHO SEES THAT DUMB POST PLEASE MOCK AND RIDICULE THEM IN THE CHAT. ONCE AGAIN THERE SHOULD ONLY BE STAT POSTS IN THIS THREAD!!! Have I made it clear dear rpers? Sorry for yelling it at you but honestly this thread will have a lot of posts in it already. THIS STAT THREAD IS ONLY FOR THE UNOFFICIAL RP. DO NOT POST YOU RPG STATS IN THIS THREAD!!!! IF YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE UNOFFICIAL RP IS GET OUT OF THIS THREAD. Ok so this is going to be like the Bleach Official Data Book folks. For those that never bought the book (for shame) I'll tell you how you're going to make your singular post in this thread. Ex: These are actual stats from the actual Bleach Data book of all the captains. *NOTE: THE STRENGTH LISTING IS INCORRECT, IT'S ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO STAND FOR STAMINA* We'll be using this as the base for how we treat how powerful our characters are. I know it's easy to make all your stats 100 across, but don't do it. Cause no one wants to fight an all out god. No one will want to rp with you and subsequently will ignore your posts. So with that chart as a base I will now give an example of a Vice Captain level shinigami. STAT DESCRIPTIONS READ THIS IF YOU ARE NOT SURE ON WHAT TO BASE YOUR STATS ON!!! Stamina (The Strength column is actually supposed to be Stamina in the english version of the Data Book there was no strength area.) *Stamina is used to show how long your person can last in a tough situation. Stamina affects the Attack, Defense, mobility, and intelligence of a person. If you're too tired you can't move or think.* Attack (Attack examples are: Launching heavy objects, blasting people with bullets, slashing with swords, firing arrows. Using kido, Bankai, the list is near endless. This is a simple indication of what you yourself as a person can destroy and also the power your abilities like shikai or cero can damage.) Defense (How good are you at blocking attacks? Plain and simple Treat this like how you treated your attack stat. A combination of your characters defense and your defensive abilities like shikai able to manifest barriers) Mobility (How fast can you go? Exs. Sonido, Shunpo, and the Quincy gathering reshi technique under your feet.) Reiatsu (ok now this is one that is hard to wrap your head around. Reiatsu is power that comes from within your spiritual body. It allows a shinigami to make kido, manifest shikai and bankai. For a quincy this power is the same but instead it covers the reshi you gather with your inner spiritual energy(Reiatsu). Some people may have vast reservoirs of reiatsu if they are proficient in bankai or in Vollstandig. For hollows resurrecion is a manifestation of your reiatsu.) *NOTE, THIS IS THE AMOUNT YOU HAVE, THIS DOES NOT INDICATE THE LEVEL OF POWER YOUR BANKAI OR ABILTIES HAVE. TREAT THIS LIKE STAMINA, BUT FOR HOW LONG YOU ARE ABLE TO MAINTAIN SPECIAL ABILITIES* Intelligence (This is how smart and clever your character is. Though in all honesty your character is only as smart as yourself. So it's ok if you give them a low intelligence stat, we don't judge here.) Now I can give you an example of a shinigami vice captain level character CHARACTER NAME: Montana Maxwell Race: Shinigami/Vaizard Weapon Name: The Fallen Icicle *insert small description of it's basic powers* The Basic powers should be like shikai, regular bow/arrow, natural abilities as a hollow or arrancar. *this does not include a ressurecion. So powers like the abilities to smell or fire flames from your mouth is acceptable hollow powers equivalent to a shikai. Affiliation: Squad 4 Rank in Affiliation: Vice Captain of Squad 4 Character Fun Fact: Many people think he is a boy, but in fact he's a woman who just presents herself as a shy male boy. Stamina: 20/100 Attack: 40/100 Defense: 30/100 Mobility: 30/100 Reiatsu: 20/100 Intelligence: 50/100 Total Stats: 140/600 (Now of course a shinigami level fighter/Stern Ritter/ Espada level fighter would be at least in the 80/100 range. Gin is 80/100 across the board and look what destruction he did in the manga. He's a perfect example too as he died also.) Tips -No 100's across the board. It's ok to specialize in certain areas, and it figures that if you are a leader of an empire or gotei 13 you'd have a few 100s. Even Aizen and Yamamoto didn't have 600/600 for their combined stat total it was more like 540/600. -It's ok to have low stats. I will allow you to edit your posts on here as your character gets stronger. -Even though Kenpachi had an attack stat of 199/100 in the Official Data Book that is no excuse to go beyond the 100 stat limit for individual stats. -Please treat other's characters to how they made their stats on here. Don't say you who has a 50/100 Attack stat easily cuts through a 70/100 Defense stat in your opponent. -These stats are to give you free form people a base on how you and other's view your character's powers. We need more death in the rp, namely not from just one side. -Again at the bottom of your stat post please in full caps remind any potential individual wanting to ask questions NOT TO POST ANYTHING OTHER THAN YOUR OFFICIAL UNOFFICIAL RP CHARACTER STATS!. Your Stat basic outline. Fill free to modify it visually to make it look appealing to your eyes. Basic stat outline USE THIS AS YOUR TEMPLATE CHARACTER NAME: Race: Weapon name: Affiliation: Rank in Affiliation: Character Fun Fact: Stamina: /100 Attack: /100 Defense: /100 Mobility: /100 Reiatsu: /100 Intelligence: /100 Total Stats: /600 *note the affiliation means what organization are you? If you are a squad 8 captain you'd put yourself as "Squad 8", For rank in affiliation using the example i just stated you'd be "Captain of Squad 8"*
  8. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

    Unofficial, Unofficial Rp & Character List

    Unofficial, Unofficial Rp I have a bunch of ideas for a bleach story and will use this as an outlet for them. Also this will be a mostly Solo Arc though at times I might need some of you to lend a hand. I will also use some of my current characters in this arc but it is completely separate from URP stuff. If interested just ask otherwise please don't post here. Thanks and I hope you follow along and enjoy my story. Also constructive criticism is always welcome.
  9. OOC- this is meant for character development only. Your training will be monitored by your captains if you would like special training talk to a captain and they will assist unless busy with something urgent. First training post in learning my second Zanpakuto
  10. Mature Content
  11. *after entering the senkaimon though the lab i walked out to see a large field of snow and large mountains far in the distance, as i took another step into the snow i huge gust of wind came by and sweep me off my feet and i land on my side, Madoka in her mech suit came by to see if i was ok* Madoka: miss kaminari are you ok? you're not hurt are you? yes i'm fine Madoka you don't have to hurt about me *gets up onto my feet* see this is mean why we need the mech suits, the wind alone can knock you down, so lets go everyone this way *as i begin walking everyone started to come though the senkaimon one after the other and followed me into the snowy fields* *Meanwhile only a few miles behind them a large figure along with other smaller figures were standing in the winds watching us* ???: so *giggles evily* they finally come and i was getting bored of waiting, this will be fun hehehe *at that moment one of the little figures rushed forward but the large figure grabbed the little one with its mighty hand* ???: not yet little one, i know you're hungry but we must let our dinner warm up first hehehehe... ooc: just to make things clear the meanwhile part you don't know about i just put it there to set the mood a little and plus it may get you an idea on what you could be facing
  12. JD ( Jiro D.)

    Somewhere In Rukongai

    this are places somewhere in Rukongai, -where the hidden kingdom will talk about stuff and/or drink. so basically right now only me and my npc hitman......... untill somebody wants to join^^ -people can do stuff that takes place in rukongai (arcs with traveling, training, hunting, anything^^)
  13. *This is where all Revolutionary Division Ceremonies will take place. *If you have a special relationship with some one being honored in the ceremony ( Family Member, Spouse, best friend ect.) And would like to be apart of the ceremony then PM me and we will discuss it. *The ceremonies will be to honor a veteran member or any member whom has made a great achievement or stride in the Division, to induct new members and to rank a member higher than their previous position. The first ceremony being held will be to induct new member Luc E as a completely new recruit and RP'er he will hold the rank Calvary Military New Member Aless Kuchiki will be inducted as a Captain for the sole purpose to keep the Rev Division and Soul society alliance in tact. To promote Renmaru Hakumei as the Head of the Restoration Corps And i have PM'd a friend on the site about joining so possibly to indict him as a Lieutenant but i wont say names until i am sure, if he says yes i will simply edit this. I am unsure of when this will take place as i NEED all members being honored at the ceremony to be on on one specific date so honestly this could happen any time and will probably annoy me but it has to be done
  14. Kaylain (Arina)

    Rp Character Description 2.0

    Edited to make no post because i'm updating all of it so it works >.<
  15. Reekel Havok (Kyoraku)

    Training Yard

    This is the training area of the first division, come here to train with your friends or train by yourself
  16. This RP takes place 5 years ago in Kaminari's past of a event that she will never forget and so I hope you take the time to read this and enjoy. *Kaminari was studying at the soul reaper academy and it was the day she would get her zanpakuto, she was reading one of her books in a class and some of the guys there looked at her and smile while she looked back but then just rolls her eyes and just kept reading her book. A few minutes later the class finish and Kaminari grabbed her stuff but on the way out of class a familiar face shouting her name and waving their hand in the air* ???: HEY KAMINARI!!! COME ON YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS LUNCH *Kaminari smiled and walked over to her older sister Scarlett who became a soul reaper 2 years before Kaminari, Kaminari bowed to Scarlett but got a annoyed look on her face* Scarlett: Kaminari you know I made a joke about that Kaminari: about what? Scarlett: geez me and father made up the fact that we are rich but you were not and so you had to bow to us each time we meet *Kaminari then got mad and took out a pie she made from her bag and pushed it into Scarlett's face, Scarlett then put her hands on her face to wipe the pie mess off her face and then looked at Kaminari while she looked back at Scarlett. The two stared at each other for a moment before bursting in laughter and then hugging one another* Scarlett: you know that pie did smell nice as well as it tasted, I licked some while it was still on my face Kaminari: come on lets get your face cleaned *The two then headed for the bathrooms to clean Scarlett's face before heading to get lunch* The looks of Kaminari and Scarlett: ooC: note that if you wish to join please PM me first and do no post here without my permission thank you
  17. Reekel Havok (Kyoraku)

    Beyond The End

    'Soul Society was still in its last moments of war, hundreds of soldiers had lost their lives and thousands were injured, some of them were still trying to defeat the last members of vandenreich, the mysterious man who delivered the plans for the creation of the device which gave a chance to the shinigami, now boasted to see that the device worked perfectly.' Secret Mobile Agent – Sir, Soul Society is on a state of chaos… do you think it’s already time to act ? Mysterious man – No… not yet, let’s give them some more time before showing our true purpose… let the plan flow like a river, calm and slow. Secret Mobile Agent - … As you wish sir… After finishing his conversation, the agent flashsteped away from the place for the mysterious man could be alone with his thoughts while watching the war. Mysterious man – Perhaps it’s already time to send the letters…
  18. Captain Ajuin Feng

    Squad 4 Quarantine

    Sakura opened her eyes to white all around her. those soft eyes slowly opening as her head rolled softly to the side, sleepy eyes trying to make out her surroundings. there was......nothing. Just a white room she was in. Slowly sitting up, she took a moment to look over herself despite the clinging feelings of drowsiness. Her body was prefectly fine, then again she didn't remember that captain guy actually getting in any hits. It was...strange. She felt a light shudder and shook her head. "She's awake" Her eyes snapped open and she turned, looking around a bit frantically. She saw noone. Or rather, nothing at all. No doors, no windows, nothing, she was in a box. She dragged her blankets and sleeping pad to one corner of the room and did the best thing she could think to do: cover herself, wrapping herself in a cocoon of cloth as she peeled out through a slit. Soft mumbling echoing in the room. Bits and pieces of it floating through the room. What on earth was going on? Unbeknownst to her, she was under quarantine. Until they deciphered what it was that had caused her transformation they were keeping her in there until they could get the proper information. Sakura however knew none of this, and simply curled up in her corner, hoping to herself over and over, that she'd be out of there soon.
  19. OOC- I don’t want to make a bunch of threads for all the mini battles leading to the climatic one, so every battle of this small war will be posted here. Each one highlighted in large blue letters signifying the beginning and end of each one. This first one is between The Revolutionary Division and Fiodera’s army. Members of the soul society may join but do PM me first please J Enjoy. The Battle of the Silent Forest. Location – Rukogni forest. Area is heavily forested with a large grassy field to the side. This battle is actually to last at the very least, a few days. Yes we will have to set up mini camps in homemade trenches and what not. But that’s the way it is J . For the love of Kubo, no GM, not a single enemy NpC will go down easy for you each one is strong and ready to kill if you slip up. This is no, I slash across him and he dies, kind of rP. This is nice detailed posts of living through or dying during the tragedies of a war. Yuroshima’s point of view. Through the Senkeimon we went, me and my trusted subordinates. We walked in lines organized by our respective ranks. Akeith and I up front, Aiden, sasuke to my left, Monk to my right. Renmaru walked to Monks right, and then all cavalry military behind him. Mesara and Sandra sort of lagged behind us. There we were, the Rukogni forest, exactly where Delphie wanted to do battle. My gray eyes scan the area, he isn’t here yet unless we are going to be ambushed. I prefer war in large grassy fields but the nearest one is a few miles to my left and I don’t want to be caught traveling. “Listen up!†I shout, “We are going to start digging trenches here! Set up tents in homemade trenches and craters!†I rest my wrist on my Zanpakuto and look around, “This is our temporary home.†I say. It was a lovely green forest with rich brown soil, the air was rather chilly and it was lightly snowing giving a lovely frost over the green around us. Breathing in some crisp air I go to Akeith, “What do you think?†I ask him, “Not a bad area eh?†Commander Delphie’s point of view As we exited the garganta, a rush of cold air hit us. Snow flurries danced in the breeze. I glance to kiroyuki, “I didn’t know it was winter time.†I say, my boots slightly buried in the blanket of snow on the ground. He shrugs, “Neither did I my lord.†He replies. I look to my men, whom were already setting up camp, digging trenches, pitching tents. It was always a beautiful sight to see soldiers doing what they were supposed to do. Guardian 7, soon to be 5, Gerte approached me. “This is the area?†He asks. I nod, not paying him any attention. “Its cold here.†He says. I look at him with a sarcastic glance, “Thank you for that update guardian 7, I need as much information as I can get.†He rolls his eyes as he walks away. He begins barking orders at his fraccion while they set up camp in a hurried fashion. I was starting to regret bringing him; he had a slow brutish mind that was not nearly as sharp as my own but combat is something he was good at. I can feel spirit energy in the distance, sort of far away. Commander Yuroshima was already here? I shrug, wont make much of a dam difference.
  20. This is an RP telling about some moments on Reekel's past that will be separated by chapters. Hope that anyone who read enjoy. Guide of the Novice: Chapter One Dream of Young boy The falling leaves of the near trees were now being used as the bed for a kid to rest his body from the hard working day on the farm few hours from there, the evening of that day was marked by it's beautiful sky that for some reason was different from the other days, the reason was that on the next day the kid would become older, the tired boy heard a distant voice calling for him while he was layed on the leaves so he quickly got up and turned to the one who was calling him. The boy's mother was waving at him with a smile on her face, after he saw his mother, the young boy runed at her direction even being tired, they hugged each other and turned to the direction of their home some meters away, after entering the house the kid got surprised by the delicious food waiting for him on the table of the dinner room, they took their seats and started to eat. Some minutes have passed after the dinner and the boy was now resting on the outside, looking at the leaves that were falling from the trees being carried by the light and fresh wind of the evening, after the night came the young boy once again turned to his mother that was calling him to sleep, he runed inside the house closing the door and quickly jumping on the bed. He started to fall asleep and so his mom covered him with the blanket giving him a good night kiss on the forehead. - Good night my precious child - She said while closing the bedroom door.' During that night, the boy dreamed with a pretty and majestic fire bird that continuosly flew around him, he was hypnotized by her show and for some reason the bird kept trying to say something to him, something that seemed to be important but the kid couldn't hear what the bird was trying to tell him, he awaked after some seconds with the sun of the morning passing through the window of his room, his mother walked inside giving him a good morning hug and then calling his attention so he would get up from the bed and walk outside. The boy slowly took the blanket that were over his body and then walked in the direction of the dinner room where his mom was waiting, after rubbing his eyes he almost jumped from happiness after seeing the cake that was on the table with some candles, it was a very simple cake decorated with cream and the middle and on the edges. Both of them celebrated and played on the house during hours and at the evening they went on a walk, after some minutes walking and greeting their neighbors. After some time walking on the streets of rukongai the young boy bumped on a strange person that was on the way, he started to excuse himself for what happened while the strange only started to giggle, the person took off it's hood showing it's face that was with a big smile, the pretty woman tried to calm him saying that it was no problem. - It's okai, don't need to excuse yourself, my name is Annie, what is yours ? - She asked after introducing herself. The young boy still ashamed for what happened tried to answer speaking softly while his mother looked at him with a smile on her face trying to calm him down as well. - My name... my name is Reekel... - He said while his face turned red, the beautiful woman once again giggled while she turned her attention at the boy's mom. - He is very cute, hihihi. - She said while they kept walking together in the same direction, Annie and Reekel's mother kept talking untill they went back to the old house, Annie still smilling looked at the boy that was infront of the house door, she knelt close to him and created a small reiatsu bird that flew close to Reekel shoulder and landed on him. - Your mom told me that today is your birthday, well I hope you had fun today. - She said after pointing to the bird making it dissapear, Reekel looked at her with his eyes shining for what she just did. - How you do that ? - He asked while looking at her still surprised. - Well, I'm a shinigami, for me it's easy to do things like that and a lot more. - After hearing her answer, Reekel asked if he would see her again, she nodded and answered that she would always come back to visit him when she was able to, Annie left some minutes later still with the smile on her face while waving at Reekel, once he walked inside he looked at his mother and with a very confident look he afirmated that he would become a shinigami one day. Annie's look: Reekel when kid: Reekel's mother:
  21. Kaminari-Chan Kyoraku

    Awkward Dinner

    *I was at my house in the squad 1 barracks getting ready to goto dinner with reekel, I was sitting in my chair in my bedroom doing my makeup while talking to Marioneta who has a annoyed look on his face* Marioneta: I really don't think you should be going to this dinner my lady Why not? you don't have to be all mean all the time Marioneta: I'm not I'm just looking out for you my lady Well you don't need to at the moment, now can you get me my pink bow on my drawer please? Marioneta: yes my lady *marioneta walks over to my drawer and grabs my pink bow and then walks back over to me and hands it to me, I then use it to tie up my hair*
  22. After being appointed the Commander of Division Four, Jigoku set out on a personal mission for his own benefit. Using the shadows he left the Vandenreich Citadel that stands as the omnipotent power of Hueco Mundo. Walking through the cold, dark, and sandy desert he stops and stares at the crescent moon in the sky. This place will never get old he thinks to himself. He slowly begins to advance towards the throne room in Las Noches where Shachi is located and explores the surroundings he has never seen before discovering new and interesting features about the environment in which he is adjusting to. After a short while he feels a mysterious Reiatsu emerging that he does not recognize. Curious of who it belongs to Jigoku uses the shadows to appear at its location and is suddenly within a base which looks to be underneath the throne room. Jigoku begins to look around surprised "What is this?" ooc: this thread is INVITE ONLY.
  23. 'It was a bright day, the sun was shining more than ever, Reekel grabed his bag and prepared his stuff to go on vacations with some of his friends, he had sent the invitations and was now rushing to get his clothes and money that he saved for that situation. Reekel weared his normal clothings with his overcoat, he already rented a van that was in it's way to his house gate, once everything was prepared he went outside where he saw the van and the young driver that would deliver him the keys. Reekel grabed the keys and paid the driver for the weekend rent time, he got inside the van and started driving fast as he could trying to not cause any accident to reach the meeting place with the others.' I hope I'm not too late. e.e "Hi No: Don't worry, surely they will not mind 5 or 10 minutes." *look to the clock* "I'm 25 minutes late." "Hi No: Omg, smash that gas pedal we can't let them waiting that much." o.o
  24. Reekel Havok (Kyoraku)

    Memories From The Past

    'Reekel and Kaminari walked for some hours looking for any safe entrance to the menos forest in the surface of the desert of Hueco Mundo, they kept walking without stoping to have any chances of fidding the hollow that attacked the Kyöraku Mansion and kidnapped their friend. After some more hours walking Reekel found a hole on the ground with what seemed to be stairs heading to the underground, he called the attention of Kaminari and then both started to rush down the stairs trying to be silence to not being discovered by any hollow that could be in the surroundings, some minutes have passed before they walked out of the stairway being able to see the giant trees that formed the great forest. Reekel looked at Kaminari and told her to low her reiatsu so no hollow would be able to find them during some time.' Okai... if the "spearhead" brought Mizu to the forest it will take us some time to find them without being attacked, it will be more difficult if we don't find Mizu's reiatsu. "Hi No: We surely should not be here all by ourselfs, we should call for help." "We don't have time for that, Mizu is in danger and she might be dead by the time that someone come to help." Kaminari, I want you to try track that hollow, since you were the only one able to sense him it should be easy from now on.
  25. Hello, The major and I had discussed things bothering us about how you guys are handling the data book style stat system. Below are rules you must follow, if your stats go against one of these rules, they must be edited. I hope no one dislikes me for this and honestly if you hate m for wanting this to be realistic and fair then you werent much of a friend to begin with. Note for my division, i will soon put up how our ranks relate to soul society ranks so you guys can make your stats a little more accurate. 1- Unless you have held a rank for a few weeks, you may not Rp your stats with that rank, example, unless you have held a captain position for 2 weeks you may not be at a captains level. Unless you have held Captain commander position for a few weeks your stats may not be at that level. Post counts and things like that do not matter. You will be messaged shortly if you are one of the ones the major and i felt were OP'ing a little bit, please no hard feelings. (exceptions to this are vaizerd commanders who have been a commander for a very long time and some 3rd seats may rp at a vice captains level, but no Vice Captain at a captains level.) 2- training. A few training posts is not NEARLY enough to raise your stats by like 20. honestly, you cant just build strength easily so once your stats have been set to a realistic non OP'd number, here is the point gaining system. For each 5 paragraphs of training, you may have one point to spend. You must provide links to The Major or I before raising your stat so we may go over your training post. This is fair for as ive said, strength doesn't just come so fast. And by a paragraph, i mean 5 sentences each. 3- As the Major stated earlier, the amount of Reistu you have affects the amount of posts you can use that release in. Now the flaw with this is how many of you GM, if you are, lets say fighting an average captain and you are a vice Captain. Lets say he/she pulls bankai. A captains Bankai is far more strong than a Vice captains Bankai,. Do NOT GM and act like you can last every post they can use their Bankai for. Any gm will be reported to the major and I, and whomever the Major has working with him, we will read over it to see if it is legit Gm, and if it is, the opposing enemy gets an auto hit with below average damage. 4- Captain commander class shinigami ( Emell Yuroshima, Major ect.) Are NOT permitted to attack anyone below average captain position unless they are attacked first, threatened, protecting a subordinate or in a time of war. Now, as these rules make it impossible to GM i know they wont last the weak and you guys will have them destroyed... sigh.. that thought brings a tear to my eye. For those about to be messaged about heir stats please dont like be an *** just accept it, be fair in your RP and Lower them to a respectable amount. Lets be adults about it, no yelling or name calling. If you have comments on these rules which i am not looking forward to seeing, you may post them here. Thank you.