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Found 3 results

  1. The Condition of the World This thread is meant to keep track of the current events within all of the realms and site plots effecting those realms. Replying to this thread allows players to post a short summary of their character's current story path for others to read and get a gist of what is going on in the day to day life. This thread will be updated every Sunday at 10am eastern.
  2. Diary log 1 file-2-6r5zz delete if tampered "Departure" My name is Dr.Holicy head extraction team- C-Alpha I couldn't meat with each candidate personally but I needed to be an example to the other extraction groups-it was 3:30 AM in the morning i had just departed for research facility Z-390,in total the organization has a total of nine thousand three hundred and sixty testing facilities. We were traveling by class 1 jet reconsiance model ,which is about the size of a 4 bedroom house,I was assigned a shaprone for my saftey or just maybe for the safety of the candidate.I was tapping away at the control panel of the air ship the rest of the crew was still sleeping, " AI system online how may i help you today Dr.Holicy head of the Z-alpha extraction team?" the AI system questioned as I continued my vigorous tapping of the keyboard "computer give me a mission debreef again and the file of the said candidates please" I said with a yawn as I took my hands off the keyboard and slumped down in the command chair, a holographic screen would pop up blocking the windshield and the view of the outside. Hundreds of pictures of young children scrolling across the screen with their gentic helix's beside their pictures, "Hybrids the mixing of two or more races to come under unison in one idavual our organization has created facility's were multiple races have intermingled their offspring have created a new triad genome.your mission is to evaluate these said hybrids for combatitive possibility" the AI finished i was rather amazed at the last helix that was shown it had a perfect balance of 3 races "who's DNA code is this?" I said in mild bewilderment '33.33% Quincy ,33.33% Shinigami, 33.33% hollow leaving the 1.1% to make up his phenotype' my mind buzzed with slight excitement this mission was worth applying for after all , I took out a holographic notepad "thank you AI system your service is no longer required please resume auto pilot I must go change for landing and I'm rather groggy set an alarm I'm going to take a nap" I stated getting up leaving the cockpit. " Alarm set for 5:30 AM auto pilot resumed AI on standby " "I am dedicated to my organizations cause, I do admit I love the scientific feild but part of me wants to be a soldier once were we all lived by simple rules, if you can fight attack to kill , if you can't fight defend with your body mind and soul , if you can't defend support from afar never lay down and die" Dr.Holicy out -Diary log 1 file-2-6r5zz end "Departure"
  3. Ok so I'm gonna try for a new arrancar but I'm gonna rp him from begging to end trying to start fresh I'd also like to the help of those in las noches or hueco mundo to help me kill off my multiple shinigami characters x3 you'll be doing me a big favor and I'll fight my hardest to make it fun,the espada and numerous need a workout, I'm taking advice on posting styles. Later I'll be posting his arrival into heuco mundo in his thread hopefully you guys will help me and give me Battle experience I'm trying to improve and move up, if you want an encounter with him messenge me over the IM's. love you all and thanks~ ooc:please no posting in this thread its strictly for backstory and please help me kill the shinigami's off.
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