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Found 2 results

  1. Role-Play Rules Of Conduct & General Guide Welcome to the Role-Play Rules of Conduct & General Guide Thread. Getting familiar with this thread is strongly advised (even for returning RP-ers) as it contains just about everything you will need to get started in the Role-play and general instructions to new stuff and where the detailed information can be found. The thread has been split up not only with spoilers but also post entries, that and the directory below should help make the thread easier to Navigate through. The Official Role-play (ORP) is managed by the RP Moderator team. They will answer your questions on anything regarding the rules, being approved, threads, combat, and abilities. BSE's ORP is an ever evolving forum and as such there are senior and junior moderators that have various roles within. Look for any of them within the BSE chat or PM for any concerns, issues, or questions. Contact Information --------------------------------------------- Senior Moderators: Rash Chaos Star The Eml Brian Junior Moderators: Xarius Kaeru
  2. NATURAL DEFENSE STAT [ND] NATURAL DEFENSE [ND] is a new defensive combat stat that reflects how long your character can stay in a fight. It comes into effect in most situations where damage is being taken or mitigated and serves as the defensive power that is keeping your character from being fatally injured at any point in a fight UNTIL your ND hits zero. At which point the next attack to hit you character will likely be fatal, considering that even the current lowest level of damage in either Power Stat is enough to kill someone, if the attack is well-placed. ND Calculation Agile / Brute / Genius / Visionary Classes: 5% Reiatsu Tank Class: 8% Reiatsu [10% at 2★ Legend Unlocked] Tank Sub-Class/ Tank Focus: 6.5% Reiastu [10% at 2★ Legend Unlocked] ----- Releases Give A Flat ND Boost: First Releases: 600 ND Shikai | Adjuchas Rage | Sanrei Glove | Incomplete Fullbring | Manifested Doll / Doll Manifestation Final Releases: 1,200 ND Bankai | Resurrección | Sanrei Glove- Advanced Bow / Quincy: Vollständig| Complete Fullbring | Mastered Doll/Doll Fusion [Release ND Boosts Do Not Stack. Example: If you go into Shikai you get 600 ND. If you following up by using Bankai you get just another 600 ND and not 1,200.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ND COMBAT USE The next section will cover all the Defense Mechanics of RP combat. Basically, all the instances in which ND comes into play. ------------------------- FATIGUE Fatigue Examples: ------------------------- EVADING Evading Examples: --------------- BLOCKING Blocking Examples: --------------- SEALS/GRAPPLING --------------- CLASHING Clashing Examples: --------------- TAKING DAMAGE Direct Hit/Critical Hit Examples: --------------- WHEN YOUR ND REACHES ZERO: You will have no option but to attack or Use Personal Abilities. If you cannot it is possible to be fatally wounded by an attack far weaker than your own. It basically becomes a question of when the next attack hits you. Going into the negative (Below Zero ND) puts your character at the complete mercy of the opponent. Suffice to say, you were defeated. By this point you and the opponent should have already agreed on what defeat would mean for all parties involved. Ultimately, it is up to the parties involved to decide whether or not reaching Zero ND will result in the death of the character or if they will be forced to retreat, etc. --------------------------------------------- For a full look of how ND works in actual RP Combat try giving these threads a read: Blunt Trauma [ND Calculations Not Updated Yet] Noble House: Kaeru [ND Calculations Not Updated Yet] ================================================================ CLASS COUNTER SYSTEM'S RELATION TO ND. In Addition to having their unique strengths each class also has their weakness and are naturally countered by an opposing Class. In the early levels of play Class Counters do not take effect or benefit a character. However they can effect interactions against certain NPCS and Event Bosses. For PVP battles Class Counters come into play at 2★ Legend and after a character has Maxed out their Primary Class Stat (230). -------------------------------------------
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