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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone, I've got a brand new arc for us to enjoy; and don't worry, it isn't an invasion. Rules are simple: those involved with the arc will RP it through and have some fun. I would've said that there are no rules, but that isn't quite true. If you aren't involved in the arc, I don't want someone rushing in mid way and trying to throw nukes everywhere or something else to make themselves seem like some sort of magical solution to everyone's struggles. Basic Plot: I'm going to be a bit vague here, as to not give away too much of the surprises we'll have to face throughout the story. Scouts from the Gotei 13 have located a large, mysterious city-like base outside of the Soul Society's known land, but within the realm. In response, Captain Kuchiki Hakumei will be forming a team of preferably 6-8 characters with the orders to investigate the area and eliminate any threat it might pose to the Soul Society. Unbeknownst to them, the massive base will be home to a powerful antagonist group consisting of an unknown number of soldiers, 12 officers, and 4 leaders. I have developed characters for the officers and leaders and will create a database here that will be filled in with information as it is revealed through the story itself. Anyone involved in this arc can choose to create entries for any other members(soldiers, scientists, doctors, prisoners, slaves, etc.) introduced throughout the story to give them a more fleshed-out character. Each of the leaders have their own job important to the maintenance of the group, as well as 3 officers each that work under them with jobs of their own. For Example, one leader will be in charge of the group's militant forces; the three officers serving under him will each have their own jobs related to their leader's: training the soldiers, punishing disobedient soldiers and slaves, and leading the soldiers into battle. Got a little side-tracked there... back to the actual info: This group will also be kidnapping a Bount. In response, the Bount Coven will need to assemble a Rescue Team to go into the Soul Society and save their ally. I'm asking for the Bount rescue team to only be around 4 characters, but if Haley's triplets want to join, I'll count them as taking up one spot so that there's fair opportunity for everyone who really wants to join. Lastly, the Vandenreich know about this city-base and suspect that a missing Soldat Captain may be there. Whether he's been kidnapped or defected to the antagonist group, the reich is tasking Lieutenant Ringo Fiehr with finding him. This mission is a test to see if Fiehr is capable of developing a schrift and becoming a Sternritter; because of this, the only ally going with him will also be his proctor, Sternritter Simon Brandt. Anyone can apply to have other Quincy character go, but don't expect much unless you have really good reason why they'd be going. Shinigami Infiltration Team: -Leader: Kuchiki Hakumei -Cluckers - - - - - - Bount Rescue Team: -Ilyse Minette Lebensdauer - - - Quincy Retrieval Team: -Ringo Fiehr -Simon Brandt Character Database: (be sure to include Name, Race/Species, History, Personality, and Abilities & Powers) Four Beasts: Twelve Zodiacs: Other:
  2. Hmmmm, you know, ive been on the site for a pretty good stretch of time, I remember when the lot of last generation first joined really. Andi thought itd be fun if I made a big ass review right? (then again its so late I don’t know hoho ) First off, I love you guys lol its been years we have been together , creatively at each others sides. And things stayed interesting with Nights random visits, The Major being the greatest antagonist over the generations and always stirring things up Morg and Arya making us feel bad for being new but none the less providing the laughs Good Ol’ Yuro’s spouts of anger and then spouts of odd love giving us all emotional whiplashes Badasseus over loving on his characters and making us all smile with a healthy dose of William is number 1 Haku’s words of wisdom and lovely self made meme’s Aidens ability to shut em down XD Emmell being in the urp, then leaving then coming back at random points but we ere always glad to see him when he did : ) Didn’t Molestia exist at one point? Well he was funny as ever when he did Sasuke being like everyones little brother What ever happened to Akeith and Arimei? The Kido Corps being annoying but we still accepted em Kaycee being so sweet to everyone always And you guys are impossible Like how Dandy can never seem to actually die In the urp but never failing to poo on our day with an invasion ( but it really kept the site alive ) On the rare occasion Yuro actually did something productive and cool.. he would find a way to rage about HIS OWN DOINGS minutes later Aiden I just think loves to shut em down for the sake of shutting em down Haku is a meany with his memes Morg and Arya.. are Morg and Arya And we all seemed to argue each oother every couple of seconds over the dumbest of things But all of that set aside I think we have made some great memories over the years Like a family : ) A big old whiney odd dysfunctional family
  3. Plz put ooc here and aiden thank you for clearing up the water with that statement I want as much negative or positive feed back as possible speak your mind
  4. As the title says this is for oocs and questions as well...
  5. to stop urp OOc floods Night creates yet another thread to save the day
  6. So the actual thread doesn't look crappy and is easier to read, I was asked to make us an ooc thread. Spamming there is no longer necessary, have fun.
  7. Hey everyone Squad 4 and not, Your Squad 4 captain here (URP) Sorry i haven't been around and been Inactive for the past week and a half and soon to be more As some stuff has come up in my life i haven't had much time to be on here and i am deeply sorry however i will still be on here once in a while when i have free time like now also next month mid September i will be able to be on here again as not Inactive but as a active Rper again, so yea this is my sorry post for leaving suddenly and i hope to be back soon once my life is back on track !.
  8. This thread will be used for sign ups for the battles leading up thread that will have ever war between espada and experiments in it. This thread is where you sign up and ask about guidelines Lets get to the sign ups first. First Battle- The Night of Red Sand. Turn order- ( will be updated as more people join, goes in order of who joins when.) Fionarro D'Angelo Typhon Dominar ???? ???? ???? ???? /??? /???? ???? / oh yeah i will be controllnig the main NPC's and my charatcer
  9. same guidelines as the mission section, post as to what mission your ooc comment is for, but you dont need a spoiler here. This is also where im going to hold sign ups A Rat in The Cellar Mission info- Location- World of the living sewer system objective- To find and neutralize two very powerful adhujas class hollows living down there power requirement- Weak to Senior Lieutenant level number proffered to go on this and max amount allowed.- 2
  10. Should keep all ooc out of the war thread. Place it into here instead so thread doesn't look like a giant sack of dog crap
  11. But your ooc comments here please and if you have some in the Hell thread please delete them and place them here so that threads stays nice and neat. thanks a million
  12. You know I fgure this needed to be maid so we all stop spamming OOc Yoshiru Kaycee has ice under her because she created the ice herself freezing the ground
  13. This will be the area for all OOC post in the Arc I will be starting soon. This arc will mark the end of a very long chaoter in my characters story known as the Proto H. Arc many have been involved so those who have been feel free to join. This area will be for questions though first off know you do not have to join like all of my arcs it is for fun with good story. If you do join no one line post got it. Contrary to the name there are no deaths planned if you want your character to die they can. Also be warned this will be dramatic, some dramatic attacks dramatic entrances and endings. Now I will go ahead and say were the inspiration for this arc came from. The first is this song the second I have been re reading one of the greatest X-man comic crossover arcs *imo* Age of Apocalypse. So that should explain a few things that will happen in this arc alone.Note this will involve all races so all can join also note I will be posting a thread in every race area relating to this arc. Basically the arc is Malakai leader of the Mythic Dawn finally has the powers he need and opens the gates of hell were his main base have been located. Through a spy/turncoat he has in Division 0 by the name of Zoren he gets into the Soul Kings Palace and kills him. He then deals with one last personal issue which will be the big intro post. Afterwards he then orders his multi racial army consisting of every race including hellspawn to start there Blitz style take over on every dimmension, HM, SS, WOL, and the Vaden area. Now yes he will succeed because otherwise 1 it would throw out the whole theme of the arc 2 for those who do join part of the drama will be everyone having suffered this major blow this loss. Then you will have choices much like anyone does in a apocalypse. Obviously hiding will be the smart initial reaction, the next are your choices. Stay in hiding and try and reform communities, or if your evil chaotic and all of that you can join the Mythic dawn swearing allegiance to Malakai. You can band together to strike back at Malakai. You get the options, what will your character do? This will be the question. Also know Lightmoon Guild dimension will be like a refugee camp at the start and will be open and part of the arc. So hey if you want to join let me know.
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