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Found 1 result

  1. This is the office for Urp captains :3 (The Arrival of the Mad Scientist) Althalos arrives at his new office still in disguise as Ken after passing the exam without trying to give himself away to much that he would be found out and stand outside of his office where there is a box in front of the door which was sent to him from another captain which didn't have a name on it Althalos just thought that they forgot there name and brushed it off but could see what was inside through a small crack. Althalos smiled and opened it there is was a freshly created Haori. Althalos Smiled as his plan was working well but he knew it probably wouldn't last long. Althalos then opened the office door and places his Haori on epically just to see piles and piles of paper work and dust. "Really well i guess i should get to work I'll meet my fellow squad members after I complete all this or this squad would be very... 'Helpful'..." Althalos walked in and sneezed "But first I need to clean this place up..." Althalos turned around and locked the door behind him. (10 minutes later...) Althalos is laying on the ground of the new spotless office where there is no speck of dust left to be seen Althalos tries to stand up but every bone was acing due to him carrying and chucking a few hundred bags of rubbish and dust out the window once up Althalos looked all over the office to find some saki but he found none to his luck then he realized that the last captain probably cared about his health.. "I guess i should go out to buy some later." Then all of sudden Althalos got a sudden chill down his spine as he slowly looked towards the piles of paper work and smiles nervously "Maybe the paper work can wait a little after all I just got here yes i should go get some lunch... hahahah....sigh" Althalos reaches the door and unlocks it "Maybe I'll meet some of the Squad members while I'm at it.." Althalos then slowly exits the office and he get a call from his cell phone "Hey captain !! hahah I just wanted to say that since you forgot to tell me !!" Althalos then hangs up "I'll call Leon later to hungry to talk" Once at the stairs a young shinigami girl comes up to Althalos shyly and holds a lunch box "umm... Mind if I eat with you captain?" Althalos laughs and nod his head while sitting down on the stairs tapping next to him. The young girl smiles and runs and sits next to him and opens the lunch box "Oh.. I made to much again.." just at that moment Althalos's stomach Roared a mighty Roar and the young girl handed Althalos the bottom half of her lunch box "Are you sure I can have this?" the young shinigami smiled "sure also captain my name is Memi it like mem-i not like me-mi like everyone else says.." Althalos puts his hand over Memi's head and rubs it and gives her a bright smile "Alright Memi my name is Ken nice to meet you" Memi Blushed and started eating her food and Althalos did the same. (After lunch) Althalos and the girl Memi had taken a scroll around the barracks getting to know some of her friends they finally reached the the office again Memi walked of smiling and waving at Althalos while thinking "I thought he was going to be one of those mean captains so glad he isn't.." Memi continues walking off while Althalos Enters his office but doesn't lock it as he will be waiting to meet squad members while do paper work he called it "Operation no-name". Althalos sits down and starts completing the paper work and awaits anyone who comes through that door. Ooc: My longish intro to welcome my new office and introduce myself here
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