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Found 5 results

  1. The Hidden Squad 4 Underground Lab Level 1 Within the first level of 3 This is also known as the Bioengineering Level where we experiment on live animals and Shinigami Who seemed to have gone missing from battle or criminals to try an create the perfect solider. Need permission key Level 2 Level 2 of 3 This level is known as soul creation basically we are just creating fake limbs and is the only level that can be seen from the elevator downwards. No permission key Required Level 3 Level 3 of 3 this level is the final floor in the lab this is Aliza's personal floor which only her and special guests are allowed to enter. no-one knows what is down here but when people do come down here they see many inventions that could help the soul society But are never released. Master key Required. The Dark Cave The Dark Cave is a cave that the lab was build over in request from Aliza the cave has a weird sense to it and only Aliza knows why. Access: Only Aliza knows.
  2. Stein, the man who had become a God stood in silence as he watched the reconstruction. Slowly the large fortress was rising, a lesser man might have been impatient but not him. He was immortal and eternal, time held no meaning to one like him. Months, years, decades, it didn't matter. He had all the time in the world. Far bellow him his dedicated followers were building his kingdom, brick by brick, stone by stone it was rising. Such a magnificent view. The castle had been ruined, broken, but it would be rebuild stronger and better. Like how the Vandenrich would rise again, stronger and better. He held no anger against those that had destroyed it last time. Those that had claimed to be leaders and Stern Ritters had been too weak, if they could be killed by trash then they were unworthy and had no place among his chosen once. One couldn't build a strong castle on a bad foundation. In a way they had done God a favour, they had done the destruction for him, now he could reshape it all in his image. It would be perfect. Like him. They would cast of the shackles of inferior leaders, no more kings, no more small men with sad tittles. No, they would no longer be held back by such simple minds. The time for kings had passed, the age of God was approaching. His firm hand would bring forth a new age for the Vandenrich. A golden age, they would once more take their rightful place as masters and rulers. tbc sometime maybe
  3. Their eyes were closed, each of them on their knees muttering words of prayers to their god. Praying for strength do do what had to be done, praying to know his will. The will of he who held their souls, minds and hearts in his divine hand. Their voices echoing of the dark walls in the ruined church. Above them the dark night sky was filled with bright stars, each one aligned correctly. Each one telling the tail of his return. He who came with the light and would bring them salvation. Through fire and blood his empire would raise again, like had been foretold many cycles ago. Over the bones and bodies of his enemies he would step forth to claim his rightful seat. The god of death's regain would be broken and they would be cast down to the very earth they struggled to control. Broken and beaten they would be forgotten. As was written in the scrolls from the times before time. The forever dammed. The hungry once, the devours of souls would kneel before his throne or forever be destroyed and casted into the darkness. Forever denied his glory and the privilege of serving him. Then he would step down from the heavens and to the earth and they would all know true salvation. Every living creature would worship him, for he had set them free from the curse. He would remake them as he saw fit, they would be his, in body, mind and spirit. No longer would the seven oppose him, their time was the past. The future belong to him. They had sought to slay a god, yet they had only prolonged the inevitable. The world belong to him, they would kneel or forever burn. The lord of light. His time was coming. Each and everyone knew that they were part of something larger. Something bigger than just themselves. Each one a piece in a grander plan, one they could not see clearly with their eyes. But their hearts knew it. They would only see the smallest of it, yet they were happy to be but pieces. As if one they all got to their feet, all heads raised as the head priest spoke. Hundreds of cloaked figures watched an unison, today it would begin. "Only his name shall we speak. Only him will we believe and put our faith in." The priest said, his words repeated by every one of the devoted followers. "For his sake we will throw away our mortal shells to serve forever in his name. The weakness of the flesh is temporary. We are yours in life and in death" The head priest cried out, behind him the other priests threw their arms into the air. All around the gathering blue light started to flicker. Around them danced the shadows and darkness. But they were not afraid. The shadows were but the children of light, forever his faithful servants just like them. "Our eyes he will take, for we will see only him." With each passing word the light grew stronger. "Our lips he will take, for we will praise only him" They could all feel it now. His presence. "Our bodies he will take, for our flesh will serve only him" They could feel his will, his greatness. "Pray, pray friends of the light, pray for the destruction and breaking of the world so that it might be remade and born anew in his image" They screamed, each one of them falling to their knees once more. "To serve him is privilege, one we will never take for granted" Their hearts and minds cried out for him. "In his name let it be so" They cried together, raising their arms above their heads. Young and old, man and woman, black and white. Each and everyone, a new dawn was on the horizon. Thus God returned to right every wrong. They were his, in ever aspect of the word. His followers, his very devoted followers. They knew it as surely as their name, in the very deeps of their soul it was written. "Raise my followers, raise and embrace the pain" His voice said there he stood among them. His blue eyes seeing into them, through them. From his hands blue energy streamed out, through pain they would be cleansed. Their screams echoed. "Embrace it, embrace me" His voice a quiet and calm whisper, he spoke directly to their heart and minds. Every word a perfect harmony, it was truly what a god sounded like. Silent yet strong, casual yet authoritarian. The voice of one who didn't just demand obedience but knew that he would get it. O.O.C So yeah, don't ask. It's just a mixture of randomness, be it from books, tv shows and all that. Just for fun and born out of boredom.
  4. Well...yeah...post your RPG stats here... Just copy n paste ( Zanpakuto/Ressureccion stats included) Format: Basic stats first (SP, hp, def *blah blah blah*) Example: Player ID#: 83873 Race: Arrancar Current HRA: Hollow Fraccion: 4 Rank: Espada Spirit Power: 13131491732400 Health: 5646293575 / 8198793703 Spirit Energy: 30506 / 30509 Stamina: 1468773 / 1468773 Agility: 2098173 Defense: 2310570 Money: $9024059 Credits: 25 CR Alignment: Good (593) Resurreccion Status Resurreccion Name: KyÅka Suigetsu Resurreccion Base Power: 724465363953500160 Resurreccion Current Released Power: 8693584367442001920 P.S this is just an example...if you like you can post it in a spoiler (which...i will most likely suggest)
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