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  1. The Quincy soldier Kafarfett a former shinigami bounty hunter with nothing to lose now had something to lose. As he sat in the palace that was formerly some girly looking emo shinigami he had redecorated it with all white and other such quincy things. So much so that it was whiter than Tennessee. "Tea...it is good" Kafarfett said as he took a sip of his green tea and took a bite of his japanese ice cream ball. It was good. Soon he would invite his allies Yuroshima, Mortal, many others like them for a big tea party. Kafarfett stood up and looked through a window gazing up at the Higher Soul King palace where the Major resided. "Hail Super Ultra Formerly known as Invisible Empire now visible and in control of everything."
  2. Mr. Clean

    Xxx Adult

    Heeeey. Congratulations you're a pervert! You have enough time to become curious about this thread when you could be doing something more productive in your life. You have my thanks for proving my hypothesis right.
  3. (He chose the title for himself, not me) The Halls of Los Noches lay empty, dust settling on the floor, scars of old battles and rubble from broken stone lay in place as they have for some time. Moonlight enters the castle from various holes in its walls, mixed with the artificial sunlight that has lost most of its luster, a shell of the former glory that once shook the realms with terror. Here is where this battle shall take place, A lord forgotten to time in the belly of the beast finally defrosts and awakens to a world he no longer recognizes, another stumbles on this place for reasons yet unknown, which of them will still be standing at the end of this, stay tuned to find out!
  4. Bleach URP Omakes It's simple really all you have to do is do some extra sketch with one or more characters from the Urp in your post and do an extra from your Rp on it. It doesn't have to be funny, it could break the forth wall, maybe include the Orp or something from another site, be symbolic, be a small bit from in between posts you would find to be an important but not necessary add on. -------- Omake #1 "The Major's First and Last Interview" Lance: Hello Folks so today I'm here with the Major. Please say hello! Major: Hello my friends and salutations by dearer interviewer Lance. Lance: It's nice to have you on the program. Lets cut to the chase and start with the first question. Major:...Oh I so do love to cut -says gleefully- Lance: So what was the Major going to gain from attacking the soul society? What was his motive for everything? Major: Oh you and your silly reasons~. I would have to say if I had any reasons on why I killed hundreds of Shinigami it would be because I saw something that was all nice and prestigious THE GOTEI 13...aaaand it just gave me the desire to see it all burnt to the ground. Lance: Uhh..that's pretty dark. Next question...What is your favorite food? Major: Steak. Lance: What is your favorite song? Major: Oh it would be "Instruments of Destruction" by the N.R.G. It happens to also be my own personal Theme Song Lance: Do you have any intentions of ever coming back in character into the Urp? Major: Aha...Weeeell to be perfectly honest I would have to say not really. Of course I would love to return to my role if requested by popular demand. But I feel I ended my role on a high note. Near the end of my time I tried to make the Major more human than what he started out as. I wanted to make him from something people couldn't comprehend to something people saw and had some emotion for. Lance: Well this concludes the end of the interview. It's been an honor Mr. Montana Max. Major: Thank you for having me. -waves-
  5. This topic is basically for me and Ruroki since no one here ever talks about it save for like 3 people. As some of you may have heard D Gray Man is coming back on July 17th in a new magazine of whatever. The deal is it's only going to be released every three months or so and that's just one chapter. This is due to the author's incurable cough of death http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/IncurableCoughOfDeathShe's our fragile pretty little flower and I do hope she will finish this series and continue on to do things that she will enjoy. I suggest rereading like the last volume or two to remind yourselves. Spoiler Hypothesis Discussion
  6. Members of the Vandenreich post any Vandenreich art etc you find here. It is here where we will build a monument of our greatness.. *insert more inspirational garbage here*
  7. We've survived this long The time we gather is upon us There will only be one
  8. While this is under bleach community the description said characters,,,never mentioned bleach characters specifically. But I'm gonna include bleach characters too. In no specific order Angelo Sauper from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Story: Son of a Zeon Solider KIA Angelo grew up in the protection of his parents before the One Year War. He specifically enjoyed being embraced by the warm pureness of the clean white sheets of his parent's bed. Tragically after his father was killed and Side 3 (the space colony his home resided in) was occupied by Federation soldiers, a group of rioting soldiers raped his mother on his parent's very bed as he watched hidden from view. His mother grew emotionally distant and was married to a rich man who supported them. He frequently took a young angelo with him to pray for his mother's recovery....in his bedroom. Needless Angelo only continued to stay in that house for the hope his mother would come back to, which she eventually did when she decided to jump off the balcony of her bedroom. Full Frontal (Char) eventually finds him a prostitute who takes him in as his royal guard. Angelo followed him due to how pure Frontal was and how above he was of the filth in the world. This is obviously a parallel to Char's relationship with Lalah Sune who was also found by him as a prostitute interestingly. My Thoughts: Angelo is a very broken, flawed character, whose had the worst of it all in life. His false hope in wanting to cling to his idolization of Full Frontal, which so easily could have been tragic was averted. The theme of Gundam Unicorn was possibility. For Angelo it was expected that this young man would probably die somehow due to his view of life as "filth". With what was dealt to him suicide seemed very plausible. But somehow possibility kicked in unexpectedly with Angelo's ending with him viewing Full Frontal's lifeless corpse as a feeling of release. Where he could go from there is anyone's guess, but since I'm an optimist I think he made a better life for him. (Optimism was also a central theme of Unicorn so bleh) Caladbolg from Immortal Regis and Cavalier of the Abyss Cavalier of the Abyss Story: Caladbolg's current character is really unknown at this point, however it has been foreshadowed. Originally the sick little brother of the current Regis Nex of the Abyss he was closer than anyone to his brother. Eventually his illness of death or whatever grips him so much Serin (Nex's master/lover?) takes him to Abyss to treat him. Unfortunately this backfires when a being called Caladbolg a demon stone as well as a God of the Abyss seeks the boy out to make him his vessel. Now it is told that Caladbolg took over the little brother and now has replaced him. Caladbolg in the story still possess affection for his brother, whether it is genuine or not is unknown. And if it isn't what he seeks to gain from having Nex on his side is unknown. Currently resides in the Abyss as its Regis (King) and taking care of his older brother's children while confronting a pissed off parent. My Thoughts: I don't think the Demon Stone Caladbolg is sentient in the sense that it takes over the host and merely acts towards others as a disguise. No, my thoughts are more tragic. I believe the stone amplifies already present negative feelings residing in his host like a parasite. The little brother whom I will now refer to as Caladbolg has frequently commented on the pain he had felt when he was "abandoned" by his brother. He constantly tries to mindfreak his brother when he could easily gain victory over him. Why does he do this? It is because Caladbolg is still himself as the little brother but he allows his feelings of abandonment, anger, loneliness, pain, and longing to control him, which are only amplified by the demon stone. He has his brother's children, not for bargaining chips, but to show his brother how hurt he was when his family left him. He wants Regis Nex to understand his suffering, and to also reconnect again. However Regis Nex will not admit that Caladbolg is his brother, but if he ever does he will also realize that all the people Caladbolg killed were not the result of a Demon Stone, but from his brother's own actions as a result of Nex's forced abandonment of him due to Serin's actions in sending Nex to the Abyss. Nex refuses to accept the pain that his brother is evil and that he is also the cause of him being so. A truth that hurts too much. More to come in the future.... (Mana Walker "D Gray Man", Mika "Seraph of the End", Schneizel "Code Geass", Marth/Chrom "Fire Emblem/Awakening", Kyoraku/Haschwalth "Bleach" and more)
  9. As for me I think I'm the Green Bird Ray is the Eagle Ruroki is Terrance (the big mean red one) Aiden, Sauce, and Kaycee are the blue birds Kumo is the Yellow bird Black Star is black bird of course... Vad is orange bird. (full of hot air, always) And the rest..ehh none of them really fit anyone else i can recall off the top of my head
  10. Hmmmm, you know, ive been on the site for a pretty good stretch of time, I remember when the lot of last generation first joined really. Andi thought itd be fun if I made a big ass review right? (then again its so late I don’t know hoho ) First off, I love you guys lol its been years we have been together , creatively at each others sides. And things stayed interesting with Nights random visits, The Major being the greatest antagonist over the generations and always stirring things up Morg and Arya making us feel bad for being new but none the less providing the laughs Good Ol’ Yuro’s spouts of anger and then spouts of odd love giving us all emotional whiplashes Badasseus over loving on his characters and making us all smile with a healthy dose of William is number 1 Haku’s words of wisdom and lovely self made meme’s Aidens ability to shut em down XD Emmell being in the urp, then leaving then coming back at random points but we ere always glad to see him when he did : ) Didn’t Molestia exist at one point? Well he was funny as ever when he did Sasuke being like everyones little brother What ever happened to Akeith and Arimei? The Kido Corps being annoying but we still accepted em Kaycee being so sweet to everyone always And you guys are impossible Like how Dandy can never seem to actually die In the urp but never failing to poo on our day with an invasion ( but it really kept the site alive ) On the rare occasion Yuro actually did something productive and cool.. he would find a way to rage about HIS OWN DOINGS minutes later Aiden I just think loves to shut em down for the sake of shutting em down Haku is a meany with his memes Morg and Arya.. are Morg and Arya And we all seemed to argue each oother every couple of seconds over the dumbest of things But all of that set aside I think we have made some great memories over the years Like a family : ) A big old whiney odd dysfunctional family
  11. Evergreen Tea Shop Synopsis If the above picture did not make you want to read it, idk what will but I guess I can give you the basic plot. Girl runs tea shop with widow father Girl has sexy best male friends from school They work at the tea shop or hang out there cause obviously they like the girl THEN TRAGEDY STRUCK! A coffee shop opens up next to them sucking their customers away! Boy on the bottom right runs the coffee shop with a sexy woman of some sort. The Cast: Cute Girl: Shes the one with long hair who gets pretty emotional to a comedic effect. She doesn't seem to be interested in love yet (we're on chapter two) She knows the hottest guys in her country and she spends her time with them by sweeping floors as she watches them hit on other girls. She also has a dark past in which her mother vanished. Playboy....Boy..:The guy on the bottom left. He likes women (who doesn't, besides other women? hehe). Best friends to the Haru from Free! but minus the gay. He's like the best friend of Cute Girl or whatever since childhood and the only time childhood characters get together in a manga is when they're the first and only ones introduced at a specific point..if more than one guy shows up at the beginning sorry, bad luck. Haru from FREE!..minus the gay(maybe): He's like smart, nice, and utterly devoid of personality, typical pretty boy. He might develop later idk...but so far he's just eye candy. He's friends of Playboy....Boy...and friends with Cute Girl. He helps the shop out. Bottom Right Boy: Bottom Right Boy is the typical "good looks, bad attitude" kind of guy who may or may not have an inner kindness he keeps...hidden. He runs the coffee shop with his mom/older sister/somesexywoman. He also might be a ninja as he has demonstrated power ninja spins and kicks. What he can't kill with his hands, he kills with his looks. mom/older sister/somesexywoman: Runs the Coffee shop with Bottom Right Boy. She seems to be a nice woman that got the attraction of Hairy Masculine FatherDad of Cute Girl. Hairy Masculine FatherDad: The Father of Cute Girl. He runs the Tea Shop. He's attracted to mom/older sister/somesexywoman. He provides the greatest comic relief of the story. Link To Translated Work http://www.mangahere...green_tea_shop/ Link to Translators http://traumereiscans.tumblr.com/ Link to My Sexy Butt http://assets.diylol...?1376588297.jpg
  12. Some time ago...... "My my going so soon? I thought you were intent on killing me" a familiar voice said to a young man placing a jacket over himself. "You're too insufferable to be around, and any attempts that are made so hastily would be in vain Major." the young man replied as he opened the door towards the hall way. Smiling the Major snorted as he crossed his legs "You are too adorable, come back again when you have time! I'm interested on how you plan to kill me Victor." Closing the door Victor Scarcliff was drawing blood from his lip as he quietly burned with rage. The Present Atop a large rock looking over a frozen river in the shadow realm, the dominion of the Neo-Vandenreich Scarcliff meditated having everything around him envelope him. His face was as cold as the river below and his heart hollow after so many years alone. After his brothers and sisters died he had no one but himself in this cold dank world. The Major had stolen everything he had loved and cursed him with this misery. But the Major was dead, and his hate now directed at everything. So tired...he was so tired of it all, when would it all end for him? he thought to himself. Resting on his lap was a rapier with a deep red hued blade, his weapon as a Quincy personally conceived by the Major. It brought him nothing, but pain everytime he touched it. His eyes opened to reveal blue irises, and they peered through his golden blond hair at the black abyss that was this world. It was the perfect place for the damned like himself to call home, but his true home was destroyed long ago. His thoughts always went back to that time, no matter what he tried to do. Alone in this darkness he had only himself and his memories to keep him company.
  13. Far off in another Realm of the Soul Society an evil sets its sights on the kingdom living in medieval times where the wonders of technology has yet reached their ears and where Shinigami and Hollows are but myths to even them.... In a village on the border of the Kingdom of Drakeden a man venturing through the town had returned from an adventure in the mountains surrounding the kingdom. He had been gone for quite sometime and in that time something festered in the darkness. Passing by a wench she grabbed his coattails and pulled him close, whispering something. "Beware young sir, something is stirring in the kingdom, It would be unwise to stay outside tonight. Whispers speak of a Shadow stealing away young people, to where none know." Stepping away from her the man sighed and walked away thinking she was nutty in the head paying her warning no mind. He was heading deeper into the kingdom to return to his home in the Capital. Later that night camping in an old forest the man was caring a piece of wood in the shape of a toy dagger. It was to pass the time taking pleasure in his creations. While he continued he sensed something move about in the bushes. What it was he did not know, but he knew too well the dangers in the forests. Drawing his sword slowly he readied himself, but none could be ready for what appeared. Turning around with his sword drawn what horror he saw was revealed. Figures dressed in ragged black robes, faces obscured by long black hoods, their arms and legs seen through the holes in their robes revealed bloodstained metal armor. The air around him grew cold, then hot. A black light that shown revealed nothing as the figures numbers revealed to be 13. And as they slowly approached a shadow with burning blue eyes followed beneath their feet. Falling on his bottom the man dropped his sword, yet when he reached for it the shadow pulled it in itself. "W-What are you fiends!?" The figures responded with silence as the shadow under them rose. behind them with its eyes fixated on the man. "They are the Shadow's Knights, they are the embodiment of your fear AND I THEIR TERROR THE SHADOW LORD!" the shadow said in a thunderous boom. The shadow's tendrils circled the man "BECOME....ONE WITH ME" the shadow moaned as the man was enveloped, his existence as himself ended, twisted by something once considered human. "BE OF ME..LET THE SHADOW BARE YOU INTO MY WORLD AS QUINCY" the shadow whispered as it dissipated into the shape of a distinct old man. The Major returns in a more ghastly form than last seen. His malice connected to a select few binds him to this world and only when the cords of fate are cut will he face his greatest fall. Will you partake in this quest? Make a new or pre-existing character for this arc I CARE NOT! if you're joining just post as your character be it entering the Kindgom of Drakeden through the mountains surronding it, starting off it it's Capital where the King resides, or bow down to the Shadow Lord in his realm of nothingness as one of his knights. For the sake of continuity THIS ARC TAKES PLACE 20 YEARS FROM ALL RECENT EVENTS YOU HAVE. REMEMBER.....have fun! : ) comments, questions, confessions instant msg or pm and i'll get to you when able.
  15. <p style="text-align: center"><span style="color: #00ffff"><span style="font-size: 18px;">A Tale of Heroes and Villains </span></span></p> <br /> <p>synopsis: In a world of adventure and fantasy the Villainous Empire of the "Alta Llano" wages a brutal war against a league of rebels, traitors, and of far away cast-aways  known as "The League of Heroes". Currently the Empire has lost its capital city of "Lost Souls" and the League has made it their main Headquarters. The Emperor has fled to the southern city of "Dark Gold" which is carved into the mountain range full of hidden gold. It is there the Emperor begins his plans of revenge against the League of Heroes.<br /> <br /> Character Descriptions:<br /> <br /> <br /> Chapter List<br /> <br /> Prologue "The Bitter Retreat"<br /> <br /> 3 years Ago....<br /> Walking down the grassy hill The Emperor shrouded in a bloodstained white cloak turns his head back to his beloved 10,000 year old city of "Almas Perdidas"the until recently the Capital of the Alta Llano Empire. The League of Heroes which didn't exist until one year ago assailed his armies miraculously and stormed his thought to be impenetrable Capital City, built on a hill and surrounded by the tallest walls and towers which formed an oval. As the city was breached the Emperor was forced to abandon the throne he had held for 10,000 years and run.<br /> <br /> The League never even bothered to continue  their attack after seizing the throne allowing the Emperor and 9,000 of his warriors to leave unhurried. It was a pitiful number for at the start he had under his command over 100,000 men against the League's meager 3,000 warriors. Now his army, worn out, scattered, and broken march to the hills bitter at the loss of their pride as warriors. They march to the south where the Mountain city known for the spiraling towers along their sides stands with arms stretched to greet the defeated army and their Emperor.<br /> <br /> The mountain city called  "Oscuro Dorado" was at one point a great city where the Emperor began long ago his conquest of the lands. It was their he started his Empire and it seemed there he would meet his end...or begin anew.<br /> <br /> Turning his head back forward the Emperor filled with anger vowed to reclaim what was once his and the life of every worm in the League of Heroes no matter the cost. The Emperor promised the league that they would learn how 10,000 years prior how he subjugated these lands and how merciless he could be. He vowed this in his mind and in his heart, for they had earned The Emperor's ire.<br /> <br /> <br /> Chapter One "The One Who Rules Naught, but  Sticks and Stones"</p> <p> </p> <p>Walking down the long hall The Emperor's guard Bill Smith was moving towards the throne room to meet with his majesty. He had brown ragged hair, a beard, and wore old tattered white robes. At his side was his rapier attached to his belt, but his main weapon was that of a lance. He was considered the only person to ever annoy the Emperor and avoid his wrath which would have resulted in his death.</p> <p> </p> <p>Opening the doors to the throne room Smith entered as he stood before the Emperor and bowed.<br /> "I'd like to remind your silhouette-ness..that you have a war council set in about 20 minutes." Smith announced as he folded his arms and smiled brightly.<br /> <br /> Tilting his head onto his hand the Emperor mused over the thought of restarting his war with the league. It was finally here, the day where he could make the last of his war preparations and ignite conflict once again.</p> <p> </p> <p>"Thank you for the reminder, but I would never forget such an important event. After all..it's the beginning to my rise of ascension once again." the Emperor replied, his tone hinting at his glee.<br /> <br /> Shaking the back of his head Smith responded "I thought one ass kicking from the league was enough for ya? Someone's beggin' for da D."<br /> <br /> The Emperor's smile vanished as he stared at his guard. "Get out of my sight you idiot. If I want council I'll consult a trained monkey before the likes of you."<br /> <br /> Chuckling Smith turned around and waved goodbye to his majesty "Awh you really know how to break my heart sir." said Smith faking his heartbreak as he left the throne room. Tapping the arm of his throne the Emperor quietly thought to himself of how Smith was only needed for his ability to take attacks for him, but reminded himself to think of a way to seal his mouth permanently.<br /> <br /> Later in the War Room members of the Empire's top brass sat around a circular table awaiting the Emperor's arrival to begin the meeting. Notable persons at the table were Zephyr a cold general of the First Division of Imperial troops, Jing a proud and devoted general of the Emperor and leader of the Second Division, Kane former General of the Second Division now adviser to the Emperor, Ash a foulmouthed Steward to the Emperor's Throne, Thor Commander of the Lightning Order, a man who lets his powerful fists do the talking, and lastly Xane an elderly retired knight employed as an adviser to the Emperor. <br /> <br /> Jing dressed in black with short spiky black hair stared at Ash with irritation. "Why is this coward here? Shouldn't you be cleaning the mud off the pigs?"<br /> <br /> Turning his bored gaze over to Jing Ash smirked "Got something against me pretty boy? If you want a fight I'll gladly spank you like you let all the other guys do."<br /> <br /> Slamming his hands to the table Jing stood up as he reached for his sword. "Lets go then! I'll enjoy removing that excuse for a brain off your body!"<br /> <br /> The others expressed a varied ray of feelings about this situation</p> <p>Zephyr didn't say a word as he had no interest in this debacle. Kane remained serious and folded his hands in front of his face as he expressed his displeasure "This is a meeting, not a brawl gentlemen".<br /> <br /> Thor on the other hand cheered on Jing to kill Ash for in the past he often argued with Ash and saw him as an insult to the honor of the Empire. Xane shaking his head muttered curses at the younger ones constant bickering. Before any blows could be traded the doors opened as the Emperor dressed in his white cloak and white coat entered the room. The room went quiet as the Emperor sat down at his chair raising his leg on his lap and rested his arms on the arm rests on his chair.<br /> "Save your energy for the League Jing and Ash. If not..I might have to send you to <em><strong>The Warden</strong></em>."<br /> <br /> Ash and Jing froze in terror as they both fell back into their seats. The Warden was keeper of the Empire's greatest prisoners and was known as a terrifying individual even when compared to the Emperor when he was angry.<br /> <br /> "Very well...so we can begin now" said the Emperor as the meeting began. Hidden behind a pillar a shadowy figure was also there listening in on the war council, but for what purpose known could be said for now.<br /> <br /> Part 2 of Chapter 1 coming soon...</p>
  16. Hello Chaps! I thought I'd bring back my old way of speaking on here since this was formerly one of my threads back in 2011. So the gist of it all my dandy folk is to chatter about here in this thread if you have a knack for being proper. You have the fancy bar and furniture all here in a small room! While the room may be small the gossip sure isn't!
  17. Moving through shifting clouds of dust a stranger garbed in brown cloaks moved towards the outskirts of a small town in the distance. The air was thick with dust and the sun was dropping down in the west intent on bringing out a cold summer night in this wasteland of a territory. The stranger his eyes covered in shadow due to the hood he wore blended nearly perfectly into the landscape. Reaching the town after a long while the stranger turned his head from side to side noticing it was deadly silent. It was if all there was were the whispers of the inhabitants that used to live there. All the sound there was the sound of the wind and the clanking from the spurs on his boots. Clank, Clank, the stranger approached what appeared to be a run down bar. The Wooden doors looked as if they were about to fall off at the slightest touch. Oddly enough they held on as the stranger opened them up and entered the establishment. The Bar was filled with quiet dead looking men. They were quite alive, but something inside them seemed dead inside to the Stranger. Revealing his hand with a black robe covering his arm the stranger dusted the sand and other particles off his cloak in a lazy fashion before slipping the arm back underneath his robes. Moving to an empty spot at the end of the bar the stranger sat on the torn worn out red stool. The Bar Tender the only one who appeared energetic enough to be consider alive approached the stranger with an empty glass in his hand he had until recently been polishing. The Bartender was bald with a thick mustache on his face. He had on black pants, a white collared shirt and a black vest over him. Coughing slightly the Bartender looked at the stranger with a mixture of curiosity and caution. "what'll it be stranger?" "....A glass....a glass of milk." the stranger replied in a hushed tone, with a barely noticeable sound of respect etched into how he said his words. "Well...alright then." responded the bartender in slight surprise at the oddness of his drink. Nonetheless the tender moved to his basement behind the bar to get out a jar of milk he had been keeping cool. Moving it onto the bar the Tender took the glass he had earlier in his hand and lazily poured the milk into the glass spilling sloppily on the wooden bar. Picking the glass up with the jar in his other hand he walked over to the stranger and sat the jar and glass of milk in front of him. "That'll be 6 in coin." the bartender ordered. Slipping out a small bag of coin the stranger tossed it at the bartender's belly where he caught it just barely between his hand and belly. "...thanksss" the stranger muttered. "Humph...oh..ohh my." the bartender said in irritation before opening the small bag to reveal an assortment of fine jewels and gold. A small smirk came across the stranger's mouth as he took in the milk from his glass in one mouthful. The rest of the men in the bar scowled at the stranger as the went back to their own business.
  18. Walking through the shadows alone Captain Commander admired the Wandenreich's architecture as he silently walked through the cityscape. He had just finished making shinigami into Captains as well as escape a chaotic situation inside his office. He realized he hadn't had much personal time since he became a Captain. Stopping he looked down on street thinking about how happy he was to be placed in a position where he could do something for the benefit of people everywhere. Noticing someone approaching he used flash step to move out onto the rooftops. His boots made a soft clank as he went from rooftop to rooftop, but soon enough he made it to a large building beside the Wandenreich's palace Silbern. The building itself was more to the side and below the palace, but Grit knew already that this was a place important to some Stern Ritter. Slipping through the skyline on top of the building Grit leaped down onto the floor in the interior of the building. It seemed to be filled with a maze of corridors and he had ended up in an intersection of them. Leaking some energy from his Captains coat's sleeves slightly before it vanished he continued walking randomly through one of the corridors. Noticing a door he opened it to see that he had stumbled upon a relaxation room/ meeting room of sorts. It was something he'd expect to see in the Spirit Palace, but he walked in silently. He lifted up his hat slightly to observe the carvings on the ceiling as his coat reflected the silver brightness inside the room. The origin of the glow was unknown to him, but he took a seat on one of the couches there as he crossed his legs on a table in front of him. "I need to get away from all this business. Don't you agree?" Grit said as he lifted his hat over his eyes.
  19. The location is an area between the Squad 9 and Squad 8 barracks. A place full of shops and consumer buildings. The shadows begin to act up as bit by bit of this area is layered over with shadow. All but the people are covered in shadow and much to the horror of the shinigami there the buildings, streets, and general area is completely black. After a few minutes the shadows begin to move revealing the structures of English architecture. They know all to well from what happened in the last invasion. They knew it is the Wandenreich. "Let the show commence then...." He sat down on a throne with the letter A inscribed on it waiting for his prey to come to him. He rested his arms on the arms of his throne with his pistol fully formed and his finger against the trigger. In his right hand he held an ace card he tapped against the side of his throne building up its energy. He was a little impatient and a little curious at who would come to face him in a one on one match. He was covered head to toe in silver armor. He wore a helmet that obscured his face and gave him the power to detect the presence of another spiritual being along with over 20 different type of vision. Under his Stern Ritter cloak he held a variety of world of the living weapons enhanced by the power of a Fullbring that could harm a spiritual being. The Major himself was not made out of reshi as he was a human and therefore still maintained a non spiritual form. His soul burned with the passion to wage war. Now was the time to prove it to his men. OOC: NOTE DEPENDING ON HOW BUSY I'M WITH SCHOOL POSTING MAY BE SLOW SO BE PREPARED TO WAIT FOR A FEW DAYS IF YOU WISH TO ENTER. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Setting: A miniature replica of Silbern the Grand Palace of the Wandenreich. It looks exactly like it except it is just one open giant room. There are no rooms inside it. It's basically a court yard with a giant roof over it. A little bit of the surrounding area had been "Wanden-ized" as well creating a foreign atmosphere to a shinigami. Equipment:*note all weapons here are from the World of the Living and not made out of Reshi. They were enhanced by a fullbringer manipulating the souls within all the objects making them able to injure or kill a spiritual being like any other spiritual weapon. Reshi Cards "Karte" Spirit Bows Spirit Weapon: small decorated silver reshi pistol 00. "The Arbitrator", peacemaker XXA-08. Has the Vandenreich emblem inscribed on the side of the handle. *IN USE ATM* My smaller side arm the -01. "The Aberration", peacemaker XXA-01 Abilities Used: A The Absolution or forgiveness. Such as the stem of all Quincy linage he has the power to dismantle all reshi attacks used against him to prevent betrayals from the order. He simply replaces all spirit energy intertwined with the reshi with his own spirit energy thrust coating all reshi based attacks with his own Spiritual Energy.
  20. Scenario Hollows run rampant all throughout the World of the Living. The Quincy have constructed a Reshi weapon that would ignite the atmosphere of the Soul Society. They fire it and everyone outside the protective shield of the Seireitei's walls burn.. The World of the Living and the Soul Society move closer to each other at a rapid speed. HM is/will eventually (be) obliterated as it is crushed from two sides by both the Soul Society and World of the Living.. How would you save the Bleach Universe and stop the end of days?
  21. Ok it's that time. ...What time? It's time for a debate Why do we have to have a debate? Cause I thought it'd be nice More like you have no life WELL I'M SORRY I JUST FELT THIS WOULD BE A FUN IDEA! FOOL! What!? Excalibur is that you!? Why is he here? *crying* Anyways this topic is up so I suppose we should tell you how this is going to go.. O-O-Ok So um the basic idea was you all would pick what squad(not the captains!) you think is the best to live and eventually die in cause let face it the survival rate for a regular member is not very high. Get back on topic... So yeah after you cast your vote on what squad you like best just post a comment on why you picked it and WHY YOU THINK IT'S THE BEST! Don't be that guy and give a lame reason be somewhat intelligent in your choice. Hey! Don't listen to him you can give any response! I value your opinions! Done reading this? Hurry up and vote you've wasted too much time. Hey Lord Death here saying HEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOO!
  22. As requested I'm back with another poll! I'm hoping Draka makes a vote... Anyways if you know more than 3 of these characters than you are a hardcore fan or you must have no social life. I really tried to scrape the bottom of the barrel with this one ladies and gentlemen. So my question is my friends which one of these forgotten Bleach Characters need more character development in the story? Which one of these losers is worthy enough to get more panel time and development? Who is the best of the worst!?
  23. Appearing from the shadows within Seireitei The Major walked proudly towards the squad 2 barracks. Summoning more shadows the major opened shadow portals from vandenreich to allow all his stern ritter access into the seireitei. Quiver in fear squad 2! The Vandenreich is here is to pacify you. Stern Ritter Advance and crush them all! ooc: Yeah Vandenreich is attacking all you squad 2 people. #SurpriseInvasion
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