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Found 5 results

  1. I wanted to know which character I should start using as my sig and avatar, so I figured I'd try to get as many opinions as possible. I put up my top three choices, but if anyone has any other suggestion, I'll add it. Sagara "Zanza" Sanosuke: Rojuro "Rose" Otoribashi: Rokudo Mukuro:
  2. Your Waifu


    So I can't believe that there hasn't been a thread like this yet. I've been thinking that it would be fun to set up a server for BSE members, but I don't have the capacity to run a 24/7 server.. I was wondering if anyone else played and knew how to run a server.
  3. A throbbing pain began, one which lasted days now. The constant abuse arising, the stress rising, the depression rising. A captive within a cage of unspoken cruelty, forgotten to the world as nothing more than a spec of dust floating in the wind. Negative feelings rising up like mountains while the will to live and to defy lowered lower than the dark depths of the ocean. This throbbing pain was the product created from this. A result, a gift wrapped and handed by others to oneself, a curse, a blessing, a finished equation of sorts created by this captivity. Endless days of suffering and humiliation still continued, and yet, it all seemed like yesterday.. The fighting and capturing, the starving and torturing, constant servitude underneath the boot of a man he doesn't even know, and no one to save him. He was all but a forgotten relic, though really he was never really a relic to begin with but more of a single chapter of a large novel and nothing more. Perhaps though, this single chapter could increase some more.. Eyes opened, the throbbing pain still infesting the head and causing sight to blur, but only enough so that they couldn't see anything in detail anymore. Ears twitched, hearing sounds once more. Insects and rodents scurrying, little feet pitter-pattering along the aged wooden surface of the broken down shelter, people only beginning to wake up, their feet touching the ground as well, dragging as near-lifeless bodies moved about, getting ready for yet another day of torture. The collars around all of their necks buzzed lightly as the metal rustled about upon the worn skin, slightly wearing it out more. Some bodies didn't budge though, obviously no longer feeling the soft shocking sensations which awoke them in the morning. It was an obvious sign that these poor souls hadn't the strength to live on anymore, and now found peace and thus freedom from such a horrible situation. 'I wonder how much longer i'll have.. until i become one of them...' The owner of these eyes and ears would think, considering that perhaps if he did give up then perhaps he'll find that very same peace as well, though he knew what would really happen. He isn't a fool, for he had tried giving up before and all he received was a sharper, more painful shock. Pain showed his will to live was a subconscious thing and that not matter how hard he'd try, it would never willingly leave him. He had to accept his wretched fate and move onto another day of this servitude, seemingly forever made to serve under the hardened boot of his masters. He would sit up, ignoring the scratchiness of the rages his body had been covered with. The brand burned into his chest would be the mark that his lies caught up with him. Taking the name of an extinct clan was a foolish move on his part, for now he was mistaken for rare cattle and taken in to be a servant and a treasure to sick "collectors". Monsters would fit the name more likely though. These people take the lives of those under them for granted, sometimes even hurting a servant or slave purely because they were in a bad mood. The freshly made scars still tingled as he thought about it. The many days he spent in this wretched captivity has put a number upon his body, for he had lost muscle and gained new scars upon his body. His Zanpakuto is long gone, just another trophy for his masters to keep, and his will broken, making him nothing more than yet another pile of fodder like the rest of the captives around him. His name is Aiden, and he was once a member of the First Division, or at least he was until he was ambushed and captured after rumor got along about his last name being that of the Shihoin Clan, a Clan long extinct from a single man, and probably one of the most terrible and humiliating moments to occur in the history of the once strong Clan. Aiden would stand up from his bed, dirtied feet dragging as he didn't even bother trying to look kept up anymore. He would move towards the exit of the shelter, trying to keep his broken mind off of the many negative thoughts swirling around in his mind, though to little success. He knew that chances are he deserved this, for he merely wished to be important, and as a result stole the sacred name of a Clan and unsparingly used it like a fool. Deep down, he knew it was wrong to use it but he also had the desire to not just be a simple nobody, and because of his selfishness he is now somebody, and that somebody is a slave. Standing before the exit-way, he would give a deep breath before stepping out, ready to make an attempt in accepting what is obviously a punishment for being a foolish liar.
  4. Welcome to Haku's Request Board!!! I will make any kind of sig, avatar, or squad pic that you want; and I'll do it for free. I'm not a genius or prodigy or anything, but I can make you something quick and free. You can give me backgrounds and other images that you want, or just have me do what I think looks nice. and remember, no request is too ridiculous. Here are a few things that I've recently done:
  5. The tavern was slowing down and cap'n Haku was getting bored, so he used his immense Kuchiki wealth to build a new mansion for squad 2. The mansion was a beautiful palatial estate with plenty of land and gardens surrounding it.
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