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  1. Lara Hyperion

    The House Of Lange

    The Lange estate is the ohnorable home of the lange family and Seigleinds home who is currently the head of the family due to the death of her older sister and parents and missing older brother, despite having a large family the only person who lives here is siegleind and the servants Along with a few trained quincy guards
  2. Character Rankings based on my observations of reading basically almost post and yeah if your butt hurt about my list just know it's my opinion and that it's not official. (Urp ranking do not affect this s they are just titles) God. Lanniie Ruroki Aliza - Hakumei - Emmel Major - Aiden - Angel Yuroshima (dead) - Yoshirou Jiro - Grit - Aiden 2.0 XD Little Aiden Rash's characters - haven't read much Fionerro - Sentei - Typhon Lance - Kaihri - Sasuke Kaminari Monkguy Drako - William Soby Alvito and his characters (when he stays) Sai - Metabee Robons Riimae Add magin Myaoshu (all the hell characters) Rion Rena - Alfred - Ransu - Kojo Will add more as i feel like it. feel free to make your own list.
  3. 001 - Third Time is the Charm - Karizuma - "Allow me to make this as clear as I possibly can; my job is to break you down and it is their job to make you better. Anything short of that makes you worthless. You had better take these words to heart kid, because this is the place where monsters are born." ======================= Unknown Location, Seireitei - Unknown Time, Current Day Settled deep below the Seireitei exists a place that is known to only the darkest members of the Soul Society. The area itself has many names and for every name that it has been given, there are dozens of tales that explain why it is called such. All the same, none of them are correct although none are truly inaccurate in their names. Possibly one of the most commonly used and widely accepted would be: The PIT. For this realm would be the depths of nothingness, void of hopes and dreams, claiming the souls and bodies of many that have lived in the Rukongai and the Seireitei all from the average citizen to high ranking officers of the Thirteen Court Guard Squad. None are spared the realm of The PIT as the curse of the demonic hole for all who are touched, even grazed, by the air of the PIT wish death had found them first. Raido It had been, or felt like such, nearly a day that has passed to which darkness and silence has been all he could experience with his head wrapped in some kind of fabric and something bound to his head that covered his ears. No matter how much he tried, he could not even get himself free feeling the binds of the chains that held his arms behind his back wrist to wrist. Adding onto all of this would be the fact that he was placed down on his knees with chains linking his ankles together with no more than four (4) inches of space between them by the chains. The only thing that he could feel would be the slide bouncing and the sensation of moving, which was severely diminished by what he could only imagine be causing it. All he could recall was being knocked unconscious and eventually coming too, arriving at this dark and deadly moment of his own mind. Finally, it would all come to a stop within a split second and Raido would remain bound in his kneeling position and captured in a bind that caused more than discomfort. Finally the moment would shift and suddenly two hands, seemingly from two separate people, would grip under both of his arms near his arm pits and lift him up with ease. It would be the first sense of feeling that he would have in so long, but then again his judgement of time would be distorted beyond repair. Suddenly his body would crash hard against what felt like a hard concrete ground, and it was not until this moment that he was able to realize that he was not wearing any clothing. CLICK. A quick and loud sound that occurred followed with several echoes that seemed to get louder versus fading away, and though the sound was annoying and painful it would be the first sound that he was capable of hearing in way too long. CLANK. His body would feel wonderfully light compared to how it once was as the discomfort of his shoulders would be relieved as he started to move his arms and adjust his body into a seated position on the ground. His sense of feeling was coming back, but he was not going to be granted the chance to see, for where ever he resided was masked in total and absolute darkness. Slowly, and as cautious as he could manage, Raido would move his body forward to place himself on his hands and knees and establish a good sense of balance since he had just obtained actual sensation in his limbs. Once done, he would slowly make his move forward, inching very slowly and listening to every sound as well as taking in every feeling he obtained. The cold feel of the ground, slightly moist too, but it was the looming smell that actually started to make him feel sick. "That... That smell..." He spoke, slowly, but even his own voice sounded foreign to him. Sadly the smell would be pushed to the back of his mind as his left hand would inch forward and place upon something that felt like a puddle of water, but thicker in texture, and without the ability to get a solid amount of grip his hand would slip inward to the right. He lost balance and his whole body would fall forward to the left into the puddle of the strange fluid and the smell that made him feel nauseous was now upon the left side of his face and body. He could feel it upon his skin, which made the situation so much worse for him until his body could no longer take it and quickly his body would respond with an ejection of vomit upon the ground as he tried to get himself up. He was able to control himself enough to lean back and scuttle a little more than three (3) feet on his rear and leaning back with both hands based behind him to keep himself up. "So it appears that they have brought me another worm..." To hear a voice that was not his own threw Raido deeper into this pit of fear and concern. "Though I do not expect you to make it beyond the first day..." The fear was starting to grow inside of this young man that was upon the ground, so focused on the voice and where it was coming from, that it had allowed him to ignore the amount of nausea that he was experiencing from the smell that had now grown worse due to his vomiting. "Who... Who are you...?" He would respond, with a large amount of hesitation that was born from the nervousness and fear that would only consistently grow with each passing second that he remained in the total darkness. "Where am I...?" This time he spoke with a more firm and controlled tone, but the worry in his voice was still evident with every breath that was used to speak. "Why are you doing this to me?" The concern was giving him a sense of a anger as he started to increase the volume in his voice giving him the courage to stand up while spinning around attempting to see something, anything. "You are truly an annoying individual." The voice would come up once more, but this time the bass in the voice was audible to young Raido who was now focused, or at least less disorientated than previously, of the situation at hand. "Honestly, can you just be like the last one and sit down and shut the hell up so I can sleep in peace." The moment the sentence was finished, there would be sudden sound of surging electricity that would lead to a single light to be turned on. It would be a small flood light, barely giving any light, coming from above that would only reveal a single sight. "Damn it... Now I have to deal with the light because of you." Raido would turn around to face where the voice was coming from to see something that he was not prepared to see. There before him was the body of a man, with both of his arms bound by chains up above his head and holding him nearly a foot off of the ground and chains that were bound to his ankles and linked to the ground in order to prevent motion with his legs as there remained no slack for his arms or legs. The long silver hair would reach down to the man's shoulders which hid his face, granted the man held his head down anyway hiding his face anyway. He too was ideally naked, but like Raido there was some kind of loin cloth that hid the more personal parts of their bodies. "Who-" "71" The man would speak up as he flicked his head up in order to throw his head behind his head, but Raido would be to focused on the body of the man who had scars all over his body. Though they did not appear like scars one received from battle, as all over his body seemed to be scaring from a design that he could not quite describe. Granted, this entire moment was in itself indescribable and the number '71' meant little to nothing and his face showed the confused. "My name, I lost that a long time ago. I am number 71 just as you are number 94." "94?" Raido could only repeat that number with confusion before speaking once more, "My name is Raido-" "No, Raido died. You are number 94. Unless you would like to be referenced in the past tense, I would suggest that you embrace your new name." There would be a slow sigh as the bright green eyes would seem to shine through the darkness attempting to pierce the very soul of Raido. "22 people have come through this very darkness just like you, and just like you they were fools attempting to hold on to hope. Know that you are here because they have failed, know that you are alive simply to be better than me or to prove that I am the best it shall ever get." Raido could not even begin to grasp what was being said to him, until it started to click piece by piece, "No..." He would say in total disbelief as the face of this stranger, this '71' was being painted with a smile, "The PIT!?" Raido would shout in a tone that could not be explained or described that was met with the laugh of this bound man. The laugh was met with the sudden grip of a hand on the back of Raido's head and a surge of electricity meant to numb his body but leave him conscious. "I was there once." The man spoke with words that held no emotion as his laugh faded away instantly which was colder than the sadistic tone that he used earlier. "We were all there once." All that could be said through the pain of the electricity, "But... why...?" "Allow me to make this as clear as I possibly can; my job is to break you down and it is their job to make you better. Anything short of that makes you worthless. You had better take these words to heart kid, because this is the place where monsters are born..." With that, the body of Raido would be dragged away still conscious and aware of the situation that was going on. "Karizuma taught me that..." The last words that Raido heard was there, a name and a lesson that he would have to take with him as his body was being slid along the cold ground that caused pain at every moment since the ground was not even slightly smooth. Eventually Raido found himself somewhere he would soon wish would kill him and all that could be heard would be his screams of pain. "Karizuma..."
  4. Ruroki


    http://www.videogamemes.net/quiz-what-villain-are-you-like-when-youre-angry/ Just for fun.. Share what you got cuz why the fuck not >:3
  5. JD ( Jiro D.)

    Riddles For Fun

    Like the title says it's all about secret text message written in a secret way. Or simply other kind of riddles. It's meant for fun so if you want to make a small riddle make it funny^^ for example. J mpwf qjaab Or the same sentence in another way 1 70v3 p1zz4 Or It's in the north but no where else. It hates the warmth and stays at home. It only walks around to eat or reproduce. What am I talking about? Man my riddles suck XD but maybe some of you have better ideas?^^
  6. The location is an area between the Squad 9 and Squad 8 barracks. A place full of shops and consumer buildings. The shadows begin to act up as bit by bit of this area is layered over with shadow. All but the people are covered in shadow and much to the horror of the shinigami there the buildings, streets, and general area is completely black. After a few minutes the shadows begin to move revealing the structures of English architecture. They know all to well from what happened in the last invasion. They knew it is the Wandenreich. "Let the show commence then...." He sat down on a throne with the letter A inscribed on it waiting for his prey to come to him. He rested his arms on the arms of his throne with his pistol fully formed and his finger against the trigger. In his right hand he held an ace card he tapped against the side of his throne building up its energy. He was a little impatient and a little curious at who would come to face him in a one on one match. He was covered head to toe in silver armor. He wore a helmet that obscured his face and gave him the power to detect the presence of another spiritual being along with over 20 different type of vision. Under his Stern Ritter cloak he held a variety of world of the living weapons enhanced by the power of a Fullbring that could harm a spiritual being. The Major himself was not made out of reshi as he was a human and therefore still maintained a non spiritual form. His soul burned with the passion to wage war. Now was the time to prove it to his men. OOC: NOTE DEPENDING ON HOW BUSY I'M WITH SCHOOL POSTING MAY BE SLOW SO BE PREPARED TO WAIT FOR A FEW DAYS IF YOU WISH TO ENTER. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Setting: A miniature replica of Silbern the Grand Palace of the Wandenreich. It looks exactly like it except it is just one open giant room. There are no rooms inside it. It's basically a court yard with a giant roof over it. A little bit of the surrounding area had been "Wanden-ized" as well creating a foreign atmosphere to a shinigami. Equipment:*note all weapons here are from the World of the Living and not made out of Reshi. They were enhanced by a fullbringer manipulating the souls within all the objects making them able to injure or kill a spiritual being like any other spiritual weapon. Reshi Cards "Karte" Spirit Bows Spirit Weapon: small decorated silver reshi pistol 00. "The Arbitrator", peacemaker XXA-08. Has the Vandenreich emblem inscribed on the side of the handle. *IN USE ATM* My smaller side arm the -01. "The Aberration", peacemaker XXA-01 Abilities Used: A The Absolution or forgiveness. Such as the stem of all Quincy linage he has the power to dismantle all reshi attacks used against him to prevent betrayals from the order. He simply replaces all spirit energy intertwined with the reshi with his own spirit energy thrust coating all reshi based attacks with his own Spiritual Energy.
  7. After quite a time from training in the mountains area's in the far east Ruroki had come back familiar districts of Rukongai nearing the gates of Sereitei. The streets where overflown by common folks of the districts minding there daily activities as the children played along the streets. It felt surprisingly good being back seeing the activities of the Rukongai districts and hearing it's sound after being in solitude for so long. Having walked for a long time dragging around his huge backpack Ruroki was quite drained of his energy and hunger was the first thing he had decided to deal with. By settling down at a inn near the eastern gate of Sereitei he ordered his meal while having full view over the enormous white gate. While spectating over the view of the gate Ruroki couldn't help but feel like something was off.. It wasn't that unusual for the gates to be standing shut. No, rather what caught his attention was rather the fact that there where 3 shingami's stationed with he'd assume be guard duty outside the gate. Now.. In all his years Ruroki had never seen more then one guarding the gate on a regular basis. Now it being three shingami's guarding the gate could only indicate that something had happened during his absence. Slightly disturbed by the sight and quite curious about the situation going on here Ruroki got up and started to approach the gate after finishing his meal. He had after all a few friends with in the Gotei 13 that might have information to share and just maybe, for once it maybe might be related to the arrancar he's hunting. Decided to meet with his friend Montana, captain of 4th squad Ruroki drew closer to the gate catching the attention of the three stationaried guards whom immediately grabbed a hold of their hilt's as one of the screamed out; "HALT! Stay right there." Ruroki who didn't want to provoke the quite hostile greeting stopped his motions as the guard continued. "I do not recognize your face. State your business of leave. Sereitei is in current lockdown. Only the authorized or those of captain status may pass." Ruroki had his haori deep down within his backpack since he had not needed nor wanted to attract unnecessary attention during his travels choose to rather try and give a reason to enter through words without having to dig it up right here and now. "Ah well.. You see, I'm a friend to one of your captains and I was on my way to meet him after a long travel. He's the captain of squad 4, Montana. Would you let me pass?" The three guards faces went pale as if they've just seen a ghost and just stared at him after hearing those words. Not really receiving the reaction Ruroki had hoped for he threw his backpack on the ground in front of him with the intention to find his haori as proof of his status to gain entrance to the court of pure souls. But he didn't manage to get far with that for as soon as he begun opening the backpack the three guards in front of him almost simultaneously drew their their zanpakuto's pointing the edge towards Ruroki. "Hold it right there! Don't you dare move another inch or we wont hesitate to kill you right here!" One of the guards suddenly bursts out. Ruroki was quite shocked by the sudden actions of the guards. What the heck did he do? Was he about to be arrested? Not wanting to cause a further scene he remained still as the guard continued; "Are you one of the quincy scum's treacherous friends?!" he shouted out with a hatred in his voice. "Ah.. Ehm.. Eh? What?" Was all Ruroki manage to say after being confronted so violently all of a sudden. "Get your hands up where I can see them!" one of the guards angrily commanded as you could hear the sound of their grips tightening around the leather hilts of their zanpakuto's. Ruroki raised his right arm in the air slowly.. "Both of them!" the guard commanded. "Well you see.. I only have one, look." Ruroki explained as he raised his left arm slightly and started moving his limb making the loose arm garments of his shihakusho weave like a flag in the air. "We said don't move!" one of the guards shouted towards him. All of three of their faces where filled with hateful glares to him, they clearly weren't messing around at all. "Quite a situation you got here.. Ya' need an adult?" Kokurai spoke to him inside his head teasingly. "Shut up, Koo. Not now." Ruroki spoke as low as he could not wanting to seem like a freak to the guards nor try and provoke them as they looked about ready to try and strike at him at any time given now. Not wanting to cause a scene here or fighting his fellow kin Ruroki released a slight amount of his spiritual pressure in hopes to make them not doing anything sudden. It seemed to have somewhat worked as the three of them took about one step back and ordered one f them to go get back up; "Get a captain class over here, we'll hold him!".. Well.. Not quite the outcome he had in mind but it would have to do. Depending on who showed up it could be potentially good... Or bad. Ooc: Come come RP with me. I'm so so bored~ T^T
  8. JD ( Jiro D.)

    Squad 7 Lt. Office

    Hey Im your new Lieutenant (Vice Captain ,fucu-teichö) Jiro this is my office if you have any question or just searching my character im here^^