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Found 7 results

  1. Möröödögch

    Urp Updated Espada And Fraccion

    Just made this as I noticed the other thread was pretty out of date on rankings and pretty much confusing for newbies to figure out and for all really to keep track of the position listing I took the main set up from the lst istings just ut this here to help keep track as the last one seemed pretty well out of date Cero Espada(temporary arc character):Absalon( Vatto Forsyth (KyÅraku)) Primera Espada: Alore Fela Primera Fraccion: Segunda Espada: Segunda Fraccion:Bell Arashi no chi (jazmin)??? Tercera Espada:Typhon(OtterAiden) Tercera Fraccion:Ryas(OtterAiden) Rendz(Neian)??? Cuarta Espada:Chernobog Raneir(Kuchiki Kyubey) Cuarta Fraccion: Janet(haley) Quinta Espada: Quinta Fraccion: Sexta Espada: Sexta Fraccion: Septima Espada: Septima Fraccion: Octava Espada: Octava Fraccion: Novena Espada: Novena Fraccion: Decima Espada: Decima Fraccion: Exequias Commander:William(Badasseus) Exequias Fraccion: Tod Geboren(Badasseus) Privaron Espada: Vulpes Dusicyon #109(Kuchiki Kyubey) Draiden Landero #102(Haley) Jacob Vendire #105(Jazmin) Numeros: Kuro(JD) Chiaku(Chiaku) Former Members: Robons (Exiled former Sexta Espada) Fionarro(former Segunda Espada) Ina Naito(former Primera Espada) R.I.P: Sexta Fraccions:Amber(Robons) Drako(Robons) Fate(Robons) Please comment if you have a position here or want anything edited and I'll keep it up to date
  2. Mr. Clean


    Espada: adder Prime-Fraccion: RukavRose Seat 3 - Xotiax Seat 4 - Adonfang
  3. Your Waifu

    Cuarta Tower

    The Cuarta Tower was destroyed in a past invasion, but recently rebuilt. Its appearance is that of a massively tall white tower surrounded by other towers. Bridges and walkways connect the main tower to the smaller ones. The inside has many areas with different decoration styles.
  4. Your Waifu

    Urp Espada And Fraccion

    This thread will keep track of the URP's Espada and their Fraccion. Please post below to have your character added. The Espada will be numbered from Primera to Decima with an addition of Exequias Commander; the Cero Espada may be made or named later on. Each Espada can choose as few or as many Fraccion as he or she wishes. Example character post: "Character name: Chernobog Raneir Character position: Cuarta Espada" (please use or name the color that you wish for the character's name to be listed in). Primera Espada: Lorna (Mrs. Aizen) Ina Naito (The Shark) Primera Fraccion: Segunda Espada: Yoshirou (Yoshirou)(more info may be needed) Segunda Fraccion: Tercera Espada: Morg (Helen-chan) Tercera Fraccion: Cuarta Espada: Chernobog Raneir (Nudistu Kuchiki) Cuarta Fraccion: Typhon (Magikarp(Aiden)) Char (Char) Quinta Espada: Fionarro D'Angelo Quinta Fraccion: Sexta Espada: Sexta Fraccion: Septima Espada: Septima Fraccion: Octava Espada: Octava Fraccion: Novena Espada: Novena Fraccion: Decima Espada: Decima Fraccion: Exequias Commander: Exequias Fraccion: Numeros(Arrancar that are part of the Las Noches army but have not yet been chosen as Fraccion):
  5. (teen form)Robons sat atop a pile of dead Ahujas,he had just destroyed a hollow settlement the reason for this was he had decided to take to take a stroll in Heuco Mundo before he went to go do his test but he seemed to keep steping in a hollows teritory every five minuts,Robons stood up and began to walk down the pile of bodies "pathetic not a one worthy of being my fraccion-" he then fired a quick cero from his mouth destroying the pile leaving no remanes "-all Ahujas but they all died so easily" he then turnt on his heel and began to start back twoard Las Noches untill he heard a male voice yell "stop right there you arrancar" Robons stoped in his tracks and bordly turnt his head looking upon a red haired humanoid Ahujas"how dare you attack my territory and my freinds" it paused "dont you know not to mess with a king of Heuco Mundo" the Ahujas then began to realeas it's power trying to intimadate Robons,Robons turnt all the way around and then let some of his power fall upon the hollow making it fall to the ground and make some sounds that sounded like panting "let me be clear you beast do not raise your hand to me our power's are worlds apart" Robons said in a cold monotone voice,the Ahujas slowly stood which suprised Robons,"d..d..damn you"the hollow said then he quikly chaarged and fired a golden cero,Robons was shocked it only took a little of his power to kill the other Ahujas but this one not only stood it fired a cero as well,robons smiled at the incoming cero and then back handed it away into a dune were it exploded,robons stoped realsing his power and stared at the Ahujas [thought]this one has some talent[end thought] "im sorry for your loss but your freinds attacked me and i defended myself"with that robons began to leav agin but was agin stoped by the Ahujas "wait don't go take me with you i will serve under you mighty one,i was under the empression you attacked first i apologize for my actions,so for my freinds i will serv you and for me and my freinds ohnor" the Ahujas proclaimed,Robons threw him a warm smile "I will gladly take you in" [one our later] once robons returned to las noches he went to the sexta palace which was soon to be his, there he shattered the hollows mask and turnt him into an arrancar once he awakened he was ordered to stay at the palace unless summoned robons also learned that the hollows name was ares and that he was a experinced fighter livng up top his name robons even helped him get ahold of his ressurction robons had high hopes for this one,as soon as robons was far enough away ares decided to explore "time to find some fun maybe i can get a fight out of an espada" ares said to himself as he walked the halls of Las Noches,little did he know robons already had a secret fraccion before him named Amber who robons ordered to watch ares and if he left,to stop him if he got in a situation he couldnt handle,"i can already see he is a fool disobeying a direct order from master" Amber mumbled as she tailed behind Ares suppressing her power not wanting to be found out by her new comrad
  6. Jayce the Chain Warden


    Hi, guys. So I pretty much clicked Become Espada as a test to see if my pc was maybe glitching due to their being no current second espada. Turns out there wasn't and now I'm in that position. I only have 3mil sp so I'm not as op as some people even in this fraccion. I do like the ranking and I would like to make the Fraccion more active, but I am afraid I am not strong enough. I will step down if you want the position and are stronger, though. I mean, you've earned that right after all. Please just drop me a pm in game. (I'm assuming I die if you challenge me so I'd rather just leave instead and not have to farm up again )
  7. Izumaru Akaizen

    Dark Forest Of The 4Th

    Welcome to the Dark Forest of the 4th. Training grounds exclusive only to the 4th fraccion. Show off your strength and show that you're not one to be messed with. Name: Izumaru Akaizen Type: Vasto Lorde level Arrancar, and 4th Espada Unsheathes his zanpakuto that, when fully drawn, from tip to the guard is fully engulfed in flames. The guard is a lion making it seem like its spitting fire. The hilt's strips are black, patterned with red diamonds. Zanpakuto: Abrasador Leon (trans. Scorching Lion) Zanpakuto Type: Fire He calls out a command to his zanpakuto, "Incinerate, Abrasador Leon." A wide column of flames bursts into the sky and surrounds him. The fire moves around in a circular motion until he abruptly tears his way out of it. The flames stop, but smoke clouds him slightly. What can be seen is him with the same zanpakuto, yet his red hair ends in flames and a line of flames outline the middle of his chest. As the smoke clears, it can be seen that his entire bottom jaw has been replaced with that of a lion's, it being half of what his original hollow mask was. His arrancar outfit has been singed and torn at the ends of the jacket and pants.