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Found 3 results

  1. Hachūrui has built himself his own private lab hidden away in a private undisclosed location sadly due to its secrecy and nature of the experiments he does it was only natural he never received funding as he built this area with his own two hands over the process of years. AI system: This A I has been dubbed the name Lizzy she is in control of all computer and lab fuctions when her creator is not present she has a strange obsession with the outside world and feelings for her master that she was not proramed with. Hallways: The hallways ten feet wide and tall with doors that when sealed shut are air tight with two forms of security one being vents in the floor filling the passageways with experimental toxins and drugs (affects are all bad and random some worse than others) and the secondary being security cameras equiped with mini plama canons devastating piercing capabilities Personal room: The computer was peiced together wire by by and programed by Hachūrui over the course of 4 long and strenuous years it is one of his most prized possesions. It may not be pretty but it gets the job done. He also has custom made sleeping unit which pops up out the floor which counts as an automated doctor when hes injured or suffering from ailments. Autopsy / Operation Table: This specially designed table can grow in size to acomadate larger specimens up to atleast twice the average height of an average male. It also has a side drawr which contains a variety of custom made tools for this feild of work, along with four robotic arms.this device has its own room away from everything else. Workshop: This area is were he comes to sit and "relax" tinkering away making gadgets as a passtime or to sit and look over his datta Containment Facility: This area is a containment facility for specimens Hachūrui has collected in the feild, each unit is full of a presertive and tranquilizing liquid if a subject is harvested dead or half dead they will remain in that state and incapacitated if alive the glass was specially desighned to withstand vast amounts of power and physical strenth preventing escape should a conscious subject arrive, there are also 20 jumbo sized tanks for more colossal specimen (not rotting , or if not dead on the verge and if alive restricting any and all movement in a sense making them a vegetable until the receive an antitoxin for the tranquilizer)
  2. The Hidden Squad 4 Underground Lab Level 1 Within the first level of 3 This is also known as the Bioengineering Level where we experiment on live animals and Shinigami Who seemed to have gone missing from battle or criminals to try an create the perfect solider. Need permission key Level 2 Level 2 of 3 This level is known as soul creation basically we are just creating fake limbs and is the only level that can be seen from the elevator downwards. No permission key Required Level 3 Level 3 of 3 this level is the final floor in the lab this is Aliza's personal floor which only her and special guests are allowed to enter. no-one knows what is down here but when people do come down here they see many inventions that could help the soul society But are never released. Master key Required. The Dark Cave The Dark Cave is a cave that the lab was build over in request from Aliza the cave has a weird sense to it and only Aliza knows why. Access: Only Aliza knows.
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