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Found 22 results

  1. Your Waifu

    Urp Arrancar Classes

    So I've decided to make a topic here to keep track of the classes of currently existing Arrancar Characters. If you have an Arrancar Character in the Urp, Post their class here and I'll add them to the list. Vasto Lorde Class It is stated that there generally is no more than 10 Vasto Lorde in existence at any given time. Because of that, I'm setting a limit of 10 characters that can be claimed as Vasto Lorde for now, though this is subject to change because it's urp and I hate restrictions. The only reason I'm doing this is so that we don't have every single person claiming to be a Vasto Lorde and slapping the general logic of the universe in it's face. In canon, Kubo said that only the top 5 Espada were Vasto Lorde class; because of this, I'm reserving 5 of the Vasto Lorde spots for the most recent top 5 Arrancar: Absolon, Alora, Fionarro, Typhon, and Chernobog. Any of these 5 can choose to confirm their spot, or choose to say they were Adjuchas class. In case of the latter, their reserved spot will be freed up. Lastly, a brief description: Vasto Lorde Arrancar are the most human in appearance of all Arrancar, their base potential for power is said to be greater than a Shinigami Captain, but other Arrancar can still surpass them in strength through training. Known Vasto Lorde Class Arrancar: -Chernobog Raneir -Draiden Lendero -William Shrapnel -Typhon -[Reserved for Absolon] -[Reserved for Alora] -[Reserved for Fionarro] - - - Adjuchas Class There is no limit to how many Adjuchas class Arrancar there may be. Adjuchas Class Arrancar usually make up the majority of the Espada and strong Fraccion. Their appearance is very human-like, and their base potential for power is generally equal to an average Shinigami Captain. Known Adjuchas Class Arrancar: -Vulpes Dusicyon -Janet Schiffer(deceased, I think) -Bell Arashi no Chi Gillian Class There is no limit to how many there may be. Gillian class Arrancar are somewhat human-like in appearance, but are the least human-like of all Arrancar. Gillian Class Arrancar also tend to have strange mental states. Their base potential for power is roughly equivalent to a Shinigami Vice-Captain, but through training, they can even become Espada. Known Gillian Class Arrancar: -Tod Geboren -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now to claim my own spots(also using as examples). I currently have two Arrancar Characters: Chernobog Ranier and Vulpes Dusicyon. I RPed Chernobog as a hollow briefly before becoming an Arrancar, and his life as a Vasto Lorde was part of that. He is also the current Cuarta Espada. Given his history, strength, and appearance, I'm claiming him as a Vasto Lorde Class. Vulpes is a Privaron Espada who once held the title of Novena. Her appearance is human-like but abnormally tall and with some fox-like characteristics. She is an Adjuchas Class.
  2. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

    Las Noches (The "hollow Night Palace")

    ooc> Figured I try and make a permanent thread for Las Noches that could cover every topic without having to create a new las noches thread all the time Las Noches, a true marvel of engineering and easily a wonder of the Bleach World. The colossal size of its structure makes it easily visible from miles and miles away, it is even speculated to be bigger than the Seireitei in Soul Society. The exquisite attention to detail is every architects dream masterpiece making this the perfect home for the elite of Hueco Mundo, the Espada. The inside Las Noches' dome simulates the blue sky of the Human World, which Aaroniero Arruruerieclaimed is so the light of the sky will help Aizen observe anywhere he wishes. However, since Aaroniero must stay out of the sunlight to use his abilities, Rukia Kuchiki speculates this is a lie. The position of the halls within the palace can also be adjusted, allowing the one operating them to direct the movements of intruders. Due to their immense destructive power, Espada ranked four and above are forbidden from releasing their ZanpakutÅ within Las Noches. It is also forbidden for any Espada to use a Gran Rey Cero inside Las Noches.
  3. Möröödögch

    Urp Updated Espada And Fraccion

    Just made this as I noticed the other thread was pretty out of date on rankings and pretty much confusing for newbies to figure out and for all really to keep track of the position listing I took the main set up from the lst istings just ut this here to help keep track as the last one seemed pretty well out of date Cero Espada(temporary arc character):Absalon( Vatto Forsyth (KyÅraku)) Primera Espada: Alore Fela Primera Fraccion: Segunda Espada: Segunda Fraccion:Bell Arashi no chi (jazmin)??? Tercera Espada:Typhon(OtterAiden) Tercera Fraccion:Ryas(OtterAiden) Rendz(Neian)??? Cuarta Espada:Chernobog Raneir(Kuchiki Kyubey) Cuarta Fraccion: Janet(haley) Quinta Espada: Quinta Fraccion: Sexta Espada: Sexta Fraccion: Septima Espada: Septima Fraccion: Octava Espada: Octava Fraccion: Novena Espada: Novena Fraccion: Decima Espada: Decima Fraccion: Exequias Commander:William(Badasseus) Exequias Fraccion: Tod Geboren(Badasseus) Privaron Espada: Vulpes Dusicyon #109(Kuchiki Kyubey) Draiden Landero #102(Haley) Jacob Vendire #105(Jazmin) Numeros: Kuro(JD) Chiaku(Chiaku) Former Members: Robons (Exiled former Sexta Espada) Fionarro(former Segunda Espada) Ina Naito(former Primera Espada) R.I.P: Sexta Fraccions:Amber(Robons) Drako(Robons) Fate(Robons) Please comment if you have a position here or want anything edited and I'll keep it up to date
  4. Your Waifu

    A Meeting In The Desert

    The female Arrancar continued to make her way across the darkened desert of Hueco Mundo with three numeros following closely behind. They would be useful in the event that the Espada she was to locate were too injured to move and needed transport. As she grew closer, she was now able to tell very accurately that Typhon, Draiden, and Absolon were all gathered in one place. It having been a while since either of the two Espada were in Las Noches, it was very interesting that they would appear now and in the same place. Her notably tall and thin body bounded quickly accross the sands as she finally approached the group of powerful Arrancar. Her face was flushed as usual, the red tones visible on her pale skin because of her constant fever. Vulpes and her three nondescript subordinates stopped as they finally reached Typhon. The Tercera Espada looked to be notably thin and a bit tired to the female Arrancar, the faint stains of dried blood barely visible on his hand and around his mouth. Absolon, the Cero Espada, and her fellow Privaron Espada stood a small way behind Typhon. They both looked as if they had been engaged in combat with some force yet unknown to the Sensory expert, but given what she could sense of their reiryoku and a few small cues from their physical appearance, there was a chance that they had even fought each other. Vulpes Dusicyon would speak out politely to the other Arrancar among her, "Lord Espada, I'm here to bring you all back to Las Noches safely."
  5. Lara Hyperion

    Privaron Espada Training Grounds

    Draidein stood alone in the unforgiving cold sands of Heuco Mundo just a relaxed as he always was and ever will be, he came out here for one thing and that was to train,but the technique he had in mind was cero oscurous, he needed to get stronger,he needed to gain the attention of the espada and let them know he was still a viable candidate for an espada position , he was once recognized as the Segundo Espada second most powerful among arrancar generals of las noches and he loved it "my how time flys it feels like only yesterday absolon was the prime fraccion of that quinta espada fionarro" draiden would sigh out thinking of his past life when the espada were much more prominent and feared aong the other fraccion, sadly if things keep progressing the way they are the espada would surely die out with only four espada "0,1,3,4" that was all that remained of the once proud espada,a few high ranks and one missing segundo and a exiled sexta espada who draiden had no doubt of the little arrancar worming his way back into the halls of las noches But that was enough using his noggin to think he came here to train ,draidens blade at his side glew a great neon green before it faded most would see this as disarming himself but infact that was not his true zanpakto just a manifestation or bladed extension of his real zanpakto to be exact,his true zanpakto lied on his tounge in the form of a black sterling pearl,he would realeas the spirit energy that was bonding his tounge and the pearl together letting it role freely in his mouth he would the slowly open his mouth and began to give a feint yet dark neon green glow as he spoke the words to release his true power "sing,cuervo de la muerte" he would say in a calm smooth voice,as his power went from feint glow to deadly raging force , he would give a wild animalistic roar making his vast spirit energy spasm out even further and destroy the surrounding area ,as he took on the form known as his resurrection, it took his awhile to reighn his power back to were had had control of it once more Draiden staired at the palm of his know armored hand,his whole body was covered in a bone like armor, "I almost forgot what my full power felt like" draiden mused in a lax but a hint joy lingered in his tone He would waist no time in firing cero after cero out at the desert each one causing devastating amounts of damage killing many nearby hollows who were foolish enough to tred near his path,he was having no success with his training thus far,in a fit of rage he made sure to cram pack his final cero with as much spirit energy as possible,he would thrust his right hand foward and fire the cero and swing it quickly to to thr right raking the powerful cero across the desert raising a giant row of mushroom clouds which could be noticable from las noches He would walk back home in frustration
  6. Draiden would walk into the espada meeting hall a cold breeze would wash over him as he entered and walked twoard the head of the table were is old seat was located near he would run his hand alon the table as he walked letting his memories of being at the top of the food chain flood back andhow he didn't really miss it so much but more so the feeling of being regonized for his power, "this brings back memories" he would say as he sat down near the head of the table he would put his feet up on the table and his hands behind his head he would yawn a long and drowzy yawn he was waiting for the other privaron espada to show it was about time they had a gathering since they were always confined in there own areas of las noches he would have some numeros prepare some tea and cake for when they arived.
  7. Your Waifu

    Cuarta Tower

    The Cuarta Tower was destroyed in a past invasion, but recently rebuilt. Its appearance is that of a massively tall white tower surrounded by other towers. Bridges and walkways connect the main tower to the smaller ones. The inside has many areas with different decoration styles.
  8. Abaddon Lord of Wrath


    Bell stood outside the palace of the sexta espada she had heard he was a great scientist and inventor and she needed somthing made for her defence ,because her herrio isn't that strong and she like's to take the offensive in a fight,Bell would put the key card in the slot ,she was happy her master trusted her with such a precious peac of equipement, suddenly the door's open reaveling a throne room, Bell would look around in awe such a huge space in what apeared to be a tiny palace
  9. Good Ol Yuro

    Espada Specialties

    In the anime, espada seemed to hold certain specialties over the others ( Zommari having the fasted sonido, Nnoitra having the hardest Hierro. ect.) So i figure in our urp the top five espada should have those advantages. Note lets say some one picks hardest hierro and they are espada 3 or whatever, they can still be killed by the primero and the segund , but as always, the segund is a maybe. So, here are the categories *Strongest Cero / Ballas *Fastest Sonido *Greatest intelligence *Greatest physical strength *Hardest Hierro Now.. as i made the thread.. i will indeed pick first DIBS on Strongest Cero and Ballas as thatd make the most sense IC anyhow. The main point of this is so we dont have multiple espada being all oh yeah, hardest hierro right here. note, its not like you cant be extremely physically strong or liek you cant be very intelligent if you dont choose those attributes you just wont be the most intelligent or the physically strongest.
  10. Penguin Emporer Robons

    Destruction And Finding The Diamond In The Ruff

    Robons sat in a floating throne composed of bones ,acompanied by his two fraccion they had just stumbled upon huge arrancar rebel settlement robons hated these rebels everysingle one of them claiming territory so close to las noches which they defected from and still have the audacity to disobey the espada's that reside with in,robons currently sat in his throne looking down on the settlement smiling warmly,"Amber,Ares-"he said gaining there full attention "-leav no shriveling ant alive no using your full power keep the seals on any failur will result in sever punishment do I make my self clear" robons said with a cold monotoned voice,"yes master"amber said quickly going to work,while ares seem to weah his options not wanting to obey But the ods were aginst him,"fine Master as you wish"ares said puting enphasis pn the word master. (Time skip) Robons had watched them fight from beging to end Amber was missing a sleeve and ares had been caught in a cero and lost his shirt there was only one arrancar left he had redish pink hair and was the same height as the average teen and he was giving them a hard time,"cmon whats wrong I thought servants of the great espada's had more power than this"the pink haired male arrancar mocked as he licked some blood off his blade which belonged to Amber Who he had cut earlier,both ares and amber were furious with themselves they were winning until this kid showed,he kept at a distance just far enough to dodge if needed while analyzing his opponents and attack when necessary or when he saw an opening,amber didnt take his bait but ares fed right into it like a lamb led to the slaughter,"how dare you I was once king!!!and im still a god compared to you!!"ares yelled as he blindly charged at the arrancar,"you just dont learn"he said nonchalantly while adjusting his glasses and using his sonido to side step his movement and slash him on his back then geting back away from them,robons had sern enough he stood from his throne a let his spiritual pressure crash down on the area gaining all there attention then puting his power back in check he began to speak,"I have new orders for you .." he paused, "use your full power and capture him hed make a swell fraccion and get his freind to robons said firing a cero cornea at a boulder reaveling a smaller more girl looking feamale version of the arrancar they were currently fighting,the pink haired arrancar became distraught and his was nevously holding his blade which was clinking in his hands,ares snapped one of the ciclets on his arm while amber removed a braclet she was wearing they both erupted in pillars of power,"lets see who is week know you mongrel" amber said in a cold tone" as they charged and robons slowly walked twoard the child,within 3 hr they had finally subdued him and taken him and his smaller counter part back to the sexta palace,after he healed his fraccion ge decided to get to know his knew fraccion and smooth things over since he did have their homes and freinds destroyed,he had learnt that the oldest ones name was Draco Locura and the smaller one was his sister Fate Locura afterwards he left them to themselves in a room he had prepared for them tv wich has all the channles of the human world and a king sized bed for them to share
  11. Fionarro De La Belle, the Segund espada and elder of the ten Fraccions, aits patiantly for William to arrive in order to take the test to become Commander of the Exequiase. Appearantly William was a facinating young man , a real “whatever it takes “ type of guy. As the 2nd ranked war chief of the Arrancar stands in the soft, cold sands of the death realm Hueco Mundo, he thinks heavily on the last words Kichiro had spoken to him, “There is life after survival..†He mutters, shrugging it off and passing her ideology as nothing more than a childs dellusion. OOC- just post about your arrival and ill begin your questions, it wont really be an RP story thing so much as ill ask you questions and oyu answer them IC
  12. Your Waifu

    Urp Espada And Fraccion

    This thread will keep track of the URP's Espada and their Fraccion. Please post below to have your character added. The Espada will be numbered from Primera to Decima with an addition of Exequias Commander; the Cero Espada may be made or named later on. Each Espada can choose as few or as many Fraccion as he or she wishes. Example character post: "Character name: Chernobog Raneir Character position: Cuarta Espada" (please use or name the color that you wish for the character's name to be listed in). Primera Espada: Lorna (Mrs. Aizen) Ina Naito (The Shark) Primera Fraccion: Segunda Espada: Yoshirou (Yoshirou)(more info may be needed) Segunda Fraccion: Tercera Espada: Morg (Helen-chan) Tercera Fraccion: Cuarta Espada: Chernobog Raneir (Nudistu Kuchiki) Cuarta Fraccion: Typhon (Magikarp(Aiden)) Char (Char) Quinta Espada: Fionarro D'Angelo Quinta Fraccion: Sexta Espada: Sexta Fraccion: Septima Espada: Septima Fraccion: Octava Espada: Octava Fraccion: Novena Espada: Novena Fraccion: Decima Espada: Decima Fraccion: Exequias Commander: Exequias Fraccion: Numeros(Arrancar that are part of the Las Noches army but have not yet been chosen as Fraccion):
  13. Good Ol Yuro

    Sign Ups ( Arc Related )

    This is for all Arrancar/ hollows This is for the part of the ARC where Fidoera's army attempts to bring down Los Noches. There will be casualties and death is MORE than welcome to add shock value :3 If you sign up you can tell me requests and things youd like to happen during the fight, As many as want to come, may come
  14. Good Ol Yuro

    The Battles Leading Up

    The Night of Red Sand
  15. Good Ol Yuro

    The Battles Leading Up Ooc

    This thread will be used for sign ups for the battles leading up thread that will have ever war between espada and experiments in it. This thread is where you sign up and ask about guidelines Lets get to the sign ups first. First Battle- The Night of Red Sand. Turn order- ( will be updated as more people join, goes in order of who joins when.) Fionarro D'Angelo Typhon Dominar ???? ???? ???? ???? /??? /???? ???? / oh yeah i will be controllnig the main NPC's and my charatcer
  16. Which lady or gentleman can dish out the most pain, be sophisticated, have a 3d character personality, and come back home to be all cool as always? WHO IS THE COOLEST!? WILL I EVER MAKE A FREIZA PUN!? Feel free to make a reply detailing which characters you think are some of the best at their jobs of killing and leading people to "certain doom"<--pun?
  17. Good Ol Yuro

    The Quinta Espada's Chambers

    Fionarro D'Angelo enters his room for the second time today with a new goal, to simply relax. He sits down in a large, soft chair and exhales as the day had been rather frustrating. "I should be the lord of Hueco undo for the countless centuries of blood of shed and spilled for Las Noches.. yet my actions are dictated by 5 higher ranked simpletons with no reason intelligence or finesse. " Thats when his evil pink eyes rest upon the small girl Kichiro, "It was never my objective to have a child to watch over." He thinks to himself as to not hurt her feelings. "I could have done what any hollow would do and devour you but there was just something about the way you cried and how helpless you were. Maybe i am growing soft after centuries of life that even i have lost count of.. perhaps im not quit the cold blooded killer i was?" He had known Kichiro for roughly 6 years now and was beginning to wonder if she would ever grow. "Fionarro." She says as she lays on her back and stairs at the ceiling. "Yes" The Quinta Espada replies, moon light from an open window drapes across him giving his hierro an ominous glow. Two soft, dough eyes peer at him through the darkness. "Can you light some candles.. and make me the tea you promised?" She asks sweetly. "Sure." Fionarro replies as he stands up, stretches and strolls over to a large vanilla candle. Rummaging around through a drawer he pulls out a box of matches from the worlds of the living. After lighting the candle he proceeds to light two more on other walls of the room casting an orange hue over the Quint quarters. Kichiro watches with all too happy eyes as Fionarro makes her green tea... her favorite. The scent brings good memories to her of the first night she had spent in this room, how nice the Quinta Espada was and how he made her the best tea she had ever had. Her thoughts are interrupted by the gentle sound of a porcelain tea cup being placed in front of her. "Be careful.. it is very hot." Fionarro warns. Kichiro nods and outstretches her tiny lips.. then commences to blow cool air onto the beverage until she feels it is room temperature.
  18. Good Ol Yuro

    New Espada

    Hello, my character Fionarro D'Angelo is now the new 5th espada if your a member in this Fraccion, introduce yourself to me here, then again this fraccion looks inactive completely so.
  19. Jayce the Chain Warden


    Hi, guys. So I pretty much clicked Become Espada as a test to see if my pc was maybe glitching due to their being no current second espada. Turns out there wasn't and now I'm in that position. I only have 3mil sp so I'm not as op as some people even in this fraccion. I do like the ranking and I would like to make the Fraccion more active, but I am afraid I am not strong enough. I will step down if you want the position and are stronger, though. I mean, you've earned that right after all. Please just drop me a pm in game. (I'm assuming I die if you challenge me so I'd rather just leave instead and not have to farm up again )
  20. Izumaru Akaizen

    Dark Forest Of The 4Th

    Welcome to the Dark Forest of the 4th. Training grounds exclusive only to the 4th fraccion. Show off your strength and show that you're not one to be messed with. Name: Izumaru Akaizen Type: Vasto Lorde level Arrancar, and 4th Espada Unsheathes his zanpakuto that, when fully drawn, from tip to the guard is fully engulfed in flames. The guard is a lion making it seem like its spitting fire. The hilt's strips are black, patterned with red diamonds. Zanpakuto: Abrasador Leon (trans. Scorching Lion) Zanpakuto Type: Fire He calls out a command to his zanpakuto, "Incinerate, Abrasador Leon." A wide column of flames bursts into the sky and surrounds him. The fire moves around in a circular motion until he abruptly tears his way out of it. The flames stop, but smoke clouds him slightly. What can be seen is him with the same zanpakuto, yet his red hair ends in flames and a line of flames outline the middle of his chest. As the smoke clears, it can be seen that his entire bottom jaw has been replaced with that of a lion's, it being half of what his original hollow mask was. His arrancar outfit has been singed and torn at the ends of the jacket and pants.
  21. Vesrin

    Division 9 Alliances

    Here is where we currently stand among our peers: Green = Allied Blue = Merged Yellow = Neutral Red = Enemy Gotei 13: - Division 1 - Division 2 - Division 3 - Division 4 - Division 5 - Division 6 - Division 7 - Division 8 - Division 10 - Division 11 - Division 12 - Division 13 - Kido Corps - Division 0 - Revolutionary Division Fraccions: - Fraccion 1 - Fraccion 2 - Fraccion 3 - Fraccion 4 - Fraccion 5 - Fraccion 6 - Fraccion 7 - Fraccion 8 - Fraccion 9 - Fraccion 10 - Exequias Faction-Cells: - Faction-Cell 1 - Faction-Cell 2 - Faction Cell 3 - Faction-Cell 4 - Faction-Cell 5