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Found 3 results

  1. The Grey and The Colorful Hueco Mundo was a lifeless, empty void only filled in with grey dunes that would go on for miles and scattered quartz-like trees covered the surface. The moon was always in the middle of the sky, never-changing forever stagnate with the passing of time. If time were even a concept in this world, it would be measured differently then that of the Human world. There were no days, only eternal nights. Only a few things would change this old world from being a living hell. One of those would be the countless hollows hunting one another purely on instinct, fighting for more power in their greedy attempts at becoming the strongest hollow but also to satisfy their everlasting hunger. Another would be strange structures built by other hollows or beings that were unknown to most Arrancars. These would take many forms as giant pillars in the dunes or as giant death pits in the ground. They broke the stillness of the world and made it ever so slightly enjoyable. However, The greatest mystery was one of a giant 'mountain' that was said to be moving. On this Mountain lays an 8 feet tall Gargoyle named Yuki who was desperately over this dull and monotone world. Yuki would look at the clouds and wondered how they were formed; there was no water in Hueco Mundo. Not even a single drop would ever fall from this dark sky not unless some hollow had control over water. Were the clouds just dust from an ultra-rare sandstorm? Or was it made from sand from some endless hollow war in the distance somewhere? These would be the questions that would fill her mind on a routine basis while traversing this endless monotonous world. Yuki was tired of these pointless thoughts. She wanted to see something new and exciting to her. She only had memories of Hueco Mundo ever since becoming an adjuchas she wanted to see the human world she's heard from a few hollows which had dared to challenge her on top of the 'mountain'. A place where anything can happen, and everything is continuously changing, where the monochrome world is filled with colours of every shade that she has never seen before. Where Humans existed and lived their lives in harmony spanning many lands of colourful trees, grasses and mountains taller than the one she is on now surrounded by an enormous body of water they called an ocean. Yuki got up and looked around for anything exciting before making her decision of her life. To visit the Human world and see all the fantastic things it has to offer. She, however, vowed to return to her best friend she made over here Gozira. She would lift off the ground finally being used to her wings and flew around and past the Mountain, revealing that it was a hollow from a height you could see it from. She would use her flight to create wind to write into the sand, letting Gozira know where she was going. "Dear Gozira, I'm going to go to the Human World for a few days. I promise to make it up to you when I get back and will bring you a souvenir that you can hopefully wear when we both become vasto lordes. Till then be safe for me, alright?. Love Ya Long Time. - Yuki" Yuki looking back at the incoming Gozira opens up a Garganta instinctually by tearing the fabric of space and flies into it not looking back knowing she would miss Gozira Massively. Upon entering the Garganta, the entrance closed behind, leaving her in the middle of realms an endless void with no exits or entrances in sight and only her instincts to guide her. This void in-between world was like a violent torrent of primal Reiatsu with no form or cohesion. It was utterly dark which only her own reiatsu could be used for a small light source around her, but it wasn't enough to see any exits. Yuki flew forward for what seemed like hours with nothing in sight; she was questioning if she was making the right choice in leaving thinking they might be stuck here if she wasn't careful. Just before she could finish her thought, however, she was blinded by a bright light and fell though it into the world she had always hoped to see. The skies were blue as the water she had seen other Hollows control back home, Rivers were rushing below as if it had just rained upstream and the wind was blowing against the Gargoyles skin. All these new things were overwhelming for Yuki to take in, it had brought a tear to her eyes. They say hollows are heartless creatures but then what was it that Yuki felt that was so overwhelming. Only one problem had arisen, however, After hours of travelling Yuki was feeling unbelievably hungry, which slowly dulled her feelings till there was pure hunger left only. She flew around looking around on the prowl for her next meal looking high and low, left and right till she found a small insignificant hollow about to attack a spirit of a young kid. Blinded by hunger and no interest in the plus that the hollow was to consume. Yuki swooped down and landed on top of the hollow and squashed it beneath her feet and ripped it to pieces while eating the now deceased hollow. As Yuki was eating the young spirit ran away in fear no longer of the hollow that had died but of an overwhelming fear of the fearsome and blood-covered Yuki. Mere Moments what seemed like hours to Yuki passed, and Yuki regained her posture looking around at the bloody mess she had made of the hollow she had just eaten. Feeling extremely tired from her long trip, she decided to take a nap under a bridge where she would be safe. She slowly and naturally lowered her Reiatsu pressure as if it seemed like she had died and was dissipating so she wouldn't be easily found while sleeping by other hollows in attempts to have the energy for exploring tomorrow. WC|| 1025 OOC|| Hope this is a good starting post ;w;
  2. Hinode made his way through the city, as he always does, and took the time to enjoy the scenery of the city, as he always has. Today was no different that almost any other day as he took the gentle route through the night that lead him to the place that he found comfort in most of his days. The distance grew close as the great mansion was brought forth to his vision with the great Victorian gates coming into clear view. Upon arriving at the gate his attention was brought to the intercom device next to the walkway path and, after looking over at the roadway where the vehicle entrance was, brought his hand to the system pressing a series of buttons. A few seconds later a buzzing sound was heard and the tall gate made a clicking noise and released from the frame of the entrance slightly. He pushed forward moving the door but being sure to close it behind him before he continued along the walkway. It was always an enjoyable journey going through the manor field in front and simply taking in the gentle vegetation that had grown and been tended to by the landscaping company. This was the place that he had the chance to call a home away from home, despite the fact that he had his main place of residence be attached to the clinic, this was the location where he would gather most of his essentials. Upon reaching the door he brought his hand to knock on the old, yet certainly restored, wooden door. A few second passed before the door opened to reveal an elderly male in full formal tux with his white gloved hand extended in a formal stance. "Ah, Master Yoake." He turned to give space for Hinode to enter the mansion, "Good to see you Therion. I assume Rachel is here then?" Therion closed the door behind Hinode and gently secured the door, "Yes, Madam Rachel is currently meeting with Lord Gahdrazzar." Hinode simply nodded as he turned to face Therion with a puzzled glance, "If you would like, you may wait in the study and I shall bring you something to refresh yourself." With a smile, Hinode nodded, "That would be great." "I will inform Lord Gahdrazzar that you have arrived." Both of them went separate directions with Hinode heading towards the study glancing at the pictures along the wall that holds various people that he recognized with Gahdrazzar being scattered around throughout various decades and, by some that are certainly recreations as opposed to pictures, centuries as well. The many lives that Hinode lived pale in comparison to the value that Gahdrazzar had accumulated and there was a certain amount of respect that he obtained. It is one thing to simply live as long as he has being that their kind do not face death through time, but to have gone through so many conflicts with the Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and even the humans of the world of the living and remain a survivor. To predate the existence of Vlad Tepes, who was believed to have been the first of their kind, is a feat all on its own. He arrived in the study, a gently decorated space with chairs and musical instruments all around. As soon as he took a seat in one of the chairs, "Here you are Master Yoake." Therion stood besides Hinode with an intricate black goblet with a white raven jewel embedded into the cup upon a silver platter. The young doctor provided a nod, "Thank you Therion." He took the cup and took note of the shimmering green color of the fluid inside, "This is a sample from Madam Rachel's personal collection; a human with hollowed nature, although incomplete to add the imperfection to the flavor." "Nothing pure?" He jested, "I could acquire one of the pure samples, but I would require permission to serve such a taste for a guest of the manor." "I was only kidding Therion, this is fine. I am not one to divulge deeply in the consumption too much. I do appreciate this." With that he took a decent drink from his glass as his body gave a faint jade green glow for a moment before fading. "Excellent Sir, if there is nothing else you require I shall return to Madam Rachel." Hinode gave a nod and Therion departed from the room. "Fun guy." Hinode took another drink from his glass, "This is really good." WC: 751 Soul Charge: +1 (1)
  3. Welcome to the PANZER Clinic! WC --> 2700 The sun had just started to break over the horizon to start the day and it was a wonderful introduction of the day as the young Shifuku Teien as he rode his bike through the streets of Karakura Town. He rode with a clear sign of enthusiasm while his headphones remain fixed upon his head blasting a recent artist that dropped. Quickly he pulled on the breaks as he hit a sharp turn with his bike tilting at a ridiculous angle shifting around the corner out of a familiar habit before pushing off the ground with his gloved hand to shift him back into the appropriate posture. There was a determined focus as he continued to accelerate with a smile on his face. His golden-brown hair was visible under his helmet due to the medium length as he finally let up on his speed and pulled up in front of a small storefront location. The clear sigh on the front brought a smile to his face as he got off his bike, "PanZer Clinic" and removed his helmet as he secured his bike to the small bike rack to the right of the face of the building. The banner hanging beneath the sign just about the door was gently flowing in the wind, "Natural Medicine, Spiritual Healing" as he approached the front door with his bag slung over his shoulder and keys ready. He took the time to unlock the door and take the signs tucked behind the front entrance and placed them outside. Most of them explaining that the clinic offers expanses health care and accepts all cases, no matter the situation. Also, other promotional materials were displayed before he entered the main area to see a small waiting room with a few chairs. He took the time to place all of the appropriate reading materials and placed them throughout the receptionist area before going through the door leading to the back area. Teien was meticulous in double-checking that all of the medical tools were available and prepared for the day before making his way to the receptionist's desk. His finger pressed the power button on the monitor to activate the system and while the display was getting power, he took the time to set up space the way that he liked it. Several minutes went by as Teien continued to prepare the clinic as the front door opened signified by the sound of the bell ringing above the door. Teien brought his attention to the door while speaking, "So sorry, the clinic isn't-" He stopped mid-speech as he saw the blond woman wearing her professional clothing while carrying her personal bag. "Oh, Doctor Nikoli, didn't expect you for at least another thirty minutes." He smiled as he spoke to her. "I wanted to review some files I left here last night, but carry on Teien." She continued through the front area through the back and made her way through one of the doors with a name tag seemingly set on by tape, "Ashley Nikoli" before she closed the door behind her. It was an immaculate office with a bookshelf full of medical research, her file cabinet for all files she wanted to refer to, not to mention the organized desk with her paperwork, writing utensils, and other office supplies along with the picture of her family; her husband and daughter. The next thirty minutes were simple as Nikoli continued to go through her case files and Teien completed his morning set up and had enough time to bring out his textbook from school which was focused on medical studies. Once more the bell rang this morning, and Teien glanced over with a smile and a warm speech, "Welcome to the PanZer Clinic." A woman made her way through the door with her N95 mask on, "Good morning Ms. Takishima, punctual as always." Although it was not clearly visible it was clear that she was smiling beneath the mask, "Go ahead and fill this out real quick and I will let Dr. Nikoli know that you are here." She nodded taking the clipboard from the young man and made her way to sit down with pen in hand. He lifted up from the desk and approached Nikoli's office, "Doctor?" He proceeded to knock with three raps. "Yes, Teien?" "Ms. Takishima is here for her appointment." "Punctual as always. Set her up in the first examination room and I will be there shortly." He left her door and went back to his desk just as Ms. Takishima was approaching with her paperwork. "Perfect. If you make your way back here I will take you to your examination room." She nodded as she made her way to the door and Teien proceeded to escort her to the examination room, a simple yet elegant room, "Dr. Nikoli will be with you shortly." With a smile, he closed the door, turned the dial on the room from Vacant to Occupied and placed her medical board in the dock by the door and returned to the reception desk. When he got there the room held another occupant that was holding his left arm to his right bicep and it was clear that he was bleeding. "Sir!" Teien quickly got around the doorway and approached him, "You need to go to a hospital." The man shook his head, "A hospital won't be enough." Teien shook his head in disbelief, "I assure you that a hospital will be more than enough." "Listen, are you a doctor?" There was a pause as Teien shook his head again, "No, I'm the nurse but I can-" "Then get me a doctor to talk to." The man was clearly in pain yet his face showed the remorse, "Please. I heard the doctor here can work miracles." Teien took a moment, "Besides, doesn't the clinic accept all cases no matter the situation?" Teien nodded, "One moment." Then left to head to the back area and noticed that Nikoli's office was open but she was not in there. He turned down the hall and saw that she was approaching Ms. Takishima's room, "Dr. Nikoli." She paused and glanced over, "Yes Teien?" He took a moment to compose the thoughts for an appropriate description of the situation, "There is a man with what appears to be a laceration on his right arm, and from I was able to see it appears to be pretty severe due to the depth and potential arterial nick." "Well advise him to head to the hospital, this is not an emergency room." "I did, but he was adamant about seeing a doctor here." She sighed, "We have a clear and concise operation, appointments take priority so I will take care of Ms. Takishima, so see if Dr. Yoake is available." She turned to enter the room, "You want me to bother Dr. Yoake...?" There was a clear hesitation. "If he is so determined to see a Doctor here, he has to follow the steps. He will fill out the new patient form, you will take him to one of the available rooms, and then drop his case with Dr. Yoake. I have another appointment showing up soon if they aren't already arriving, so I don't have time to divert today because Dr. Yoake wants to remain in his office." With that, she opened the door, "Good morning Ms. Takishima, how are the antibiotics working." She closed the door behind her leaving Teien on his own. He went back to the reception area to see the man still sitting there and a second male in the area staring at the bleeding man. "Mr. Ikanawa?" The second man was snapped out of his trance and brought his attention to Teien, "Yes." He stood up and approached the desk, "Is that man okay?" Teien gave a playful frown, "Ikanawa, you know that we can't talk about other patients." He placed the paperwork on the desk, "Fill these out." He handed Ikanawa the paperwork, "Sir?" The bleeding man looked up and nodded as he struggled to get up and approached the desk. "I stand by my advisement that you should go to the emergency room of the Hospital." "I stand by my desire to speak with a Doctor of this Clinic." With a sigh, "Fill out this New Patient form then. The Doctor will be unable to see you without you registering as a patient with us." The man gave a look of disbelief, "The doctor made it clear, otherwise, I will remind you that the Hospital is prepared to receive emergency cases such as this." The man took the paperwork, "I honestly doubt they are prepared for a case such as this." He sat down and proceeded to fill out the paperwork, but it was clear that it was going to be a challenge since he appeared to be dominantly right-handed. Teien took the time to hop on his computer and check the criminal database and see if this man was registered under any system which seemed to be the logical reason that he would refuse a hospital. The wound was not a gunshot wound, so there wouldn't be a need to report the incident to the police but still. After some deep research, he was unable to connect the man to any criminal database as he approached with a paper filled out with poor penmanship and bloody drips and fingerprints scattered across the parchment. "May I see a doctor now?" Teien took a moment to look the paperwork over, "Yes Mr. Kanado." He motioned towards the door and moved to open it so that Kanado would not get any blood on the door handle and escorted him to a vacant room. "Have a seat and Dr. Yoake will be with you shortly." With that, he switched the door from Vacant to Occupied, placed the initial document in the rack, and made his way down the hall stopping at a door with the words "Doctor Hinode Yoake" carved crudely into the wood of the door. He took the medical information provided and set it in the rack of the Doctor by the door and turned around. Not a second after his body completed the spin had the door opened slightly, the sound of the rack being hit before the paperwork was pulled and Teien turned to see the cracked door, "What is it?" His tone was certainly disappointed with the air of sadness and perhaps boredom. Teien simply responded, "Dr. Nikoli told me to advise you." He paused for a moment before a tattooed hand appeared from the crack of the door and waved him off. Moments later the room of Kanado opened, "Finally a Doc-" His words stopped at the sight of the five-foot-three young man that stepped into the room wearing a black short sleeve Changshan variation and without a shirt underneath revealing the tattoos all along his arms and torso. The mostly black hair with silver tips was matching the soft grey color of his eyes. At first glance, this small lean man appeared to be a child. "This has to be a joke." "The only joke is the fact that I have a Quincy walk into my clinic, disturb my nurse attendant." The man was started as the look of surprise came across his face. The young man continued, obviously annoyed at the fact that he was in the room, "You were foolish enough to try and fight a hollow at such a low skill level and you bit off more than you can chew, or I guess the hollow bit off more than you thought." He continued to speak as he went to sanitize his hands, put on gloves and set up the medical examination room. "Now Teien will have to clean the blood you left in my waiting room-" "Your waiting room?" The young doctor got his stethoscope and proceed to place it on the man's back, "Deep breaths. Yes, my waiting room. I am Dr. Hinode Yoake, owner and head medical professional at PanZer Clinic." He continued to move the stethoscope before grabbing a light and plier. "I don't understand-" His words were interrupted when Dr. Yoake forced a plier like tool to grip the tongue of Kanado and pulled while using his light. "No, you don't understand. That is why you are here because I do." Following that, he turned the head of Kanado forcefully and used his light to check the ears of the man. "Otherwise you would be standing here investigating the health of an idiot." "I'm not an-" Dr. Yoake placed his hand on the mouth of the man and pulled his face closer while placing the light at his eyes, "You are. Trust me. I'm a Doctor." He released the man, "If you went to the hospital the moment you got the injury, they could have treated the wound and THEN I could have salvaged the arm." "What?" "I just checked your ears, you aren't deaf. Your arm is infected and it has spread pretty bad. As a Quincy, your spiritual energy is degrading and because of that, your body can't physically fight the infection which means you are likely to die. So I will remove the arm." "You ca-" His mouth was stuffed with a small bundle of gloves as vines appeared from his right hand and secured the man to the bench. A sweet aroma filled the air as the man struggled for a few moments before passing out. "Much better." With the man no longer moving, Dr. Yoake formed a small knife-like tool in his left hand that appeared like a diamond in structure. He cut into the wound and used his right hand to form root-like structures that dug into the open wound. He moved his right fingers like he was controlling a puppet as the body of the man started to convulse. "Aye, don't die on me." The roots continued to move through the body of the man causing them to bulge slightly from his skin. The wound slowly began to leak a dark green fluid as a small diamond bowl formed on the ground to catch the fluid. A few more minutes later the roots began to recede back to his right hand and attached to the unique wooden bracelet on his right hand. He placed his left hand on the wound as crystals appeared using the blood of the wound to seal it. The crystals cracked and shattered revealing a closed wound with a fresh scar as the crystals and diamonds returned to his left hand and concentrated on the jewel of his ring on his middle finger. Slowly he leaned over, "Now for payment." He leaned closer to the man and did a slow inhale as the natural energy of the man seemed to manifest as a stream that was being inhaled by the Doctor. He pulled away as his eyes shifted to vibrant red color and the grey of his hair darkened so only the tips remained colored. He used his pink to reach into his teeth revealing his sharp canine as it started to retreat back into a standard canine tooth. Suddenly the man jumped up in a fit of panic. "What the hell?" The Doctor released his lips and shrugged, "Infection is gone, the arm is still there." He turned around and proceeded to leave, "Check in with Teien to schedule a follow-up." He departed the room and went down the hallway. Dr. Nikoli noticed Dr. Yoake as he walked through the hallway, "How was the patient?" Dr. Yoake smiled as he opened his office and turned to look at her, "Not bad, a little bland in terms of flavor but just as filling." He closed the door behind him, "I never know what that man is talking about." She noticed the man walking out of the room just as Teien turned to see the man a little confused but grateful as he approached Teien, "I see the Doctor worked another one of his miracles."
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