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Found 1 result

  1. Rash Stunt Double

    The Harrowing Recess

    Continuation from Egriffiend's Night of Wailing FINAL ACT - Battle Of Egriffiend Battle Theme ----- The eerie creaks and rattlings of iron gates and the faint sickly crumbling of colliding stone could be heard as the survivors advanced towards Lady Tomoe's domain; breaking through her last defensive line of Rotten and Frenzied Wailers as they approached the largest spinning body of Baleful Mist seen yet. The Shinigami vortex would have been a small tornado in comparison to what was more akin to a mini-hurricane of mist raging within the cemetery. The mist swirled with such violent intensity that the survivors would be able to feel the pull of its counterclockwise rotation on their bodies as the wind-pressure attempted to drag them to the right. The whistles of the wind were more like the intimidating growls of a predatory beast. Observing the massive body of mist, one could see the gravestones, bricks, and segments of broken gates levitated and churned within the spiraling anomaly. The survivors would have no choice but to break through the mist if they wished to confront Lady Tomoe. Stepping into the mist would be like walking blind through a storm. The push of the mist was strongest here and anyone unfortunate enough to lose their footing or be knocked over by the rapidly spinning chunks of rubble and debris would be swept away into the mist. This would be the end of the line for Tenzaimon, Kazuko, Ito, and the other seated officers with the exception of San. Although, none of them knew it, upon entering the Baleful Mist, none of them would come out on the other side like the others. Lacking a strong enough Reiastu to fight off Tomoe's pull not even their talismans would be enough to protect them, they would be assimilated. Starting with Ito at the rear end of the group. He was hit, and carried of by a iron gate that hit him at such a great speed that he would have gone unnoticed if not for his fading scream heard faintly in the roar of the mist. The width of the mist barrier was roughly twenty feet. Twenty feet of struggle and enduring the losses to their numbers as the Shinigami were picked off one by one until only Captain Oriru and San Salvatore remained. The last Shinigami to disappear was Tenzaimon who shouted out to the Captain just as he gave him a final push forwards. "Don' worry 'bout us, Captain! Beat dat bitch's ass!" Eventually, arriving at the end of the mist barrier, the remaining survivors entered a massive arena (about the size of a Football stadium) unlike anywhere else in the the cemetery. The most notable difference was how the mist within this recess barely rose above their shins. It was also ominously silent within the recess. Calmly floating though the air were gravestones, debris, clumps of soil and grass, and thousands of pink flower pedals. Empty caskets were levitated from the ground and scattered across the recess like canoes in a lake of mist. The mist itself rippled outwards from a single point in the center of the recess. At the center of the recess was Lady Tomoe, a tall slender woman of long flowing black hair and pale grey skin. She was dressed in a simple white kimono. A Chain of Fate could clearly be seen protruding from a black pit in the center of her chest and extended downwards; coiled around the gravestone upon which she currently stood. Covering the top half of her head was what looked like a haloed crown of bone. Her right arm also appeared to be fully transformed into an exoskeleton appendage of white bone. A single sakura tree could be seen a few feet to the left of Tomoe. Tomoe held out her arms as she faced the survivors. Suddenly, the ripple of the mist reversed and flowed back towards her as she let out a shrieking wail. The mist around her flowed upwards around her legs. "Come children... Come be mine!" ------ Connor and Ryūnosuke, the first two to enter Tomoe's harrowing recess would also be the first victims of her fury. [1] Tomoe twirled to her left and performed a downwards slash with her hollowfied right arm. In the same moment, both the Fullbringers would see razor shape blades of mist jut upwards from just two meters in front of them. The blades of mist would rise for the ground like shark fins and slice towards the middle of their bodies reaching a maximum height of 10 feet. [2] Completing her first twirl, Tomoe instantly transitioned into a second spin, this time with a horizontal swipe of her arm as she also glided a few feet forwards through the air. Again, blades of mist shot upwards towards the two Fullbringers, however these would originate just a meter from both their right-sides, 10 feet in width. Aimed for their hips. [3] Should the Fullbringer farthest to the left be hit with or clash with their horizontal mist blade, it would lose form momentarily, fold around them and reform as it continued to slice towards the Fullbringer to the right. [Instructions: Defeat Lady Tomoe. End the Night of Wailing] Battle Type: ------------------------ ------------------------ [ACTIONS] VS GROUP A [Connor + Ryūnosuke] ------ Vertical Lamento Tajada Mist Blades at Connor + Ryūnosuke. One at each of them. [Damage: 200 REI] [Speed: 220 REI-SPD] Horizontal Lamento Tajada Mist Blades at Connor + Ryūnosuke. One at each of them. [Damage: 200 REI] [Speed: 220 REI-SPD] Horizontal Lamento Tajada Mist Blades of person to the left continues towards person on the right IF it lands or is Clashed. [Damage: 200 REI] [Speed: 220 REI-SPD] --------------------------- [TURN END STATS] ND| 17,000 ____________________