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Found 1 result

  1. Ooc:This post is a continuation of the unofficial squad 4 barracks topic. Link to said topic http://bleachsoulevo...__squad__st__60 I made this to build senteis past as well as explain where he gained his current abilities. If I am doing something wrong by posting this please pm me. Blue:talking white:thinking/action zanpakto:light blue Sentei walked out the 4th division barracks and quickly exited the seritei. Without stopping sentei watched in the corners of his eyes the people around him go about their business. Soon he was to the outskirts of the populated area of the rukon districts. He looked in the distance and saw a forest in the distance. that will have to do for now. sentei liked to train alone so he could sort out his thoughts. He soon made his way to the edge of the forest, appearing to grow in size as he got closer. He entered the forest and walked a good distance until he couldn't see the edge of the forest. He soon found a clearing formed by large trees. The circumference totaled about half a football field. Tired from the trek sentei decided to wait until morning to Begin his training. He sat and leaned against a tree quickly falling asleep. Day 1 Sentei dreamed of his past that night. The dream started with the memory of his arrival to the SS. He remembered not knowing where he was or how he got to the rukon district. he wandered for days before collapsing in an alleyway. the memory jumped to when he was roaming the rukon districts looking for work or food. I eventually came across a thug threatening a girl in a partially hidden ally. I ran towards the thug and yelled. hey! Get off her! i pushed the thug off the girl causing him take a couple steps back and then fall completely over. I turned to the girl what are you dumb? Run! still in shock the girl ran off. I watched her leave as the thug got back up. Thug: thats going to cost you! He said grinning. I turned back to face the thug. He was a short but muscular man. He lunged and struck me across the face. The punch woke me from my sleep. I felt water drip on my face from the trees. I got up and took in my surroundings. A dense mist had risen making it hard to see too far. I stood and stretched my stiff limbs. time to get started. i went and found several dead trees cutting out the targets I'd use as dummys for zanpakto practice. By the time I'd finished cutting out the targets it was nearly noon as the sun was high above the trees. Finished cutting out the targets I set them up to begen practicing. Purposely making myself multi task I set the targets up so I'd have to mix movement with zanpakto swings for a fluid transition between targets. there now I can start. i took a moment to look over all the targets. I had placed the targets in a ring around the clearing rising up steadily into the trees. By this time the sun was setting casting long shadows in the area I was. Starting with a jog and then began sprinting through my targets. Taking them down one by one. I repeated this until the moon had risen high above in the night sky. Wiping the sweat from my fore head I decided to call it a night. Collapsing into the same position as before. I fell asleep before I even had completely sat down.
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