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  1. BATTLE OF THE DEGENERATES On a chilling cold knight above the rooftops of Karakura, a cyan clad Masato followed the trail of an infamous hollow with haste. The mission of finding and eliminating this corrupted spirit was assigned by none other than his teacher Azami. The acts of stalking in the night and hunting dangerous predators were what he accepted when he agreed to learn under her. Normally he blindly followed and trusted the instructions of his mentors, but the details, and lack thereof, made Masato hesitate to immediately use lethal force on the victim of his pursuit. To any incapable of perceiving Reiatsu, the shadowy figure in Masato’s crosshairs was a normal human, but the Reiatsu signature and the booming technique it used to travel at blistering speeds were unmistakably those of a hollow. Despite the hollow’s efforts, if he wanted to, Masato could catch up to him with ease. However, against the teachings of his Azami and his better judgement, the Fullbringer waited and observed for any signs of aggression from the fleeing hollow. In his head, Masato replayed his given instructions and the vagueness that came with them. -2 days ago, after returning from his training- Azami sat, legs crossed, on a sofa in their group’s warehouse. She smoked a cigarette through her right hand while resting her right elbow above the back of her left hand. She inhaled a large puff of her cigarette before exhaling to speak. “Listen up, since you’ve completed your Fullbring, I have the perfect mission for you. I misjudged a hollow and let him off the hook.” “What do you mean? Since when did we let hollows live?” Azami let out a heavy sigh and scratch her head in search for her next words, as they would seem contradictory to what her student, now boss, was led to believe. “This sounds strange, but there are innocent and well intentioned hollows out there. No spirit chooses to turn corrupt, and they don’t all consume other spirits. When I was babysitting Reina, I thought he was just a pitiful hollow, struggling to survive. ‘Had no Idea he was the worst of the worst.” “What did he do to change your mind?” “Uh, don’t worry about it. Trust me this guy is scum.” Azami replied before sharing the last known location of the target Masato was to eliminate. -Back to present- Masato lost his patience with his fleeing target. Was this hollow harmless or a threat? After apprehending the runner, he would find out for himself. Fortunately the apprehension wouldn’t take long, as the opportunity to secure his prey’s footing came when the hollow leapt high to reach the next rooftop. Masato slowed his pace as he twisted his torso to the right and raised his right arm. He would then mimic a throwing motion with it, causing a wire like appendage to stretch from within his right sleeve. It quickly and precisely latched onto the leading leg the hollow intended to land on; stopping its jumping momentum in the process. The fleeing figure’s sudden halt came before it swung backwards and into the brick wall off the building he had just jumped from. A tiny black blur fell from the suspect’s hoodie just before Masato raised him back onto the rooftop. Masato observed the body and was certain he was too late. The man before him was unconscious, and no longer produced the high Reiatsu signature he sensed before. -2 days ago- “He’s a parasite type. Small, scummy, pathetic, weaselly, ugly, gross, piece of shit. That’s it, A worm of shit is the best way I can describe him. He can possess humans and spirits to do his bidding. So be careful handling his host’s bodies, you don’t want to seriously injure innocent civilians. I should also mention that because of how pathetic he is, tracking his Reiatsu is virtually impossible. But once he possess a host, they will gain a huge boost in strength. Still, it shouldn’t be too much for you, as you are now.” -Back to present- “Crap.” Masato stooped to the head of the former host and checked his neck for a pulse. It wasn’t abnormal, and save for the bruises sustained from crashing into the wall, the man roughly in his mid-20s was unharmed. The Fullbringer sighed heavily with relief. He used the wrapping already around the man’s leg and increased its size to form a cocoon to carry him in. had it not been so late, he would’ve continued the pursuit. But giving the size and color of his target, searching dark alleys and corners would probably prove futile. Furthermore he had a certain repulsive employee, who was far better suited for finding well-hidden things in Karakura. ___________ WC: 790
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