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Found 3 results

  1. The Lange estate is the ohnorable home of the lange family and Seigleinds home who is currently the head of the family due to the death of her older sister and parents and missing older brother, despite having a large family the only person who lives here is siegleind and the servants Along with a few trained quincy guards
  2. Blaze

    Blaze's Sigs

    I'm trying to figure out where everything is in my new version of photoshop o.o I'm gonna post here whenever I make something. Feel free to make a requet if you want to. Probably my first sig in months o.o A request by Halertje
  3. Draidein stood alone in the unforgiving cold sands of Heuco Mundo just a relaxed as he always was and ever will be, he came out here for one thing and that was to train,but the technique he had in mind was cero oscurous, he needed to get stronger,he needed to gain the attention of the espada and let them know he was still a viable candidate for an espada position , he was once recognized as the Segundo Espada second most powerful among arrancar generals of las noches and he loved it "my how time flys it feels like only yesterday absolon was the prime fraccion of that quinta espada fionarro" draiden would sigh out thinking of his past life when the espada were much more prominent and feared aong the other fraccion, sadly if things keep progressing the way they are the espada would surely die out with only four espada "0,1,3,4" that was all that remained of the once proud espada,a few high ranks and one missing segundo and a exiled sexta espada who draiden had no doubt of the little arrancar worming his way back into the halls of las noches But that was enough using his noggin to think he came here to train ,draidens blade at his side glew a great neon green before it faded most would see this as disarming himself but infact that was not his true zanpakto just a manifestation or bladed extension of his real zanpakto to be exact,his true zanpakto lied on his tounge in the form of a black sterling pearl,he would realeas the spirit energy that was bonding his tounge and the pearl together letting it role freely in his mouth he would the slowly open his mouth and began to give a feint yet dark neon green glow as he spoke the words to release his true power "sing,cuervo de la muerte" he would say in a calm smooth voice,as his power went from feint glow to deadly raging force , he would give a wild animalistic roar making his vast spirit energy spasm out even further and destroy the surrounding area ,as he took on the form known as his resurrection, it took his awhile to reighn his power back to were had had control of it once more Draiden staired at the palm of his know armored hand,his whole body was covered in a bone like armor, "I almost forgot what my full power felt like" draiden mused in a lax but a hint joy lingered in his tone He would waist no time in firing cero after cero out at the desert each one causing devastating amounts of damage killing many nearby hollows who were foolish enough to tred near his path,he was having no success with his training thus far,in a fit of rage he made sure to cram pack his final cero with as much spirit energy as possible,he would thrust his right hand foward and fire the cero and swing it quickly to to thr right raking the powerful cero across the desert raising a giant row of mushroom clouds which could be noticable from las noches He would walk back home in frustration
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