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  1. I'm on a Gurren Laggan kick...again...

  2. Happy Birthday, Again. :3 I truly hope it's a great day!

    1. Kitsune


      Thank chuu Nero ^w^ i had a great birthday for sure :3

  3. Hey Night, Add my friend code...5043-2773-6043

    1. Night Asakura

      Night Asakura

      Ok I think mine is posted on here some were on here I believe under nintendo games. If not just pm me

  4. Nero Jūshir�

    Anybody Still Play Pokemon?

    So, how does everyone feel about OR and AS so far? Personally I am superbly happy with it. Unlike some other people, I'm not upset that there's "Too much water"...
  5. Nero Jūshir�

    Anybody Still Play Pokemon?

    I'm very much the same way. lol I've been that way since the days of Red & Blue.
  6. Nero Jūshir�

    Anybody Still Play Pokemon?

    In preparation for OR and AS. I need friend codes to do battles, trades, etc. So if anyone wants to add my friend code, I'll gladly do the same in return. 5043-2773-6043
  7. Only 2 days left, and the wait will finally be over! xD

    1. Nero Jūshir�

      Nero Jūshir�

      Oh! Happy Late Birthday to Bro-Rash, Arya-Chan, Fabled-San, Isshin-Sama, and anyone else who had a birthday recently that I forgot about. I hope it was most joyous! :D

  8. Happy Birthday, Ryjo! :D

    1. Molestia


      what he said! ^ *totally hadn't forgot about her* ._.

  9. Anyone seen or heard from Tosh lately?

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    2. Ellie


      Eh, he's still stalking me but that's about it.

    3. Molestia


      who needs tosh when you've got me? >:3

    4. Mr. Clean
  10. Got my pre-order in for Alpha Sapphire!!!1 Super pumped!

    1. Kaz


      Shall trade stuff/fight pokemon with you.

    2. Kuchiki halertje

      Kuchiki halertje

      I want a 3ds now i wanne play pokemon :(