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  1. Tsukio

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    Welcome soifon Kun
  2. Tsukio

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    Ty again Sino kun it truly is an honor to b here
  3. Tsukio

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    i see. well captain he is there in bse as a bount if you wish to make contact with him. ID#: 73114 Name: Yukio
  4. Tsukio

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    Im not surprised. He started off as a bount when he 1st began i believe
  5. Tsukio

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    Yukio still is on BSE but only in the mmorg i dont know why he cant log on to forum but hes still here. 3rd seat bount covenant
  6. Tsukio

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    After that i just stopped posting for a while and ive been off and on bse back and forth
  7. Tsukio

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    Ah yes i remember. that graveyard idea totally backfired though. it major bombed XD
  8. Tsukio

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    Ty all and lol Tamashi yea Im a geezer on bse been off and on for 2 years. I've decided to start playing again so i made a new char since my old 1 is long gone.
  9. Tsukio

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    Hello squad im new to division 2, look forward to working with you all
  10. a week later, No sign of neo, the savage beast is in hiding but the thought of a uncontrollable beast sitting still hiding somewhere made zero sense. no this thing wasn't hiding. so where is it may you ask? beats the h*** outta me OOC: Idk sorry guys I hav nothing lately ive lost my will to post that's why im not on bse as much but im gonna give it a go again so please be patient with my lame posting skills until im back up to part
  11. Happy Birthday Tsukio :)

  12. doesn't move a muscle and takes the blast full on. smoke surrounds the area. Neo is no where in sight. he used the explosion as an escape. he flees of into the world no longer as a person with a heart but as a demon with a blood thirsty soul. The old neo no longer existed.
  13. Day 2: The News: That night i didnt get that much sleep. I was still thinking about what happened yesterday. So that i night i didnt sleep at all. I spent the last 12 hours training. The jonin that duties were to watch over me and the mizukage's house while my gardian, the mizukage, was gone at the gokage summit. The jonin looked at me in amazement just analyzing all of my moves. I then kicked down a tree and the jonin stared at me as if i was the one at fault. They stared at me for a while and i did the same. This went on for hours then finally i broke the ice by saying: Neo: What the F*** ya'll lookin at!?! the jonin quickly turned their heads away from me. This was stupid i needed a break so i left to see if i could meet up with my squad and sensei.
  14. I begin to walk home but then a ball randomly lands at my feet. I then picked it up and 3 children came running for it. As soon as they turned the corner and met my eye they became afraid. I, only wanting just one friend in the world extends out my hand with the ball in it offering it back. Young children’s gang leader: Oh no! It’s the beast of the village run if you want to live fools!!!!! He and his gang take off without the ball leaving me all alone once again. I put my head down I should have seen this coming. It then starts to drizzle……….. Then later rain. I stood there still holding the ball still trying to figure out why was I given this stupid curse. Then out of nowhere a needle flies out of thin air and pops the ball that was in my hands. I then look up towards the moon where there on the tallest flag pole stood a weird appealing anbu with foreign attire. He definitely wasn’t from here. I stare up at him and whisper what do you want from me as if he could hear me but to my surprise he teleported in front of me and whispered you young jinchuuriki. I then did a mid-air summer sault 3 times backwards to try to gain distance from this odd stranger but when I landed he ended up right behind me whispering that all you got young biju host? I then went to pull out my blade (the executioner’s blade) to try to hurry up and turn behind me to cut his head off but he once again teleported but this time on top of my sword stopping its impact. I emidiately dropped it seeing that the stranger was about to pull out his kantana. This was a great opportunity for me to strike. All I needed was 4.5 seconds to attack him with a head on justu. Neo: Suiton Suriyuudan no Jutsu!!! (Water Dragon no Jutsu) (The water dragon hits the foe directly into the gates of kirigakure. Neo wonders to himself how does no one not hear all this commotion?) Neo: (sees the foe who is trying to stand up after the last attack but he doesn’t allow it. Goes back with another attack) Ikazuchi no Utage - Lightning Burial: Banquet of Lightning (this attack is also a critical hit due to the fact that the impact was perfect and the foe was already soaked in water before this lighting attack. Neo lowers his guard thinking the anbu was dead yet he has the urge to walk closer and check. Walks up to the eplosion site out of breath. There is no sign of life) Anbu: (rises up from ruble like something dead coming back to life. He then teleports and stabs Neo with a just called a thousand pressure points throwing a bunch of little needles into neo’s body causing him to become paralyzed) Neo: (forced to fall to the ground is out of chakra due to the needles positions in his body stopping the chakra flow. Neo is struggling to move) Anbu: (the anbu snickers as he walks closer slowly pulling out his kantana once more) at that moment neo realizes that in this situation he could potentially die for real without any chakra. Out of fear neo then taps into power he didnt know he had. The power of the 2 tailed jinchuuriki. Neo: RRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! (charkra rapidly and dangerously increases) Anbu: (Stops and puts up guard) Neo: (lunges at him from the front but ends up hitting him from the side) Anbu: (summer saults to catch his balance but is emidietly hit from the behing once more) Neo: RRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Anbu: (At that moment the anbu who is tired of being knocked around whispers some forbidden justu) Neo: RRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! (lunges at the foe once again in such a berserked way) Anbu: FIVE PRONGE (probably spelled it wrong) SEAL!!!!!!!!!!! (jabs neo in the stomack with a critical strike) Neo: (flies and crashes into the street. He quickly manages to get onto his feet and tried to store up some chakra but it is futile) Anbu: (walks towards the started shinobi) Neo: (tries to run away but trips and crawls towards a nearby tree in pain) Anbu: (follows the scared shinobi slowly extracting his blade yet again) Neo: (sits and waits until the anbu gets close enough then pulls a barely visible thin wire that ties the anbu to the opposite tree agross the area. In a flash neo jumps up picks up the anbu's sword that was dropped then stabs him in the heart once on the tree, then he uses his own executioner’s blade to slice the shole tree with the anbu on it in half) the ruble clears the anbu is clearly dead on the ground. Neo stares but then has the feeling that he is being watched. He then looks up towards the moon on the tallest flag pole their he was, the anbu unharmed. Neo stares for a while then realizes he's not hurt. That he isnt bleeding at all and he never did fight the anbu since there wasnt a body nor battle scene evidence of a fight. Anbu: (take off mask after staring at neo for a while) Neo: (stares at the ninja and emidietly looks at the headband. It read Amegakure shinobi) Anbu: (vanishes) Neo: (thinks to himself, “ He was using genjustu on me and I fell right into it....... what was an amegakure shinobi doing here any way?) Neo: (stares into the night for a while until he goes home and calls it a night) End: Day 1
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