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  1. So as per your request, Star, I put in some detail and edited this post. Right now it's the concept work. I just need your go ahead to keep moving in this direction.
  2. The rest of the day wasn’t as great as it should have been for the winner. Most of the people there seemed to think Su could have easily won if she wasn’t such a slacker. His win didn’t matter if there was no fight, nevertheless he felt good about the exchange with the Omnitsukido representative. He didn’t say much, and he was blunt, which gave him a good idea about how that organization operated. He felt the need to try harder, to push himself further and graduate. The words and opinions of his peers wouldn’t phase him. His resolve was strengthened and his confidence was building from winning their tournament. He couldn’t wait to see Su, not planning to confront her directly, but rather he expected someone to say something about who should have won. WC: 135 Total: 4,507
  3. So that’s how it was. He had gotten the attention of the Omnitsukido recruiter. He didn’t even think they would have someone down here, but he thought it made sense. Where else would they get their new members? He really was blunt, but the recess was only for a few minutes so that was for the best. He knew that how he responded to his question was important, so he thought hard before he gave his reply. “Swami thought that death was natural. He taught us that it is necessary to end someone’s current existence. Acceptance and awareness of the balance of souls, is what he called it. I’m aware of what you do, and feel comfortable saying I could accept my role and carry out my orders regardless of personal opinions on the matter. Orders are orders, for the most part.” He brought his fist up to his palm, and bowed to the recruiter for the Omnitsukido. The final match was about to begin, and there was no need for an introduction. They called their named, and Su and Shu walked to the center of the arena to meet. They stopped, and shared a moment of silence, then, she closed her eyes. Shu waited for a moment, but nothing was happened, she stood there with her eyes closed for nearly 45 seconds, and then her head fell to one side, and her mouth hung open. A little bit of drool hung from her bottom lip, and she started to snore. The entirety of the Shinigami academy students fell over in shock. “She’s… She’s asleep?!?” The announcer ran onto the arena and shook her, shouting her name, but she wouldn’t open her eyes. The most she could muster was an exhausted sounded “Too tired…. Must sleep…” “Tch. That’s just like her…” “Okay! Well I guess Su is incapacitated so the winner by default is Shuohuang Zhe!” WC: 316 Total: 4,372
  4. This guy looked so cool. He appeared out of nowhere, undoubtedly using shunpo, attesting to his ability. The fact that he had acquired the attention of one of the recruiters was making him so excited that it took him saying his name to pull him back to reality. He seemed like the kind guy who didn’t care for the fluff of normal conversation. He got straight to the point, and Shu thought for a moment before answering. “Well, when I got here, I was taken in by a peace loving old man. He had a few people living with him, and believed in the commune working together to live harmoniously. Those who were especially close to him called him Swami as sort of a nickname. Swami taught us Kung Fu, and told us many stories about great dragons and tall mountains, and with his help I was able to make it through the Shinigami academy.” He tried to give him a good answer. He knew that this was all an interview process, basically, and he didn’t want to mess any of it up. While he did silently hope to be placed in Squad 1, he knew he could adapt to wherever he was placed. In the end that didn’t make any difference to him, really. He would do his job, no matter what it was, to the best of his ability. WC: 231 Total: 4,056
  5. “Five students remain, and to proceed, we asked our panel of judges to vote for their favorite contestant so far. They decided that it should be Su who gets recognized for her speedy dispatch, and so she will proceed to the next round.” Su walked off from the arena and sat at the border with everyone else. She looked… bored. Shu thought she was kind of cool. The other four of them were split into two teams of two, and were told now they had to fight together in order to defeat the opposing duo. It was definitely an interesting spin on things. He had been analyzing his peers as enemies before and focused on their weaknesses, but now he had to work together with this guy and think about his strengths. He used kido, and his opponents were both mainly focused on using zanjutsu. They were allowed to back away from each other for a moment and plan a course of action. Shu’s idea was for him to rush in and focus the guy to the right, but his assault will just be a feint. When the other guy takes the bait, blast that area with Sokatsui. They won’t expect it, and he’ll be ready to dash out of there. Hopefully, they’ll both be caught in the wave, and they’ll be ready to finish them off. His temporary ally agreed that it was risky, and that it might work, but he was reluctant. He suggested thinking of a safer strategy, but they were running out of time to deliberate. He was either being rightfully cautious, or he was a coward, but Shu wasn’t sure which. The match started, and like planned, Shu rushed the closer of his two opponents and pushed him back with powerful, single strikes. His teammate held off on attacking, expecting the other guy to attack the closer target, but he didn’t. Instead, he ran right past the fight happening in front of him and circled around. He let off a series of Byakurai trying to catch him, but the way he was running made it next to impossible to hit him. Shu’s target defended against his palm strikes, and when he kicked high at his head, he ducked, giving him the perfect window to strike in, but he didn’t. He started to get the feeling that they anticipated his plan somehow, and now he was the one being distracted. Which means the other guy was looking to be done with his opponent before Shu could finish this guy off, as long as he played defensively and didn’t take chances. Feeling like he was on to their game, he got a little insulted by their plan, and started to push harder. He knew his opponent would only defend, so he turned the speed up and pressed harder and harder against his guard until he saw what he was waiting for. An arm shaking, a knee bending, his eyes squinting – some hint that he was running out of stamina, and he made his move. He lunged forward and grabbed his wrist, lifting his arm up in the air and then spinning around and bringing his hand down and back around in a full circle, disarming and throwing him to the ground. The wooden sword slid across the ground, and at the very same moment he finished that fight off with a swift kick to the head, he looked up to see his comrade being finished off with a blow to the top of his head from his opponent’s sword. They looked at each other, and Shu took a deep breath, before walking towards his last obstacle before the finals. If he wins this fight, the last match will be between Su and himself. He must have been thinking something along the same lines, because as they approached each other, his eyes darted for a moment in Su’s direction. They both readied themselves, knowing that as soon as one of them broke and ran, the other would too. It wasn’t Shu, in the end, who moved first. It was the other guy who yelled a mighty battle cry and charged with his sword held high. He felt the reiatsu surge in his hands and charged to meet his attacker head on. He dodged the first sword strike and slammed his palm against the man’s side, but he didn’t stop. He wasn’t even phased – he just elbowed Shu in the mouth to push him back away from him, and then lunged to swipe low at his feet, but he was too quick. He jumped over the swing and spun around to kick him square in the top of his head, sending him recoiling backward. Shu landed and turned quickly to enter back into position before the next attack came. His opponent was breathing more raggedly than he was, and the boost in confidence that gave him gave him the drive to take the lead and start pressing against him now. He’d have to keep the pressure on him for fear of a recovery. Shu focused his energy and steeled his nerves before charging with both hands raised. As soon as he reached him, he stopped, and pushed the momentum he had when he was running out with his hands as he struck with both palms. The idea behind this technique was still traditionally the same, but he didn’t attack with a closed fist. “Sokotsu.” He attempted to guard it, even bringing his wooden sword up in time to add a buffer between Shu’s attack and his torso, but it didn’t prove to be enough. The wooden sword splintered and snapped, and his palms found their way to either side of his chest. The impact sent him to the ground and sliding a few feet before coming to a stop struggling for breath. He propped himself up on one elbow, and looked as if he’d get up and continue fighting, but he collapsed, and the winner was decided. Next match, it would be Shu versus Su for the title. WC: 1,009 Total: 3,825
  6. At the end of the 10th match, the first round of the tournament was announced to be over. The ten people who lost their fights didn’t leave, except in the case of Jintabara, who wouldn’t stop crying when his opponent hit him in the hand and had to be escorted to the infirmary. He couldn’t help but think that maybe some books can be judged by their covers. Those that progressed to the next round were all called to the middle, and when the pairings were made, they were told to stand face to face with their opponent. They split in to 5 groups, and Shu found himself faced off against that big guy with the Pompadour. His name was Kuwa, and he carried two zanpakuto, though like everyone else’s they were replaced with wooden replicas for the tournament. “Heh. Looks like we both carry two swords… I guess we get to see who the better one is with them.” “Nah. You’re a big guy, I have to be serious and keep them sheathed.” “Pfft. Yeah right. You’re gonna try that hakuda crap on me? Guess I’ll only need one then.” Kuwa’s confident attitude wasn’t making him angry, it was making him really excited. They aren’t permitted to spar randomly without oversight of a superior, so the two of them had never been able to fight before. Shu had only ever seen him stare from across the room. He knew this fight was going to be fun. The two of them would be settling a silent feud of who was the best fighter. Unfortunately, their fight was the last of 5. Shu took his seat again and watched – every once in a while, he’d glance at Kuwa, and sometimes, he’d be looking at him too. The first fight was interesting. They both used kido, and had apparently spent a lot of time progressing specifically down the line of arts. The ground was scorched and carved at the end of their fight, and it really set the tone for the rest of the tournament. Things were progressing quickly, and they would have to be going all out. The second fight was a little more straight forward, both used a sword, but halfway through, one of them disarms the other. Left without a weapon, he fell into the default fighting stance and back peddled away from the incoming slashes. Shu glanced at Kuwa, who was smiling and looking right back at him, and he couldn’t suppress a chuckle. To nobody’s surprise, the student who dropped his weapon lost, and the third match began. These two were as hot headed as they come. They were on the verge of fighting before the announcer said to start, and there was no shortage of yelling during, before, and after their attacks. It was a sight to behold, but end the end, one of them must have yelled louder because there was only one victor. The defeated Aoichi sat looking very grumpy and gave mean looks to the man who beat him. The fourth match was starting, and was over before you knew it. The announcer yelled “Fight”, and in the next breath, he had to declare the winner. It was a girl that everyone there knew, and it came to no surprise. The fact that it was over so quickly must mean that she was getting bored and was wanting this to end soon. She went by the name Su, and didn’t seem to care about much of anything, and didn’t respond to authority well. She took her seat and watched as the guy she had just hit really hard in the head crawl back to where he was sitting and collapse for a moment. He stood again at the call of his name, stretched his arms up high above his head, and rolled his shoulders as he walked to the center of the arena. Kuwa walked to meet him and they bowed to each other. He wouldn’t be holding back at the beginning this time. Raising his palms up and readying his stance, he focuses his reiatsu into his hands, as much as he could. His hands were glowing light blue. His opponent drew one sword, like he said he would, and squared himself up against Shu. If he was going to act this confident, he’d just have to force him to take that second sword out and take this fight more seriously. Shu dashed forwards and raised a hand up beside his head. When he got close enough to strike, he slid to a stop, crouching low, and thrust his palm out towards Kuwa’s thigh, but he jumped back in time and tried to counter attack. He ran forwards with his sword high above his head, but before he got within range, Shu rolled closer to him and spun around to kick low, sweeping his feet from under him and bring him to the ground. Shu got up on one knee and raised his hand up high above his head, bringing it down hard, slamming his palm into the center of Kuwa’s chest. The reishi infused strike made his body bounce a bit, and little bit of blood sputtered out when he coughed, but he was still moving. Kuwa was struggling to his feet, slowly rising while using his sword as a crutch, but before he could reach his full height, Shu jumped forwards and spun around in the air quickly, using the momentum to kick Kuwa in the side of the head. The impact toppled him, sent him falling over like a fallen tree, and he hit the ground in a light cloud of dust, and so the second round was over, and the 5 of them were to progress. Shu took his place and listened as she explained the rules. WC: 969 Total: 2816
  7. The fights were progressing rather quickly, with one student usually being much more capable than their opponent. The most common tactic among them was to fight with a sword, but an interest in kido was sprinkled in, mixing up the fights a bit here and there. The winner for the last fight was decided, and Shu took another look around the room at everyone who has yet to fight. Ise and Shu’s names were called out, and he stood at attention, his expression vacant as the girl across the room from him stood in unison. She was looking at him again, a slight smile on her face this time as they walked to the middle of the room and bowed to each other. He looked at her closely, trying to assume her combat abilities, but you can’t really judge these books by their covers. Shu widened his stance and raised his arms up in front of himself, poised for combat. She made no motion to prepare to defend herself, but he wouldn’t be caught going easy on someone just because they might look weaker. In fact, his plan was to end this as quickly as possible. His breathing slowed and his muscles relaxed, and their eyes stayed locked in to each other’s in anticipation of the announcer’s voice. "Fight!" Immediately, her body language changed. She dropped low into a guard that Shu recognized all too well. He was right to keep his guard up, for if she were trained in Kung Fu as well, she could prove to be a threat. He was going to end this quickly, but now he wanted to see what she could do. They both lunged forwards, slamming their forearms together in mirrored attacks. Shu dropped low and spun, trying to sweep her feet from underneath, but his shin met with no resistance. He immediately jumped back, just in time as her knee came slamming down on the ground. She surely would have gotten his head. With the sun bearing down on them, and his adrenaline pumping, he got back into position and couldn’t help but smile a bit as she returned his stance. They walked sideways a bit, circling each other waiting to see who would engage their opponent first. “So you were trained by Swami too, huh?” “Already interested? Maybe if you beat me I’ll tell you more about myself.” Shu’s smile widened. He was starting to like this girl, but their fight was starting to drag on, and unfortunately, he had been holding back. Shu’s stance shifted slightly, his body lower, and his hands went from the traditional “dragon claw” style, to having all of his fingers outstretched, his palms flat. The smile on his face slowly faded, and he stopped walking in circles. A moment later, Shu dashed forwards towards his opponent and immediately guarded against her defensive strike. The fight was decided when she left her torso unguarded for a moment. He flooded his hands with reishi and hit her 3 times in the chest with alternating strikes. It looked like she was being hit by something much harder than his open handed attacks – she even looked stunned by them, or maybe she was just surprised. Shu leaned back after the quick combo, and focused hard on the last attack, looking to end the fight as he slammed both palms against her torso as hard as he could. Her body rocked back, and she hit the ground unconscious. He thought that maybe he overdid it a bit, but it couldn’t be helped. “Winner! Shuohuang Zhe!” She still hadn’t moved yet, so a member of Squad 4 approached from nearby. She was a very serious looking woman with glasses on, and she kneeled down to Ise’s side. She focused for a moment with her palms together, and then her hands were surrounded by a light green aura. She placed one on Ise’s forehead, and the other over her heard. “She’ll be fine. You didn’t do any serious damage. Just knocked her unconscious.” “I was worried…” “I think that’s a quality to be desired in Shinigami – caring for your peers.” She smiled at him. Her words made him feel better, he couldn’t deny that. He looked up at the building housing the panel of squad representatives, wondering if he had impressed any of them. The first fight was over, but there were more to come and he had no intention of losing. Tomorrow, he’d visit Ise and tell her about how he’d won, and then he’d ask about where she learned that style of Kung Fu. He won, so she had better not back down from her word. WC: 776
  8. He slowly filled his lungs, his eyes closed and his body relaxed. As he exhaled, he bent his knees and shifted his footing, moving slowly as he brought his hands up into the first position. Shu felt that continuing to run these drills every day is what kept him from slipping. His former master was a peace loving man who practiced an uncommon Kung Fu art referred to as Dragon Style. Shu opened his eyes and dropped low, beginning the set with a low sweeping kick, and used the rotation as he stood back up to jump into a high kick. When he landed, he tried to redirect that momentum forwards, and lunged forwards with both palms outstretched. From here, he could swing his arms down and around, using that motion to jump and spin, lashing out with a hard downward kick on the second rotation. He landed up right, his feet tucking underneath him at the last second, and looked down at the academy. From this hill top, he could see most of the grounds. The light shade and soft grass made this a nice spot to practice his forms without interruptions. Most students here had a pretty closed mind about what combat could be about. Some favored their swordsmanship, while others focused more on kido, but he was taught that true power is obtained when one’s body and spirit are at peace with each other, and there is harmony. He walked back to his tree and grabbed his swords. He didn’t really like to use them, not for anything more than him feeling like he’s a better fight hand to hand than he is with a sword. So he keeps them sheathed, fixed to a harness and strapped to his back. Shu started back towards the barracks. He knew that independent training would end, and the tournament would begin. Today, they were scheduled to have sparring matches between students using anything you’ve learned thus far. Anything goes, and the pairings are random. He couldn’t help but smirk, feeling a bit more excited now that it was close. “Alright. I know some of you already know the rules, but I’ll repeat them again for everyone. You will be sparring against each other at random with no regard for ranks. Your skills as a whole are being tested, so any tactics that you have the ability to employ are allowed. If you win, you progress up the bracket to the next fight. If you lose, you’re cut from the tournament. Any questions?” The entirety of the Shinigami academy was standing in uniform, zanpakuto in hand, with blank gazes locked forward at nothing in particular as they listened intently. The woman in the front giving the speech was one of the instructors. She, specifically, taught advanced techniques for zanjutsu – her name was Nisao. She walked to the other side of the room and raised her hand, as if the gesture were the queue someone unseen were waiting for, a banner dropped from the ceiling with everyone’s names listed on it on the bottom most branch of a large tree of brackets. Shu quickly scanned through the list of names until he saw his own. His opponent mustn’t have been very memorable, because he couldn’t put a face to that name, but his fight wasn’t going to be for a while. With the first fight about to start, Shu took his place with the others lining the wall, and casually looked at the others. Maybe he could recognize whoever “Shin Ise” is. Maybe he was that big guy over there with the pompadour. It would be convenient if he knocked the biggest guy out of the first round. On the other side, he saw the opposite thought. There sat a very small, young man with a bowl haircut and a line of snot hanging from his nose. He looked blissfully unaware of his surroundings, staring at the ceiling in a daze and humming to himself. Whoever gets paired against him will at least get a free win for that round. Oh well. Someone like that shouldn’t even be here, but there must be a reason why he is. “Hmmmm…” “Winner – Jan Kirimoto!” The first fight ended rather quickly. Both students favored zanjutsu, but the bald man was much better than the woman he faced against. He looked down at her body with a look of remorse, as if he felt bad about having to win against someone like her. Shu understood how he felt, he recognized that feeling all too well, the feeling of beating someone who didn’t stand a chance against you. It’s a good thing that for their sparring, they used wooden swords. Many of those here would have already been killed in their fights. But even losses can be educational. With the next match about to begin, Shu scanned again for a face that might stand out in the crowd. She must have been doing the same, and coincidentally, when he saw her, she saw him too. That’s what he thought, but even as he looked away and then back at her again, the girl on the other side of the room was still staring right at him. He was sure of it. The people on his left were watching the fight, and the ones on his right were too caught up talking about the fact that they had been paired to fight even though they are such good friends. He had to willfully ignore that conversation, and looked back up to see that she wasn’t looking at him anymore – now she was looking at the two students fighting like everyone else. They were really going at it. These two were very evenly matched. They both favored zanjutsu, but one had an affinity for kido as well. They were perfectly tied in power, but when the blonde one utilized Tsuzuri Raiden, his strikes broke through his opponent’s guard and the match was won. A few of them couldn’t help but clap or cheer a bit at the victory, and even in the face of victory, he reached down and helped his opponent off the ground. They exchanged a smile as if to say “This won’t be the last time”, and bowed to each other before returning to their seats. The display had the entire room fired up and ready for their own fights. This was what it was all about. WC: 1,071
  9. So who wants to approve my new orp shinigami character app? Im excited. 

  10. Kite had always stood out a little in his town. He had grown to look a lot like his father, who was a pure blooded German. The picture of the perfect Arian race, so when he put on that little magic show before, he got a really paranoid feeling that somebody had noticed him. They must have, and they might have someone or some people on their way. His pace quickened, and he started to worry that he might be staring at people with a crazy look, but he isn’t crazy. He’s just overthinking it. “Just keep walking.” He made it to the edge of the fairgrounds without incident. His apartment was only a couple of blocks away. A 30 minute walk and he’d be home free. He could swear there was someone following him. But every time he checked over his shoulder there wouldn’t be anyone there. They must be good, and only stepping when he stepped so he couldn’t hear them as they approached. Someone this talented surely must have been trained, which meant one thing – he was being followed by a skilled assassin. He would have to keep his guard up. Kite quickened his pace. He was half way there. Suddenly he felt gravity start pulling down on him, and he felt like he was being choked by a very familiar feeling. There was a light tap as the monster with the white mask shaped like a wolf stepped forward. It was so close to him. How did he not notice him before? He suddenly realized where he was, and thought that the playground where this all began would be the perfect place for it to end. The wolf leaned back, and admitting defeat, Kite lowered his head and closed his eyes. His entire body tensed up, his heart was beating a million times per second, and his ears were ringing. This was the most scared he has ever been, feeling this was truly, without a doubt, where he died. The wolf barked, and he heard the sound of claws scraping across the pavement as he propelled himself forward to pounce, but then he heard something else. Something slid across the ground and came to a stop right in front of him. He opened his eyes to catch a glimpse of the man’s face as he faced down the wolf. While the wolf flew forwards with an open jaw, the man pivoted around and slammed the back end of his spear into the side of the wolf’s head. The attack sent the beast rolling to the side and sliding several feet to a stop. The man turned and looked to Kite, his expression one of complete confidence. “Just a moment, Sir.” He was tall, wearing a yellow robe with a fiery red trim and what Kite assumed was some sort of clan symbol on the back. His hair was long and pure white, and was kept very neat and bound with a yellow and red comb. His spear had a color scheme to match the robes, so he looked like the real deal. He whirled his spear around himself in a flashy display, and stopped with the spear aimed at the wolf, just as the monster began to advance. It jumped again, paws outstretched and mouth open wide, trying to take the man down, but he was quicker. He jumped to the side and spun to bring the spear straight down, aimed to stab it right in the spine, but it wasn’t to be ended so soon. The wolf evaded the attack, the spear tip driving slightly into the concrete, and spun around horizontally in the air, defying the laws of gravity and logic as it disappeared completely. The sound of paws lightly tapping the ground could barely be heard if you listened hard enough, but he wasn’t sure where he could be. Kite stared at the old man, watching him closely as he scanned the area around him. He slowly panned until he came to be looking in Kite’s direction. For a moment, he looked like he was lost in deep thought, but then his expression changed. He flung into action, readying his spear up by his shoulder and stepping into a hard throw, sending the spear flying directly towards him. He couldn’t move, so luckily it came very very very close to his head, but it didn’t hit him, it did, however, hit the wolf standing right behind him. He hadn’t even noticed it had snuck up on him. It was a good thing that man was looking over here when he was, or Kite would have been killed. That’s twice in in a very short period of time that he saved his life. Is it possible to owe someone two life debts? How do you pay off the second one? The spear found its way into the monster’s back leg. It yelped in pain and reached back to rip the spear from its leg with his teeth. The spear fell to the ground, and the wolf limped off into the darkness. Kite let out a long exhale. He was barely aware of it when the older man walked past him and picked his spear up. “The hollow is gone, but we can’t be certain he won’t be back again. But we shouldn’t chase it down. There’s someone who’s very excited to see you. I know you have a lot of questions, and I can promise he will answer all of them. Just follow me.” Kite thought for a moment, but only for a very short, tiny moment, and said yes. Of course he wants to join this world of fighting monsters. The older man smiled, seemingly pleased with his response, and turned to walk. He followed immediately behind daydreaming about what he was about to be getting himself in to. --------------------------- WC: 976 Total WC: 4340
  11. “Can anybody out there shoot all three targets in time? This man couldn’t!” “What a rip off…” Kite watched as a disgruntled man walked away from a large man looking very amused behind the counter of his booth. His interest piqued, he approached and asked the carnie about the rules and price to play. It was a cheap game, and he said he’d even let him take his first turn free if he promised to play a second time, and he agreed. The rules were simple. Using a pellet gun with 10 shots in it, you had 15 seconds to knock down 3 targets that rapidly moved about on tracks at the very back of the booth. Kite readied the plastic rifle against his shoulder and stared down the crooked sights, trying to adjust his aim before the timer started. “Start!” A buzzer sounded, and music started playing loudly. The targets rapidly dashed left and right and up and down. Kite missed the first 4 shots, successfully hit and knocked down the closest target, but ran out of time and the buzzer sounded again – the music stopped, the lights dimmed, and the targets returned to their first position. Kite looked at the man, nodded, gave him money for the next turn, and reloaded 10 pellets into the gun. He could do this. He was feeling confident as he took aim again. The carnie reached up and hit the button above his head. The buzzer sounded loudly, and the music and lights started up again. Kite swiftly took down the closest target and by the time he fired his 6th pellet, the 2nd one was down. All that was left was the 3rd and farthest target. It also seemed to be moving the fastest. Kite didn’t know how many seconds he had left, but he tried not to rush it. He fired once – miss. A second shot – another miss. He exhaled slowly and squeezed the trigger again, and a moment later a loud “tink” came from the target as the pellet hit it, but it didn’t fall over. “Hey… Wai-“ The buzzer cut him off, and the man behind the counter smiled widely, apologizing before stating that the rules of the game state that you win if you knock all three targets down within the time limit. The third target was still standing, so he didn’t win. Kite tried to argue with him, for some reason trying to make the con artist see reason, but the man assured him that this was no con, and that people win all the time. He offered him a free game for the hell of it, because he couldn’t stand to leave a customer unhappy. He said it with a very smug tone, obviously not meaning that, but he figured he could at least play the game one more time. And this time, he’d try to hit that third target first. Kite readied the rifle and waited for the buzzer, taking aim directly at the farthest target. His heart was racing a little bit, for some reason. He was focusing really hard on that target. He thought it might be the acid, but he could feel something building up inside of him, so he tried not to fight it and focused that energy outward towards the target. The buzzer sounded, and Kite took no time to start firing at the target. Every other shot, you could hear the sound of pellet striking tin, but the target didn’t fall, and he didn’t let up. He focused harder and continued to fire, when suddenly, at the edge of his vision, he saw a blue light. Seeing colors and lights in your peripherals was common on hallucinogens, but when he saw another form on the left side, he looked up. They looked like small beams of light suspended in space, held back by something. “You’re running out of time!” The man’s voice shook him a bit, but he returned his gaze to the target. He was extremely aware of the two bolts of light above his head though, completely aware, actually. He could feel exactly where there were. He focused on the target and squeezed the trigger, shooting the pellet in the gun and surprisingly, the two bolts of light at the same time. All three connected with the target simultaneously and the tin target was ripped from its track and destroyed, falling away behind the table mounted display. “H-Hey… How did you do that…?” “Well I’ve got to go. Fun game though.” Kite put the toy gun on the counter and turned to walk away at a very brisk pace. The large man running the booth shouted after him, but he just ignored the calls and continued his path into the crowd and away from all this. He had the feeling that the man didn’t notice the lights above him, which means he probably didn’t see that that’s what destroyed the target. So what was that just now? Kite walked away from the fair as fast as he could without raising too much suspicion. He wanted to be by himself while he tried to figure out what was going on with him. He didn’t want to admit it just yet, but he was starting to think he might have super powers, and how cool would that be? ---------------------------------- WC: 890 Total WC this Thread: 3,364
  12. Bass drops and rapidly changing tones suddenly erupted from his open laptop. The room was dimly lit by the yellow street light edging its way between the spaces in his dark brown curtains. His futon was on the floor against the wall, his laptop within reach to shut off the alarm. The only music he really cared for was electronic. The lack of pretentious lyrics or band dynamics made it seem so much more pure. He definitely responded to it more. He laid there for a moment, his mind racked with memories of both the night before, and the dreams he had about it. As he waited, details of the dream faded and he only remembered vague details, but he knew he was running away from the wolf monster, and just before it got him he woke up. Feeling fully awake he propped himself up on one elbow and turned to face his laptop. He was thinking about getting up and getting dressed for work, but then remembered that he had the day off today. Overcome with so much relief, he couldn’t even be upset about forgetting to turn off his alarm and sleep in. He thought about what he wanted to do today, and sat up straight and moved the curtain out of the way to look out at the street below. His apartment was on the 2nd floor, and there wasn’t much of a view – he lived in a small district. “That’s right, there’s a fair going on nearby”, he thought, and got up to walk towards his bathroom. Kite grabbed a shirt from the laundry basket, changed the one he had on, washed his face, and went back to his futon. Underneath the corner against the wall was a plastic bag, and inside was the rest of the LSD he had. This sheet had been printed with a Josie and the Pussycats pattern but they were all zombies. It was pretty much some of the best acid he had ever bought, and figured the best thing he could do with his day off is to trip at the fair. So he ripped off three tabs, placed them under his tongue, and made his way out the door, locking it behind him and hiding the key above the doorframe. It would take about 2 hours before he would be coming up, and it was about a 30 minute walk to the fair, so on the way there, he decided to take a scenic route and get something to eat. The food at the fair was probably going to be pretty expensive, so he didn’t want to go in without eating first. Kite made his way across the street to a small store that he frequented regularly. It was so close that he didn’t really have a choice to, even though their food selection was pretty limited, but they did make the best sushi in town thanks to the old man in the back and his granddaughter. They were in charge of the sushi, while the rest of the family ran the front. The old man liked to say “sushi is their family tradition”, but only his granddaughter is any good at it. He won’t let the rest of them roll for anyone but themselves. He says they’re an embarrassment, which seems a bit harsh, but he can’t say his sushi isn’t amazing. With a plastic baggy full of snacks and sushi, and a drink in hand, Kite heads towards the fair. On his way he passes by the park, and suddenly flashes back to the monster from last night. Why did it run? Sighing, feeling hopelessly unaware of the state of the world, he continued on his path down the vacant sidewalk. It wasn’t too much longer before he was able to see the fairgrounds in the distance. It had been about an hour since he put the papers in his mouth. He tongued around and found them, feeling how soggy and weird they were now, and thought it was kind of disgusting. So he just took another sip of his drink and swallowed them. About an hour left. Maybe forty-five minutes. As he got closer he could smell the pungent aroma of dozens of food carts making assorted treats and meals along either side of the street. Merchants peddling trinkets and neat things randomly approached offering to show their wares. In the distance, lights and music were dancing with the city folk, and Kite felt the waves of elated joy coming from everyone around him. It was an overwhelmingly positive feeling, and after being overcome with it for a moment, he realized the acid had just kicked in. He laughed to himself and walked away from the merchant he had forgotten he was talking to and headed towards the rides. The first thing he wanted to do was ride the carousel. Man did that look fun, but when he got on it, it felt like it started going faster and faster. He didn’t even wait for it to stop – Kite stood up and made his way to the edge of the spinning platform. He watched the same faces pass by two times before he built the courage to jump. His feet his the ground, but he wasn’t able to accommodate for the little speed he had, and he rolled slowly on the ground. It felt like a very dangerous stunt for a moment, but half way through he realized he wasn’t tumbling across the ground. He was just kind of lying there. So he stood up, dusted himself off, and walked around the carousel a few times until he found the exit. He could feel everyone around him staring at him, but he couldn’t bring himself to look at any of them. The acid was making everything move and colors were changing. The lights were everywhere and different music was playing from every ride and game. People in costumes ran about and children laughed and cried loudly. He started to think that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, but shook that negative thought away and looked for the next thing to entertain himself with. Maybe a game. ------------------------------------ WC: 1,031 OOC: Anybody who wants to have fun at the fair is free to join~
  13. Karakura Town. Living in this city, you learn to deal with the unexpected. Even if you can’t see them, their actions affect your way of life. The occasional mysteriously destroyed car or demolished building becomes a part of your every day. Those who are unaware chalk it up to being one of life’s big mysteries, but there are those who can see them – the monsters wearing white masks. Kite was walking home from work in the waning hours of the day – the sun setting, sinking slowly behind the short buildings reminding him that he hadn’t eaten all day. His stomach let out a low, slow grumble, and he stopped for a moment, pushing his hand against it to feel the soft vibrations resonating inside of him. He stared absent mindedly into the clouds being colored orange and pink by the setting sun, and thought of what he’d be making for himself when he got home. Maybe curry. He rounded the corner and started walking down the narrow alleyway that lead towards his apartment complex, unaware that he was being followed. There were no footsteps to be heard, because his pursuer needn’t walk. They floated a few inches off the ground, a thick, grey chain bolted to the middle of their chest dragging softly across the concrete as he drifted towards Kite. As he got closer, he could smell his target – that pungent human odor threatening to finally drive his mind over the edge and into complete madness. This has been what his last few days were like – he’d stalk and he’d watch, but no matter how close the man got he would restrain himself from committing the act that he felt compelled to commit. The pain was growing with each passing day, and with it the hunger. Tonight, he felt, would be the night when he gave in. His senses heightened, and his mind losing its grip on reality, the man attacked. He bellowed a lound, inhuman screech, the chain rattling and shaking wildly. Kite spun around on his heel to meet his pursuer, unaware of his presence until that moment. He was several feet away, but he felt as though he were being pushed down by something. This was the same feeling he got when he strayed too close to those monsters wearing white masks, but this was a human, or at least he looked human. What he didn’t understand was the chain, but before he could look any more into it, the man engaged Kite. Sprinting forwards with his eyes bulging and drool spilling out from his open mouth, the chain dragging on the ground behind him, he tried to tackle his prey. Kite had been in more than his share of fights growing up, but his current opponent was behaving like a wild animal. His unpredictable movements were difficult to anticipate, and he was quickly finding himself at a disadvantage. The ghoulish man wrapped his fingers tightly around Kite’s throat and held him against the cold brick wall. He cackled, staring into his target’s wide, light green eyes as he tightened his grip. Kite pulled at the man’s hands trying to pry his fingers open, but he only squeezed tighter. Oxygen. He couldn’t breathe. Blackness edging its way into the corners of his vision, he grasped wildly at anything he could, and his fingers found the chain dangling from the man’s chest. He grabbed at it, thinking for a moment how strange it was that it was warm, and yanked hard. The man howled in pain, and his grip on Kite’s throat loosened. He put a leg up and pressed it hard against the man’s stomach, bringing him to the ground as he continued to pull as hard as he could against the chain. “Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! Idiot! I’ll kill you!” The man’s pleas were sputtering out rapidly, his words spilling out over each other, but Kite only pulled harder. The chain was coming lose, so he adjusted his grip and yanked on it as hard as he could. The metal links seemed to be coming from inside the man’s chest, and with a hard pull, he finally pulled it the rest of the way out. The man screamed again, louder than before, and writhed in pain on the alley ground. Kite stepped back slowly, watching closely. Nothing about what was going on was making too much sense, but at the moment the only thing that matter was his own safety. Fearing for his life, he took action and defended himself against his attacker, but he couldn’t shake the feeling of this growing pressure forcing his head to lower. It was growing now, and wind was starting to pick up around the insane man’s body. He was convulsing, and at the spot where the chain connected, Kite watched as a hole opened up. He let out another scream, but this time as it dragged on, it became more like a howl. The man turned over and crawled on his stomach slowly towards Kite. His expression vacant, and his muscles trembling, he forced his body up and crawled on his hands and knees. There was another increase in pressure, and the man’s head rolled back, his eyes turning a blank white, and he howled again – this time clearly and wolf-like, and then he began to vomit. It was thick and white, and as it came pouring out, it seemed to defy gravity and stay on his face. The thick white substance was forming around the man’s head, and his body was rippling, changing shape as it grew. Kite stepped back, suddenly realizing what he was watching. He might not understand the how or why, but the man before him was becoming one of those monsters with the white masks. His looked like a wolf’s head, and his body was becoming like that of a wolf’s. The pressure pushing down on his back was still growing, and making his head feel slightly numb. Kite backed up more, not taking his eyes off the beast, and when he finally reached the opening to the alley way, he turned and ran from its shadows and into the city streets. The masked wolf leaned forward, taking his first step with his newly formed paws and flexed his muscles, feeling the strength of his new body. He let out a long, slow exhale, his hot breath making steam in the chilly night air, and he howled again, loudly, at the rising moon. The howl pierced the sky, and Kite went from jogging to sprinting – across the street and through the park, attempting to reach anyone that might help him. He hadn’t put himself into this position before. The monsters were always there, and he was careful, but this one surprised him, and now he could hear heavy steps behind him. Four taps in rapid succession sounded off with each bound the wolf made towards his prey. Closer and closer, until he was in range to pounce. Kite turned to see the open jaws of the hollow’s mask and the moonlight glinting off his newly formed claws. He hit the ground rolling beneath the lunging wolf’s form, and stood to meet his opponent. The wolf slid to a halt and turned slowly, walking hungrily, slowly around his prey. Kite watched closely, and wondered what he’d do next. He couldn’t out run the monster, and he definitely couldn’t fight it, but he didn’t want to die here. No matter what, he refused to die. And just as he had that thought, that sense of self preservation, he felt something deep inside of himself wake up. A surge of something familiar echoed out in his mind, and the pressure from the monster lessened. Wind howled around the two of them, and from his left ear, materialized a golden earring in the shape of a bird perched on a branch. He was barely aware of its existence, but could feel energy pouring out from within himself. He confidently stared down the wolf, who stopped his pacing to watch, and the two of them locked eyes, and in that moment, strangely enough, Kite felt as though he were an equal to the beast in some way. In an instant, and much to Kite’s surprise, the wolf turned and bounded away into the night, slipping away into the shadows and leaving him alone in that park. He waited, feeling the pressure from the wolf slowly disappear, until he was able to let out a deep sigh of relief, though something told him this wouldn't be the last time he saw that wolf. ------------------------------------------------ WC: 1,443 ------------------------------------------------ Learned - Partial Doll Creation: Requirements 1350 WC and 5,000 Reiatsu
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  15. Character Name: Kite Sterggen Race: Bount Reiatsu: 5,000 Desired Release Approval: Partial Doll Creation Application Link: http://bleachsoulevolution.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15697-kite-sterggen-bount-rp-application/