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  1. So who wants to approve my new orp shinigami character app? Im excited. 

  2. Anybody still interested in the ORP should feel free to message me with any ideas they have to get together. Im down. 

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    2. Kite


      Im an adult too, Star. Ive got responsibilities. So yes. We can definitely get some casual posting going.

    3. Mr. Neppington

      Mr. Neppington

      Look at you to all adulting around. 


      But yeah I guess I could be down to post some, sometime, somewhere :)

    4. Mr. Neppington
  3. Well he is manipulative and holds himself above humanity, two traits that we've seen demon lords possess throughout the series. Those who abandon their humanity and delve into hell to achieve power, will only become self destructive, but Vergil, whether he is a Nephilim or an OG, will be able to hold that power. I don't think that will change, and like always, it'll be Dante who has to stop him. The only difference is, Vergil will the be main enemy. Not Mundus, or Arkham, or any other demon. My prediction for this series: Vergil is a twisted little psycho path, appearing to actually care about Dante, but we saw where that went, and not having his mother. He will track down Sparda at a later point with the help of Dante, and some shit will happen, and Vergil will kill him. Bam. I am making the call now. We all know I'm a psychic if this happens.
  4. I don't mind what they did with Vergil. His personality is drastically different, and his style is much more modern, and he dresses like a fag, and his shit's fucked up, but I absolutely love the new edition to the series. However, I have 1 massive peeve with it: Dante doesn't get impaled by his sword. This one little thing has been eating at me like a homeless guy on bath salts.
  5. Kite

    The Ban Game

    Banned for using "ish" instead of "is".

  7. love the name change i'll be sure to top it in a couple weeks ;)

  8. lol kite, nice name change :P

  9. Ellie

    Why, Kite? WHY!?!

  10. There was about 5 days when I thought you were actually Nepp...I had to check your user name just to make sure you weren't

  11. my first post (=p)/(=))

  12. Thanks for the add, as well as the assistance.

  13. Meh. You can have this one, Shinji. *walks into the dots and allows himself to die*
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