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  1. Möröödögch sat upon the sand dune Hill that had birthed him oh so many moons previous, he had left the districts and the forests of which he had found himself a rest, to think deeply to himself about nothing and many things. In an attempt to understand the actions of the world and how it ran, and how he should act himself in time to come, he felt the souls of many aching in intensity almost moaning in their own self disgrace and debauched state and yet he saw a light so bright that could be ignited if it was only to be treated and mended and brought out correctly, he had studied a bit in the libraries of deeper slightly brighter districts though none truly carried much of worth, he still did digested that which he needed for a simple amount of understand and grasp on language and it's written forms, and also the different concepts that filled the realm. He learned a lot from said books while also understanding only came to fruition as smaller grains of sand dropping upon his head. He learned of history and of course had deemed it worthwhile to study his own cultural background which he had through the many dreams that filled his head with emotions plenty and information on himself and his own life before this soul life, or the afterlife he supposed it was. Though the largest understanding of this world and it's people, spirits, souls came from visiting the many districts and seeing how they existed and lived, what they did and how they themselves viewed the world. He found the darkness that enshrouded the farthest districts, the corruption and the many many problems, sinfully unpleasant, he understood these people needed help and could tell as he explored that this world needed all the help it could get and that he should at least attempt if possible to help it himself. He found murder extortion and even far less savoury things had grown to be the regular rather than the rare in these districts it seemed the people who ruled over this realm had chosen rather than to help their subject to instead ignore and allow them to squabble and squirm in the darkest recesses, he wondered too who these people very well might be as he heard tale of the shinigami, warriors supposedly protectors and guardians he deemed far beyond unlikely. He thought too over what he could do to change this world exactly simple use of power to take and control would never truly be a worthwhile endeavour after all, the abuse of power even if done by he himself would still corrupt a man, he knew of Khans the leaders of his people and he had read of a man who had came after he himself in the years of humanity a Genghis Khan, Khan of All Khans, a man though ruthless and showing little of mercy also seemed quite great and conflicted, a man of true power who ruled and allowed his subjects true choice over their own dreams and wishes and control over they themselves. A Khan who came from the commoner class and had raised himself far above his station, he heard of equality of rights even those faced towards women which was something new to him and yet something he found himself quite pleased with as an existing thing. For some reason though not quite clear to he himself he felt as though those rights may have served to help his mother the woman who's voices so easily and so often entered his dreams filling him with the knowledge of previous existence. from a rather horrid fate he had yet to quite discover fully, he saw a tear filled face and heard screams but never much more. He wondered too whether that may be something which in future might reveal itself to him far more apparent and filled in rather than full of blank spaces of which he could not decipher. He took part in life in the districts those first so many years an active spectator to truly feel how they felt and explore how he might help, it was on one of those fateful days that he ran across something quite similar to what he had so odd many years ago and only then would he discover it's name. A hollow a creature from some separate realm that feasted on souls to grow more powerful itself a beast with an insatiable hunger that terrorised souls within the human realm rampantly and supposedly were disposed of by these shinigami. He heard that they too would come to the spirit realm though quite most ravenously and often in these disgraced and neglected further districts it seemed the farther the district the more unprotected and laid waste to by hollows it would be. Seemingly it was the shinigami's job to slay these beasts and save the souls within, but through only what he could feasibly accrue in his head to being pure neglect of duty and care, would be left run amok freely for quite long amounts of time what could be months of devouring, he heard tale that occasionally they would have grown to such a point of power by the time any shinigami might actually be mobilised to take them on that, they would pose a risk to the soul reapers themselves killing any incapable and growing yet stronger a foe a monster that would be left untamed and allowed to grow like weeds in a garden. The beast he saw was a lot different to the deer like specimen he had ran across a long time back, though there was no mistaking that they were of the same nature upon him spotting the mask upon the creatures head. The beast was gigantic twice the size of Mord himself rippled in dark purplish muscles that pulsed with throbbing veins it's mouth was jarring with almost human teeth quite unlike that of an animal, it's body was closest to a great ape hunched over with full razor sharp claws. It ran through building aplenty with ease at a speed unbecoming of something of it's immense size. He spotted the gruesome sight of it running clean through some souls before gathering others in it's strong enormous hands and launching them within it's human like maw, the gnashing sound of it's teeth as it broke bone and body and the screams of the souls it consumed filled the air with an even darker aura that almost consumed the very air itself. He stood still a moment taking in the horrifying sight, a tear almost falling from one eye as he looked upon this beast and saw all the sins of a world uncaring for it's lay people, he knew he must make a change no matter the risk to he himself he had to do something for this world make a mark of some sort in this very very long life he could now live in the soul realm, not for himself but for the denizens that could not the weak and unloved many that fell to the whims of quite few. He let out a roar towards the beast, 'Face me Hollow and die to your Khan' He would then brace himself, he was unarmed and knew from experience so far that any weapon he tried would break to the force of his own strength he would have to beat this beast however whether it be through pure force or through some other method. it charged towards him its front paws, claws or forelegs whatever one might call them quickly launching him towards the sole soul that stood waiting for impact, it let out a chilling cacophonous giggle similar to the sound of a group of chimpanzee's as it came it's first attack striking straight into Mord, sending sprawling through the wall of a building as hit him with it's claw both forcefully pushing in a slap and also clawing with it's sharp claws. Möröödögch managed to remain standing as he went through the building and gained a large claw print cut across his left abdomen, blood poured from the new found wound, but he could not relent to this beast and in reaction he ran himself charging towards the hollow and hitting it with the full force of his own power, he felt the crack of ribs as his fist connected with it's lower chest area and seemed to break ribs. the satisfying feeling of the hollows bones crunching felt good to him and he would let himself smirk slightly as he sent it sprawling a good 15 meters away, the beast yelped and turned to him the cacophonous chimpanzee like giggle exiting again before it would rush once more. This time he would move alongside it both charging upon one another and letting out wild swings, they matched toe to toe for what must have been a full minute both full of cuts and bruising before Möröödögch eventually gained the upper hand and sent the beast sprawling through the air once more with a satisfyingly solid uppercut beneath it's chin followed by a forward kick that sent it's spiralling backwards through more of this shanty filled district. The Hollow would stand and begin to run instead of charging once more. Möröödögch would follow as fast as he could but the beast had began to simply cause as much chaos and destroy as much as it could grabbing and eating souls as it made it's way. It would be a prolonged chase before Möröödögch would eventually catch the beast and finish it off, lacking a weapon he was forced to beat it to death with his fists, it took some time and exhausted him, he spent what felt like a full hour just swinging strikes one after another upon the creature until it lay slumped dead and he collapsed unconscious atop it's body. That was the first but not the last time he would run across these hollows in these districts and each time he rid one though he knew he was helping he felt as though he alone could not capably deal with them all at least not as he was now. It took him a couple of weeks to fully recover from his cuts and other wounds inflicted of the battle and he would remain in the district regaining his own composure and strength, his need for endurance and lack of stamina making it necessary to regain some semblance of full health before even remotely attempting to take any sort of leave. He found himself embraced in the darkness of this district 320, the sadness that permeated it's very air as he looked around and saw many souls and noticed they're unclothed nature as he once was he thought to himself, adults children men women boys and girls all lacking of clothes of footwear and of food their bodies almost withered and ghastly to look at as they appeared not much more than skin and bone, he thought to himself how the world could devolve to this such state, did they truly do something horrible in life to be cursed such and as he thought such thoughts, he cursed himself for allowing them enter his head. There is no reason these people should suffer so. He saw criminals all over people stealing both from corpses and one another, some wielded swords and knives some had nothing but their hands and body, he saw men rip each other apart with their teeth and nails as they fought for the smallest slivers of substance of food. He saw little boys and little girls robbed and kicked aside, he saw them also forced to themselves steal to survive knives that in their hands seemed bigger than any sword, he noticed also he saw very few people one could call old, in fact he reckoned he had only seen one older person the entire time he had spent here. Once he had recovered well enough he walked alone in his thoughts as he took in the sights around him wondering how he could change these such things and wanting so powerfully in his mind to do so. He knew criminal gangs would likely be one of the biggest things he must deal with and that the people themselves needed nourishment and a way to live. And so he would leave to the forests where he could hunt and he would spend time gathering food that he could afford to take upon him and he would enter the district 320 and shout out to all who could hear, offer them food and growth and attempt to bring them closer to a better life to fulfillment and self contentment. He gathered children first giving them food and bringing them away from the rukongai showing them to hunt though the land still lacked much in that nature and how to serve themselves with what they needed, he made them basic weapons to protect themselves spears and the likely and thought them as well as he could how properly to protect themselves. He then moved to adults doing much the same but going further, he showed them how to fight how to hunt and told them to dream for themselves and the children brought to this most horrid of places, he knew he could not quite feed this district alone and simply teaching them the basic skills of which he was capable also would not fully suffice to making them self sufficient he knew though he could at least help, and perhaps by feeding them a little now and ridding them of gangs he could fully help them grow in future to be much more than they were now. This District numbered 320 would be the first in his line of conquests, bringing them food and eventually clothing and attempting to integrate some sort of life to these downtrodden starving beings, he wished to help them and so too he would have to think bigger and grow further. He found himself quickly moving forward to another district after the first one and exploring finding and gangs he might be capable of. It took him a while to rid gangs from the districts he had chosen. He began stomping out and taking over the gangs that he could showing them through superior force the paths of betterment. He would do this for all 20 of the lowest districts which he took, as his first step of taking over, the gangs of course would learn of him further and further as he destroyed and took over what he could, occasionally finding himself forced to kill for the betterment of many. The first gang he would take over would be that of the Diamond Claw in district 318, they were thieves mostly, but also found some gain in harassing and strongarming to get what they wanted, thugs and sneaks, their gang ruled a decent portion of the district and numbered quite large. He found himself spending a few months looking for their base of operations to meet their leader and running across members all the while who would face him and more or less often be faced with an overwhelming might. It was in this gang he would meet one of the first men to show himself capable more than the ordinary soul a heavyset bald man who had led the gang by the name of Ewan. Ewan sat at a desk in a small room with a bench on another corner on the bench sat other members of the gang that were left to guard and also to fill in their master on what they discovered. Möröödögch first came across the Diamond Claw hideout after taking on and forcing it out of a gang of thieves that had chosen foolishly to try and steal from him, he forced them to tell him where the hideout was and to tell them who the leader was. It didn''t take very long for him to reach the spot and find the heavyset bald man, the man sat calmly looking Möröödögch over and asked him to sit. They sat for a short time before any words were spoken 'I've come to take this district, by force if needs be, but I will offer peaceful resolution.'. The fat bald man laughed for a bit before looking the behemoth over 'I have heard of you, 'Khan', I have heard of your strength and how you have took on hollows barehanded, but what about you should endear me to trust in you to lead me' Mord looked the man over before giving his response 'I shall do much more than simply kill hollows, and I will lead to much more than simple robbery of folks, these districts are infected and I with the help of the many souls present shall find them a cure.' Ewan stared him over a bit once more before laughing again 'And what would you say to me if I said I had also previously banked on you coming, what would you say if I had already made a decision.' A small smile would enter the behemoths face before he would speak 'I would welcome you if you have joined and be sad to have to leave you to waste if not.' Notes: Pretty shitty post gotta admit, but a post is a post WC: 2899 TWC: 4302
  2. It had happened quickly the appearance of another shinigami who drew himself in between the two warriors as their battle was entering it's voyage end, the man pushed them apart with some kind of windy technique, it was fast enough to surprise him, the yellow tendrils that had shot out and redirected his swing, both abilities or techniques were new to the large man, the newcomer dodged his strikes and disappeared with the acting captain commander, though he would hate to admit it he did to some degree feel some relief that the frog man did not seem to need to die, but that was stupid and he knew it in battle, war or any engagement one left alive could grow to become quite a lot more of a thorn than they originally were. They disappeared fled, reappearing in another spot, the newcomer obviously a shinigami ally of his previous opponent would speak stating that the biggest threat were the foolish spirits and souls that carelessly disrupt the balance, and how it tilts the balance and rifts being the people themselves problem. A large brutish laugh would exit the behemoths throat as he spoke in reply a tone of unfiltered anger and disgust apparent in his voice 'Their own fault, that's all you have to say?, It's quite easy to lay judgement on those poor souls in deepest peril while you sit so high above, these souls are no less foolish than you for having a need to survive, you don't think perhaps a lack of proper management, no help and no given information, won't serve to make these people as foolish as you seem to deem us, These districts full of people in struggle need help, not poor judgement from a man who understands nothing of their struggle but instead deems their mistreatment their own fault.' Möröödögch would stand in a protective stance waiting to counteract if the man decided to take him on, he would not simply give up and allow the many souls he committed himself to helping to fall back upon their previous circumstance. If this Shinigami proved wanting of another battle he would feel what the repercussions of cornering a wild animal. He wouldn't be capable of reaching the Frogman again if he wanted to and he knew within that truly he would not truly wish to do so, Speaking up towards the Frog he would say in a more civil tone 'Perhaps you may be capable of making a difference from within, if you are, letting you live may prove not to destroy but rather fix.' He knew the newcomer was a lot faster than himself and so he would choose rather than trying to track him directly to wait for something to happen if there were something to happen, and react upon what he could. WC: 472 TWC: 1403 Notes: Stats: 0/4 Attacks
  3. His strikes had landed hard upon the frog, this battle enjoyable though somewhat tiring he thought. the frog spoke as it swaggered upon it's legs barely managing to stand. He had been pleasantly surprised by this Kaeru Xarius's resilience and the ability to block such an attack. The first words he uttered resonated in his mind. Möröödögch laughed, the closest thing to pleasantly his hulking form could 'Truth is the title doesn't really matter, it's the meaning behind it, Möröödögch means dreamer' he moved towards Kaeru readying himself to finish an opponent he must admit some respect for. 'Everybody dreams, but it takes more than being a simple dreamer, a Möröödögch to make a difference, I am Khan because I will it but also because this world full of dreamers needs one.' He would let the man speak out of respect rather than just outright trying to finish him, all men worthy of respect deserve some closure. He laughed again as the man spoke of himself as the biggest threat again before finding it within himself to answer. 'You come to me, because you are brave and worthy, and perhaps in another life things may have been different' 'But what you fail to understand is you are not the biggest threat here' He would take a short pause before continuing 'The biggest threat, is the loss of lives through neglect, the loss of dreams and starvation, the biggest threat' a quietened tone of anger would begin to rear it's head from deep within the pit of his throat 'Is this soul society and it's malfeasance.' A cough would escape the large khan as he finished speaking 'I offer you an honourable warrior's death and the burial befitting it, in war would be friends become enemies' He felt some tiredness from the strain of battle especially with these weapons he had only recently acquired. He would give the shinigami the closest to a reassuring smile as he could manage before attempting to finish the battle for finality. He knew in his mind that he could not let this man live, and also to further that notion that he should spend time grinding the man for information, but respect he felt was due and as such he would give it. He would attempt to finish Kaeru with a clean downward blow of his zhanmadao from upper left shoulder to bottom right hip, if the frog attempts to counter or dodge he would slash again with the mongol sabre from bottom left hip to upper right shoulder, and if the frog continued to block or dodge he'd continue to strike until he could finish the job, he wouldn't hold back and would attempt to follow and catch the frog to finish if needs be. Notes: WC: 461 TWC: 931 Abilities: None Attacks 1-4(depending on Kaeru)/4 Stats:
  4. His strikes had seemed to hit the shinigami, their speed ferocious enough to bring awe to himself, these blades felt tailor made for him an extension onto himself, he felt at ease no danger, and something in the back of his head almost a voice or voices but not quite, seemed to whisper to him relaying the vast force he held within. It felt as though a mixture of instinct and thought processed faster than he himself could fully understand. He had little time to think too succinctly, knowing that in battle any hesitations or holding back could risk weighing things down, this shinigami seemed to parallel him far less hyperactive. He knew what he would do, and he began to charge forward. The captain commanders blades had changed just like his own, the split moment he took to look at them he thought them beautiful as only a weapon or tool of violence truly could be, 'For us so sentient and great of beings we truly do find ourselves at the thrall of our own base urges'. He could not lie to himself this battle as many others excited him, perhaps more than ever before because this one felt like it may actually hold risk before it. He knew he might not be as experienced of a shinigami, but he was of a mighty kind, a King, a Khan and a Warrior, and what else could one such as himself do but to excel in the radiance that battle brings. His body began to heat his skin turning almost red steam began to arise from him. He ran with two blades outstretched and ready, as he charged the very wind around him seemed to blow the sand as it thickened in it's embrace and veiled him until he was almost unseen. He became that of a Sandstorm, charging sands. he would attempt to charge into Xarius. 'Tsöliin urval' upon reaching melee range sand would gather around his mongol sabre and he would slash towards his opponent a torrent of sand erupting from it and attempting to catch him in it's own mini cyclone of power attempting to surround and encapsulate the frog. 'No matter how deadly you may be the Great Khan Shall Live and his enemies shall die, that is how it should be, if not I Shall not be Khan.' Sweat would begin to fall from Mord as he would slash twice more at his opponent. His breaths becoming a bit more ragged, a mental note he took to himself, he must better his endurance in the use of these new skills of his. The first swing would be an upward lunge with the sabre after sending his sandy torrent, the second would be a wider horizontal swing with his zhanmadao trying to cleave through his opponent. WC: 470 TWC: 470 Notes: Stats Abilities Used: Kheerlin Nulims(Tears Of The Steppe): RELEASE PASSIVE: Sand falls from Kheerlin and follows the movements of Mord and his blade, slowly and subtly adding itself to the surrounding landscape. After three posts worth of time allowing it to spread itself and gather. The sand accumulates to a point that allows him access to his further sand based abilities. ============================================== Els tseneglekh(Charging Sands) Charging through Okasen [USES: 1/3] [COST: 1/3 Tears Of Steppe] ============================================== Tsöliin urval(Desert Reaction) Melee Version De-powered Due to having 0/0 Tears Of Steppe] [USES: 1/3] [COST: Cast with 0 Tears of Steppe] If it lands reduces Kaeru's Perception by 5 for 1 turn. ============================================== and two normal strikes ============================================== Deserted Mistress Still Active 2/3 turns, [Damage taken/Times Used To Attack Before Sand Armor is Destroyed: 2/5] [0/3 Enemy Attacks Taken with 20% reduced damage] 4/4 Attacks 2/3 towards devastating blows (Will be using devastating blows once he has hit enough times) ============================================== REMAINING TEARS OF STEPPE: 0/3 TEARS OF STEPPE AT THE START OF NEXT TURN: 1/3
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  6. Another issue with that system is a final tier str would only do twice as much damage as a first tier str attack which makes no logical sense at all
  7. Möröödögch couldn't help but let out a short chuckle at the frog man's words. 'If you're the biggest threat, I suppose that makes me salvation.' He continued to glare at the soul before him unable to help from letting out a short snarl as he found it in him to threaten everything the Khan held close 'I suppose Frog or man, foolish bandied threats all sound the same, I am Möröödögch, Warrior Kahn I live wherever I deem fit'. A burst of wind spread across the air where the frog once stood putting out the campfire as the frog quickly disappeared, reappearing in another spot. He let out a warmly toned chuckle as he replied to the man's next statement, 'I shall try not to disappoint' followed by a spitting of the words 'Captain Commander'. He followed Xarius into the nearby field his eyes burning with the radiance birthed from man who has seen death. His facial expression apart from the burning eyes remained near neutral apart from the smallest of smirks, he would enjoy this as he has enjoyed many before. Sand dripping from Tsöliin kheeriin els on his left, spreading itself outward as he began to stroll towards Xarius, sand beginning to envelop him as he did so with smaller shards of glass entering inlaid in the sand, 'Tsöliin ezegtei mini'. The sand would fully cover his body, the small shards drifting within it ever moving. He would begin to move faster towards the frog watching closely to try and match any movements the Shinigami acting captain commander might make. The zhanmadao Tsöliin narny dulaan would begin to burn bright red, the land around him would begin to radiate heat spreading over their entire battlefield as it enveloped them 'Tsöliin zuukh'. Möröödögch, would run closer to the shini, and let loose a swing of his blade from outside of melee range sending a huge shockwave of pure brute force heading straight towards his opponent in a vertical arc cleaving through the ground before it and causing small amounts of rubble to spread. He would slash his other blade in an effort to send a shockwave hurtling behind Xarius for the purpose of limiting his movement this shockwave would move in a horizontal arc . he knew he could not underestimate his opponent, a man with title and rank surely held it for a reason, and he judged he should soon find out, just as the frog man had said one should not simply attack what they do not understand. Notes: Abilities used 4/4 attacks made Stats: WC: 420(Blaze It) TWC:4826
  8. The large warrior khan sat and listened intently as the stranger spoke. The strange man followed him circling the broken weapons and staying near his own side of the room. He noticed the man seemed to fidget or move around, perhaps he was taking in their surroundings, or assessing his own risks. The being turned away from him as he spoke, and he noticed a blade upon the man's shoulder, a zanpakuto like his own he thought, 'that answers those suspicions'. He agreed with the man's first statement as he began to stand once more 'And as all smart men know, those foolish souls number plentiful' a slight nod escaped his head as he continued 'And desperation leads to foolish action'. Beginning to walk slowly towards the doorway as he listened he spoke 'What's so important as to lead a wise soul to look out a doorway, turning his back to someone he has only just met'. Curious to gauge the man's reaction, Möröödögch would raise his weapons as if to attack the man from behind, but hold back from actually swinging. His face remained covered by the strange hat a fact that made the Warrior Kahn feel even more interest to see what lay beneath. 'Dangerous, everything in this world is dangerous little one' he spat 'Perhaps if you know so much you may show me yourself.' He heard the man's musings but bothered not to show them any heed 'Well Xarius, I am Möröödögch of the sandy steppes beyond the city, Khan of all that I may hold' He felt power surge outward suddenly from this being, and as the power surged he saw Xarius's hands for the first time, a dark green amphibious look, followed by the face of a frog with a scarred eye. He laughed aloud in reaction 'My interest only grows, Frogman, how very long since i've seen anything resembling your kind.' He repeated the frog's answer questioningly 'To recruit a powerful ally or eliminate a threat to Soul Society' he found himself unable to hold back more boisterous laughter, as he began to walk out of the tent motioning with his head for the frog to follow 'I must say Xarius, regardless of what you or your other denizens of that Gotei 13 may think, am not a fool' he paused to leave a short silent break ' The way I see it, i've not been shown any reason to think you lot yourselves are not a danger, you leave these districts to feast upon themselves like wild starving dogs' His voice would raise in tempo as he spoke 'And then have the audacity, the pompous nerve to determine yourselves guardians most worthy of praise and of heroship', he would continue walking past the campfire if Xarius follows while he continued his speech 'And you find it necessary to police that which you barely conceive, I ask you honestly, what makes me the possible threat and not you?'. After that he would state 'If you're willing, i'd enjoy a shot at giving my new blades a whirl, it's been a long time since i've held anything that didn't break.' he spoke those last words with a threatening tone lingering upon his deep bellowed voice. Around the camp the men had found themselves other things to do, choosing not to get caught up in this meeting of two powerful souls. Möröödögch would grab a drink from one of his men's hands down it and throw it to the floor as he stood staring at the man in anticipation of a reply. WC: 597 TWC:4406 Edit:Forgot to colour in some of his speaking Notes: Changed active thoughts to a seperate colour to distinguish it from what is spoken Stats, Shikai Active
  9. Möröödögch let out a deep booming laugh that almost reverberated through the very air itself, he looked himself over in awe 'I guess I was right very much so in fact' he thought words almost leaving his mouth. He felt something quickly come and almost just as fast leave, he looked around himself in slight confusion, curious to what it was he had felt. Soon after he would be answered by the emergence of someone seemingly almost from out of nowhere. The being stood in robes before him he could not recognise, with a grey cloak surrounding, this being who's face was also covered by a large straw hat of some make he also did not recognise, spoke to him, in a man's voice, his mind checked one box whoever this was it was a he, and he was relatively tall in his own sense. Mord looked deeply at the man his eyes shooting to his subordinates around the fire, he sensed they knew something, recognised something he did not. He spoke calmly, assessing what stood before him, suspicion budding in his own mind. Before he spoke properly however he let loose one two words from his lips 'Very well' and after a short pause 'That would be me, yes I suppose, however I must accept you catch me on the backfoot here, I don't recognise you' He let loose a slight chuckle 'I suppose we should sit in my tent, lot more comfort and a man who seeks something from a Khan should probably do so by his throne.' He turned to walk back towards his throne within his large tent, his head turned to nod for the stranger to follow 'Now I must freely admit, I find your sudden entrance interesting, and I do harbor some suspicions of what you are, but if you'd indulge a Khan within his own land i'd like to hear it from you, Who are you?, What are you? Why have you come?' after a short pause he added in 'And if you do happen to be what I think you are, how the fuck do I put these things away?' He made a slight exaggerated show of maneouvering them around. As he'd reach his throne and sit pointing to a chair his eyes would lock towards where the being should arrive a serious expression entering where once was a face openly humoured, his expression would be met with a tinge of hostility which would be matched by his tone 'Now that I have shown you hospitality, I'd very much appreciate it if you'd take off the damn hat covering your face and show yourself' It had been a while since he had a visitor never mind one that appeared before his very eyes following a surging feel he could not understand, A shinigami he thought surely, his mind knew quite quickly it must mean the soul society itself must have noticed him by now and decided to check on it. It was something he had expected to happen but not quite so soon, he still had yet to properly consolidate and solidify that which had gained, he had big plans, that he supposed may somehow depend on this meeting he felt could only be more than mere chance. A zanpakuto's appearance shortly followed by this strange man felt like more than coincidence, there had to be something he was missing, and letting out a mental sigh he supposed no amounts of mental preparation, reading and/or otherwise could fully account for every possible eventuality, and deep down within the competitive heart that beats, he felt if push comes to shove he would very much enjoy the spectacle. WC:614 TWC:3809
  10. After the passing of twenty of so years, twenty hard years, amassing power, control wealth, Möröödögch stood 10 feet tall a very large man with a dark complexion and mismatched eyes one of deepest amber the other purest violet, his body full thick with muscles built was that of a warrior, and that was exactly what he was now. A Warrior Khan, The Warrior Khan Of Rukongai, he sat in a camp he made outside of the districts within a steppe, it reminded him of the memories he saw in dreams, his camp consisted of multiple yurts, a kind of simple mongolian warrior tent and one larger more elaborately decorated tent which stood in a similar style this was his personal yurt, it stood open and he inside it on a simple enough throne made of wood, within his camp were ten men he trusted well enough to keep close, He wore simple furs he had taken from wild animals he had bested over the years, larger beings he thought could sate his need for challenge. The camp wasn't the largest by any means but still stood almost like a miniature village in these steppes, perhaps one looking toward it may notice it's layout and wonder if, a village or home was exactly what it was meant to be, and perhaps the Khan himself may openly accept such a thought, for he had emulated his dreamed memories to make it so. A large fire stood right in the middle of the encampment and 4 of the men who currently occupied the camp sat around it drinking and joking amongst themselves, they wore furs with small sabres and clubs sheathed at their sides. 'When are the women supposed to be coming along Uther, tis a bit of a fucking sausage fest at the moment don' ya think' spoke one of the men to another half in jest though through his composure one might easily tell he was also softly attempting to pry or inquire. The man he directed the question too was by no means a huge man but a scarred body of muscle and battle worn face easily made up for that in his imposing stature. Uther looked to the man who had asked and replied spitting on the ground halfway through 'They'll be here when they fucking are, drink, get merry and put your fucking cock away' He chuckled grinning towards the other two men and continued 'Filthy bastarding things almost bursting a hole clear through your pants at the thought of a woman Casek' Casek was a relatively smaller man lithe and young looking his hair brown messily worn in a knot that stretched back behind his shoulders. His face shone with embarassment as he let out a light laugh before seeming to drown within his own drink. From a nearby tree came another man laughing having overheard the conversation, a heavyset bearded bald man with a set of crooked teeth and a nose that had clearly been broken more than once and never quite set properly upon his face 'You should ease up on your brother Uther' his face held a serious gaze and structured appearance, that only stood for a few seconds before his composure fell and he continued laughing 'He's probably never lain with a woman after all, we were all young and horny once' he laid a light smack on Caseks left shoulder before sitting himself down beside the men and filling himself a drink. Möröödögch sat in a loose relaxed manner almost allowing himself to fall slumped upon the chair he held a large flask of Ale in one hand and his other hand wandered with a sheathed blade in hand as if he marvelled at it's feeling it was a large sword easily big enough that any normal sized man would need two hands to wield in anything remotely close to a manageable manner, the sheath and sword guard themselves seemed bare and rather unremarkable and yet, he seemed incapable of prying his eyes away from it. Beside his throne upon the tent floor stood a large pile of broken blades and weapons ranging through many types. he glanced toward the pile deep in thought his mind racing slightly in a manner, he could not be completely sure was not just a side effect of the alcohol he had been drinking, he began to fidget on top his throne, some looks crossed him from men he had taken in as underlings, but they quietly refrained from saying anything, knowing not to pry too far. One thought above all others crossed his mind and led to him raising himself from the chair and standing, he chugged the last of his drink leaving the tankard aside taking another gaze at the many broken blades 'None of them withstood me, so why yet do I feel so confident that this, most base looking thing, can' a look of surprise struck him almost as much as it might anyone nearby who might dare look. 'That it might not only hold me but also more, much more.' He had read quite a lot and heard quite a lot in the many years he had spent in this realm and had heard quite a few tales of the Shinigami, denizens of the protected Seireitei and members of a larger group known collectively as the Gotei 13, but it was not they themselves that his mind jumped hurdles through in thought. But that of their weapons, of the special swords it was said they wielded, those blades known as zanpakuto. He wondered was this weapon he held in his own very hands one of those things he had almost thought a myth. Shinigami very rarely were seen or even thought of to travel out to districts this farm from the center, after all they currently found themselves camped outside the districts numbered 300 to the very last one that held a number. Of course his true conquest had only really began this year, and he had quickly in a rather immensely fast manner had managed to subjugate the criminal gangs fully and take over control of the 20 districts this far out proclaiming himself Khan. Even now the districts filled with men who grew loyal to him and feared the name of Möröödögch. He thought himself not a bad man and so had of course tried to begin cleaning the districts of the gangs poverty and starvation that had covered these districts. And he had found it within himself to make sure the men around were capable of protecting themselves and those around themselves for he had grown to know of the turmoil these districts faced in what he now knew to be called hollows, vile beasts that rampaged through the poorer denizens and wreaked havoc that could not or perhaps would not out of abuse be met by these shinigami guardians self proclaimed that horded money and food and power and gave not freely to their people. A rage travelled from the huge beast of a man as he thought of it, and having stood began to walk towards the men of his that circled the campfire drinking and jesting, men he had quickly taken a liking to and thought to test and better, each of these men had been criminals before he met them, though as his mind shot through many many things, images flowing through his mind like blood vessels through veins, smells of rot of seared and mangled flesh. He could not truly find it within himself to place blame on them for how their lives were, after all the way this world worked, or if he succeeded in attempting a more significant change, then used to work. They were victims of sacrifice and he would mould them and already had begun to mould them into lesser khans beneath him, for they had what he viewed as the heart of warriors and that much valued aspect within that held sway over the worth of any being the necessary components to lead, but not just in name, truly lead well. As he walked heavy footed, his every step echoing loudly across the open plains, and almost quite cracking through the very solid earth beneath them he looked to the men and spoke aloud, attempting to hold the tone of his anger but not fully managing it and half shouting in his deep almost aggressively devouring voice 'Who found this sword?' he raised it in front of himself in full view though still sheathed 'And how did you come across it?' the men looked to one another, but remained silent, his voice rose causing what he had hoped to restrain himself from causing, a booming echo 'I said who found this sword'. They all remained still silent before Uther spoke up 'Honestly have no fucking clue sir, what's so important about it that has got you riled up', he held out a flask filled with booze towards Möröödögch . Möröödögch sighed slightly hoping to calm his own composure, it was not a usual thing for him to act in anger, though most would fear a man of his stature for doing so, he found it often worked in his favour to allow the thought of angry retribution itself quite a lot better than actual anger itself which clouded ones judgement. And yet some gnawing headache inducing feeling continued to poke at his brain, until finally in an outburst he unsheathed the blade. Almost instantly the throb seemed to dissipate, his head cleared and he found himself speaking without much thought 'Tsöliin elsnii uilalt, Tsöliin kheeriin els, Tsöliin dulaanyg shataakh , Tsöliin narny dulaan ' Around him a sandy shockwave erupted and as it cleared he stood now with two weapons one in each hand, his left wielded a mongol sabre with a sandy amber coloured blade, and on his right a large zhanmadao with a blade that shone a violet hue. He wore now a deep black armour that covered all of him but his head(the armour would be similar to mongol style but of course black and without the helmet). WC:1694 TWC:3195 Shikai Learned: 1694/1500 Shikai Chant Translation: Cry Of The Desert Sand, Sand of the Desert Steppe, Burn Of The Desert Heat, Heat of the Desert Sun
  11. He had spent years now traversing this very spiritual realm that had birthed him as though a child born from the womb of mother deserts sand. Spiritually he had lived 40 years in this very strange unerring world, and as time had passed, more things became known to the mind of what began as a small being with the appearance of a 13 year old but had by now grown to 9 foot and seemed to grow even further as years passed. His years spent in the libraries served him good, learning to spell and write things the memories as he, now believed he knew his dreams to be, served to show he had not learned in life before this spiritual continuance. More concepts grew in his mind as if an ever evolving creature, mentally now he could fully be considered one of the many that roamed this land. His memories thought him of life in a tribe, of the world of warlords and battle, of drink and of women. All of these things would grow to inure this boy as he grew even physically. Though he had not read in his previous life he knew now what he could very well be in this world this new chance of living. A warlord of repute and one of which should be the most respected and feared of men, the mightiest of warriors with the keenest of minds, A Khan of Khans and all that stood around him a world to be conquered in concepts in learning, and to make yet everything all the more sweet he seemed to learn as time travelled alongside his own path. That in this realm age held no real jurisdiction or control over what one man could learn or grow to be. In this world all could be gods if not squandered and capable, and he intended to reap what the realm itself seemed to sow around him. He had learned by now of what his early mistakes were, of money, currency that which one used to pay for the things they wanted that others were willing to be rid of. Of how men and women worked toiled hard jobs of labour and of sacrifice to achieve that which they wished, and he could not help but feel some sense of pride or rather admiration for such beings. He also knew that truly to be what he wanted to be, he would need knowledge and some mind for tactics and plans alongside mere brawn for the greatest of all warriors was shortly a combination of both prosperous elements that of which made up the foundations of a being, Brains and Brawn. He learned also of guards men who protected traders mostly, from his reckoning, for money an honest enough trade he supposed, and of course that they would have been what had chased him before his escape as what both physically and mentally compared to he now was a child only yet catching it's bearings, he cursed himself for having been so dumb and unknowing and also to some extent of not taking the chance to test himself against said men force against force, power against power the collision of those willing to battle and at least in his own case kill. How could one grow but through experience and as he wished to be a great warlord, a great kahn he knew that the greatest path towards his own goals would be through battle both of the physical kind and that of some brainwork. He would find out about the many criminal elements that surely ran through the many districts of rukongai like the vessels pumping blood through the body the rukongai made up. He would of course once prepared start with the district he had already began living beside them, oh what must have been twenty years prior to the current stage of time, he would start with what things he had picked up from years of study in the libraries, the mental side of his which he had needed to grow in order to advance his own understandings of the world and knowledge, it of course had been a challenge, simply learning to read and to write had been a challenge. He had worked vigorously using all manner of willpower and personal mental acuity to learn the art of reading and writing that acuity of which he had accrued by then not yet fully a person to the standard of what he mentally conceived as one. The him back then compared to the he that was now would be what Mord himself should think of as a husk, or a plant being watered and nurtured with plenty of sun to slowly grow from it's tiny seed into the makings of sentient man. He of course read up on books that involved warfare and his own culture that of which he remembered, the Mongols, he learned of an empire after his time, one of the greatest there ever was of a simple common tribesman named Temujin who would grow to be known as Genghis Khan the greatest of Khans, The Khan Of Khans. That was one thing that grew to his heart deep, a pride that of which one could only feel when something they love, does something great. He of course would take note of how Temujin accomplished his own conquests and appreciate what it would take. He only for now at least planned to take on the criminals from his nearest district, challenge his own power against the strongest of which he could find and through conquest grow his own personal empire, he of course knew the simplest manner of beginning would be simply to walk to where he knew thieves and cutthroats might think they stand a chance at overwhelming without repercussion. Morood also read up on battle itself, alongside that of war, of great warriors such as the chinese FengXian, men he would respect and partially feel bad for not having an opportunity to face on the field of battle. Möröödögch would leave for the forests where he encamped, take rest a while before preparing all that he would need. Not that, that would be very much by his own reckoning, he simply broke from a tree branches which he tied grassy vine and sharpened the tips off rock. He would hunt first to acquaint himself with the use of such a weapon. he took his first spear a large thing he had made of the nearby wood, held it close to himself and began to stalk throughout the forest itself looking for something worthy enough for he to consider prey. It took him a few hours to finally find something worthy of his time and effort, a large feline creature with long ferocious claws that seemed to gleam almost majestically off of the moonlight, and teeth or fangs that did almost the same but held within them blood of many it had faced, a small smile spread across his mouth as the left corner of his lip found itself upraised. He shouted to attract attention, stealth was not something he wished to make use of now, for he wished to test how well such a spear as he had self fashioned could hold up to his own strength and that of an opponent battling tooth and nail for lack of a better term, one less worthy of a current pun. The best flexed, its mighty muscles bulging in a powerful display as it hunched it's shoulders growled and then let loose a mighty roar, it began to rush towards him charging with speed and conviction. He looked deep into it's eyes from one predator to another, and roared right back a ferocious war cry he bellowed deep from the pits of his lungs. It came to him and almost as quickly as the anger in it's eyes flared, did they turn to those of fear followed by a gaze most pitiful, that of an animal in pain, before deflating a split second of acceptance entered it's pleading stare before finally it's eyes became still, inert and motionless. The spear most brutally connecting with the force of his own strength basically blew the poor creature to bits the sheer power within the attack eviscerating it as pieces of it's blood and guts flew from one place to another in disjointment. Unfortunately also to his vast disappointment the spear itself found itself broken and shattered. He took a small time to relax and think what he felt needed to be thought, he would go without a weapon, if not else than this experience thought him much, he need not a weapon for the common thugs he accepted he may run across, his own mind slightly deflated 'what sort of weapon may handle the strength of which I have gained, the size of which I have grown, One day perhaps I shall find something worthy of challenging my own thought and situation'. WC:1501 TWC:1501
  12. Möröödögch Found himself adding in physical and mental tasks to pass the time and attempt to better himself as if a self set competition placed upon himself, physically alongside his normal exploring and travel looking for something new he began to partake in lifting whatever thing heavy enough he could quite find, rocks mostly as they were the most populous of things he might find but occasionally a tree stump or the like would be added into his exercise repertoire, he found himself partaking in this act for a couple of hours each day all the while counting the amount he could do and how long he could last, making mental note of what might view as progression in his own head. He also added periods of running and jogging to his travel testing the limits he could in fact find for himself, physical training also found itself steeped far into his arts of hunting and tracking, he'd add extra physically demanding restrictions so as to test the mettle of he himself and further assess his own personal physicality, this ranged from simply allowing the prey to know of his existence from a distance and forcing himself to try and catch it through pure force of his own speed and stamina, this worked at times but at others lost him a chance of food though he minded very little once he found himself living to his own ideal. To other restrictions such as having to manage to catch it from a far distance with a thrown rock, this he found himself rather adept at, managing to measure distance and perceive the route he must send the rock through for the highest chance at catching whatever beast it was that he focused on, he found it always best to measure up where the beast would arrive rather than where it would stand at the time of throwing, he used this he thought as practice also for if ever he needed to learn how to do any such thing of this manner. The mental games he added upon himself ranged from things like simple counting of the steps he took and rocks he saw each day, long and tedious perhaps but it kept him focused and focus was a very important for a man and his sanity and state of mind as a whole, besides the counting added further very useful help to the next game he played that would surely be vastly important to any explorer, which involved remembering the land around him, from what landscapes and landmarks surrounded him to them minute details such as the rock numbers, and combining even further to said mental gymnastics would be the art of mapping it out within his mind using what he has counted to tell him how long to travel and how well the spot found itself littered by miniature things that too may help him figure out where he was. This mental map making he felt though not quite sure exactly why would be a supremely useful skill for anything the future may hold within it's many many pages. Like the simple art of dreaming was the discovering of what made a difference between the land he traversed and especially difficult were his attempts as he began to learn for himself the art of properly mapping and traversing lands of desert sand plentiful but oh so so very difficult to straightforwardly tell the difference between one slash of desert sand and another. He found himself somehow attached to the desert sands themselves though he knew not why and any dreams he had seen as of now had still yet to elaborate to his confused mind why the sand felt welcoming and almost as though somehow attached to he himself as a man as a being, he spent years traversing and studying the desert itself making a mental map of it's vastness and the beauty hidden deep it's sandy dunes, his love remained but he still had a self assigned mission that he could not hold back on for far too long no matter his constant interests in new things which grew in him procrastination through study. It took a lot of time and a lot of travel for him to eventually discover the land of the rukongai, using knowledge he had slowly felt seep within his mind he followed the trails of water to find it and watched it from a distance before deciding to go anywhere near it. Still naked he had noticed that others wore stuff that covered their natural forms and so thought to himself that of course he must need something of the like, he traveled through a forest gathering basic materials to eventually manage a basic cloth covering of his body, he washed and bathed himself in river water also so as not to enter this new land smelling far past foul and dressed in nought but natural nudity. His mind told him others of his kind were important and he knew it must very much so be true, making his way far back towards the districts, he would enter a new world that of civilization and all that it stood for. His first meeting with another person or spirit consisted of him bumping into a woman and not managing to say a word, simply listening to her berate him for his rude behaviour and stupidity. He however paid no heed for she was the first woman he had ever laid eyes on and she to his eyes was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, he imagined his lips touching hers though he knew not why he felt that it would feel good and right, and he almost went for a kiss on the unsuspecting lady before she slapped him hard and walked off finishing her tangent, he tried to speak to say a reply anything any word that he might find but though his mind now was filled with words and their meanings he found himself still unspoken it would be new to him. His further descent through the districts of the rukongai would find him wandering aimlessly and in awe of all of the faces rich and poor, old and young, ugly and beautiful all were new to him and he found it rather quite fascinating. He found a food stall and seeing kids come and grow grabbing food he found himself also hungry and simply took the food from the tables at leisure and began eating, this of course led to shouting and insults. He once again tried to reply trying to understand what was wrong and how he may fix whatever issue he was facing. He spent what must have been 10 minutes being bombarded and told to pay up not quite knowing what the man meant he would eventually try to walk off and see a group of large young men block his path. 'pay the goddamn vendor, ya fuckin freaky little thief man' Stopped and stuck he found himself trapped, quickly looking through the full streets not wishing to partake in a fight with others similar to himself, and not understanding what was wrong he found himself running towards one of many alleys, the young men chased him, he ran and ran for quite a long time only finally stopping upon reaching a dead end, a sigh of relief hit him before more men, these brandishing long sharp not quite sticks at him, he remembered the word in his head as he assessed what stood before him, long sharp knives. He knew these things were dangerous and yet he had no idea what was happening around him bewildered all over 'Give us yer money and wi w'on hafta poke ya full of holes ya lil rat' Assessing the land around him again he found himself alone cornered and considering whether he might need to fight to retain his life. They moved in closer and closer to him circling him, until suddenly he sprung up jumped atop a window railing and climbed his way up on to the roof of a building, he then began to run once more lost unsure and not knowing what to do he continued to run until he reached a sport finally where felt he was somewhat safe and began thinking to himself considering his options and weighing which option might be his best. Eventually he decided to exit the district again deciding he would not sleep in the confines of this unknown and unusual land. It took him hours again to reach a point in the bordering forest lands where he felt safe enough to encamp himself and sleep. After sleep had passed from his system he thought further on things and determined he would have to visit these districts again but also decided that he would come to and from the district to at the very least these forest lands so as to understand what he was doing and where it was he exactly was at all times. He also decided he would try to have the least amount of impact he could possibly have and simply view and figure out how to properly fit in amongst others, Before heading to the city rukongai districts and such though he decided to hunt once more, finding himself a worthwhile prey a smaller deer though flashbacks told him not to that it might be the one that disappeared before, he silenced those words of doubt and thought to himself perhaps it would actually be better if it was so he could truly finish the job if he hadn't already. He killed it with a single rock throw and using the same rock he not quite cleanly skinned it having seen skin of animals in stalls in the rukongai he thought he should bring some and perhaps that would help him. He entered the rukongai once more and found himself at the traders giving the skins to a man who gave him something he had never heard of nor seen before, they called it money, having been handed it he quickly noticed people trading it from one to another to get other things from one another and the first seeds of understanding entered his mind. He spent the rest of that day in travel observing and taking no actions as long as he could help it. If he was not interrupting in anything than surely nothing would make him seem out of place. It took him a year to settle into the groove of coming and going smoothly and discover for himself the simple aspects of civilized life, he quickly fell into habit and found himself selling skins and sometimes even buying stuff for himself including a knife which was his first buy. It took him 10 years to properly understand the smaller subtleties of life and truly integrate fully within rukongai life. He found himself quickly enamored with the library and spent quite a long while learning how to read and write. WC: 1839 TWC: 4500
  13. Upon a dusty desert dune, materialised as if birthed by the air or sand itself, A naked being with the appearance of a young boy, his skin ashen and his eyes mismatched amber and ruby. The eyes of this young man-thing fluttered slightly but remained a solid still for what felt like an eternity though no-one else would see, after this wait this solid silence and inaction, the boy slowly blinked his eyes watering heavily, why he did not understand. He spent his first few hours on that hill looking over the sands, seeing little but finding many, he felt the sand below him, small grains of which had whisked there way upon his self in many less than comfortable places. It's texture a new thing to him as all things would be to the mind of something new. He didn't move until a day had passed, simply staring at the vast space that spanned deep in front of him, he saw the skies their light blue blurred to some respect by the newest feeling that entered and grew over him, that of a radiating heat burning, and the red ball in the sky which seemed to stand still upon this desert sky un-moving just as him, he wondered was he too a ball radiating heat , but he upon a sandy canvas brown, his simple thoughts still yet wordless, knew somehow that was not true and after some time of staring until the boy no longer could he closed his eyes and dreamed. The world was black when his eyes had closed he found it funny for some reason as he wondered whether the world around him truely did exist or if his thoughts, his mind, his eyes did make it seem as so. He stirred, his eyes opening finding more darkness, yet it was different there were things, he saw things, but that beautiful sky crystal orange that had shone upon him and it's beautiful accompanying blue canvas had disappeared. At first he did feel dread but somehow something deep within spoke to him. 'Be still young möröödögch, all is but a dream' Her voice radiated within his mind so soothing, so awe inspiringly amazing, it bounced back and forth within the confines of his limited psyche, he knew not what those words meant not quite yet but even so they filled him with peace of mind and safety. 'Mö-röö-dögch' He stood and took his first steps like a toddler guided by it's mother, the word circulated within him, placing itself deep within him before seemingly inserting itself as part of him, It was his name though yet he knew not what a name quite was. He staggered a while only moving two metres before collapsing upon himself, but as he fell he saw that crystal orange ball had been replaced with a white solid block that glowed almost as beautifully, and the sky deep black held some allure quite different to that of the blue canvas he had grew comfortable upon. After a few hours settled upon the sand once more he stood again to take steps further more. He continued ambling unguided falling and slowly picking himself back up for a length of time one would know as two weeks before finally he had found his rhythm and steps too did come as easily as the staring and thinking that occupied all of his time. It took a further 6 months for him to begin to feel an ache within his stomach and his throat, that of hunger and that of thirst. He suffered screaming, only managing to scorch his throat even further and allow sand to place itself deep within, his suffering lasted what one would call a year, he having long found himself collapsed unmoving in pain and thirst and facing agony, before thoughts cleared within his mind and found themselves embedding the thoughts of sustenance and of how to get it, food water, hunting, arts once foreign. Slowly becoming more than a simple doll of waking movement and pain he sought land of green, and animals of that which could sate his seemingly never-ending torturous hunger. Two months passed before he found that which he sought, fertile land, flat and for some reason words entered his mind, home and the steppe, being the most powerful, an unsuspected and unknown drop of liquid fell from his eyes, tears by which he knew not, for he cried truly for the first time 'Mö-röö-dögch, you must hide. your life they too shall seek, young one run, you have nothing left to prove' The land around him was flat, with sparse patches of grass upon a rocky steppe, a jagged rock cliff stood to the west about a kilometer from him and in front of it stood that which he had fought hard to find food, he needed strength and to rid himself of this never ending ache at the time he would sit again in silence and communicate with his own mind, thoughts words had slowly been coming to him giving him further understanding of life and the nuance of being. He contemplated how to act and how his actions may face the worlds reaction, how he may track well and how well and truly effective he could manage to get himself. But first he thought water, where there live creatures there lives water, he would soothe this thirst that parched his throat then he may find something he could scavenge. He seemed to remember a former life upon a landscape quite similar to this one, but in this other life he was not the only of his kind there were others larger than he and they showed him things taught him of the hunt but also of plants and berries and how to find food so not to starve for the good of the whole, his mind raced adrenaline perhaps, and though he had been thinking things through and words of strategy and tactical analysis too did fill his mind, he found that he had started running without even thinking to, perhaps this was the power of sheer instinct fuelled by hunger and thirst and the bare necessities of a living though not quite breathing being. Beside the jagged rock cliff, jutting through small cracks within it at times as if interweaving itself with the rock itself stood a stream of which the animal seemed to be using as a source of nourishment. to his thirsty throat and weary mind he found it the most wonderful sight for his sand and sun scorched throat. He wondered then why did he not breathe, did not all things breathe, he rushed faster than he may ever have expected, though you notice you move quite a lot slower than your eyes seem to perceive everything around you, you see the thing you had decided to hunt perk up having noticed you, it's head turns to you and rather than a concise flesh skin fur and bone it ears a white mask that almost seems to catch the light of things and glare off of them, it's body was that of a small deer lean and supple, it's fur a smooth coat, he would have thought it only a foal, but as it's eyes if one could truly call those slits within the mask eyes looked toward him it's body tensed and the fangs grew upon the mask, it bared at him and growled an awful shriek, he was hungry oh so hungry but this thing, it seemed it was too. It seemed he had fallen to the lure of a creature quite unusual. it's body now strongly muscled with bones snapping and cracking out of the creatures hide as if to surround it in a bone-y carapace to guard itself with sharpened points across it's level. It took him more time than he would have liked to stop his movement having already went far more than he would have liked, but as he was to stop he slammed against the creature putting the force of himself and it at direct odds, to his own surprise it flew through the air and into the rock face it had nuzzled beside though he too found himself spinning through the air, he felt part of himself crack and his breathing grew heavy. As he swirled through the air his eyes saw through the subtle telling of earth rock beneath them and he managed to pivot and land upon the rock feet first, standing though not unhurt, his breath catching him heavy he coughed and felt a pain like no other as if his own chest was collapsing upon itself, he continued to cough in a fit blood pouring like phlegm from a mucus filled throat, his mind swirled struggling to straighten itself and he vomited, a lot of the puke managed to find itself upon he himself with the wretched smell of a thousand dead beginnings. As he tried to recuperate and fix himself, a sound hit his ear that of the hooves, of the creature moving, his eyes quickly found it standing snarling charging, though it wore a mask he felt a huge wave of anger and hatred of blood-thirst beneath it's reflection, it ran but he could see it's movements rather clear, he managed to avoid it's first charge narrowly, his body not quite moving as fast as his eyes and mind seemed to tell it, he began to run towards the stream that cycled through the jagged rocky cliff face. it took him some difficulty to push the pain of his chest to the back of his mind but he eventually avoided it's thoughtful allure and charged the water, and as he began to navigate he thought to take a drink to nourish that weakened throat of his, and so that was what he did. Drinking from the stream pained him very much so and he struggled to keep it down both for the feeling of a red raw throat and what he would not understand were clearly broken ribs. He drank for too long and though he noticed the sound of the hooves charging him it took him yet again longer to react than his mind would have liked, this time however though he tried to avoid this thing charging forth he failed and it slammed into him again knocking him into the rock behind himself, his vision blurred and his mind blacked out for a moment he awoke perhaps a few seconds later finding himself face deep in the water of the stream, taking his head from the watery grave he looked up to see the fangs of the creature coming down towards him. He threw his right arm up to protect himself and the fangs sunk themselves deep within his forearm, causing him to emit a painful shriek, raising himself however he grabbed a rock from the stream in his free arm and with the full force of his power he began to smash it upon it's masked head, he hit it three times hard drawing blood before it let go of his arm, and made a light retreat, his right arm scarred with flesh torn revealed bone past skin and though he could lightly move it, it would be useless for the remainder of this fight. He took a quick look of the land around him the masked beast stood only 5 steps from him snarling and staring as if awaiting it's chance to bare again, through a crack in the cliff he could run through to the plains steppe again and perhaps if he ran enough he could avoid it. And yet somehow somewhere deep in his mind, his curiosity piqued and a newly forming competitive nature growing within him, Möröödögch decided he could kill this thing, he could win his deserved sustenance and also he could perhaps have a better look at it and maybe find out more about what manner of beast it is, perhaps if there was one there might be more and reason did dictate that the smartest reaction would of course be to understand the very little that he could, of course his thoughts weren't quite so deeply thoughtful as he still too was learning the arts of thought and thinking as a whole. He ran to the opening but taunted the deer like creature first and upon hearing it's moving hooves and knowing it would charge he turned to see it and made a quick turn before solid rock, managing to avoid the beast as it slammed with a furious thud against rocky wall with the full force of it's self, it let out a furious pained wail, that of a wild animal fallen to the trap of a hunter. He paused for a moment recognising this feeling and this sound from some previous life that perhaps some day he might truly remember, he spent almost too long doing so and put himself at slight risk as the creature began to come to it's senses, but thankfully he struck quick and true before it might react and retaliate with the anger of a wild animal trapped and cornered, taking the rock in his left arm and smashing it against the back of the creatures head repeatedly, with an almost anger filled expression he roared as his rock struck over and over and over across the nape of his foes neck. And so he collapsed upon the back of the dead prey, a victorious smile upon his lips for he was victorious. He slept there for three days before waking, his mind taking hours to fix itself from it's muddled confusion, once he finally cleared his head he noticed the beast had gone, disappeared, but he couldn't quite understand how, he spent further hours trying to conceive of what the fuck had happened for lack of a better term, before eventually realizing his hunger had disappeared too despite the creature having survived, it was unusual vastly unusual he understand not why he knew it was unusual but he knew that it was in fact far from the ordinary. He sat for hours upon that spot resting in peace. Hours turned into days and days weeks as he basked in peaceful bliss thinking little of import perhaps but always thinking, how else might one pass their time even wordless at a level far beyond illiterate and mute. He spent years living the life of a nomadic hunter gatherer though he never quite learned what it was he ran into that first time. As years passed more came to his brain further memories and an understanding slowly of words, and their meanings as they equated to the world around him, like an animal caught in the full term of it's own evolution his thoughts grew further and as his thoughts grew and his mind expanded did he find himself wanting to explore even further and learn even more for surely there were others like him spirits cast adrift in a never ending sea. He had now lived two decades and found himself needing more than this simplistic life though less out of a straightforward need for more and rather more so a need to understand more, for he knew more existed how else would his dreams so vivid cast themselves across the canvas of his mental space and supplant in him many ideas many thoughts and many ideas that could not possibly be simple imagination for the world inside his own world surely existed somehow somewhere and if not here something else definitely did. 'Möröödögch khüü, no matter what happens, no matter how the world changes and things become not quite what they seem never shall you fail, for you are möröödögch khüü, and no-one shall sully you my beautiful boy not even züüdlegch khuuran mekhlegch, and so too shall no warlord filthy or clean ever rid you of the dream.' WC:2661 TWC:2661
  14. I find the controls alright personally it just reminds me of bbs controls but with flowmotion, dream eater links and reality shifts instead of command styles and god I'm blacking out on the name of the shooting thing in bbs shotlocks also ability links instead of command boards very similar to me at least
  15. http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/wiki/Kingdom_Hearts_(series)/Timeline Chronological order up in here
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