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Kira Abdul (Keife)

race: shinigami

age: 21

(1 Year ago)

Kira Abdul was a spirit that just recently entered soul society when he was picked up by a shinigami because of his stronger than average reatsu, not a particularly strong shinigami, though with the support of his childhood friend Kizugomi, his determination would not wavor, often lacking in focus he stumbled through his acadamy tests and became a shinigami. Kira is right handed, has medium length red hair and blue eyes, he stands at 5'9" and is shy and reserved

During Aizen's attack on the soul society, Kira and Kizugomi were attacked on the way back from a mission to the human world. kira did his best to fend off the hollows while kizugomi had his own hollows to fight, wave after wave they fought, until they realized how bleak their chances were, back to back the hollows circled closer. suddenly kizugomi winked at kira and bolted off with his fastest flashstep to the top of a nearby hill, and with a flash of light his bankai enveloped him. The hollows felt the spike of delicious reishi and turned their attention to the newly powered kizugomi. kira could do nothing but watch as the hollows were decimated by the unreal power of his friends bankai. when none were left kizugomi released his bankai and turned to wink once again at his now thoroughly shocked friend. but was horrified to only now sence the dark suppressive force of the leader of hollows that attacked them, he called to kira knowing there wasnt enough time to reach him before the attack, as kira turned to see what his friend was saying he felt white hot flames in his eyes, and the world went black... when he hit the ground he heard and felt two forces slam together mere feet from where he was laying, and then nothing. kizugomi called kira to see if he was alright, kira was unable to answer him, his head going numb he knew he was losing a lot of blood. then he felt the wound close up and his mind cleared. kira didnt know a healer was around, "sorry kira, i couldnt fix your eyes. but at least you wont die now." kira was confused. but then as he began to see shapes. he noticed that the shape in front of him was fading, too late he realized that he was blind and he was seeing kizugomis reashi fade away. with kizugomis contribution of reishi which saved kiras life came the ability to see reishi as a phisical form. his hair turned white and he inherited kizugomis will and fearlessness. blind and alone he wandered around lost until he came upon a door made completely of reishi. - kira wandered around huaco mundo for days until he came upon a city of bright reishi, at first he was wary, but after awile he and the reishi forms became friends and kira stayed and protected them with his bankai inherited from kizugomi.


Kira gave up his life at the soul society to live in hueco mundo with his new arancar friends. 5'9 with medium length White hair he picked up a new name to commemorate his new life, the newly christened Salem Hart; shinigami of Hueco Mundo.

Kira's reiatsu is clear

His Zanpakuto's name is Wasuremono, it is a black NinjatÅ that creates a yellow reiatsu that mixes with Kira's blue reiatsu to make a green reiatsu with a black tint that causes a feeling of anxiety in order to intimidate weaker enemies into blindly attacking

shikai: when he activates his shikai, his zanpakuto transforms into a 18 in. African Blackwood Katana Style Short Sword which he effectivly weilds left handed

http://www.bladegall...size=b����(link to sword in Shikai)

bankai: When Kira uses his bankai his hair grows to twice its length, his eyes become empty and grey and his ability to sense reashi streangthens to the point that it becomes a physical entity that he can see as clearly as flesh and blood. he loses his inhibitions and strikes with ruthless precision and agility, his flash step before wasnt fast enough to keep up with even the new recruits but now it challenges that of a captain's. his zanpakuto splits into a scythe chained to his wrist and a shard splits off becoming a second blade that he weilds in his off hand.

shikai release: forget them Wasuremono

bankai release: Weep Shikkaku Wasuremono

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