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  1. keife

    Squad 4

    hey guys. whats up in squad 4? me im just building my character back up.
  2. keife

    Check Me Out

    guess people dont care, ok then nvm
  3. keife

    Check Me Out

    ok so anyways ive been here for awile and im a little too shy to do the whole rpging thing, but i wanted to know how it felt and see if i was any good at it... so i made a character in my profile, and i just wanted to see what people thought, so check it out and let me know whatcha thought, keep in mind ive never done this kinda thing before so if its crap dont give me too hard a time k
  4. Quest 64 was good as well
  5. my all time faverite N64 game is "legend of zelda ocarina of time" i could beat that game in 8 hours flat and still want to play again and again, i swear i beat that game hundreds of times and never got bored of starting over and beating it again
  6. sorry lol, got carried away there, will do eh kapitan
  7. he could put a cooldown time for training skill levels, like an ammount of time you have to spend training those skills before you master the next level, or a number of hollows you have to kill/devour before you learn the skill. the higher level you are the more training you should have to do, thatd make it somewhat fair
  8. im all for skills, but theres no rush from me, i like the game so no complaints, i just have one suggestion..... wait for it....... customizable Zanpakutos, sealed, shikai, and bankai would be soo awesome if you could customize its abilities and make it to your own personal fighting style. just a suggestion
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