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  1. Shinoda

    Colosseum Tournament Sign Up

    T^T why did chu say that you are so cruel Yuuhi
  2. Shinoda

    Colosseum Tournament Sign Up

    Shinoda is ready to join the battle mwahahahah
  3. *cries* I hope you had a fantastic birthday! You deserve it!~From The Dandyman

  4. Happy birthday, Shin, I hope it is most enjoyable! :D

  5. Happy birthday Shin!!!

  6. happy B Day Shin!!

  7. Happy Birthday Shin I hope you have a great one :D

  8. Shinoda

    Guild Lightmoon

    Hy yuuchi gomen , i can't go back so soon maybe i need to stay here for another two month , once again gomen yuuchi
  9. Shinoda

    Lightmoon Guild Adventures

    "I think I just blown my enemies into piece but its fun" Oda said it as he walk to the other guild member place , his arrancar uniform was full with blood from his enemies that he punch into pieces. Oda then look at sorin who look like he was injured and using healing kido to himself. Oda then yawn and crack his neck . "YO!!! Night i will take a rest now , you know what to do if there was enemies just Shift this eyepatch . don't think twice just shift it and please take care my brother kay....?" Oda yawn again before after he tell Night if there is an enemies , she must shift his eyepatch . as soon as Oda shift his eyepatch he turn back to the stupid crybaby Shin. "Night!!!... why chu let those frankenstein chase me i was scared with something like that you know...." After he turn back to normal again , Shin glomps night with teary eyes because he was scared with those creature who chase him before.
  10. Shinoda

    Guild Lightmoon

    *didn't want to fight chu XP fears noogle*
  11. Shinoda

    Guild Lightmoon

    but i wont attack you since somebody maybe stalking me and will noogle my head if i do that XD *has abilities to boosting XP*
  12. Shinoda

    Guild Lightmoon

    i still can catch you up with my speed since we on the same tier speed XP
  13. Shinoda

    Guild Lightmoon

    maybe i should attack you Liu XP since my char is unstable right now XP
  14. Shinoda

    Guild Lightmoon

    okay.... since I have killed my NPC so i will wait now , just tell me if anyone need a back up XP