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    Name: Krieg
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    Class: Hollow
    Reiatsu: 7000
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    Strength: 11
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    Reiryoko: 5

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  1. Grimmjowned - EuW. Starting to play for South Africa in a big tournament so not sure how much free time I'll have outside of practice.
  2. F is for Flash. D is for Destruction. Used to be F is for Fire, D is for Dodge.
  3. *sighs realising it was good to have never really owned anything important and begins heading towards Las Noches.*
  4. This is why I build crit chance. To one shot your Tibbers
  5. I'll just return to my palace. Espada Novena after all as well as one of the great kings of Hueco Mundo.
  6. ohhhh I see. Thanks. Will search for threads
  7. Jayce looked up as he noticed the Stern Ritter entering the room, breaking his concentrating but seeing someone else in this large room ade him feel a little less uncomfortable. "Yo. I see you're still alive. Means the battle went well, right?"
  8. Well I'm glad to hear that If you're playing on the 14th, I'll introduce you to an absolutely great friend. 2 if time allows it. May be busy most of the day as I'll be setting up a party.
  9. Haha thanks XD You've met a small majority of them XD
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