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    Ichigolink did 105707976.59 damage. The group of hollow have -100707976.59 hp left. The group hollows did 7500 damage. Ichigolink has 1929419821 left. Pikachu did 33235483.63 damage. The group of hollow have -133943460.22 hp left. The group hollows did 7500 damage. Pikachu has 107803280 left. Congratulations, your group defeated the Hollows!
  2. Akip Akip (FLOG GNAW)

    1. Night Asakura

      Night Asakura

      Huggles Pikachu, cause Pikachus are cute

    2. Pikachu Kuchiki
  3. *sits on papa's head*

  4. Hi uncle maty^^, I've just been taking a break is all. And I'm fine thank you*jumps on your shoulder*

  5. *hugs*and a happy new year to you papa^^

  6. *hugs*and a happy new year to you papa^^

  7. sowwy i missed ur b-day papa

  8. sowwy i missed ur b-day papa

  9. happy b-day izu-chan i wish you'd come back

  10. *noms at the substances in the bowl*awww

    me feel guilty noe v.v*puts a katsupy paw print on your cheek*

  11. what's with the "hmm" nii-chan

  12. im bored with training*crosses arms*hmph

  13. *leaves cookie crumbs all over the profile*


  14. sissy i missed your b-day

    im soo sorry D; im a bad baby sister

  15. *tears fall when you give her jerky*nii-chan used to give me this*she sits on the ground and slowly nibbles she sobs*it's not as good as his

  16. *stands on your head*THUNDERBOLT*lighning shoots down your chest stoping when it hits the gloves*don't call me short D:<

  17. better than you are right now crispy:D

  18. your a bad trainer*shocks your hand*what if i died of hunger*shocks your body*you wouldn't like that would you >.<

    *licks you hand*but i forgive you^^

  19. hi hi you kno what i and what squad im in so not much to say

  20. i didn't finish sorry to be so slow

  21. do you even have to ask both pokemon stadium games and snap
  22. i change my mind why have a fav their all awesome (Espadas 1-6 and 8)
  23. yes thst's good that u said that

    because i shock people when they

    don't give me what i want

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