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  1. Akip Akip (FLOG GNAW)

    1. Night Asakura

      Night Asakura

      Huggles Pikachu, cause Pikachus are cute

    2. Pikachu Kuchiki
  2. *sits on papa's head*

  3. Hi uncle maty^^, I've just been taking a break is all. And I'm fine thank you*jumps on your shoulder*

  4. *hugs*and a happy new year to you papa^^

  5. *hugs*and a happy new year to you papa^^

  6. sowwy i missed ur b-day papa

  7. sowwy i missed ur b-day papa

  8. happy b-day izu-chan i wish you'd come back

  9. *noms at the substances in the bowl*awww

    me feel guilty noe v.v*puts a katsupy paw print on your cheek*

  10. what's with the "hmm" nii-chan

  11. im bored with training*crosses arms*hmph

  12. *leaves cookie crumbs all over the profile*


  13. sissy i missed your b-day

    im soo sorry D; im a bad baby sister

  14. *tears fall when you give her jerky*nii-chan used to give me this*she sits on the ground and slowly nibbles she sobs*it's not as good as his

  15. *stands on your head*THUNDERBOLT*lighning shoots down your chest stoping when it hits the gloves*don't call me short D:<

  16. better than you are right now crispy:D

  17. your a bad trainer*shocks your hand*what if i died of hunger*shocks your body*you wouldn't like that would you >.<

    *licks you hand*but i forgive you^^

  18. hi hi you kno what i and what squad im in so not much to say

  19. i didn't finish sorry to be so slow

  20. yes thst's good that u said that

    because i shock people when they

    don't give me what i want

  21. all right ill try some

    but in the future let it be known that u feed

    me jerky

  22. this food smells funny i can't eat this

  23. excuse me are u myna as in the third seat of squad 5 *just asking*

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