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  1. Rojin Hisui

    Plain Old Chat

    why don't you take over, kaihri?
  2. Rojin Hisui

    Plain Old Chat

    angel left? hmm.. so it seems... but she's still on, on the RPG, huh? guess that's kind of what I'm doin', though I haven't been on the RPG for a while either xD I hav so much tasks to dooo T.T I can't finish them all, I'm gonna have to choose to leave some behind
  3. Rojin Hisui

    Plain Old Chat

    I'm back guys~ for today at least, lol What did I miss? xD oh and, is it just me, or are titles free for all now?
  4. Rojin Hisui

    Plain Old Chat

    Oh, I see xD
  5. Rojin Hisui

    Plain Old Chat

    Oh, and... anyone mind telling me why I suddenly have an extra money in the RPG? Did someone send me money? 'Cause when I left, I believe I had around 2.700.000~ money in-game..
  6. Rojin Hisui

    Plain Old Chat

    Ah, I see.. just in-game? or urp too?
  7. Rojin Hisui

    Squad 2 Raids

    not anymore ;P
  8. Rojin Hisui

    Plain Old Chat

    Heya Taichou~! Now what's this I keep hearin' from my cousin about you leaving?
  9. Rojin Hisui

    Plain Old Chat

    Yo <.< I have half a week off... so I thought I'd drop by again
  10. Rojin Hisui

    Squad 2 Attendance

    heh, don't cry for my sake-uhm... I'm not sure who you really are right now.. but judging by you're rpg info.. you're kaycee ^^ I'm not letting my RPG account die out that's for sure... I just don't have time for taking care of the rpg Tamashi and of Tamashi as an URP character ._. oh and if you're really setting me as a target to surpass.. check page 3 of the strength ranks.. I'll probably go to the RPG monthly.. but i might not have the time for checking le forums
  11. Rojin Hisui

    Squad 2 Attendance

    so uh... hmm I-uh finally returned to the site only to say that I'm leaving it ._. though I still have no idea how to delete this account xP I truly am sorry for popping out out of nowhere and suddenly saying "i'm leaving" after leaving the site for (i think) almost a month(?), but I've been caught up in a lot of real life activities a bit too much lately.. so I guess I'll just end this post with a goodbye and wish that squad 2 will have a good future ^^ I'm not sure about it's current state, but I hope it will get livelier than when I was still around.. jaa ne... angel taichou, kaihri fuku-taichou..
  12. Rojin Hisui

    Squad 2 Attendance

    Today I come online, regrettably, to inform you guys that... I'll be leaving the site for.. I don't know... I'm not quite sure how long I'll be away from here, it's never permanent for me, but it's usually around a year or so.. hence, I leave my character in my private dimensional world for... heck I don't know <.<
  13. Rojin Hisui

    Squad 2 Attendance

    AND I'm back to being occupied... *sigh* I won't be here for a certain amount of time.. again
  14. Rojin Hisui

    Squad 2 Zanpakuto Information

    it's not like that... i'm just too lazy to search through 12 (though it's most likely somewhere at the last few) pages
  15. Rojin Hisui

    Squad 2 Zanpakuto Information

    links or it never happened! xP