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  3. Closer and closer yet the approaching presence fell upon the sands and leaked into the sorrounding air, manifesting itself and keeping hold upon her thoughts. For a moment, her thoughts seemed similar to those which she had when they were still walking within the realm of humans. Calm, collected, empty of worries and paranoia, far off from the typical thought patterns that she had been plagued by all these years. On the one hand, she wasn't suprised that this encounter would envoke these types of reactions, in fact she should've been prepared for such. However, it was almost comical that after all these years living within this realm, that she would be so easily thrown back to a different time. Almost as if everything that had transpired within this timeline was nothing more than watching a TV series, starring herself and that at one point she would grab the remote and simply switch off the TV and return to a normal life. As if nothing had any deeper meaning and it was all a curtain that could simply be pulled aside at one point for reality to hit her. Then again, these types of thoughts shouldn't come to a surprise anymore, as the past experiences and the life which she has come to know here did force oneself to grow numb to the events, thoughts and feelings that they would experience. Everything seemed as if it was happening through a window, watching yet never really being affected by it, when in reality it was a game of life and death the entire time. Then again, come to think of it, Minako had attempted to fill this life with creation and purpose, turning her back on fighting and instead coming to more reasonable goals with individuals. And while she had not been able to turn her back on all fights, she could still say that the largest wars were not fought with her blade. There had also been other experiences here in Hueco Mundo or rather Las Noches that were far off from the typical mundane and sorrow-filled life that they were given. Experiences that one could almost describe as joyous, happy, well, maybe taking ones mind off of things would be another way to describe them. After all, you couldn't spend your time constantly fighting, what would that lead to? Yet these moments and memories seemed all so far off, these events happened so long ago, the people she met throughout her journey had all but vanished. She did wish that they may have found peace or were still roaming the sands unhurt, for some she had almost thought impossible for them to get hurt, with their strength even back then being enormous. Yet, as Hueco Mundo will teach you the hard way, there's always a bigger fish in the sea. Though the danger here most likely came from some other force, may it be Shinigami, Bount, Quincy, Human or whatever else the world had to offer. All of them fighting a constant war, which even back then seemed redundant. Many years back Minako had tried putting a stop to this war, trying to explain how Arrancar weren't exactly keen on trying to fight the Shinigami, but rather cared for survival of this realm. Yet her words were in vain, nothing could stop the almost bloodthirsty appetite for Hollow slaying that the Shinigami had made into a sport. Yet even her attempts seemed so long ago and so far away that she had almost forgotten to care about them. Truthfully, the whole Hollow hunting spree had stopped affecting her so much and she had almost forgotten what it was like to be a normal Hollow that she had not continued to pursue her attempts of making the hunt stop. One could say that she had fallen pray to the same mutual feelings as every other Arrancar, simply not caring for anothers well being. "Breathe..." Minako spoke out as she returned to the reality of the situation. Her cloth covered head tilting back in a 45 degree angle, pushing the cloth lightly against the pale skin of face underneath. Her nostrils audibly inhaled some of the empty air sorrounding her, filling her lungs to the brim and expanding her ribcage in the process. "One.....Two.....Three.....Four.....Five" She counted within her head, before exhaling the air against the cloth covering her mouth, which in turn released it back into the air around her. It was a decent way of clearing her head, to calm down and regain focus, which she was prone to lose at times. Now wasn't the time to lose her focus however, that would be for another time and another place. She did however wonder what their imminent meeting would be like. How much would he have changed mentally...physically perhaps? What things had he discovered and found out about? Had there been many hardships or had he pursued his own goals and achieved a goal? Many questions left unanswered but soon was the time to get at least a little peek into what she had left behind. The thought was almost scary for some reason. it wasn't exactly like a get togehter with someone from the human realm, where not too many major things change over time and most things are within a certain scale. Here, however, things could end up being completely different very quickly and on a much larger scale...it certainly left for a lot of surprises, that was for sure. Nonetheless, considering the path that they had taken, it would still seem odd for him to have fallen completely away from everything, even with that spirit haunting his soul. But she would have to see and find out for herself soon enough, if any major changes had occured, how much he had grown or fallen. Finally, the time of waiting seemed to slowly but surely come to an end. She could feel his presence approaching ever closer and he at this point was not far now, that was for sure. While she had thought of many a way to engage their first contact, Minako decided to cast all of her ideas aside and instead let them meet the way it should be. No tricks, no illusions, no music or any other distraction. Simply the two of them on this energy filled platform that screamed of a past battle that the two knew all too well. Here was there first proving grounds and here is where they would meet again, just the way it should be. And with one nod of her clothed head, Minako shifted her weight from her heels onto her toes, taking one small step to the side in order to turn her body around 180 degrees, so that her back was no longer facing his direction, but instead so that she could face him head on. Her bright yellow eyes glimmered and shined between the small slit in the fabric which covered her head. Her feet were firmly planted on the ground beneath her in a confident stance, while her arms were tucked away into the white robe. Now she was ready to face him.
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  6. With the blast of her cero subsiding, turning ever thinner until it finally disappeared into nothing, allowing the ever dark coloring of Hueco Mundo to return to normality, Minako's arm dropped back down to her side ever so slowly, causing the long fabric of her white sleeves to fall over her hands once more, covering them completely. There she now stood, cloaked in her white robe from head to toe, with the looming presence of her reiatsu slowly diminishing down to nothing more than the spiritual level of an average human. Her eyelids slowly fell down over her penetrating yellow eyes, dimming the light with each inch they covered, until finally sealing off her eyesight to the pale world around her. If there is one thing that Hueco Mundo was good at, it was making someone feel much like the creatures that reside inside this realm, Hollow. No breeze, no gust of air, no sound, nothing but emptiness sorrounded each vessel within this realm, no matter its size or shape. Although invisible from the outside, as her long robe did its job of hiding seemingly small movements within itself, Minako's chest slowly inflated itself with the empty air that the desert had to offer, her ribs expanding around her filling lungs, hearing small cracks and pops throughout her ribcage and spine. Truly the need to surpress oneself within this realm was rather bothersome, she could feel each and every string of muscle quake beneath her skin, aching for release. Every passing second was a struggle to not release more than a sliver of her spiritual energy throughout her body, a feeling which she had not experienced in so long. Surpressing and releasing her reiatsu was not an issue, that she had learned and become better at over the years, yet to lower ones spritual energy to such a low amount for such a period of time, it was a pain indeed. Even with the seal given to her, allowing most of her Reiryoku to be cut off, her surpression felt as if a giants foot was pressing down onto her torso. Never the less, it was a sacrifice that she chose to make, at least for a little while, in order to find this certain individual. While it was unsure if her small burst of energy reached out far enough for him to feel and follow it, she had to at least wait for a little while. To that, she was unsure of the condition of the individual, was he even still alive? Did he perhaps move on, much like she did? Either way, it was too early to make assumptions, she would haveto wait and see for now. Finally with her mind slowly clearing, Minako's lips parted slightly, allowing the pent up air to pass out between her lips. At the pace of which they had closed, her eyes opened once more, letting her glaring yellow eyes gaze upon the wasteland yet again. The girl would slowly turn her head from left to right, as if scanning the battlefield for something, yet not finding whatever it was. Perhaps she would be able to pass the time with some memories, brought back to life in a small, but seemingly living fashion, that may make things move along. But where to start? There were so many memories to choose from, yet they all seemed so very distant, so old....truly she had almost forgotten how many years it had been. There were definite cracks and pieces missing within these memories, like an ancient broken wall, showing off its story, yet time had left its cracks upon it. Minako's head eventually raised up from her thoughts and it seemed as though the battlefield around her started returning to live. But this life...it was different...it was fake....the particles of sand and rock sorrounding and within the battlefield all semed to turn to life, in unison they lifted up off of the ground beneath, almost as if lifted up by a sudden gust of air. All around Minako the sand and rock began to form together, seemingly recreating an age old battle that had taken place long ago. Hollows were shaped within the battlefield, in all shapes and sizes, fighting against one another in a struggle for an empty hunger. Though silent was this battle, Minako could hear their voices within her head, while she traveled across the battlefield, gazing upon the different forms doing battle. It seemed as though endless, if one fell, another took its place, creating the illusion of constant blood flow across the pale white sand. However, the battle was stopped in a sudden motion of black matter, forming together in a mass and towering into the sky. Two Menos Grande formed within this battlefield, ending its bloody match once and for all. Minako stepped forward, gazing up upon the two creatures, while they slowly crumbled back into sand and rock, dropping down onto the floor beneath. The dust did not settle for long however, as it rather quickly reshaped itself, raising up the masts of a large, pale ship, seemingly rising from the ground below. The ship glided across the rocky surface of the ground, carried and pushed on by seemingly nothing. Upon its pale deck, a crew tumbled about, scrubbing off the floor, climbing its ropes and masts, with one particular character standing out. It was a rather tall, yet broad fellow, a large hat atop his head and a wild, long beard around his neck, down to his chest. The creature walked across the deck, as if strutting, with his red coat standing out amongst the white background. The ship sailed past Minako at a reasonable pace, blowing across a few hundred meters on the battlefield, before returning crackling and crumbles to pieces once more. But there was one more thing that seemed to form out of the sand, this time causing the rubble to float and levitate above the ground. The sand and rocks formed an island of sorts, floating in the air as if suspended by a thread. An interesting location this was, Minako thought, stepping closer to the island, which was of course in a much smaller scale than what it used to be. She could make out a few creatures flying about the island, hollows, yet with wings...harpies of sort. They seemingly roamed the island freely, landing and moving within the many cave-like entrances that the place provided. The inside of the island was not visible, but it was known, of course, to certain individuals. Alas, her wait had seemingly paid off. Minako's creations once more crumbled and turned to dust, scattering across the battlefield and turning into nothing but sand beneath her feet once more. Yet, this did not matter much, as something different was approaching. While her little spark of energy had surprisngly not gained the attention of the sorrounding Hollows, it had however...effected something, or someone. The spiritual energy levels were low....very low....too low to be that of a hollows. Though since only hollows roamed this plain, there could only be one cause for this low amount of spiritual energy....surpression. But surprisingly it didn't take much of figuring out on who was coming...his spiritual energy, as low as it may have been, already told his tale. She could feel it creeping closer and closer to her...not in view yet...there were miles between them...yet she could feel him approaching from behind her...this would get interesting.
  7. She shook the thought of Las Noches off of her mind, even though she had seemed to rest on it for so long. The yellow eyes that peered through the small slit in her head cover shifted across the white dunes of the vast desert in front of her. The empty void once more capturing her attention, though this time, for not more than a moment. Her right foot raised from the white sand, several strains of sand falling down from its sole to become one with the ground once more, while Minako moved on down the pale dune, further into the forsaken desert. Dune after dune, pit after pit, her travel worthy of a timelapse, ever unchanging, the desert seemed oh so dead this time around. Her first steps through this land had been filled with grief and horror, despair and sadness...though that was not the only thing different from then to now. While she felt none of the implied emotions at the current moment, there was something different...something missing. She had not traveled as a single soul throughout this desert before, but instead was always accompanied by one or more individuals. While she had made quite the few contacts in this barren land, there was one that stood out, one that had walked along side her for much longer than the others...one that had shared more with her than the others...one that could not be different...and yet they had shared such a similar fate. Yet even so, they had departed from one another a long...long time ago..and the pale female was unsure of the whereabouts...and the state..of this individual. But perhaps, maybe, just maybe, she could change that and for maybe a short while, share another moment with them. But for that to happen, the girl would haveto go to a place that....honestly, she had almost forgotten about. She wasn't too sure that this place would work...they had been there but once....and it was the first act of violence the two of them had experienced...yet it was also the first change...transformation if you will...that they experienced together there. Alas the place she had to find was nothing more than a field of sand...yet it held enough spiritual energy that she was sure to find it...for even with the souls of the deceased gone, a battlefield always lingers more energy than other places. Perhaps considering that Hueco Mundo itself was a battlefield, it may be a hard task to find this place...but, the place was different. All those hollows....those Menos Grande...they had been lured there for a reason. This place was of higher spiritual energy than other places within Hueco Mundo and that was going to help her find it. Indeed, thanks to Minakos capabilities of feeling Reiatsu and spiritual energy, honed by training done over the years, it was simple to distinguish between places of lower and higher spiritual energy...attracting all those forsaken hollows...to fight in an endless fight for grief. But it was their struggle that would lead her to it...to the place that started their travels...she could feel it pulsing within her...no place was alike the other...and this one stood out...for their own spiritual energy was mixed with it. The dunes passed, the crimson moon stood high in the sky, the calling grew closer...and closer...until.. One last sand dune...that the cloaked individual stepped ontop....revealed the battlefield that she had searched for. An empty pit, a crater of hardened white sand and rock, sprawling across the distance of several miles. Feint...yet silently there...the quiet cries, the Reiatsu of those that had fallen there, those that had evolved...it echoed throughout this battlefield. IT was a place of great burden, of great violence...of great memory. Minako wasted not a second and within but a few steps, her feet had touched the hardened floor of this field. With each step that she took next, she felt the surge of energy sprawl throughout her body, clinging onto her like the blood magic of this realm....That was perhaps it...this may be one of the places that this dimension had created to test its nature....its oh so violent nature. To sieve out the weak and let only the strong remain, it was a testing ground and those that failed the test were forever forsaken. None the less, Minako was one of the individuals who had passed its test long ago and yet she found herself in the middle of the battlefield once more. But this place, as wicked as it was, it was perfect. It was the place of their first test, the place of their first evolution, their first fight...and slaughter. If anything, it was the place he would feel more attracted to...a place of violence...fitting for his name. "I don't know if you're out there.......I don't know if you're still alive...." The words came out as a whisper to herself, yet a seeming echo throughout this empty warzone. The bits and pieces of rock and sand that were laying about did not do good at dampening movement or words...and they were probably the only thing living that this place had heard for a long time. "But......if you are......." It seemed as if the words left her lips almost quaking, trembling....all while Minako's right hand slowly shifted out from beneath the white robe, her arm raising up straight into the air, causing the fabric of her robe to slightly nudge down to her wrist, exposing her pale hand to the empty air of Hueco Mundo. Her hand was almost clenched into a fist, except for her thumb and index finger. The two fingers were extended out, as if doing a finger pistol gesture straight up into the sky. It was then that a small, yellow orb formed at the tip of Minakos index finger. The ball grew no larger than the size of a golf ball, glowing and shimmering with its bright yellow light, as if a small sun had appeared in the land of the Hollows. Her eyes shifting up into the sky with her chin tilting back to stare up into the empty void, and chiseled crescent moon. The females lips parted once more, words leaving her mouth in a more familiar, slowly growing unshaken tone: "Then....allow this to be a signal for you........Reaper of Hueco Mundo......." Her words grew faint in the end, with the last ones crawling out in a loud whispering tone. The ball of concentrated energy seemed to pulse and twist, as if cast by a nervous source of power. Yet to truly call upon an individual...she would haveto release enough energy to drown out the white desert around her...for many miles to come.....and it was at this moment that she decided to, if only for a brief moment, show her power...the power...of an Ex-Espada. "Cero......Oscuras" The words had barely left her lips, before the inside of the yellow ball had turned pitch black, sparking and pulsing with energy. It was only moments later, before said energy released itself from her finger, errupting into a large, black and yellow cone shape, shooting up into the sky within but a second. The battlefield around her lit up in its bright yellow light, smoking from the sheer energy errupting from the females finger. Sand and rocks were blasted back and into the air by its force, clearing the field around her from all particles of loose debris. The blast lasted for around 20 seconds, enough time to send out massive waves of Reiatsu across the desert and if her presence wasn't known yet...anyone around would surely know of it now...yet that was the point. But now, the waiting game began, as Minakos hand dropped back down to her side, covered up by her robe. If anything, the Reiatsu would scare off any Hollows with a little bit of sense...even though it would possibly attract stronger ones....yet, that really wasn't an issue for her. OOC: Voice color code: #33ccff
  8. "Hueco Mundo.....How long has it been?" A voice familiar, yet unheard for many a year spoke into the dying winds of a never blossoming white desert. Maybe these dying winds would bear fruit for one time in their short lived lives and carry a message across the plains that have been walked by many, yet that have no footprints embedded in its soft sand. Unchanged was the darkened sky that carried not one star, not one shimmer in its realm. Well, besides the ever present pale crescent one could call the moon, its appearance feeling almost threatening, a single body above a plain of none existence. Perhaps though, a glimmer of hope for those unfortunate enough to have but a shimmer of life in them. One last piece of hope to hang on to, before their bodies may become one with the cold dunes that surround them. A guide above an ocean of sand....when the people they call man wrote their stories about travellers chasing the guiding star...one could doubt that they ment this one. This body in the void would surely guide you to nothing more than the sand already beneath your feet...its guidance is full of deceit, anger, pain, hopelessness....you name it. Combined with this occasional light breeze that threatened to suffocate anyone willing to inhale its dying breeze. It's scent....none existent...yet foul and rotten..full of death...emptiness...made for a world full of those that feel exactly the same inside...void. It was this world that she was tossed into...such a long time ago. A world that she had not chosen, but was presented to her like being tossed into a shark infested pool during a feeding frenzy. It was this world that she had learned to live in..learned to fight in. To say that she had conquered it would be false...there is no conquering the void...as you cannot be the conqueror of nothing. It is a world that she had shared...that she had even been granted to exit...but in a way, she was, she is, and she will always be its messenger. No matter where she goes, no matter who she meets, her fate, that she shares with those that carry her burden, is to deliver the message of Hueco Mundo, wherever she may go. So it almost seemed rather ironic that she had once more 'returned' to Hueco Mundo...allthough never leaving it...she had returned to what was once the region she had first walked through. Las Noches seemed oh so close, a place that had been a makeshift home for her once. A home which she could decorate herself...where her very being was shown through her expressions and not by the thing she had become. The sand seemed yet unchanged beneath her feet, as unchanged as it ever was in this region...yet a difference still than in her travels. Her knees moving against the white fabric of the robe that she wore, reaching from her shoulders, down to her feet, barely hovering over the ground beneath. Each step shifted sand to the side, each step allowing her to climb higher on a dune that would hopefully allow her a better overview of this forgotten land. A light breeze caught her long, white sash that she wore around her waist, causing one line of the fabric to flutter back behind her. This dry breeze could not touch her skin, as hard is it may try, for above her neck sat a robed head cover, wrapped around her face and head, allowing only her yellow eyes to shimmer through its visage. A different appearance than that of when she left this region, for sure, but while this desert seemed to stand still in time, she chose not to. Minor, surely, adaptive, yes, but change nonetheless. It was almost done...one peek..one visual certainty of an already known picture...yet even after all this time..she always expected the unexpected. Finally, the last few steps had gone by and her feet planted themselves firmly in the sands ontop of the dune, overlooking a large distance of the forsaken land. The female rose her head in a light degree, her nostrils taking in the known air...scent...of this familiar place. Filling her lungs with the vast nothingness that this place had to offer, a nothingsness she had come to know. The wind of exhaled air passed her lips, through the tunic covering her mouth, back out into the void of the desert. It was not calming, nore alarming, nore was it different than the breaths she had taken before....but neither was the view of the emptiness presented to her. And yet....it seemed so familiar...perhaps her mind playing tricks on her even after all this time? After all, how could the void look and seem familiar? Everything was the same..and yet nothing alike...though perhaps that was simply a shimmer of what insanity she could have reached at one point. However as void as this ocean of sand might be...life still blossomed...even if not fully visible. She could feel the Reiatsu of many a Hollow wandering this wasteland...fighting for nothing...becoming one with the void. From the smallest to the largest, they all shared a common enemy...themselves and all those around them...no one was safe. A flimmer of Las Noches was even within reach, not visibly but mentally she could feel its inhabitants move inside the pale fortress. Its walls granting false safety to those within...yet walls that have stood since a time far before hers. It did, however, remind her of a certain individual. One that she parted ways with so long ago, one that had stood at her side from the beginning, only to find his own way within this desert, as did she. She wondered if he too had left this region of Hueco Mundo and wandered far into the distance to find...whatever it is that wanted to be found. Or perhaps he had stayed here...built up an Empire...watched it fall perhaps? Everything is an uncertainty in life....even in death the uncertainties don't stop, that much is for sure. But perhaps, if there is hope, their paths will cross once more in the future...perhaps they would have more stories to tell eachother...what an interesting thing that would be.
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