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  1. "Hueco Mundo.....How long has it been?" A voice familiar, yet unheard for many a year spoke into the dying winds of a never blossoming white desert. Maybe these dying winds would bear fruit for one time in their short lived lives and carry a message across the plains that have been walked by many, yet that have no footprints embedded in its soft sand. Unchanged was the darkened sky that carried not one star, not one shimmer in its realm. Well, besides the ever present pale crescent one could call the moon, its appearance feeling almost threatening, a single body above a plain of none existence. Perhaps though, a glimmer of hope for those unfortunate enough to have but a shimmer of life in them. One last piece of hope to hang on to, before their bodies may become one with the cold dunes that surround them. A guide above an ocean of sand....when the people they call man wrote their stories about travellers chasing the guiding star...one could doubt that they ment this one. This body in the void would surely guide you to nothing more than the sand already beneath your feet...its guidance is full of deceit, anger, pain, hopelessness....you name it. Combined with this occasional light breeze that threatened to suffocate anyone willing to inhale its dying breeze. It's scent....none existent...yet foul and rotten..full of death...emptiness...made for a world full of those that feel exactly the same inside...void. It was this world that she was tossed into...such a long time ago. A world that she had not chosen, but was presented to her like being tossed into a shark infested pool during a feeding frenzy. It was this world that she had learned to live in..learned to fight in. To say that she had conquered it would be false...there is no conquering the void...as you cannot be the conqueror of nothing. It is a world that she had shared...that she had even been granted to exit...but in a way, she was, she is, and she will always be its messenger. No matter where she goes, no matter who she meets, her fate, that she shares with those that carry her burden, is to deliver the message of Hueco Mundo, wherever she may go. So it almost seemed rather ironic that she had once more 'returned' to Hueco Mundo...allthough never leaving it...she had returned to what was once the region she had first walked through. Las Noches seemed oh so close, a place that had been a makeshift home for her once. A home which she could decorate herself...where her very being was shown through her expressions and not by the thing she had become. The sand seemed yet unchanged beneath her feet, as unchanged as it ever was in this region...yet a difference still than in her travels. Her knees moving against the white fabric of the robe that she wore, reaching from her shoulders, down to her feet, barely hovering over the ground beneath. Each step shifted sand to the side, each step allowing her to climb higher on a dune that would hopefully allow her a better overview of this forgotten land. A light breeze caught her long, white sash that she wore around her waist, causing one line of the fabric to flutter back behind her. This dry breeze could not touch her skin, as hard is it may try, for above her neck sat a robed head cover, wrapped around her face and head, allowing only her yellow eyes to shimmer through its visage. A different appearance than that of when she left this region, for sure, but while this desert seemed to stand still in time, she chose not to. Minor, surely, adaptive, yes, but change nonetheless. It was almost done...one peek..one visual certainty of an already known picture...yet even after all this time..she always expected the unexpected. Finally, the last few steps had gone by and her feet planted themselves firmly in the sands ontop of the dune, overlooking a large distance of the forsaken land. The female rose her head in a light degree, her nostrils taking in the known air...scent...of this familiar place. Filling her lungs with the vast nothingness that this place had to offer, a nothingsness she had come to know. The wind of exhaled air passed her lips, through the tunic covering her mouth, back out into the void of the desert. It was not calming, nore alarming, nore was it different than the breaths she had taken before....but neither was the view of the emptiness presented to her. And yet....it seemed so familiar...perhaps her mind playing tricks on her even after all this time? After all, how could the void look and seem familiar? Everything was the same..and yet nothing alike...though perhaps that was simply a shimmer of what insanity she could have reached at one point. However as void as this ocean of sand might be...life still blossomed...even if not fully visible. She could feel the Reiatsu of many a Hollow wandering this wasteland...fighting for nothing...becoming one with the void. From the smallest to the largest, they all shared a common enemy...themselves and all those around them...no one was safe. A flimmer of Las Noches was even within reach, not visibly but mentally she could feel its inhabitants move inside the pale fortress. Its walls granting false safety to those within...yet walls that have stood since a time far before hers. It did, however, remind her of a certain individual. One that she parted ways with so long ago, one that had stood at her side from the beginning, only to find his own way within this desert, as did she. She wondered if he too had left this region of Hueco Mundo and wandered far into the distance to find...whatever it is that wanted to be found. Or perhaps he had stayed here...built up an Empire...watched it fall perhaps? Everything is an uncertainty in life....even in death the uncertainties don't stop, that much is for sure. But perhaps, if there is hope, their paths will cross once more in the future...perhaps they would have more stories to tell eachother...what an interesting thing that would be.
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