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  1. Oye Ichi! Got a whole new crowd around here aye?
  2. Byakuya Zaraki


    Next raid has been set up for hard. Lets smack'em around!
  3. We love the Irish!! I've been doing great sofi, how about you?
  4. If I recall, you used to be pretty fond of napping in trees on a sunny day!
  5. Looks like you like sleeping as much as ever, aye Ichi?
  6. Yeah I haven't kicked the bucket yet, though it's been so long since I've been on here no one would know How has everything been?
  7. Byakuya Zaraki


    Looks like the ol' spirit king wiped everything away...oh well, clean slate then. *sets up new tavern and grabs a bottle of sake and sits* Lets see if we can get Squad 6 back up and running again.
  8. *steps through the tavern doors* Well if it isn't Gina and Sofi! I bet you two are up to no good!
  9. Just realized that Dec 21st or (Doomsday if you will >_<) will be my second year since I joined. I'm gonna destroy EVERYTHING!

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    2. Byakuya Zaraki

      Byakuya Zaraki

      Fine. But only because it's you Vince!

    3. The Vincent Rankin
    4. Amemiya Natsuki

      Amemiya Natsuki

      ....i don wanna get destroyed... o~o"

  10. Hahahhhh glad to hear that you had a wonderful time :)

  11. Thanks for the Happy Birthday!!! :D

  12. Thanks for the Happy Birthday Morg-san!!! Was out of town for it, at a convention so it was awesome!! ^_^

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