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  1. Sosuke Aizen did 1.0E+63 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. Sosuke Aizen has 1.825E+64 left. Congratulations, your group defeated the Hollows! Well done everyone. We completely obliterated them and had 100% team survival. Now the only thing to work a bit on is team effort.
  2. Sosuke Aizen did 1.0E+63 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. Sosuke Aizen has 1.825E+64 left. Arya did 3.09162145981E+17 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. Arya has 9123057738999000000 left. sodutari did 1654273.49 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. sodutari has 29300384 left. Uscin Zawadiaka did 16782.53 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. Uscin Zawadiaka has -740667 left. AlexanderXavier did 2881.54 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. AlexanderXavier has -942147 left. Hajimaru Owari did 14768441.84 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. Hajimaru Owari has 268618383 left. Red Grimory did 4187.98 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. Red Grimory has -917510 left. YasuShiro did 25512.48 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. YasuShiro has -515097 left. vtiger did 36768.47 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. vtiger has -319366 left. kagetsuki did 41661.19 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. kagetsuki has -219447 left. Eledor did 8331.61 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. Eledor has -846061 left. Rhyku did 2596.14 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. Rhyku has -947622 left. meepn did 2133.35 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. meepn has -957751 left. Scaler did 107241.83 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. Scaler has 1087983 left. Disconnect did 100008.47 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. Disconnect has 826278 left. Scoutel did 146493.17 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. Scoutel has 1702278 left. iamironman did 26486.54 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. iamironman has -515097 left. Sozo did 25062.52 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. Sozo has -447755 left. Endo did 2560.32 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. Endo has -952824 left. Xotiax did 3466.39 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. Xotiax has -936399 left. Tetzunumo did 7729.89 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. Tetzunumo has -855095 left. Congratulations, your group defeated the Hollows! "Good" job everyone on defeating them Hollows. @iamironman ~ should have went with a gold titanium allow
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    Broken Souls

    Energy engulfed his body. He didn’t quite get it but it was as if he went through something he had gone through before. Morgan got engulfed by memories, memories he thought weren’t his own. A man, ancient by today’s standards. No why was he thinking like this. Unconscious he couldn’t keep his mind focused. What was happening. Everything became black in front of his eyes. The Vice-Captain got engulfed by this entity that slowly but surely started to take over his mind. The amulet, pure white with a couple of dark cracks, pulsated with a radiant energy. The veins on it started to pulsate and grow ever so dense. Morgan passed out fully and lost track of time and space. He felt his body moving but he was out of control. He got a feeling he couldn’t quite explain. It was as even though he wasn’t in control anymore he still felt like coming home. As if it was always meant to be like this. Morgan let his last grains of control slip from his mind and bathed deeply in the memories of this other entity that he could now feel clearly in his soul. Read http://bleachsoulevolution.com/forum/index.php/topic/5760-squad-11s-inner-sanctuary/page__st__40#entry355807 for the memories. Engulfed by dark fire he finally realized it. Screaming out as the entity got shattered by eternal grief he could only think of one name. Arya! What was once one and became two through the deepest of grief that one could experience, became one again. A young body, consumed by hatred, a soul consumed by grief. Time was relative for those who went to a place where time didn’t exist. Morgan, no he, suddenly realized what was what he loved most in his life. Yes he loved them with all his heart but she, she was different. He felt empty without her. His mind reached a state where he was semi-conscious of his surroundings. Everything was like a blur around him. He started running towards that one place where he felt people. Running past all of the houses, no one couldn’t call them houses. They were mostly shacks, so poor one could only thing the poorest of the poorest lived there. Shooting past all of it he came to a barrier. He felt something changing as if this inner being told him everything was going to be alright. Before he knew he felt his whole presence spread out over a vast area. Like fog slowly creeping through the streets. Incomprehensible but still as one entity. A stone giving of faint pulses. Like a beacon through the night drawing his attention. He tried to concentrate on it and gathered himself with all his concentration on that one point. Before he knew it, his one focus point disappeared. He couldn’t find it anymore. The only thing left was an energy lingering. He felt the pull towards himself. As if it wanted to be reconciled with him. He approached it with a certain degree of cautions. It felt warm and started to take shape in front of his own presence. A woman, black of hair, covered by a thin dress following the curves of her body thightly, appeared in front of him. “Shhhh, all will be good now. It’s time you came back here.†She opened up her arms and approached him. He fell to his knees in front of this being. Looking up to her he could only say one word. “Aryaâ€. The woman came closer and crouched in front of him. Slowly pressing his head on her chest to reast he felt the warm embrace. “Shhh I know. Everything will be fine now. You’ll be reconciled with her soon. Just let faith do its jobâ€. Darkness engulfed him as he got embraced by this warm feeling. Yes he was home, finally. The thought of this woman was what kept him alive. His desire was more than ever to see her again.
  4. CptnMorgoth, add me if you like
  5. Memories of a broken soul Our story starts thousands of years ago with the birth of a small boy. At that time the world looked quite differently from what it is today. Even in those realms where spirits ruled, time floats and with time things change inevitably. Rukongai wasn’t so densely packed and it only consisted of a few districts. There was no Seireitei either and at that time the people lived more in fear, knowing that they had to defend themselves. In those days the first Shinigami stood up from organized street gangs. Men who were spiritually stronger than the others found that by serving the people they gained wealth equally as from robbing houses. Not only that but the people started to respect them and they even offered them shelter in difficult times. From time to time a group of Hollows found their way through the Dangai precipice world and then those early Shinigami would step up and fight to protect their village. It was in such a time that a small boy was born into a warmhearted family. Would he have been born today then that family would have been similar to the nobility. They were wealthy and educated and well respected among the people of the village. The boy’s mother was a warm, kindhearted person always there to help others. His father was a bit more timid, a strong believer in discipline and modesty. Teaching his son a basic level of swordsmanship he found it a good way to clear one’s mind. A way to meditate and to let both body and mind become one. From his early days the boy’s family had been close friends with the Miyoba family. As the boy’s parents frequently visited them and even were invited to stay there a few times a year he grew attached to the daughter of the family. They played games all day long and laughed together at jokes. When it was time to go home they cried together wanting the days to be longer. When both grew older their families grew a bit apart during some unlucky events which brought a lot of despair to the soul society. Yet fate had decided differently for the now young man when his father came to him to discuss the matter of a marriage. It was time for the boy to start a life of his own and raise a family. It was then that his father proposed a daughter from a wealthy family. The boy turned away from the prospect of marrying for the sake of family bonds. It had been seven years since they had last spoken with the Miyoba family yet all those years he had had only one girl in his mind. It was then that the boy brought up their old ties with the family and though his father would have wanted to go with the family he had in mind, his mother was there to support him. Time had been generous to the Miyoba family and his father soon agreed with an arranged marriage. To the boy’s fortune the Miyoba family too agreed rather quickly. After seven years that they hadn’t seen each other they both had no idea how one another looked like. With his heart beating down his throat and his nerves almost going through the roofs he finally saw her again. She was still as beautiful as he remembered her and he could cheer it out as his heart beat strong for her. In those seven years, her feelings for him hadn’t faded away in the slightest. For months she had been dreaming of him, eager for the day that they’d finally meet again. It was fairly hot and sunny when that day finally came. Both nervous to see each other’s reaction they prepared for their big day. Unmei put on her best clothes and her mother prepared her hairs. Nervously waiting at the entrance, they were outside the house in the front garden. Morgoth, eager to see her, barely was able to contain himself and forced himself to walk in a controlled manner down the avenue of the Miyoba family. A cool breeze brushed over his face and rustled his hairs as he caught a first glimpse of her. Her hairs glistered like they were covered with diamonds. Her eyes, like the most precious emerald green gems, spoke of her mutual feelings towards him. As he walked up to her he saw the slight glistering in her mother’s eyes as she recognized the deep feelings he had for her daughter. Looking at her father he saw the man only gave him a barely noticeable nod that he gave his approval. Words weren’t needed for the two young loved ones as they pulled each other in an embrace which spoke of how much they had missed each other. Those months were joyful and the young couple saw each other frequently. Chattering about everything that had happened in the time that they were parted. They had a lot to discuss and not only about the past. It was in those days that they really got to know each other better than they knew themselves. They committed themselves to sharing their lives and they grew closer to the point where they became one. Time passed quickly though and only a few years later they stood in front of the altar speaking their vows. Supported by their families they build up their lives. Due to their background they were greatly respected among the other families and it didn’t take much for Morgoth to get a position on the council board. He didn’t care about power though he steadily gained more influence as he used his connections with the other families to help with the prosperity in the area. It was at that time that Morgoth and Unmei had almost everything they wanted. A good and wealthy life, family and friends, they had it all. The only thing that they lacked in their life was the joy of children. For years they tried as they saw their friends in other families getting blessed with children one after the other. And then when they almost gave up all hope it suddenly happened unexpected. The happiness that befell the two loved ones was overwhelming and their child symbolized how strong their bond was. Their souls belonged together and their child confirmed that. It was a little girl, fiery red hairs and those same emerald green eyes of her mother. As it was a custom back in those days, Unmei gave their daughter her first name. The birth of the little girl had been problematic and the doctors were worried at first that the mother wouldn’t survive labor. Everything turned out fine though and her mother named her Kaosu. It wasn’t meant in a bad way though, but more as a way to express how the little girl would be the chaos in order to balance her surroundings out, bringing peace and order to everyone’s lives. The little girl literally was their world and both Unmei and Morgoth would spend evenings just looking at their newborn girl. Those tiny little fingers and toes brought a smile on both their faces. Every chuckle, giggle or even cry filled their hearts with warmth for their child. One wouldn’t be able to fathom the depth of their love for the little girl. As parents they would give their live and their soul for the wellbeing of their little one. Wrapping his arm around her as they stood by the little girl’s bed he kissed her gently on her temple. With a soft squeeze in her shoulder he pulled her closer and whispered in her ear. “What would you say if we went out again tomorrow? You know, a small picnic and I could hunt some game again. It looks like it’ll be a perfect day tomorrow my dear. The weather still seems nice and I love how the leaves color this time of the yearâ€. Unmei looked into his eyes and stroked with her hand over his cheek. “Are you sure? I don’t want our little one to catch a cold. She’s strong but still so littleâ€. Turning around and standing in front of her he wrapped his arms around her waist. Standing so close to her he bended slightly forward and nuzzled her neck. “Ohhhh come on Unmei trust me, you know I wouldn’t go if there was the slightest chance for Kaosu to get ill. It will be one of the last opportunities for us before it is winter again. Let’s enjoy those last few days that we have left of fallâ€. Unmei giggled quietly and rolled with her eyes as he had yet again been able to convince her. “Alright, alright we’ll go to the forest tomorrow. It’s too hard for me to resist those eyes of you anyway when you look at me like that. I’ll ask the servants to prepare a picnic basket and some blankets to take with us. Shall I ask Yama to join you for the hunt?†Morgoth thought about it for a second before he replied to her. “No I don’t think that’s needed my dear. I want a private moment with you two. It’s been too long ago that we did something on our own. I don’t want any guards around for once. What could happen after all, we haven’t planned anything so nobody will know where we went. Besides you’re far too jumpy with all of this, Kage won’t plan anything. He may want me out of the counsel but I don’t think he’d actually go as far as you think he would go honeyâ€. For months there had been a member on the counsel that was constantly trying to get Morgoth off of the board. He didn’t let any opportunity slip to undo the work he did. Morgoth didn’t fight him though. The rest of the board respected him and for as long as he kept working towards what would benefit the people. Many of the other board members fought openly against Kage even though Morgoth asked them not to. Kage had found his way on the board using schemes and as such that would be what would make him lose his position too. Morgoth shook his head though when Unmei started about Kage earlier that evening. It had worried her more than he had anticipated and he had a hard time reassuring her that everything would work out. Now when she asked if she should ask Yama to go with them he felt that it still worried her slightly. It was silly though in his opinion. Pulling her gently with him they left the room so they wouldn’t wake up Kaosu. Softly closing the door behind them they went to the kitchen. Morgoth grabbed an apple from the table and bit a chunk off of it. His mind was already on the day that would come. Considering Unmei’s worries he told her that they would only ask the servants to prepare the basket the next day. That way Unmei could be sure that there wasn’t enough time for anyone to plan anything against them. They talked for a few more hours next to the kitchen fire as the rest of the house was getting cooler. He loved to be in the kitchen as he loved to prepare food with her when they were alone. He would stand behind her and wrap his arms around her, following her actions when he couldn’t help her and otherwise he’d clean vegetables and prepare other stuff like that. Family was important to both of them and they enjoyed in the warmth of doing things together. When the fireplace in the kitchen finally went out they went upstairs to their bedroom and made themselves ready to go to bed. Snuggling next to him she laid her head on his chest and they both fell asleep that way. It was sunny the next day and it looked promising. Morgoth woke up and his heart was filled with joy as he was looking forward to spend a day with his family. Turning around in bed he gave a small kiss on Unmei’s shoulder to wake her up. She turned around and smiled at him her one special smile that she always kept for him. He looked at her and he could only think about how happy he was. If there was one thing he’d die for then it was his family. They got up and started making their preparations for the day. Unmei went into the kitchen to prepare a basket with food and drinks while Morgoth went to look for blankets to sit on. Kaosu was still young and he didn’t want her to be crawling through the dirty soil in the forest. Running through the house he grabbed all sorts of things they would need. Glasses and plates, knives and forks. It took them about an hour before they were satisfied with what they packed. Only one thing was still left to gather, his bow and arrows. Morgoth loved how relaxing shooting was. Focusing on his target he reached a point where nothing else existed. That place of utter tranquility. Just that one small step between life and death where time didn’t matter anymore because it was already too late. That void in time was endless and it was in that small gap that he found inner peace. His being guided towards his target as if it wasn’t him that was controlling his muscles when one totally lets go of his conscious self and lets his instincts take over. As he packed his bow he checked if he had enough spare strings with him. The wood, perfectly oiled as ever, was of a dark brown color. An intrinsic set of lines were carved on the sides of it. Small engraved plate work of silver adorned it. It was a wonderful piece of craftsmanship and certainly not inexpensive at all. Not only that it also had a sentimental value to him as it was a family piece that was passed through from generation to generation. The man looked at it and carefully folded the cloth that protected it back. Packing the bow with the rest of their stuff they were ready to go. Morgoth went upstairs to get Kaosu out of her crib. The small child yawned and rubbed with one of her tiny fists in her eyes. A broad smile appeared on his lips and he kissed his most valued treasure. A chuckle and a cry to indicate that the little one was still sleepy made him smile. Unmei joined him in the room and she folded her arms around him. “Are you ready, my love, for a wonderful day?†Unmei laughed and told him that she was ready the moment she woke up. “You two are the only things I needâ€, she said. They went downstairs and Morgoth carried a backpack with things while Unmei took the basket. Together they left the house and locked the door. The servants had their own key so it wouldn’t be any problem for them. They ran through the empty streets as it was still fairly early for the usual liveliness of their village. It gave everything a sense of peace and the morning haze gave the village a hint of serenity. As they walked over the town square he heard the first signs of life waking up. A dog barking, the smell of fresh bread in the air. Yes it promised to be a wonderful day. Hasty steps came from around the corner and they almost bumped into the man that ran without paying attention. “Kage, what a surprise to see you here.†The man looked at them, his eyes going from left to right as if he was checking if he wasn’t followed. He reclaimed his usual calmness fairly quickly though and the serene but cold expression on his face returned. “Morgoth, what a surprise indeed that we meet here. Off for a family trip I seeâ€. Morgoth smiled and nodded at the man. “Yes. It’s our last chance before the winter to enjoy the weather so we’re going to make use of itâ€. The man seemed to be thinking for a while as if he tried to sense any hidden comments in it. “Yes, yes a good choice. Going for the forest I assume. Well I won’t keep you any longer, the time is indeed perfect nowâ€. The man greeted them and then left quickly. Unmei looked worried at Morgoth. “My dear I don’t trust that manâ€. Morgoth wrapped his arm around her and they continued their way. “Ohhh my dear you worry too much. Let us enjoy from our moments together and let us not think about Kage and politics. I don’t think he’s on to something today. And even if he is well see what it is tomorrow. Come now my love, let us goâ€. Not knowing anything to say against that, Unmei followed him on their way to the forest. It was a joyful day. They started out with some early hunting and Morgoth managed to shoot a couple of pheasants. After that they went for a nice stroll through the forest. Morgoth carried Kaosu in his neck as if he was a giant horse. The girl giggled and let out screams of pleasure while pulling his hair. The smell of freshness from the green leaves welcomed them. Somewhere close to noon they arrived at the lake. Finding it a perfect spot they decided to picnic there. Chatting up on the gossip that Unmei heard from the other women in the village they quickly forgot about all of their small and unimportant worries mainly caused by their involvement with the council. The weather was nice, there wasn’t too much wind and the water of the lake was still fairly warm so they decided to take a swim. Unmei splashed water at him and he went under water and swam up to her. Breaking through the surface right in front of her he gave her a gentle kiss. Small droplets of water fell down from his chin and Kaosu which was firmly held in her mother’s arms tried to catch them as they fell. What more could a man like him wish for? He had everything in life. After their swim they dried themselves off and wrapped Kaosu in a blanket to make sure she wouldn’t catch a cold. Sitting behind Unmei he pulled her closer so she could rest on his chest. He loved the feeling of her naked skin on his. Caressing her arm they relaxed and enjoyed the sunlight. She turned her face around and kissed him. The grass tickling their feet, the clattering of water where the nearby stream ended up in the lake, the birds singing joyfully, it all added up to the idyllic atmosphere surrounding that place. They enjoyed each other’s company and got entangled up in each other while Kaosu was playing in the grass. Her mind was completely set to the butterflies with their beautiful patterns. Morgoth and Unmei became one in their love game. None bigger passion than was between them existed in the known world. The touch of her skin, the smell of her hair, her taste. Everything made his senses tingle with joy and pleasure. There was no better proof of their love than Kaosu. She was literally the manifestation of their undying love and passion. After a while they packed their stuff again and prepared for the rest of the afternoon. Morgoth had already shot something though he had arrows left and he had a couple of other tricks up his sleeve to hunt too. He signaled Unmei to stay behind with their little one so she wouldn’t scare the bigger game away. He had already shot a couple of boars but now he was on to some bigger game. Morgoth had found some tracks in the muddy soil and he was following them for a while now. From the footprints he had learned that there was a deer somewhere. He had followed it making sure that the wind was always blowing in his direction, after all he didn’t want the animal to pick up his scent and get scared away. When he wasn’t able to run with the wind blowing towards him he would go in a circular movement, using all of his senses and experience to predict where the animal would have went. It didn’t take too long before he spotted the creature. There it was right in front of him with her head down, looking for food between the leaves. Morgoth silently grabbed his bow and held his breath for a moment. Everything seemed to stop in that brief period as he placed an arrow on his bow. With one swift movement he pulled back the string and lined up the shaft of the arrow with his target. The hunter and the prey became one, solely connected with the virtual trajectory that manifested itself in a moment of pure concentration. It was as if the tip of the arrow was guided towards the creature. He let go of the string and the arrow shot forwards. In that same moment a noise scared the deer off and it turned its head. His arrow dug its head deep in the trunk of a tree behind the deer, the shaft shattering from the pure force at which the arrow was fired from his bow. Completely in panic the deer ran off and wouldn’t stop for a while. Morgoth let out a muffled curse, disappointed that he had missed his target. He ran over to the tree to see how his shaft had broken and if he could pry the arrowhead out or not. It had been an older shaft but the head was made out of top quality steel. He wouldn’t leave it behind just like that. Watching closely how deep the piece of metal was in he thought to himself that he’d never be able to pull it out like that. However, he wasn’t the type of man that didn’t have a trick or two up his sleeve. Placing two fingers against the side of the tree, close to where the arrow head was, he started to focus. Reishi appeared at the tips of his fingers and it grew more intense. It started to get hot enough to burn through the hard wood. Tracing around the arrowhead he managed to burn away the chunk where the piece of steel had dug itself in firmly. “Hahâ€, he said, “what a little bit of basic Kido can’t do. I hope the board will agree with training the promising young ones so they can help to defend the village in case we have another Hollow attack.†Putting the arrow head in a pocket he gazed around to see what made the noise. Waiting there for a moment he couldn’t deduce any source and quickly inspected the tracks that the deer left. This one was far too valuable to let it escape just like that. Morgoth started to follow the tracks and fairly quickly he managed to catch up with the animal. Deer meat was pretty expansive at the market and the taste when prepared in the correct way was outright delicious. He went around crouching through thick bushes making sure that he wouldn’t make any noise that would startle the animal again. Still being slightly annoyed by his previous failure to catch the animal he emptied his mind. Stretching out all of his conscious self he started to feel his environment with his spirit. It was overwhelming at first but he had done this before. Reaching that point of utter serenity, taking in all of the information and emotions that bombarded his soul. Nature was never quite, always in motion, always in pain. He felt the thousands of organisms that died in that very instant that he took a step, crushed below his feet. He felt the ants a bit further dragging leaves back to their nest. He felt the silent ones, plants and fungi, though motionless still very alive with a single purpose, to reproduce and survive. They were a bit weird, one couldn’t exactly describe it but if you made an attempt you’d say you would feel their purpose in life. Taking a deep breath for a second, Morgoth concentrated and drew the strength out of his body focusing it on one point. A dark black glow surrounded the palm of his hand as he collected his reishi there. He didn’t know exactly either why it was black. He had seen other people who were protecting the village with all kinds of colors but his was simple black. Some people simply didn’t want to go on a protection mission with him and Morgoth suspected Kage that he outright despised him for his black reishi as he had brought it up in many counsels before. But right now, Morgoth could only think of the serenity in the world and his targets place within it. He pointed his hand towards the deer. The poor animal was breathing heavily, Morgoth could sense its heart beating like crazy. Like a spear made out of pure energy, a pitch black bolt fired from his hand and found its way towards the deer’s heart as if it was guided by an unnatural force. The deer let out a small cry before it collapsed on the ground. Morgoth was happy that he managed to get his target and was about to go to his victory prize when he heard a loud scream through the woulds. “Unmeiiii!!!!†He turned around immediately when he heard her voice, forgetting such trivial things as his freshly shot deer. He ran like he was possessed by a demo. Everything became one blur as he ran towards the place where he heard her scream. Fully forgetting about all cautiousness he emerged from between the trees. Unmei, clinging desperately to Kaosu, curled up in a ball all frightened as a huge Hollow covered in scales like a snake or a dragon stood there in front of her. The beast was huge, with a hunger in its eyes as if it was ready to strike every moment now. Morgoth shot forwards fueled with rage, engulfed with a black aura. Nobody laid a finger on his family. He let out a battle cry to draw the creature’s attention but for some reason it was too focused on his wife and child. Firing a black bolt towards the Hollow it only had to slash its paw at it to deflect it. “Damn it!â€, Morgoth thought to himself. If he hadn’t used so much on the deer only moments ago his blast would have been way stronger. All of a sudden the Hollow lashed out at Unmei who was firmly clinging to their child. The woman got hit and was thrown to the side. Unmei dropped the little one and the girl rolled a couple of meters to the side. The small baby, totally upset from the rough handling started to cry inconsolably. It only drew the attention of the Hollow even more. Everything happened in a blur, Morgoth firing one shot after the other at the Hollow which wasn’t affected by it at all. Unmei, lying motionless with blood seeping from her skull. Kaosu, crying and crying, sensing that something was wrong. Morgoth shot forwards with unimaginably speed. The Hollow already lashing out to their little girl. Morgoth was only able to grab the girl just in time and he instead got his by the Hollow. Flung towards a tree he smashed hard against the trunk. Morgoth felt like a rib cracked but that didn’t matter. A soft sight from Kaosu was all he heard. Not fully understanding what happened he saw the Hollow turning around. In the blink of an eye the monster disappeared leaving the three of them alone. Morgoth still clinging on to his baby daughter turned her around and saw a small stream of blood seeping from her mouth. His world came too and end. Crawling over towards Unmei, still holding their daughter in his arms, he slowly started to lose it. His whole world crumbled apart. Unmei with her head cracked open, Kaosu bleeding out of her mouth and lifeless in his arms. He started pulling Unmei desperately, shouting and crying at the same time. Bending over Kaosu, their one purpose for living, he couldn’t keep his tears from flowing in streams. In one blink of an eye, both his wife and child got ripped out of his life. Why? How? How could something like this happen? He couldn’t comprehend it. His mind started to tumble around. Unimaginable grief grew bigger and bigger in his mind tearing apart the very fabric of his soul. He didn’t want to live. Why his wife and child? Why not him? How could this have happened? Bending over his daughter, his cheeks wet from tears, he was rocking her small lifeless body in his arms. “No, no, no, noooo!!!!!!!!!†This couldn’t be real! Was it his fault? He heard stories how Hollows were drawn towards spirits with denser abilities. Could it be his foolish actions from earlier on that had caused the fate of his family? With every minute Morgoth started to believe in this more and more. His grief, replaced with something so deep that it drove him to the point of insanity. A loss so big only a parent can experience when one loses their child. Yes he loved Unmei but their child was everything to him. He stood up and let out a beastly cry which echoed far through the woods. Morgoth started running and running as fast as he could. His mind was shattered in fragments. The pain he felt was slowly cutting up his soul. As he went deeper into the woods he felt a hole inside of him. Not one like a Hollow has a physical hole but one that was very real inside of his soul. All off his anger, fear, hatred, all sense of humanity got lost and pushed away. Like he split away a part of himself and locked it up in the deepest corner of his being. Images flashed in front of his eyes. A woman lying on the ground, between golden and brown leaves. Her head cracked open and her brain partly visible as blood poored out of the crack. A baby in his arms. Pain. Anger. And above all hatred! Not only hatred towards the monster but also hatred towards himself. Morgoth, or what was left of him, ran deeper and deeper in the forest to places where nobody ever came. As he ran past everything like a shadow he didn’t hear the tranquil clattering of water in a nearby stream. No he didn’t hear nor sense anything apart from utter loss and loneliness. After endless minutes of running he stopped, his heart pounding in his chest. Everything collapsed around him as black flames first engulfed him but then slowly expanded in a hundred-meter radius around him. The air became thick with reishi that it suffocated all life in the area. Morgoth was the only being at the very center of it all. He saw the contours of something appearing in front of him, like the silhouette of a woman but he couldn’t quite grasp a clear image of her, his eyes filled with tears as he cried it out inconsolably. No this couldn’t be true; his mind was playing tricks on him. Everything started to fade. He had only one word on his lips, “Unmei!†The black silhouette crouched next to him and took him in his arms as he blacked out. “Shhhhh now, rest my master. Time will heal your wounds…I’ll make sure you’ll have more than enough of time to healâ€. A faint shudder was all he could produce as his broken mind was engulfed with darkness as he blacked out from all of the pain. “Ka…osu.â€
  6. I don't need to spy, I just obliterate
  7. Sosuke Aizen did 1.0E+63 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. Sosuke Aizen has 1.825E+64 left. Kopex did 103084.52 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. Kopex has 890061 left. Hajimaru Owari did 6258257.55 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. Hajimaru Owari has 113971533 left. komachi did 3156.34 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. komachi has -942147 left. THEshinigami did 100003.81 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. THEshinigami has 826278 left. Congratulations, your group defeated the Hollows!
  8. The Fighter did 9.2233720368548E+16 damage. The Enemy has -9.2233720368547E+16 hp left. Good has triumphed over Evil!
  9. You utterly defeated lightstorm. Their broken body lays motionless on the ground. QQQQQQQUINCY!!!!!!!!
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