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Ishida Uryuu

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  • Birthday September 12

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    Archery, Bleach, Vollyball, Fishing, Halo, COD, Soccer
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    Name: UriuIshida
    Race: Quincy
    Group: Kanakura High

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  1. I'll say you're the only quincy that I respect in game. :D

  2. Happy birth day ^______^

  3. crap fixed the wrong thing*shall

  4. kya-ha-ha i say pwn you next time your on watch ur back

  5. Uryuu-chan :3 *glomps and kisses on cheek* Lets go adventuring together :)

  6. im still with the chibi but school days reins supreme for me

  7. I'm already on Chibi's side

  8. dont help join the chibi

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