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    1. Shinisamu


      I just want to say that ever since I saw this I've been super glad that you wished me happy birthday back then. My pride wouldn't let me show that I was keeping an eye on BSE, so I never got a chance to thank you. So, a belated thank you for the happy birthday.

    2. Res


      What's important is that you received the message and I'm happy that you did.

      Also, could've asked Ellie for you steam....but forgot....harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


  2. bye bye ~ evil kon T~T thought you will be back by now...

  3. If your leaving as Shinisamu, then i'll give you a blackstar goodbye "Yahoooooooooo" and don't forget, no matter where you go, or who you meet, remember the friends, and foes you made on BSE. And remember we could find a way to make or break your day mate. On that note, have a great time in that world we call reality.

  4. I'm leaving the site the same way I joined - as some guy called Shinisamu. Goodbye.

  5. pfffffff, please.

    Spend cookies on you. Yeah right.

  6. That was random. o: -sets Xoia's profile on fire-

  7. But I've been saving these souls since i was 8. These are to put me through the magic academy.

  8. YOU'RE A F A G too :P

  9. i can't help but stink up the place...<3


  11. GAY!!!!! YOU'RE GAY!!!

  12. So, this is Nep...yeah, I just had to post it.
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Another old man on the site haha.

  14. I think I'll pass on both of those, sonny boy. :P

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