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    Name: Iris Leilani
    Race: Shinigami

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

  2. HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY IRIS-CHA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~N~!!!!!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IRIS, COME BACK ASAP!!!!!!!! We miss ou so much T-T

  4. Something tells me you're not gonna be on for a while after yesterday

  5. Happy birthday, we miss you.

  6. god damn it why cant i be on at the same time as you its been forever since ive seen you

  7. Yeah, i'm a new buddy, hey new friend~

  8. riddle me this ... riddle me that ... who's is afraid of the big bad bat???


    And yup Tsubasa was awesooome! >o<

  10. Hey Iris *gives Iris a radio*

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