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  1. Walking to her classroom, new books and materials in hand in order to catch her up with her other classmates, Suzume couldn't help but feel a little distracted. She was sure she had made a fool of herself last night. She remembered bits and pieces, and her head was absolutely aching. Hopefully, she didn't say anything that was..unsavory towards her new friend. A Tendency to get more vocal when under the influence of alcohol was a dangerous one to have indeed, especially when someone barely knows you before they see you drunk. Her friend proved to be rather respectful, which impressed her. He seemed to have taken her home with no signs of having taken any sort of advantage of her state. In fact, it seemed that he not only didn't stay the night in her little shack, but he also bought her a new, warm blanket that he had laid upon her as she slept. Her face went pink at the thought of him being such a gentleman- she hadn't done anything to deserve such kindness. She was nothing but a common thief when they met, he should detest her. Instead, he gave her a new future, a night out, and a new blanket. Thanks to the academy, she didn't even have to worry about clothes anymore, either. She'd miss her purple kimono, and the idea of wearing the same outfit as all of the other girls was a little unsavory to her, but she was willing to put up with it. At least the outfit was kind of cute. If red and white was your thing that is. Consumed by thought, Suzume wasn't paying any attention to where she was walking. The halls were still quite filled, with the first classes of the day beginning in about ten minutes. Nearing her classroom, it seemed as if she would arrive without incident. That is, until she felt herself collide with a rather large body in front of her. Her books scatted onto the nearby ground, and she looked up at the imposing figure before him. A massive man, at least 7 foot tall(at least, he looked 7 foot from down on the floor), and they appeared to be in pretty good shape as well. "A-ah! I'm so sorry! I should really watch where I'm going!" Bowing her head, now on all fours as she asked for his forgiveness. She wasn't looking to get into a fight on her first day the academy. Size certainly wasn't everything, and that went double for spiritual beings. Even so, one would do well not to underestimate a foe that appeared to be quite strong, either. If he had the speed to match his heft, she'd probably stand no chance. Keeping her head low, she didn't notice his massive hands reaching down, grabbing at the belt of her outfit. Grabbing a large heft of her clothes, he pulled her straight upwards. His grip even pulled on the underwear underneath, causing one hell of a wedgie that Suzume certainly could have done without receiving today. One day with these new clothes and one pair was already going to be ruined. She flailed her legs a bit, trying to break his grip. "Oh, I'll make you sorry alright! You're that new chick, huh? Straight from the Rukongai and into the advanced class, just because you've mastered some low-level Hado? I don't like upstarts, you know." Lifting her up higher, now holding her eye level with himself, he chuckled at her. It was clear that he wasn't planning on letting her go no matter what she did. Still, she thought it pertinent to at least attempt diplomacy. Sick of dangling by her clothes, she spoke up to the bullying behemoth. "Uh...I-I don't want any trouble...how about uh...please..letting me go?.." Punctuating her statement with a nervous laugh, it dawned upon her just unconvincing that must have sounded. If he was willing to get into a scuffle in the hall, he probably did not care very much about the prospect of being late. Attention was really being drawn to the pair now, people getting quite the kick out of seeing the wedgied woman. It wasn't often you saw a grown adult being thrown around by their clothes. But the classes were slated to begin soon, so people were beginning to clear out, only a handful of interested individuals spectating now. "Let you go? Heh! I haven't even seen those kido skills of yours, girlie...so go on, give me your best shot!" Suzume was put off the sheer amount of cockiness exuding from every pore in his body. She could practically taste it in the air. Sick of her current predicament, she decided that no more words would be needed in this exchange. She'd give him what he wanted. Muttering the incantation and the words to Hado Number one, she blasted him in the face with the concussive force of the spell. His grip on her clothes let up, dropping her onto the ground immediately as he stumbled back and fell on his bum. Landing on her knees, she dislodged the clothes from her posterior. That was MUCH more comfortable than the state he had her in. She looked smugly at the Goliath that she had knocked over, standing up, hands on her hips. "So...how'd you like my kido skills?" The man flew into a rage almost immediately at her quip, standing up to charge at her. Due to being so close when the kido was launched, blood was dripping from his nose. Before he could lay a finger on him, a teacher stepped in. "Picking on the new students, Ira? If you have frustrations, save them for sparring. I'll let you off with a warning for now. " With a hand on the bully's shoulder, he convinced him to cease the fighting that was about to break out. With a scoff, he walked off, heading into the classroom of the teacher in question. To her dismay, that would also be the classroom that she'd be attending. That big oaf was in the advanced class? The term "advanced" was beginning to lose it's meaning to her. "Now then... I believe you're in my class, aren't you young Madam? I'm Professor Tokunaga. I teach one of the advanced courses. You must be Suzume?" Suzume simply gave him a nod, affirming his statement. So this was the man who would teach her. He was a rather calm and collected individual, with an air of intelligence about him. "You know, despite his blunt behavior, Ira is actually one of the more talented students in the class. I'm impressed that you stood up to him. Using Kido, no less. That's one of his weak points, you know. So no wonder he's upset at some girl from the outside coming in and, from his eyes, flaunting her skills. But never mind that, hmm? Gather your books and step inside my humble little class!" Gathering her books and other things from the ground, she gave her teacher one more nod, before heading off into his classroom. She took her seat, one of the only ones left, right in the back-left corner of the classroom. Not the most luxurious seat, but it might save her from having to answer questions here and there while she was catching up on some of the text-book parts of the class. She had talent, but knowledge was something she was lacking right now. The first class was beginning now. To her delight, it was beginning on what could be considered a high note for her. On the board at the front of the class, was the words "Low-Level kido mastery, Hado number 4- Byakurai." A new Kido to add to her repertoire? It was her first day in class and she was already gonna be ahead of many people. Now THAT is the kind of education she had come here for. First, the teacher explained the nature of the spell. One would gather spiritual energy to their fingers, not much unlike Hado 1, Sho. However, the spell manifested in a much different way. Whereas Sho produced an invisible burst of energy, meant to cause minor damage and knock the target away. Byakurai was a Hado that produced a stream of lightning from the point of spiritual concentration, aiming to cause damage at a point of impact, capable of piercing flesh. Mastery of this Hado could prove useful even to captains, in the right circumstance. Then, after making sure that the class understands the nature of the spell, he set up a dummy in the front of the class. The dummy is lined with a very small amount of sekkiseki, so it would absorb the impact of the spell. He demonstrated the proper techniques and postures for launching off the spell successfully. He fired a byakurai, hitting the dummy right in the head. Upon contact with the dummy, the spell dissipated, proving that the sekkiseki was working. He showed the spell once or twice more, and then he addressed the class. "Now then...we all have seen the spell used, so how about we get some practical experience in! This dummy can handle anything you all could throw at it, so please, don't hold back when performing this spell. I think we'll start with....you, Suzume! Show us the Hado proficiency that got you admitted!" The professor gave her a warm smile, making it clear he had faith in her ability. It would seem that he wanted to give her an early chance to establish herself to the rest of her class. Ira gave her a scoff, clearly fully expecting her, or rather hoping for her, to fail. She approached the front of the class, and the reality of all the eyes cast upon her set it. She was starting to get a little nervous, so she turned away from them, facing the dummy now. She took a deep breath and took aim at the dummy. Using the practice she had from perfecting sho, the energy gathering was a simple feat. It took her a moment to grasp how to manifest the energy in lightning form, but soon sparks were crackling from her fingers. She said the incantation, and fired off the spell, seemingly getting it right on the first attempt. This earned a scoff from Ira, who refused to look her way, although many other members of the class seemed impressed with her. "Very very well done! I'm not sure if you're 100% combat ready, but just a few more attempts and you'll have this spell mastered in no time! You must have spent a long time perfecting your spiritual energy handling before coming here." Giving a quick bow to her teacher, she returned to her seat, happy to be out of the limelight now. The whole class went through the practice of the spell, and by the third or fourth time of casting Byakurai, she pretty much had it down pat. That was another spell, ready for combat use if the day should ever come to pass that she finally sees some real combat. The class continued for a while, mainly discussing the proper time to use kido. Whenever zanpakto combat cannot provide the advantage needed, kido can be used to create openings. Obviously, it is very useful whenever the zanpakto cannot be used as well. Next up, the class was moving on to Zanjutsu, the practice of using one's zanpakto. This was something alien to Suzume. She was heavily inexperienced with the art of wielding a weapon, mainly rely on her speed, and in a pinch, he hands and feet, to get by. But using a blade seemed far more useful than a fist could ever prove to be, so she knew this class would end up being worthwhile. Everyone was assigned a partner to spar with, without much basis it would seem. People mixed and matched of various skill levels. The biggest difference, unfortunately, being between Suzume and her opponent. Much to her horror, it would seem that she was up against Ira. Looks like the incident in the hall wouldn't be an isolated one. She could only hope he'd be more gentle with her clothes this time. wc:2047 Hado 4:Byakurai Learned.
  2. The two Shinigami-to-be sat at a small bar in the Rukongai, both together on the same side of a small table, low to the floor, small beds of hay acting as the only cushioning for them. Though surely they could have gotten drinks in the more well-to-do parts of the Rukongai, or maybe even in the Seireitei, Suzume insisted against giving patrons to such a well off area. They were making plenty of money off of their home residents. In an odd sense of loyalty to her home, she insisted on going to her favorite run-down shack in her district. She hated everything about where she came from, except for that bar. She could drown her sorrows on her worst nights without a care in the world. Though, the next morning was always a different story. She had a bit of an issue with controlling herself when exposed to such impulses. She tried to keep herself from drinking unless she had a special occasion in mind, otherwise what little money she managed to get within her possession would be pissed away. "You know what, Rex? You're my BEST friend!" She said, head leaning on his shoulder as she wrapped an arm around him, clearly already tipsy in the short time they had spent drinking. Despite her proficiency with drinking, she wasn't the best at holding her liquor. Even so, she shook her little glass at the barkeep, if you could even call him that, indicating that was ready for even more. Her small size wasn't helping the situation either. A petite, lightweight girl like her wasn't exactly built to put away a whole bottle all by her lonesome. Pulling the cup to her lips, she downed it quickly, slamming the cup down with a loud clang directly after. "Yeah, that's what I oughta call you. You got me out of this damn HOLE" Her sentence was punctuated with her fist slamming down on the table they sat at. She was already beckoning the bartender over, but Rex's hand pushed her's back down. "Don't you think you've had enough by now? You're starting to get weird on me." He let out a small laugh as he finished talking to imply that he was joking, but he started to pull away from her slightly. Though he enjoyed her company, she was getting rather handsy. Given his soberness, he wasn't quite so willing to be physical with a woman he had just met. "Was' that supposed to mean?! You're the weird one, you haven't even touched your drink!" Her current state of mind was preventing her from realizing the hints that Rex was putting out. She lifted his cup up from the table and brought it to her lips. Downing the sake inside, she tossed the cup off to the side. As it hit the ground, the room was filled with a quiet but distinct clink. Her face was flushed red, and she was beginning to slur some of her words. Rex was probably right to advise her against drinking more, but she wasn't likely to listen. There had been many times where she barely even made it home because she needed help just to stand up. "Ahhh, wassit matter, more fer me! Come on, just drop a whole bottle on the table! I'll finish the whole thing!" The bartender simply nodded and set the bottle down. He had tried to talk her out of these things before. It didn't work. She brought the bottle to her lips trying to down the whole thing in one go. The drink was dropping down the sides of her mouth, and she soon found herself having to stop her attempt. She set the bottle down, coughing loudly. She had seemed to have bitten off more than she could chew. It was a large bottle, after all, and she had already had a few cups beforehand. Luckily, Rex was putting his foot down, and pulled the bottle away from her, deciding to keep a hold of it for the rest of the night. "Look, you're gonna thank me for this later. You're probably more alcohol than woman right now." Suzume pouted, frustrated with him. Though he was right, she should be thankful for what he was doing. She'd be feeling the kick of what she just drank in a bit. She probably wouldn't even remain conscious very much longer. They talked for a bit, Suzume being just as handsy as she had been all night. She was sure to regret half the things she said and did tonight, as people often did after a night out such as this. Starting to get tired, and her body starting to feel heavy, she was just about ready to go home. Inhibitions removed, she was mulling over ideas on how to properly pay Rex back for his help, and for his company. Suddenly, an idea flashed into her mind. A horrid, lewd idea. Normally she'd never considered making such an offer, but sometimes one's deepest desires come out when they've been hitting the sauce. Still leaning on him, she whispered into his ear. "I've got a great idea...howsa 'bout we...go back to my place, huh?" Suddenly, Rex's face was nearly as red as hers. He could hardly believe what she was offering him. Unless his mind was going to all of the wrong places, which he doubted was the case. He couldn't take advantage of a chick he had just met that was completely and utterly intoxicated. Especially since she seemed to look up to him because of him getting her into the academy. He had to let her know that this wasn't something that was gonna happen. "I can't do that, Suzume. I mean...you aren't even in your right mind right now" "Hah...I knew ya'd say that..." She smiled contently, feeling oddly satisfied with his answer. He was a good guy, at least in her book. Of course he'd of said that. She laid down her head on his shoulder, soon finding herself fast asleep. wc: 1008 next post will be in a new topic in the Shinigami academy section
  3. Nervous was the only word to describe Suzume on this day. Yesterday, she met yet another shinigami. Never did she think that she would have met a second one in her life. Meeting the first was a fantastical and unbelievable streak of good luck, and it seemed as if that luck was coming back to her. In all technicality, Rex wasn't a shinigami yet. But he was a year into the six-year course. In her book, that made him at least one-sixth of a Soul Reaper, and that was more than enough for her. Bright and early, the two of them met at the same spot that he had knocked the wind out of her at. From there, he led her through the many districts of the Rukongai towards the Seireitei. Seeing all of this put her life into perspective. She was part of the later forty districts, the 42nd if her counting as correct. Having not bothered to learn her district, she just knew that the surrounding districts and her own had high rates of crime. However, her district had areas that were peaceful as well, and not everything was bad. For example, she was able to access clean clothing and shoes, even if they could be a bit hard for her to obtain. Rex rattled off some statistics about districts further down, and somewhere in the mid 50's, most people didn't even have shoes for their feet. They walked around, callus-footed and miserable. Suzume could have had a much worse 60 years than the hand she had been given. Then again, as they got closer to the Seireitei, things got more and more affluent. Most people in even the first district weren't rich, but they knew very little struggle. If someone had to steal to live in the first ten districts, they were probably doing something wrong. But maybe that was anger and bias fueled conjecture from someone who was embittered. From the brief bits of the Seireitei that were seen on the way to the academy, it seemed as if Shinigami lived the best lives of all. Then again, many of them risked death at the hands of horrible creatures that had lost their humanity, so perhaps that was justified. Trading a life of stealing petty items just to survive for a life of slaying monsters and gaining incredible power. At a glance, it sounds like the choice is obvious, but there were slight doubts in Suzume's minds about fighting. Could she destroy hollows in combat? Right now, the answer was clearly no, but she was completely untrained. Self-doubt was the enemy in this endeavor, nagging at the mind and destroying her confidence. That was the last thing she would need before she took the first exam in her life in the last 62 odd years. Rex escorted her as far as the room her test would take place in. She had already been examined physically when she arrived. A sort of health check-up came first. They just examined her health, seeing if she had any sort of physical defects or sicknesses. Afterward, they asked her for a demonstration of her Reiatsu. During this demonstration, the proctor was already writing something down before she even made a move. He explained that he had already sensed her spiritual pressure when she entered the room, though he offered no opinion to her about if it was impressive or not. He asked if she had any control over her spiritual energy, and Suzume excited replied that she had was quite good at such things. Without prompting, she turned to the side, aiming at a potted plant in the corner of the room. She performed the Hado number one for the proctor, knocking the plant into the wall, cracking the pot in the process. Incredibly apologetic, the proctor didn't seem to mind that she had caused damage. Instead, she was happy to find that he was impressed that she had learned a Shinigami technique despite this being her first time even in the academy. That boded well for her, and for the first time since she woke up that morning, she felt like she would be able to handle this exam. That was until the written exam came. That was the room Rex had finished escorting her to. She, along with a small group of other prospective students, was shuffled into a lecture hall. She was sat down towards the front of all, her seat appearing to be somewhat like a bleacher, with a large desk sweeping across the row. There were several layers of these desks, with stairs on the edges and middle of the classroom giving access to each layer. What kind of questions would be asked of her? An essay, multiple choice? A letter to the head-captain? As the papers began to be passed out, her answer came. Her heart sank. There were multiple choice questions, and an essay question as well. But she barely knew any answers at all. Some of the questions barely even made sense to her. The essay question was simple. What does being a soul reaper mean to you? That was simple. As far as she could tell, being a Shinigami was all about helping those who need it, and using your power to protect those you love. So she stretched that concept out as far as she could, making a lengthy passage of text, hoping that she hadn't diluted her point too much. "So, how do you think you did?" Rex asked her, seeing the grim look on her face as she left the testing hall. She didn't even respond to him, merely giving him a glance and hoping that he'd understand how she as feeling. "That bad, huh..." She looked down, ashamed that she had dragged him all the way out here just for her to botch things up like this. She wished that he had given her a warning about the kind of questions she'd encounter. How was she to know the name of some old head captain who founded this academy? That didn't matter at all to her! But she didn't blame him. She was the one who just lacked the knowledge to succeed. Not more than an hour later, the proctors had already come back out. They handed each student a slip of paper, instructing them to find a more private place to inspect their results. She suspected it was in order to maintain privacy. That was a measure she didn't expect from the Seireitei, for some reason. Remaining silent, she followed Rex to the courtyard, fiddling with the envelope given to her by the proctor. They hadn't even arrived to wherever Rex was leading them, and she already ripped the envelope open, tossing the top she had torn off to the side. She just couldn't help herself, she had to know how she had done. And when she saw the paper inside, she was astonished. "I...I passed?!" she said, unable to believe the words she herself was saying. That seemed impossible. She was sure that she had completely bombed most every aspect of the test. Rex's hand was soon upon her shoulder, wishing her congratulations. "Hey, I knew you could do it! Have to admit, you were scaring me with how mopey you were acting. Looks like you're in...the advanced class? with how you were acting, that seems impossible! Guess that means we won't be learning together. Heh...guess its a good thing I picked you up off that street, huh?" The advanced class? How in the world did THAT happen? And she wouldn't be learning with him? That shouldn't have bothered her much, she had just met him. But she owed the fact that she was here at all to him. She had to thank him somehow. That would require a bit more extroversion that she'd prefer, but it felt like the right thing to do. "This is amazing! We have to celebrate, don't you think? Come on! Let's go out for drinks! You can't say no!" She could tell he was caught off guard by her request. She hadn't said very much to him during their short time together. It's not that she didn't want to talk, she just felt like she didn't have anything to say. It took a bit of convincing, but eventually, she got him to settle on coming to get a few rounds of sake with her. Word count: 1408
  4. Suzume awoke the next morning, laying up from her shabby straw bed. She rubbed at her eyes with one hand, lazily scratching at her side with the other. She lifted her kimono up off her lower half, having been using it as a makeshift blanket during the night. She didn't have much, so she had to make do. Sometimes your clothes were also a blanket. Sometimes the back alley was a second bed when you've been out drinking too much with what little money you have on yourself. Finally leaving her bed, she sniffed at her kimono. The smell of the sweat-drenched cloth almost made her recoil back. She couldn't believe that a girl as small as her could get clothes that filthy. She opened up the dresser she had left in the middle of her room last night. Not like it mattered how she organized her home. It was a worthless hole at the back of a crappy alley. Suzume opened up the second drawer of the dresser, pulling out a kimono quite similar to the one she had on. It was even the same color, only with a slight flower design along the fabric. This kimono was ragged at the bottom, showing signs of wear and tear. When she first came to the soul society, this is the outfit she wore. The plain purple kimono was something she came into possession of recently, having saved up the small amounts of money she made here and there to expand her wardrobe. Once fully dressed, she closed the bottom drawer and opened the bottom draw of her dresser. In the newly opened drawer was a cracked mirror, with half of his handle broken off at the base. With her other hand, she pulled out a brush. This brush was a little newer than most things she had, having recently come into her possession out of sheer luck. Someone from a richer district somehow managed to get lost and dropped this while getting mugged. Although the prospect of finding them and returning the brush was tempting to her softer side, being able to brush out her hair was something Suzume couldn't pass up. After all, strawberry blonde was a color that looked far better brushed back than wild and free. She tied her hair up with the one ponytail she had left, draping it over her shoulder. Slipping on her sandals, she was ready for her day. And quite a day it would be. Walking the streets with her hands slid into the sleeves of her kimono, Suzume began formulating a plan. Her district frowned upon those her stole, but the event was common enough that no one bothered to help stop such acts unless there was a personal stake in the matter. So she wouldn't have to worry about outside interference. In the past, she had to wait for the baker to be distracted with another customer's questions before striking. But now, with this Hado? She could just walk up to the man, blast him, and take the bread! She felt uneasy about the possibility of hurting him, despite her intense hunger. So she resolved to only put a bit of power behind the kido. She was sure the baker's spiritual pressure was next to nothing, so it would be enough to knock him on his butt. That's all she would need. She was finally arriving at his stand. She was sure he didn't recognize her. That day wasn't anything special to him, but it was life changing for her. Strutting up to the stand, she put her plan into action. "Hado number 1, Sho!" she shouted, her finger pointing at the man's chest. As she planned, he fell back on his bottom, showing no signs of being seriously hurt. Hearing people's murmurs as she grabbed the bread, she sprinted off. "Was that a shinigami technique?" "there's no way! that raggedy girl hasn't been to the academy a day in her life!" Suzume was amused at some of the comments she was getting, feeling empowered by using something people recognized as a tool used by beings more powerful than your average man. She heard the baker shout, as expected, and he began to give chase. But there was someone else chasing her down as well. He wore the white and blue training clothes a member of the Shinigami academy. How could that be?! She hadn't heard of anyone in this district attending the academy, so why would they be visiting here? Maybe her eat to the ground listening to the local gossip wasn't as keen as she thought. It was over, if someone like him was chasing her, she'd be caught for sure. At the very least, she'd make sure she'd only be taking lumps from the Shinigami in training. Once more, she repeated the incantation, firing her hado off at the shopkeeping as she ran. She let out a snicker as he was launched backward, so distracted that she ran straight into someone on the street. Having plenty of time to catch up, the shinigami in training stood over her. Quickly rolling over, she fired her kido off one more time, hoping to buy time. The man, however, fired off the same kido. His spiritual pressure was stronger, and it overpowered her. Seeing as she was on the ground, the kido merely knocked the wind out of her, operating as a swift punch to the gut. "Would you QUIT running already?!" frustrating, the man grabbed her by the collar, lifting her up. She struggled to her feet instead of fighting his grip. He was a tall man, with short black hair. He wore a small scar across his mouth, going diagonally across his top tip. "Look, I bet you think I'm gonna beat your ass, huh? A petty thief picking on some baker...but that's not why I chased you down. That was kido you did. I have no idea where someone like you learned that, but....to me, that's proof you don't belong here. I used to live here too, you know. You should come with me. You seem to have talent. You'd make great new blood at the academy." Suzume blinked at the man, still short of breath. He thought she belonged at the academy? That she could be a shinigami? She had never thought about such a possibility, but now that she thought about it, that would be a dream come true. Maybe she could finally meet the man who helped her 60 years ago, and learn his name. "You think that I've got what it takes?...well. At least tell me your name before I give you an answer." She said, the man letting go fo her collar as she spoke. "Sorry for getting rough with you. Just call me Rex." "Well, Rex. I'm Suzume. You don't even have to ask me again, the answer is yes. I'll come to learn the way of the shinigami." "Don't get too ahead of yourself, now. I'm just gonna recommend you be tested for entrance. If you're serious, meet me here tomorrow morning. I'll have had things organized for you." Suzume nodded to the man, showing that she agreed to his plan. Having nothing more to say, she shook his hand to seal the deal, and sneakily picked up the bread from the ground. The baker hadn't caught up after her second hado. Or maybe he was scared of a whooping. Either way, she had bread AND a future to look forward to now. It was beginning to look like a good week. wc: 1265
  5. Suzume was lazing about during yet another slow day in the Northern Rukongai. She was wearing her favorite purple kimono, kept closed tight by a black knot. Her red glasses sat low on her face, which might cause one to wonder why she even wore them at all. She had never bothered to learn which of the 80 northern districts that she belonged to. She was positive that not a single one of them was any less miserable than the last, based on her experience over the last 60 years. Some people lived happy lives in the afterlife, never worrying about eating, not caring too much about when they slept, and knowing they'd be eternally young. Unfortunately, when your spiritual pressure is higher than common pond scum, none of that applies. You start to get hungry, to faint from the pain. When it first hits you, the starvation hits like a ton of bricks. You don't realize why you've been in such pain for the last few days and weeks, but then you end up face down in the dirt. You clutch your stomach and moan, starting to realizing what the problem is. Despite what everyone told you, you find yourself craving even the blandest slice of bread, knowing that such a simple thing would offer respite from your aches and pain. Suzume suffered such a fate, and probably wouldn't have lasted very long if not for the fact that a Shinigami had been in her district that day. Maybe he was local to the area and was visiting his old friends, maybe he was just passing through to show off his position. She didn't know if any of those things were true, she didn't even know his name. But she did know that he saved her life. He even showed her a technique from the Shinigami Academy that he graduated from, saying that if she mastered it, she might find it useful during her life in the Rukon. He wrote down everything that he knew about that spell after demonstrating it for her and told her that once she felt comfortable manipulating her spiritual pressure, she could give it a shot. She had been practicing for sixty years to use her spiritual pressure. She could make orbs of spirit energy of decent size by now, and they were very stable. To tell the truth, she probably could have learned the technique a long time ago. But she considered herself to be of a completely different league than the Shinigami. How could she possibly learn a technique that someone as great as him used? But today she was going to master it in one go. She was done being afraid, she was done barely escaping shop keeps with the bread that she purloined.(like hell she was gonna work for the food she was supposedly not going to have to eat in this life) This technique would surely assure that she was never caught again. Learning of hado number 1, Sho starts now: Suzume entered the run-down shack that she called home here in the Rukongai. Normally, people lived in small makeshift families, but she preferred to live alone. No one could tell you not to sleep in your underwear that way. The shack was single-room, with what most people with consider garbage just strung across the floor. She had a straw bed in the back of the shack, and a small two drawer dress with a broken leg. He slid the first drawer open, and pulled out the instructions that had been written for her so long ago. "Hado Number one, Sho.." she said softly to herself, reading the slip. The writing had become a little smudged over the years, but she could make them out. Even if she couldn't, she had read the slip thousands of times. The basic idea was to gather your spiritual pressure into your hand, and to let it off in a sort of burst, shooting forth in a short range from your hand to knock a target away. A useful spell for her purposes, surely. She dragged her desk to the middle of the room, and looked across her floor. She picked out a few empty sake bottles that were littered among the trash, figuring she wouldn't miss them if this practice broke them Having set up three bottles, she took a few steps back. There was a good five to ten feet between her and the desk now. Extending her index finger, she pointed at the bottles, she concentrated intensely, form spirit energy to the tip of her finger. Sweat started to form on brow already, not used to using her energy in this way. She thought she had mastered manipulating spirit energy, but really she had just mastered a specific application. She had learned to form her spiritual pressure externally, creating a physical form, spherical in this case. But it seemed like this was more of a internal use, with no physical form being seen. When she felt like she had concentrated enough, she let her pressure loose, feeling a great relief as a concussive force left her hand. "Yes!" she cried, throwing her hands up in joy. She could tell that she had done something right. In her excitement, she still hadn't even checked to see how many bottles she had knocked over. The joy left her face in an instant, noticing that not a single one of the bottles seemed to have even shifted. "W-well.., I think the one on the left moved...a little..." she grumbled to herself, glad no one was around to see her make a fool of herself like she just did. She was silly to think that it would be so easy for her to master something Shinigami used, even with the practice she had put in before. That was fine. She was willing to put in the work- it would be worth it. She tried again, forming energy in her hands, sweat forming at her brow. She fired off the Hado again, this time feeling more in control of herself. Her confidence in her control was not without warrant. The bottle in the middle had clearly moved, if only just an inch. She was already making progress, and it was only her second time trying out the technique. Maybe she had an affinity towards such things, or maybe this was a simple technique even pond scum like her could use. Either way, she was happy with herself. She walked over to her dresser, moving the bottle back into position. She continued this process for hours, and when she saw that darkness was flowing in from her sole window from the outside, she dropped herself down to the floor, rubbing her temple in frustration. She had gotten to the point where she could move all three bottles slightly all at the same time, but she hadn't knocked a single one of them over. As far as she could tell, she was doing everything perfectly. So why couldn't she handle this? "What am I doing wrong? What is the missing link, here!" she cried, falling backward from her sitting position to lay her back down upon the hardwood floor. as she spoke, she noticed the instructional paper was right next to her, having been discarded to the floor while she was practicing. She grabbed at the paper, careful not to crumple it even in her frustration. She read over the instructions once more. As she finished reading the paper, she filled the room with a loud gasp, a ping of realization in her brain. She felt like such an idiot. Right at the bottle of the paper, was clear and specific directions. "Upon casting this incantation, don't forget the incantation of course! Call out, Hado number 1, sho!" That was the trick! She was probably doing an amazing job considering she forgot the verbal component of a spell that is supposed to be cast by calling out its name. She jumped up to her feet, determined to make this once the time that she was successful. Once again, she extended her index finger, pointing straight at the bottle in the middle. "Hado number one, Sho!" as she called out, the bottle in the middle went flying towards the wall, smashing against it. She was surprised that she didn't hit the rest of the bottles with this spell, but it made sense to her. Without the incantation, her energy was probably unfocused and was released in a less concentrated way. That's why no bottle was moving far enough to leave the dresser. Now she had the precision to snipe the bottles. She repeated the incantation twice more, smashing the other two bottles in celebration. Hado number one: Sho, learned. "Now maybe I should take this out for a test run, first thing tomorrow morning..." she said, stretching her arms out. She let out a yawn. She was absolutely famished after tonight, but she was too tired to go out. First thing in the morning, she'd try her hand at stealing from that baker, the one from 60 years ago. Word count, 1510. Hado Sho learned.
  6. Happy Birthday We miss you. Well not really but I miss you. Ok..I don't miss you that much..maybe a tiny bit though...just enjoy your bloody birthday

  7. Discord had thought he had Sato, but to his Dismay, he had manage to retaliate and tried to slash his side. It could have caused a note-worthy injury, but it was luckily intercepted by his reiyoku bubble. His entire body flashed with reiyoku, to show it had defended against the hit. "Oh, that looked like it would of hurt~" He said to Sato, his voice full of as much confidence as ever. He was about to continue his assault on the tag team of soul reapers, when he sensed something faintly. Before he could turn around to investigate, he found himself entangled in a scarf. He would of fallen victim to a fatal attack if not for the aforementioned reiyoku bubble. The attempted impalement only just pierced his bubble, and left a tiny nick. The reiyoku covering Discord's arms burned through the scarf, and he quickly spun around, his intention being to take his head off with said arms. He figured he would be able to dodge this attack, and it was more to drive him off. "OH! So close...but once again, my little shield shines through...now then..I give you Shinigami a warning...although it seems like this man is on your side, he is your enemy just as much as I am. I know my chances of killing him, and I don't like them. But if you focus your attacks on him rather than me for now, there might be SOME hope of taking him down. Oh, but you probably won't listen to me, will you? No one ever listens to Discord, even when he tries to help!" Discord redirected his attention to the assassin. His body seemed to be splitting into two, and the result as something similar. There stood a second Discord, and it began to split, and so on until there was a total of seven Discords. Five of which were merely illusions who couldn't harm anyone. The other two was the real Discord, and the original clone he had made, and they could actually fight. They all shuffled their positioning with a sonido, and then scattered across the battlefield. They all stood in different spots, two of them in the air above Star, one behind him, one to the left, and another to his right. Lastly, one stood in front of him, and the final Discord stood far in the distance. All of them began to charge a Cero de la Locura, but only two would actually damage him. It was up to the assassin to determine the real one. Stats((changed due to them no longer being affect by Kazma)) ACTIVE abilities used/active:
  8. Discord let off a smile as Sato took the cero for his subordinate. He found it amusing when people tried to play"hero". He was gearing up for more attacking, when Gilgamesh began an unholy bombardment of weapons. Discord quickly got out of the line of fire of his rain of blades. He spoke quietly to himself about the attack, saying. "He recklessly endangered the lives of both the Shinigami, and his ally.....I like his style!" Discord watched the Shinigami, Gen, release his zanpakto. He stared, unimpressed at his little coustume change. It needed more flare, more inconsistency. He almost forgot he was in combat with the man, it was no time for questioning his fashion sense. He watched his blade begin to glow a bright white, but Discord just stood their. He lifted up his lion paw, and looked at the claws as if they were nails being check for dirt. Once Gen had fired the blast, he looked up. He avoided the blast, and sonidoed behind Gen. "You've gotta be quicker than that~" Discord attempted to drive his arm through Gen's back, and then sonidoed a good distance in front of him. A purple fog began to leak from Discord's body, and flooded the battlefield. It would blind the two Shinigami, but Discord's eyes were specialized to be able to see through it. He sonidoed over to Sato, and attempted to grab his throat with his eagle claw, the reiyoku surrounding it would burn away at his skin. He then tried to be bring his lions paw down onto his face. Active abilities. Abilities used this post
  9. Discord clapped excitedly as the human known as Gilgamesh had arrived and started his yelling. Now that their final contestant had arrived, the games could begin. It seemed apparent the Human didn't much care for Shinigami, and that worked out just fine. He would ally with this man for the time being, and crush the Shinigami. "Hollow... Lend me your powers... And I will make it worth your while. Just name your price..." Discord was about to open his mouth to respond, when a blur had appeared in front of him. Discord took a look of surprise as he was attacked by said blur. The first two hits he was unable to dodge, and caused moderate gashes along his chest, while the third one nicked his arm. He managed to dodge the final attack completely, but the blur was no longer in front of him. he ran a finger across one of the fresh wounds he had sustained, and licked the blood off his finger. He licked his lips with his long snake-like tongue, and spoke to Gilgamesh. Alright Human, I'll help you out...I don't have a price, as long as you make this fun for me~ But be wary as we fight...there is another guest attending our little party. Discord drew his zanpakto, and called out its name Reign chaos, Desarmonía! As he finished, his body began to change. His body became more slender, and he now had one goat horn and one dear antler on his head. His left arm became a lions paw, and his right became the claw of an eagle. His right leg was that of a lizard, while his left was a goat's. As his transformation finished, he let out a maniacal laugh. He put his beast like arms in front of him, and they became covered in reiyoku.((or reiatsu, whichever term is correct))He then formed a reiyoku bubble around himself for protection, and sonidoed to the side of both the Shinigami present. Hoping to hit them both with this next attack, a cero formed at his mouth. It began flashing erratically before firing. It was a rich black color, with a nasty trick up its sleeve. The cero would not only damage them, but cause an extra effect. Discord loved this ability because of the randomness of said extra effect. stats Abilities used
  10. Discord looked at the two Shinigami that had gathered. It looked like they were ready to fight him. This wasn't much of a problem for him, though. He was in dire need of entertainment, so this worked out perfectly. Discord sinked into the ground, almost as if melting. He was now like a colored shadow, unable to cause harm, or be harmed. He quickly made his way to the Shinigami, and assumed a 3D form. Running a finger gently across the chin of Sato, he spoke to both of them. Well isn't this cute! The Shinigami want to play a game. Well, friends. All our players have yet to arrive...there is one more high spiritual pressure near here. I trust you both can sense it. How do I know hes coming? Who wouldn't head towards the source of three very large spiritual energies? Once he arrives, our game can begin!he said. He hoped the Shinigami would be good sports and not try and start the combat early. There wouldn't be much fun in that! ability used Discord will remain in spectral form until haku arrives, and the combat can begin. Appearance of Discord: He wears the traditional Arrancar outfit. He has long, gray hair, and yellow eyes with red pupils. The right pupil is smaller than the left. He has a long fang and a snake tongue, as well. On his back he has both a bat wing, and Pegasus wing.
  11. I would catch a grenade for any one of you fine folks!...as long as it isn't active!

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