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    Welcome To The Wild's

    017: UNEXPECTED VISITORS ----- ___________________ ... RYŪNOSUKE WAS in the bathroom, down on his knees beside his hungover mother as she sobbed and periodically vomited into the toilet bowl. The teenager rubbed his mother's back reassuring while also choking back the urge to vomit himself. He tried to hide that fact but it was probably very apparent in the paleness of his face. For better and also for worse, Mariko had vehemently avoided all eye-contact with her son from the moment he'd awakened to her gagging and crying. Partly out of shame and, Ryūnosuke was sure, partly out of anger with him for everything that happened the day before. The events that led up to him storming out of the house were still fresh in his head, despite all the absurd insanity that occurred afterwards. Who could say for certain, but he was fairly confident his mother hadn't been attacked and nearly killed by a monster. So there wasn't anything to mellow out the relative gravity of his confession as opposed to literally being attacked by a hunger-crazed monster. One instance of premarital sex just didn't seem like that big a deal in comparison; but, that was just the perspective of Ryūnosuke, the troubled teenager. "Ryuuun" Mariko sobbed, her face hidden behind the veil of her long black hair. "Get out, I'm so ashamed of myself!". Ryūnosuke felt a sudden jolt of guilt and sadness; his mother was the one who drank way more than she should have and passed out on the floor, but she'd only done it because all the emotional stress he'd put her through. Now she was trying to take all the blame --of course she was, that was the kind of mother he had. "Mom, please. You know I can't leave you alone like this.", he felt his mother lurch forward just before she vomited again, he rubbed her back through it all. "I'm so sorry you have to see me this way. I'm such a horrible mother, getting drunk in the middle of the night like that." Mariko cried. "Stop that! You're a perfect mother." Ryūnosuke earnestly refuted. "It's not you. I've been... a terrible son. I shouldn't have stormed out like that before, I'm sorry. I'll accept any punishment you decide on, for everything, including missing curfew." Ryūnosuke felt his mother go still as the last statement left his mouth. He had a good idea of what was to come next, he could almost see the red hot gears turning in her head. "Crap, here it comes." , he thought. "Oh, don't worry, you're in a shit ton of trouble. You and I, we're gonna have a long chat, young man-" Mariko retched. "once my head stops spinning." Ryūnosuke went stiff and silent with both shock and horror. Mariko noticed and turned to face him and saw the blank expression on his face. "What?" she strained through her tightened gut. "Nothing." Ryūnosuke replied faintly. "It's just-" Ryūnosuke paused and held back a chuckle, "I've never heard you say 'shit' before." He was promptly met with an disapproving "Hey!" followed by weak smack across the side of his head, not surprising; he'd actually expected at least that much. "Language!" Mariko barked, her face blushed red and stern for a moment before she turned pale. She lowered her head and projectile vomited into the toilet again for a proper five seconds. "Oh, God!", she retched afterwards. Ryūnosuke had started to rub her back again and he decided to try and say something reassuring. "You sounded pretty cool saying it." Mariko instantly shot him a glare. "Get out! Or I'm grounding you until you graduate!", she shouted and pointed to the door. "Yes, ma'am!" Ryūnosuke popped up to his feet --not keen at all on being grounded for that long-- and scurried downstairs, he heard his mother barf again on his way to the kitchen. ----- Electing the least he could do was prepare breakfast as a sign of remorse, Ryūnosuke got to work in the kitchen. He considered reheating the leftover curry from the night before, but figured that curry wouldn't be kind on his mother's stomach. Instead, he decided to prepare some toast and eggs. He also got out a few cold bottles of sports water. He knew that in addition to regular water, his mother would also need a lot of electrolyte-rich fluids. It was strange, he remembered the fact from the time his former best friend, Kiriyama, got drunk and hungover during their summer vacation trip to Akane's beach house. Kiriyama had stumbled upon some alcohol in Akane's father's study and decided to drink it on a dare. He seemed completely unaffected as he downed the alcohol. At first they'd even all jested that Kiriyama was an alcoholic in the making, but the joke quickly turned to panic when Kiriyama was tossing about sick just hours later. They even thought he might die for a bit, but of course, Akane was the one to calmly google search "hangover remedies" and within minutes delegated tasks to the underclassmen which included fetching a lot of the sports drinks the Baseball team guys had on hand naturally. Reflecting on the whole ordeal now, Ryūnosuke chuckled. There was so much that the trip highlighted, how hard Kiriyama tried to stick out and be cool being one of those things. Ryūnosuke paused as he cracked an egg and poured its contents into a glass mixing bowl. He signed and lowered his head, saddened by the memories that he was beginning to recall now. His fallout with Kiriyama. Of course, he couldn't just remember the good times without the bad and worst ones clawing in as well. Ryūnosuke understood why his actions had ultimately torn a rift between he and Akane, but Kiriyama's 'betrayal' was not one he'd expected or understood at all. Kiriyama completely disavowed Ryūnosuke and even testified against him. He went as far as strongly imply that Ryūnosuke had been stalking and harassing Hina for months. Which was a blatant bold-faced lie. Ryūnosuke felt his rage swelling up just thinking about it; how he was wronged by his best from since middle school. Even worse, Kiriyama also spared no effort in trying to turn the rest of the Baseball team and even the coaches against Ryūnosuke and with some success too. Although, Ryūnosuke ultimately made the decision to quietly quit the team on his own. He remember his last 'talk' with Kiriyama before the move to Karakura. It wasn't much of a talk and it quickly escalated to a fist fight. It ended eventually and from that point, both bloodied and bruised, the two of them silently decided they were no longer friends or anything to each other. Ryūnosuke pushed the thought to the back of his mind again, there was no point in dwelling on it now. He knew full well this was just another consequence of what happened. He might not ever be able to understand why Kirayama did what he did, and sadly, that put him even further away from being able to forgive him for it. Still, it was just another ripple, Ryūnosuke had to see it as such because that was the only logical explanation. It was all linked to what he'd done, his own actions. It all started with the terrible thing he'd done to Hina. Ryūnosuke claimed his faults, he owned his shit, what frustrated him, was that others, including Kiriyama didn't own theirs. Just like Akane, Kiriyama wasn't entirely innocent either. In fact, he'd been one of the main people who was mean towards Hina for a long time, and even after Ryūnosuke declared her a member of their group, Kiriyama was still visibly cold towards her. If Hina had more friends --better friends-- she might not have felt so hopeless and alone. She might not have felt like she didn't have any more options besides committing suicide. The memory of the morning he saw Hina's hanging from her bedroom fan flashed in Ryūnosuke's mind. He slammed his palm on the marble kitchen counter. "Enough!", he muttered under his breath, holding back the tears. He couldn't deal with this now, it wasn't the time. "Please.", the teenager, begged. He wasn't sure who or what he was pleading to. It didn't matter who or what as long as they could get the plague of memories to stop. The teenager took a deep breath and composed himself, he focused on making breakfast in order to drown out his thoughts. It was important to stay leveled, no more outbursts like yesterday, no more making his mother worry. That was the promise he made to himself. ----- Once he finished making breakfast, Ryūnosuke brought it upstairs to his mother, who seemed to finally be clear of her vomiting fits and was back resting in bed. Mariko ate a little and drank one of the sports waters before she fell asleep again. Ryūnosuke left an extra two bottles on the nightstand and left his mother to rest. He returned to the kitchen he eat his own breakfast. He reheated the leftover curry for himself and turned on the television to the DAZN network to watch a Baseball game. It hadn't been ten minutes before the doorbell rang. Ryūnosuke looked at the door suspiciously, at first unsure if he'd actually heard the bell, until it rang again seconds later. That was strange, they weren't expecting any visitors as far as he was aware. The teenager walked to the door and briefly eyed his baseball bat; it was still at the side of the doorway where he'd left it the night before. Ryūnosuke looked through the peephole and saw two men, both in suits and what looked like law enforcement badges around their necks. Ryūnosuke stepped back from the door and looked towards the stairwell, it didn't seem like the bell woke up his mother. Good. Still, he wondered what these two men, most like policemen, could possibly want. Not that he didn't have an eerie suspicion it was related to the events of the night before. Had someone seen what happened? Did those strange masked people go to the cops afterwards? The teenager took a deep breath and reached for the doorknob. He'd find out what these two men wanted soon enough, he thought as he opened the door. To Be Continued... ______________________________ WC|1,720 -----
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    Welcome To The Wild's

    016: GRATEFUL TO BE ALIVE ----- ___________________ ... RYŪNOSUKE ENTERED the house through the front door. His mind had been racing with thoughts of how he intended to explain where he'd been all this time and why he'd missed his seven o'clock curfew by several hours. The story about being attack by a giant monster with tentacle arms was definitely --as any logical person would assume-- off the table. However, as the teenager's eyes scanned the dining room and he closed the door behind him, he sighed lowly when he spotted his mother passed out on the floor. It was equally a relief and a disappointment as a part of him deep down felt there was a great urgency to the things he wanted to tell her. There were things he wanted to say, that he was willing to share now, thanks to his newfound resolved. His near-death experience had also enlightened him to that fact. Still, he worried that if he waited he might lose that confidence or change his mind. After setting his bat down beside the door, Ryūnosuke silently crept towards Mariko; he noted that his mother was already in her pajamas, which told him she'd been awake waiting for him earlier in the evening --before she ended up sprawled out on the dining room floor. Ryūnosuke's first thought was that she'd simply dozed off, but he got a much clearer idea of what actually happened once he glanced over their small dining table, where he saw a nearly emptied bottle of sake, beside a nearly emptied glass. "Mom.", the teenager murmured lowly; his voice was soft with regret. In his entire life there were only two instances Ryūnosuke had seen his mother drink this heavily. The first was many years ago, after she'd gotten in an argument with his father. It was the day Keiji decided to get an apartment away from home, closer to his office. Ryūnosuke recalled his mother was furious that his father had made the choice without even consulting her first. The teenager remembered that at the time it didn't really matter to him either way. By that point he only saw his father in the morning and maybe at night for dinner --they rarely interacted during either of those times. The second instance was now and Ryūnosuke sharply inferred that his mother had, justifiably, been in a heightened emotional state, for which he was almost entirely to blame. He felt an immeasurable amount guilt. Ryūnosuke knew Mariko was a very patient and tolerant mother; the thought that he'd managed to upset her to this point was hard to come to grips with. He'd like to think at least his transgressions were not as terrible as his father's but it was impossible for him to make that claim honestly. The honest truth was that it didn't matter whose actions were worse, Ryūnosuke and his father had both managed to wrong the person who least deserved it. At the very least, Ryūnosuke intended to take responsibility for his mistake. The teenager knelt down and gently lifted his mother up in his arms. He was confident in his strength to do so, but he was still surprised by how little his mother seemed to weigh. He was sure he'd carried moving boxes heavier than she was. Mariko grunted against Ryūnosuke's shoulder as he carried her up the stairs to her bedroom. He could see the red under her eye and on her cheeks, he wondered how much she'd cried after he left. He could also smell the alcohol in her breath and sighed under his breath. He laid his mother on her bed gently and tucked her in. Mariko grunted again and turned to her right side before she went silent, sound asleep. Ryūnosuke stood at her bedside for a minute, his head lowered with shame. He considered waking her up, but ultimately could not bring himself to do it. Ryūnosuke turned away and went back down to the dining room to clear the table. He assumed that, much like himself, his mother would prefer not to be reminded of this night the next morning. As he picked up the alcohol, the teenager noticed a small note on the table. He hadn't seen the note before. 'Dinner is in the thermos, it's curry.' it read. Ryūnosuke stood silently for a moment. He'd completely forgotten about food and actually hadn't eaten a meal all day. After putting away the sake, Ryūnosuke searched the kitchen countertop for the thermos. He found the gray container within seconds, and --without even bothering to carry it out of the kitchen-- popped the container open and wolfed down the curry. He'd hardly had time to realize just how much he'd be starving before he was sniffling, his eyes filled with tears at both how delicious the curry was and also by just how close he'd come to possibly never returning home to taste it. "I almost died today." , the thought was stuck in his head and with it came the thoughts of all the possibilities and scenarios that would have followed as a result of his death. Ryūnosuke felt weak at the knees and decided to sit down, right where he was. He leaned against the kitchen counter and continued to devour his curry as he reflected on how grateful he was to be alive and how the curry was the best he'd eaten in his entire lifetime. Once he was done, Ryūnosuke washed the dishes and went upstairs to his room. He wasn't hungry anymore, just exhausted. Once in his room, he took off the strange green trench coat he'd acquired and hung it begin his bedroom door. He then belly-flopped onto his bed in just boxer shorts and tried to fall asleep. It was a struggle for a while, as his mind continued to race and play out the bizarre events that had occurred just hours prior. Nonetheless, after what felt like an eternity of tossing and turning in bed, sleep eventually overcame him. To Be Continued... ______________________________ WC|1,005 -----
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    015: REMEMBRANCE [Continuation From: Blunt Trauma] ----- ___________________ ... RYŪNOSUKE DRIFTED in and out of consciousness periodically. To him it felt like slipping between two blending dream-states. He had no way of accurate discerning dream from reality. The real from the illusions. Sometimes he saw images and relived moments from his past --the life he knew he'd lived-- but meshed into those memories were events that didn't quite fit in or belong. In one memory, he was having dinner with his mother, they were laughing; but when spoke to him, it was with a childish voice that wasn't her own. "Hōō no Sokumen." she said flatly. "What?" Ryūnosuke thought as small bursts of vermilion flames ignited on the dining table and the wall behind his mother. Then, his mother caught flame as well, though she didn't react at all and continued to smile and talk to Ryūnosuke as if nothing was wrong. Oddly enough, Ryūnosuke did not react either, even as he too was engulfed in the rich red flames that quickly burned away the entire memory and filled the darkness of his mind with just that vermilion blaze. He could feel and hear the flickering of the flames around him. They didn't hurt at all, rather, they felt surprisingly warm and cool at the same time. Like a touch of a continuous light breeze on a warm Spring day. It was soothing. The next thing Ryūnosuke remembered was lying on his back, his head rested against the chest of another person he could not see. To be precise, he only knew it was a person due to the pair of arms that embraced him from behind and wrapped over his chest. He felt the softness of a cheek against the side of his head and he smelt something nice. Mint Chocolate? "Mom?" the teenager thought as the voice whispered into his right ear. "Like the great phoenix, from the ashes, we shall rise." With those words, Ryūnosuke's mind went black again. ----- In the next memory he was sitting alone on the bleachers of a baseball field under a sky of pouring rain. He heard a crack of thunder off in the distance, but the rest of the sounds were just the white noise of the downpour. Ryūnosuke was cold and wet; his black baseball jersey, soaked in the rain, was heavy on his shoulders. Just like the feeling of defeat that overcame him suddenly."Wait?" Ryūnosuke thought. This memory was real. He knew what it was and he knew what was going to happen next. "Heads up!" A girl's voice called out to him from his left. Ryūnosuke raised his head to face her. It was Hina Enokida. She winked at him with her camera (one of many she owned) held up in her left hand with the her other on her hip. The memory of her was crystal clear. Her short rosewood hair was soaked and matted down around her face and the lenses of her glasses were very slightly fogged. However, the thing Ryūnosuke recalled most clearly was her smile. It had an instant effect on him; he felt the weight on his shoulders begin to fade away. Hina was someone he didn't have to impress or be tough around. Someone who understood him and saw him for who he was, not the person he tried or even the person wanted to be. "Hina?" he replied, startled. "What are you doing out here?" Hina furrowed her brows skeptically, "Eh? That's my line, dummy.", she murmured as she helped herself and sat down snugly beside Ryūnosuke. She leaned into him and rested her head on his shoulder. Ryūnosuke said nothing, though he welcomed her warmth. "Rough day, huh?" "Yeah." Ryūnosuke replied flatly. "Hey, you did your best out there, I could tell." said Hina. Ryūnosuke knew she meant to console him in his moment of disappointment and sadness. Others had tried, but it was different with Hina. It just felt more sincere when she did it. "My best just wasn't good enough, it seems." Hina grunted lowly. "We can't win them all, buddy." Ryūnosuke appreciated that Hina said 'we'. Even though she didn't actually play Baseball, and so she hadn't 'loss' anything, it always felt like she was on Ryūnosuke's side no matter the outcome. At the same time, his loss stung that much more, because he knew if he loss, it was a loss for Hina as well. He'd let her down just like he'd let down the others. "We could have won this one." There was a hint of bitterness in Ryūnosuke's voice. It wasn't directed at Hina and it was refreshing to know she always understood that fact without him having to say it out loud. "So, what did you get wrong this time?" Ryūnosuke let out a low gasp. Had she somehow sensed he was more hurt at the thought of failing her and decided to exclude herself from the equation in order for him to focus on himself again? How was she that good at reading his mood? It never got any less disarming no matter how many times she'd done it. "Too many wild pitches. That was my fault. They were fast and the batters could barely hit them, but I put too much pressure on Joumanji to catch them, as well. I should have trusted him more and listened to his calls", Ryūnosuke confessed retrospectively. "Ah, there was also that one time when you tried that bizarre run for third base but got tagged. Kyah, I was holding my breath, I thought you might make it. It was so close." Hina added. Ryūnosuke sighed, recalling the misplay again in his head and wondering what went through his mind when he thought he could possibly reach third base before the baseman caught the ball. His impatience costed his team a free score and it ruined the team's morale to see the ace get taken out on such an uncharacteristically bad play. "Yeah, there was that too." "Well, the good news is you know where you messed up. So, we learn from it and get better, right?" "Yeah." Ryūnosuke murmured. "But just in case-" Ryūnosuke heard a CLICK as a light flashed at his right. Hina had snuck a picture of him. "What are you doing?" Ryūnosuke questioned bluntly. "Just immortalizing this moment." Hina replied as she looked at the picture on the screen of her camera. "Wow, even your self-loathing depressed look is photogenic. How do you do it?" she said as she put the screen in from of Ryūnosuke's face. The teenager blushed as saw himself on the screen, he thought he looked pathetic, all somber, frowning, and feeling sorry for himself. "Delete it, now." He demanded, knowing full well it wouldn't happen. "No way! It's been immortalized!" Hina countered, as she pulled the camera away and held it tightly on her lap, guarding it from Ryūnosuke's reach. "I don't like it... It's not how I want to remember today." Ryūnosuke countered back softly. "So," Hina nuzzled her head against Ryūnosuke's shoulder. "What do you want to do about it?" "Immortalize a different one." Ryūnosuke replied, there was a submissiveness in his tone. He wasn't demanding it of Hina. It was a sincere request. Hina chuckled and smiled. "That, I can do." She said as she raised her camera up at an angle with both arms, it was pointed downwards at her and Ryūnosuke. "Look up." She whispered to him. Ryūnosuke listened, he looked up at the camera lens and saw their reflections in it. "Smile." said Hina softly. He did, and instantly felt his sadness wash away. He'd just about opened his mouth to say something when Hina pressed the button. The camera clicked again as the flash hit Ryūnosuke's eyes and turned his vision white for a moment. The teenager blinked. When he opened his eyes again Hina was gone, the white light was a small oval far off in the distance, and although Ryūnosuke was still cold he was no longer soaked with rain. ----- Ryūnosuke realized that he was reclined on his back. He blinked several times to adjust his eyes and took a moment to gather his energy. It dawned on him that the light above him was not a camera flash, but a street light. He jerked upwards and surveyed his surroundings. For starters, he was now on a wooden bench across the street from a boxed-shaped building that was a very-nearly-black shade of blue. He was home? There was no four-horned creature out to eat him or masked strangers to be seen anywhere around. More importantly, he didn't "feel" to be dead or wounded at all. The teenager raised his hands, he could do that now --strangely-- considering he was certain his left arm had been broken. Just as certain as he was that all ten of his, now completely fine and movable, fingers had also been broken. "W-what the Hell?" Ryūnosuke stammered as he looked down at his body, he was no longer in his black tracksuit. Now, he had on some stranger's green trench coat with only a pair of boxer shorts underneath. The thought that someone had undressed him and changed his cloths made him uncomfortable, but he didn't dwell on it very long once he noticed --thanks in part to his semi-nudity-- that he no longer had any injuries on his body at all. It was almost as if his battle and near death encounter with that monster had never happened. Like it was just a dream, except the teenager knew it wasn't. Ryūnosuke looked around earnestly for Kakushin, his metal baseball bat, and found it right there at his side. He held the grip of the bat firmly in his right hand and let out a deep sigh of relief. He then stood and faced his home. The lights were off, as to be expected at this hour, though he knew not what hour that was. It was FAR past his curfew, that was all that mattered. As he ran across the street as fast as he could, he figured he'd find out just how late he was soon enough. To Be Continued... ______________________________ WC|1,690 -----
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    014: THE END OF BLUNT TRAUMA ----- ____________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE LAID motionless on his back in a pool of his own blood as he looked up at the full moon above him. There was no more pain in his left side, in fact he could feel nothing there at all. Although the four masked individuals who arrived could clearly see that his left arm had been broken at the elbow and the snapped bones were stabbed into his side. The left side of his torso was deformed with the imprint of the Baron's palm crushed into it and his ribs were shattered and punctured through his lungs, stomach, and liver. Ryūnosuke couldn't feel his left arm, but he felt the broken bones stab into his organs with every breath he struggled to take and every time he instinctively swallowed the blood that gradually built up in his throat. "I'm swallowing blood, shouldn't I spit it out?" The teenager thought, among other things; his mind no longer held on to most thoughts long enough to fully consider them, even the pain seemed to fade in and out periodically. "I feel cold." He thought as the four shadows passed over him. "People are here, I wonder if it's the police... I should warn them." He could hear the monster shouting angrily, and swallowed down the blood in his throat with a wince. "wai-" he choked weakly, his voice could barely be heard and the pain in his lungs forced him to let out a silent scream. Luckily, he saw one of the shadows stop from the corner of his eye. "Kanako-chan, I think he's still alive.", said the shrouded form as it turned and approached the teenager. The voice was soft and feminine and sounded as if it belonged to a child. Ryūnosuke swallowed blood again as the shadow sat at his side, he watched a masked face loom over his chest and inspected its odd shape. The mask was white with a bird face painted on it in black, red, yellow, and blue. There was something majestic about the blend of colors that reminded Ryūnosuke of a phoenix rather than an average avian creature. "What an odd thing to fixate on." Ryūnosuke thought to himself before he took note of the sweet scent of perfume he could now smell. "Mint chocolate, that smells nice." Ryūnosuke smiled as his vision became blurry with a sudden build up of tears that flowed freely from his eyes and streamed down the sides of his face. "Mom loves mint chocolate, I should have bought some to take home." "He's alive but he doesn't have much time if we don't help him. Kanako-chan, what should I do?" The girl with the phoenix mask asked earnestly as she raised her head from Ryūnosuke's chest. 'Time' was the word Ryūnosuke's mind lingered on at that moment."Time? I completely lost track of the time again. How late is it now?" , he thought. "H-hey," Ryūnosuke called out softly, there as a faint wheeze in his brittle tone. Hearing him, the girl in the phoenix mask lowered her head to his mouth in order to hear him more clearly. "Can you-" Ryūnosuke coughed up blood, he noticed some of if splatter on the girl's mask. "sorry. I didn't mean to get blood on your cool mask." "It's fine, don't worry about the mask, I can clean it later." The girl whispered back reassuringly. Ryūnosuke smiled "That's good." he replied faintly. He started to ask the girl if she and her friends could take him home. "Can you-" Ryūnosuke paused to swallow down the blood in his throat, as he did he wondered just how much blood he'd lost and where all the blood he'd swallowed so far had gone. That couldn't be good. It suddenly became clear to Ryūnosuke; the one thought he'd been struggling not to focus on. The one thought he simply didn't want to have. "Am I going to die?" the question slipped out flatly with a childish innocence --perhaps "obliviousness" was the better word for it. Ryūnosuke heard the phoenix girl shudder behind her mask and the teenager choked up a sob, the flow of his tears thickened as the realization dawned on him. "I don't wanna die... I don't wanna die." In that instant Ryūnosuke saw imagines of his mother, waiting for him at the doorway of their old home in Osaka. She was smiling and waving to him. Then the image changed. Now, his mother was sitting in a cold dark dining room, curled up alone on the couch and crying while he watched from a distance. "I can't die here." Ryūnosuke choked. "I can't die yet. I have to get home to mom and tell her-" Ryūnosuke sniffled, "I have to tell her I'm sorry." The girl with the phoenix mask gasped and suddenly embraced Ryūnosuke in a hug. "Don't talk, save your breath!" Ryūnosuke tried to nod but he noticed he couldn't move his neck. He swallowed blood again as he mind drifted to another thought. "Mint chocolate really smells nice... I wonder if it will be the last thing I smell." "Just keep breathing!" The girl ordered, no doubt after having felt the heaves of Ryūnosuke chest suddenly grow more shallow than before. Ryūnosuke tried to inhale deeply, but stopped after just a short gasp as the piercing agony of bones stabbing into his lungs was too much for him to bear. "I-I can't.. it hurts too much to breath... and... I'm so... tired." Ryūnosuke replied lowly and closed his eyes. He saw images of himself; his proudest moments playing Baseball, all his friends and teammates, his first kiss with Akane, the day he met Hina, the mornings they jogged around the neighborhood and the evenings they waved good night to each other from the windows of their bedrooms. Ryūnosuke suddenly recalled everything that have happened to him, every moment of his life leading up to this one. All his dreams and ambitions, all his joy and sadness. The highs and lows. All his anger, guilt, and regrets. The mistakes and wrongs he'd done that he'd never get a chance to right now. "Is this my atonement? Death?" , the teenager wondered. It didn't feel right to him. The thought had crossed his mind many times in the past; 'the world would be a better place without me'. However, death didn't feel like it would change anything at all now. It just felt 'empty'. Pointless. "No! Don't close your eyes! Stay awake! You have to stay awake!" Ryūnosuke opened his eyes again to the sound of the phoenix mask girl crying on his chest. He wondered why she was crying, it couldn't have been for him. She didn't even know who he was. "Hey, I need to get home." The teenager whispered hoarsely. He mentally noted that, for all the blood he'd nearly choked on until now, his throat was oddly dry and sore. "My mom is waiting for me." He stated flatly. "Kanako-chan!" The girl with the phoenix mask shouted out to her comrade, fed up with her lack of response. ----- ... ICHIHARA KANAKO or "Kitsune" as she was known in their group, the group called WILD'S, was completely stunned as she watched the life slowly slip away from the mortally wounded teenager dying in a pool of blood. She stared at him through the eye slits of her white mask. It had two long pointed ears, the face of her mask was that of a mystical fox painted in black and pink. Her short, shoulder-length, sky-blue hair was hidden within the gray hood of her denim jean jacket. "This is so messed up." She mumbled shakily. In terms of combat capability, Kanako was ranked third in WILD'S, right behind Byakko and Kappa. She'd been in WILD'S for two months now, just like Juri, they called her "Houou". In fact, as Juri was practically her adopted sister, they'd joined WILD'S together. In just those two months, Kanako had fought and slain countless Hollows. A few times she or one of the others had been wounded, but never anything like this. She thought the idea of WILD'S was cool, 'a bunch of teenagers teaming up to fight a secret evil that most people weren't even aware of'. They were awesome, badass --just like Super Sentai Rangers or something. Most importantly, they were the superheroes, bad stuff like this wasn't supposed to happen on their watch. No one was supposed to actually die. "Kanako-chan!", Juri shouted and snapped Kanako out of her daze. Even so, it didn't change the fact that there was likely nothing Juri could do at this point. Juri was ranked 4th in WILD'S for combat capabilities. It wasn't just because she was the youngest member at only fourteen years of age. Juri was also small and frail, and her powers were not at all suited for battle. That didn't mean Juri was powerless, though. In fact, Juri might have possessed the strongest ability of them all. Her healing and regenerative capabilities were unlike anything someone would think possible, and she was only stronger if she used her new Aspect of The Phoenix ability. Still, as Kanako stared down at the teenager boy who'd taken on Baron Quadhorn (a Hollow they couldn't even face all together as a group) single-handed, she wondered at what cost had he done so. It was a shame, the boy was kind of handsome and he was definitely strong. It was unfortunate they weren't able to assist him sooner, and it was partially Kanako's fault. The girl with the kitsune mask grabbed her right arm. It was so bizarre to know that it had been broken no less than 10 minutes ago but now it felt as if she was never wounded at all. That was the power of Juri's Time Heals. Unfortunately, tending to Kanako's injury had delayed the group's arrival at the scene of Quadhorn's attack. "If we'd just arrived sooner-" "Out of the way, Kitsune.", ordered Kappa as he rushed past Kanako and sat next to Juri at the strange boy's side. He had the teenager's baseball bat in his left hand. "Kitsune, help Byakko secure the area." He added stern. "R-right! Got it!" Kanako replied, composed herself, and darted off. ----- ... SATO IWA known within WILD'S as "Kappa" and the "number two" after Byakko, sucked his teeth behind his mask as he assessed the wounds of dying teenager who'd fought off and nearly defeated Baron Quadhorn. "Doesn't look good at all.", he mumbled. The Houou, Juri, shook her head lightly between a sob. The wounded teenager looked at Iwa directly and Iwa could see the light of life was almost completely gone from his eyes. "P-please", the teenager stammered weakly. "I need to see my mom. We live is a black house... it looks like a box." Iwa clenched his fingers around the grip of the teenager's bat. He couldn't let him die, not after they'd failed to arrive on time, not after what they'd seen him do --especially not after what they'd seen him do. "Houou, can you save him?" Iwa asked flatly, although, he was sure he knew the exact answer and the precise circumstances under which Juri would be able to save the teenager, if she could at all. Juri nodded and replied shakily, "I-I think I can, but-" Iwa placed his hand firmly on Juri's shoulder. Just as he suspected, he already knew the answer. "You'd have to use your Aspect?" ----- ... JURI KENZAKI nodded. "I'm afraid his injuries are too severe for my Time Heals, but I'm pretty sure I can save him with my Aspect ability. No, I'm certain of it!", she declared confidently. Juri, the "Houou" had never been uncertain about her place in WILD'S. She was more aware than anyone that she couldn't fight; moreover, she hated violence to begin with. During most missions, if things went according to Iwa's plans, there was rarely even a need for her to be around. However, that didn't make her useless. Whenever anyone got hurt, she was the one they came to, because she was the one with the ability to heal. Her Fullbring, "Time Heals" allowed her to rapidly accelerate and amplify the natural healing process, wounds and injuries that took months or years to recover from could be completely healed within a matter of minutes or seconds. There was a condition, however, Juri had to use Time Heals no later than an hour after the wounds had been inflicted and each time she used Time Heals a portion of her hair turned white. Upon joining WILD'S, Juri was bestowed her Aspect Ability and her code name by the co-founder of WILD'S, Miss Mio Sato, Kappa's older sister. Juri's Aspect of the Phoenix immensely empowered her Time Heals Fullbring while also giving her moderate combat capabilities. Juri heard Iwa sigh behind his mask. Kappa's mask was a pale green with a short yellow beak and two black rectangles for eyes. His mask was quite goofy, but anyone who knew Iwa understood that was the point. Iwa wore a beige newsboy cap, and a pale green trench coat to help sell his look. "Juri-chan, I know how dangerous it is for you to use your Aspect and I understand if you don't want to do it. I won't force you." Iwa paused. "But this guy is really amazing, he took on the Baron alone and almost won. In fact, I think he would have won if we were in time to help him." Juri felt Iwa's hand slide off of her shoulder. "If he dies I will take full responsibility... Argh!" Iwa raised his fist and bopped himself on the forehead. "What the Hell am I talking about? Easy for me to say that when I am powerless to save him either way, eh?" Juri heard Iwa's words but she did not response, her eyes were fixed sternly on the dying boy. Her mind raced with her options and her one true desire. For a reason she simply couldn't fully grasp, she wanted to save this boy, no matter what it would cost her. Did she pity him? She didn't know how to describe it. She just sensed a sadness within the boy, a great sadness like the one she'd known before she found Kanako and before she found WILD'S. "No one will blame you if you decide you can't do it. That's the nature of our job. We do the best we can, but we can't save everyone." Iwa's leveled tone suddenly broke with a sob. Juri heard it clear as day and knew that even though she couldn't see it, Iwa was crying behind his mask as well. "But dammit, I really wanna save this guy!" Iwa muttered. "So, Juri-chan..." Iwa shifted his knees to face her directly and bowed his head. "If you can... Please save him!" "I'll do it!" Juri declared resolutely. She pulled off her mask and revealed her face. ----- ... RYŪNOSUKE, the dying teenager, saw the face of the girl with the phoenix mask as she hovered above him. She had soft features; pale skin with freckles on her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. Her long luscious black hair draped around the sides of her face and was cut short over her forehead in a perfect bowl cut fringe. The entire left side of her bang was snow white. Her large gray eyes reflected light as is they were two small moons and contrasted with the rosy redness of her flushed cheeks. Ryūnosuke blinked as the girl's tears dripped from her eyes to his face. He was much to tired to keep his eyes open now, so he closed them slowly and his thoughts began to slip away into the darkness. Deeper and deeper he drifted away. It was a sad lonely affair, dying; and yet, Ryūnosuke drifted on. He smiled, at least inwardly, as he heard the girl's voice shout out to him through the darkness. "I'll save you!", she promised. Ryūnosuke chuckled, "That's a nice thing to say." he thought, as his mind faded to black. To Be Continued... [Left Thread] [Continues In: Welcome To The Wild's] ______________________________ WC|2,700 ----- OOC| @Baron Quadhorn We call it a draw? xD Thanks a lot for helping out with this thread, it was a lot of fun <3
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    Blunt Trauma

    013: Blunt Trauma PRT7 ----- ____________________  [1]... RYŪNOSUKE TENSED as the creature's fist came colliding downwards over him. "JUST DIE, YOU INSECT!" Ryūnosuke tightened his fingers around the grip of his bat as the monster shouted. With the bat raised above his head, the teenager guarded against the attack and then jumped several feet backwards to create some distance. Ryūnosuke noticed the orbs on the tips of the monster's horns as they fired towards him. [2/3/4/5] "DIE!" The teenager swung his bat at the first one, swatted it out of the air, cast off to explode on the pavement to his left. "DIE!" He then darted to the right, dodging the second, before he charged directly at the creature. "DIE! DIE!" He blocked the third and fourth orbs with the barrel of his bat as he advanced. The orbs exploded against his bat and flares of dark-green energy caught the sleeves of Ryūnosuke's jacket. The boy could smell the scent of burnt material as he closed in on the creature, still downed by the earlier attack to its knee. Finally, the monster appeared to have finished its attacks and given Ryūnosuke just enough time to retaliate. [6] "Oi, I don't think you get it!" Ryūnosuke shouted angrily back at the creature as he suddenly launched himself forward, seeming to simply blur through the air before appearing right in front of the creature's face. "You keep blabbing on about killing me over and over." Ryūnosuke stomped down on the inside flat of the monster's bottom right horn, ensuring that it was unable to move. "It's really pissing me off. So, why don't you try it." Ryūnosuke raised his bat high above his head with both arms, mustered every molecule of his strength and seemingly summoned the entire might of his strange powers at once willingly. This surprised the disembodied voice, which shouted out to Ryūnosuke in protest. "Wait, Ace! You can't do that-" The voice, however, was too late. "DIE!" Ryūnosuke swung his bat down as he roared the word. His bat would hit the bottom left horn, across from the one he was standing on. His attack was so powerful that the immense Spiritual Pressure behind the hit would create a crater two yards wide under the monster. [7/8] "DIE!" The teenager repeated with another equally devastating swing of his bat. "Ace, you have to stop!" Ryūnosuke paid the voice no heed, raised his bat and struck the creature's horn a third time. [9] After the third strike Ryūnosuke's vision blurred for just a second. At the same time he felt his entire body heat up, as if he'd been suddenly beset with an intense fever. Additionally, he now felt a 'sizzling' in his arms, it felt as if they were being repeatedly pricked by thousands of heated needles at once. Nonetheless, oblivious to the true implications of these strange sensations, "ARGH, YOU'RE DONE FOR!" Ryūnosuke swung his bat downwards over the creature's horn for a fourth time. "Ace, don-!" CRACK! Ryūnosuke's eyes widened with horror as his bat whirled through the air over his shoulder and pinged against the pavement as it fell. His vision blurred in and out of complete darkness and vaguely being able to see his hands and arms in front of him. His bat, why had he suddenly lost his hold on it? The teenager wondered as he tried to focus on his hands. His vision cleared just long enough for him to get his answer and he gasped as his heart rate seemed to halt. "M-my hands..!" he chocked, as he observed that all ten of his fingers had suddenly been broken; bent and twisted horribly out of their natural form, while his arms were both covered in dozens of bleeding lacerations that appeared from nowhere. "You pushed your limits too far! You gotta run!" Ryūnosuke heard the voice, and tried to move, but realized that his legs, muscles shaking and numbed with pain, would not move. "Don't just stand there, Ace!" "I can't! I can't move!" Ryūnosuke shouted back at the voice. The teenager gasped, struggling to catch his breath, and glanced down at the creature below him. Sweat rolled down the wrinkles of his pained, terror-stricken grimace. The teenager had but one thought as the monster looked back at him. "Shit... I'm gonna die!" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TURN STATS] --------------------------- [ACTIONS] --------------------------- [TURN END STATS] ND| 3,610 ______________________________ WC|680 -----
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    Blunt Trauma

    012: Blunt Trauma PRT6 ----- ____________________  [1]... RYŪNOSUKE'S VISION flashed white as the monster's fist connected directly with his left temple. He was so focused on his own attack that he hadn't noticed the Hollow's fist coming down a fourth time at all. Still, even as the hit knocked him slightly to the right, the teenager followed through with the rest of his attacks. All of which landed squarely on target. The three bashes with his bat had yet again left the monster's tentacle limb swollen, bruised, and ruptured like a busted lip. Each of his attacks drew blood that splattered across Ryūnosuke's arms and torso. [2] The creature attempted to sneak in another punch at Ryūnosuke's left side as he swung his bat the third time, but the human had been watchful of the right arm, after he roughed the last blow, due to his own carelessness. Ryūnosuke wouldn't make the same mistake again. As he swung the bat with the right arm, the teenager curled and tensed the muscles of his left arm at his side; bracing himself for the fist as his energy flared up. The blow landed just where Ryūnosuke intended it to, but unfortunately, much harder than he anticipated. Ryūnosuke's surging powers might have desensitized him to the pain, but they did not repair the damage that had been previously inflicted on his left arm. Though his left arm had been fully defended from the attack now, his injured shoulder gave in under the impact of the punch, and Ryūnosuke's elbow was rammed into his left rib cage. He heard and felt several of his ribs crack under the force of the hit, as an intense pain shot through his body like an electric volt. Ryūnosuke winced in agony. "Dammit, that's two mistakes already. What's going on with me all of a sudden?" , the teenager asked himself. "Stay focused, Ace! Your awakened powers have kept you in the fight this long, but you're not used to them yet. You gotta gauge your limits or you'll risk throwing the game!" [3/4] "I know that already!" Ryūnosuke grunted as he noticed the creature raise its foot, he could also see the dark-green energy building within it and he had a good prediction of what was coming. Ryūnosuke, leapt into the air just as the monster stomped its foot on the ground. "That same trick won't work twice, dumbass!" Ryūnosuke spat angrily. "Tell 'em, Ace!" Ryūnosuke, swung his bat in a forwards clockwise swipe across his front, at the creature's plunging horns. A flurry of sparks and a resounding PING! burst between the two as Ryūnosuke's bat clashed with the bladed bottom pair of horns. [5/6] The force behind the monster's ram knocked Ryūnosuke backwards through the air, but the teenager had anticipated it. Rather, he planned on it. As he glided backwards through the air, his left hand reached into his pocket and pulled out a small beige cloth pouch, half full of metal tokens. Ryūnosuke's remaining tokens from the Elites Dome. Ryūnosuke smirked as he tossed the pouch upwards at a right angle, precisely in the path of his bat, which he'd already outstretched back the full extension of his right arm. "BATTER UP!" The disembodied voice chanted as Ryūnosuke swung his bat towards the pouch in the immediate direction of the creature. The barrel of his metal bat shredded the cloth pouch into flaking bits of material that puffed through the air like a explosion of confetti. In that very instant twelve coin-shaped tokens fired straight at the monster's face. The tokens blurred through the air like twelve shooting stars, heated to the point of being the equivalent of .30 caliber bullets fired from a machine gun. The force of his swing twirled Ryūnosuke's body in a leftwards spin, and he completed a 360 as he landed and slid back five feet to a halt. [7] The teenager suddenly shot forwards at a blistering pace, making a beeline for the monster, hoping to use his last attack as a cover for his next one. Ryūnosuke again stuck to the creature's left, aware that its tentacle arm decommissioned and if the monster did try to use it, the teenager would notice long before the whip-like appendage could uncoil from the creature's face to do him any harm. Ryūnosuke closed in rapidly and with precision accuracy. He swung his bat at the side of the monster's left knee. Regardless of if the monster fell or not Ryūnosuke would then dart around to the its back and raise his bat high above his head, prepared to bring it crackling down on the monster's spine like a rod of lightning. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TURN STATS] --------------------------- [ACTIONS] --------------------------- [TURN END STATS] ND| 3,640 ______________________________ WC|770 -----
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    Blunt Trauma

    011: Blunt Trauma PRT5 ----- ____________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE COVERED his ears with his hands as the creature roared. The roar was so deafening that it caused him to flinch in his place, unable to move as the loud shaking voice nearly forced him to his knees. "Hang in there, Ace!" The nasal voice from before shouted out to him, it was the only thing the teenager could hear clearly as all other sounds were drowned under the painful screeching in his ears. Once the roar ended, Ryūnosuke looked up at the monster, who'd managed to jump away and create some distance between them. Ryūnosuke glared at brutish enemy in front of him as it threatened to destroy him. The teenager was still fearful for his life, but at least now he was more confident in his ability to fight back. He'd landed two of his attacks and the monster was bleeding. Ryūnosuke couldn't explain the strange power surging throughout his body or what had activated it to begin with. Regardless of all that, the important thing to Ryūnosuke was that this new power had at least evened the battle --maybe even placed him at a slight advantage. [1/2/3/4] Ryūnosuke inhaled deeply as the creature charged towards him. He held up his bat with both arms, prepared to block all the creature's attacks head on. The creature's horns were the first to hit. Ryūnosuke felt the force of the impact vibrate painfully through his arms, but surprisingly he wasn't rocketed through the air. Instead, he stood his ground firmly, and slid only a few inches backwards. Next followed the creatures three punches, all of which Ryūnosuke blocked by angling his bat upwards to intercept each fist. With each downward hit, the force behind the attack cracked the asphalt under the teenager's feet, but that was all they had done. [5/6/7/8] "My turn." Ryūnosuke muttered flatly as a flash of his orange energy sparked alight in his eyes. "Get 'em!", cheered the childish voice just as Ryūnosuke jabbed the blunt tip of his bat directly at the center of the creature's mask. He suspected that the monster would either attempt to dodge the attack or block it with one of its arms. Whichever the creature chose didn't matter, as the first attack only served as an opening for Ryūnosuke to continue his assault. The teenager would pursue the creature and swing his bat three more times, targeting its face or whatever the creature tried to put between its face his bat. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TURN STATS] --------------------------- [ACTIONS] --------------------------- [TURN END STATS] ND| 4,060 ______________________________ WC|405 -----