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  1. Rash ラシュ

    First Division Barracks

    ...SHUU held his position momentarily and simply followed the Captain Commander's movement with his eyes. The Second Division Captain could already see that Kaeru was pushing his agility further than he had against the new Captain. It was clear that Kaeru quite literally needed to push himself to that point, but with sufficient training it would come to him effortlessly. For now, Shuu's aim was to see what was the absolute peak of Kaeru's speed and also how long could the Frog Captain maintain it. Shuu Flash-Stepped towards Kaeru, aiming to intercept the Captain Commander and score the last hit needed for the Zanpakutō advantage. However, it seemed that Shuu was not able to land the blow, as with each attack he launched, Kaeru met it with an open palm strike of his own. With each clash, Shuu narrowly increased his own Speed and observed as Kaeru matched it, eventually the Second Division Captain would decide it was time to kick things up a notch. Using the force of one of their clashes, Shuu propelling himself upwards to the ceiling of the room and stood in an inverted position, facing the Head Captain below. Shuu crouched down and balled up, his Captain Haori splayed outwards behind as his fingertips touched the ceiling just as he rocketed towards Kaeru and performed several flash steps to descend not as one Mikoto Shuu, but as dozens. The clones of the scarlet-eyed Shinigami leaped and bounded from the walls and ceiling, as did the real and tangible Mikoto Shuu. The room resonated with the melancholy of cicada songs produced by the clones that varied randomly between three distinct sounds "KIKIKIKIKI", "KEKEKEKEKE" and "CANNAT KANAKANA". The obnoxious noise simply added to the ambient confusion. Shuu was curious as to how Kaeru would overcome his trickery.
  2. Rash ラシュ

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    ENW 09: FRENZIED WAILER BYAKKO PRT2 ----- [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 6] [REMAINING ND| 5,580 - 150 = 5,430] ___________________  [1] ... RYŪNOSUKE was caught off guard as Frenzied Wailer Byakko cried out. It was clear that Chizuru hadn't fully transformed into an undead zombie-like creature. Ryūnosuke saw the pain and sadness in her expression and it told him everything he needed to know. The person in front of him was still Chizuru. Nevertheless, as the Tengu-masked Fullbringer raised his bat diagonally to block the kick and subsequently slid several feet backwards as a result of the impact, he also realized that Chizuru wasn't fully in control of her body or her abilities for that matter. As they both stood and faced one another, the remorse was as clear on Chizuru's face as Ryūnosuke's sorrow was evident on his own. Until this moment, the teenager hadn't given much thought to the fact that they were fighting and destroying the bodies of humans. Sure they were deceased humans, but they were still human bodies that he'd broken and burned without any reservation or hesitance. The fact that the corpses had been resurrected by an ill-meaning entity and that it was either destroy them or end up dead himself did simplify things as far as Ryūnosuke was concerned. But this was different. Chizuru wasn't some dead stranger. Chizuru wasn't dead at all. Ryūnosuke would never intentionally harm her and he knew she wouldn't harm him either. The teenager stood resolute as Chizuru's deadly Taigākura technique was activated right before his eyes. He'd recognize the ability anywhere without fail. By manipulating the soul of her gloves, Chizuru was able to alter how damage inflicted by her punched reflected on her targets without changing the shape or texture of her gloves physically. It was thanks to Chizuru's training that Ryūnosuke now possessed a similar ability that he could use on his baseball bat, which allowed it to cut like a sword or shred like a chainsaw based on his preference. Chizuru's Taigākura was very straightforward, it allowed her gloves to slash like razor-sharp tiger claws. So, there was no doubt in Tengu's mind that being hit by Chizuru's uppercut would most likely spell death for him. [2] Ryūnosuke's immediate response was to hold his bat out just in front of him, pointed down at his feet. As Byakko's uppercut slashed across the length of the barrel of the metal bat, sparks erupted skywards between the pair. Ryūnosuke initially hesitated to retaliate, but --as if she'd known he needed the push to action-- Chizuru called out to him with a request she knew he could not deny. "Ryūn, fight me!" With those sincere words alone, the Tengu-masked teenager's entire demeanor shifted almost instantly. [3] After a faint sigh, Ryūnosuke's eyes suddenly flashed bright orange with the increased output of his own Reiatsu, enhancing his own abilities. "Alright, you got it!" Ryūnosuke muttered resolutely as he pulled his mask back down over his face. "Let's go, Chizuru!" Ryūnosuke shouted as he suddenly swung his bat upwards causing a massive shockwave of pressure to explode between them. [4] Ryūnosuke turned his wrist into an upright position at the peak of his swing and raised his left hand to join his right in holding the grip of his bat just before he swung the bat downwards again with a Major Heavy Blow aimed to come down on Chizuru's right shoulder. With the first attack likely pushing Byakko backwards, Ryūnosuke timed the second to land just as she was still being pushed away. If the swing missed it would result in its own massive shock wave. [5] Ryūnosuke would follow up his second swing by releasing his bat entirely and using Bringer Light to instantly place himself at Chizuru's left side, but just behind her shoulder. With his left leg slid out behind hers and his left arm barred over hers and across her chest, Ryūnosuke twisted her waist counterclockwise. The aim was the trip Chizuru backwards over his left leg with his forwards momentum and the torque of his torso. Even if the full trip didn't go through, the impact of his arm slamming against Chizuru's clavicle was sufficient an attack on it's own. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TURN STATS] --------------------------- [ACTIONS] --------------------------- [TURN END STATS] ND| 5,028 ______________________________ WC|685 -----
  3. Rash ラシュ


    Upcoming Updates: - Expanding Achievements (Open to suggestions) - Finalizing The Official Legends Thread - Update To How ND is calculated for Tank Primary Class and Tank Secondary/Tank Focus *Already updated forum-wide - Official Addition of Full Hollow Form for Vaizard
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  5. Rash ラシュ

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    ENW 08: FRENZIED WAILER BYAKKO PRT1 ----- [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 5] [RM Gravestone Critical Hit: -720 ND] [REMAINING ND| 6,800 - 150 - 720 = 5,930] ___________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE was visibly shaken by the ominous cry that echoed through the mist. His heart rate spiked with the sudden aching pain behind his ears for which there was no clear explanation. All the teenager knew was that he was terrified and suddenly extremely stressed. "What the fuck was that?", he muttered unable to hide the nervous quiver in his voice. His eyes darted to every direction, peering and searching. In his nervousness and fright Ryūnosuke started to fly faster, hoping to take advantage of the closing window of their extended range of vision. The mist was closing in again. As they passed over the marble sandō pathway and decorative stone lanterns, the teenager felt the slightest hint of relief. They were basically on the shrine grounds and the shrine was a distinct landmark within the cemetery. If the knew where they were relative to the shrine, that had a better chance of navigating the cemetery as a whole. Ryūnosuke decided to let this observation be know to his comrades in case they'd missed it. "Connor, Hizorashi-san, we just passed th-!" The Tengu-masked Fullbringer's vision flashed white as a solid force clobbered him in the left side of his head. It felt like he'd flown face first into a concrete wall. Stunned by the sudden blunt force to the head, Ryūnosuke could only watch through blurred vision as he fell out of the air. He saw Masato and Connor falling as well and attempted to reach out to them as they grew more distant until the teenager sunk into the dense mist. He grunted as he tried to find his bearings, but he had no control of his body or sense of where his was relative to the ground. "Shit.", the Tengu-masked teenager hissed lowly as his eyes slipped close. Ryūnosuke's back hit the ground with a thud and he rolled over the grass chaotically to a halt. There was a throbbing ache in his head as he lay motionless on the ground, and that pain was what finally stirred him back to action. Ryūnosuke grunted as his fingers closed around the grass and he lifted himself off the ground. He could taste blood in his mouth and felt numb in his right arm. With a great deal of effort, Ryūnosuke forced himself back on his feet and observed his surroundings. He was in a grassy meadow, beside a treeline not too far to his left --sakura trees, he noted. The teenager's mind was still numb and his thoughts were scattered, but he knew one thing for sure. Something had knocked him clean out of the sky and it was most likely intentional. As he saw a human figure approaching him through the mist, the Tengu-masked Fullbringer drew his baseball bat once more. He raised it in both hands and stood in his swinging position, prepared to fight another horde of the undead. But not to fight his closest friend. The white tiger mask donned by the young woman that emerged from the mist was the first thing Ryūnosuke recognized. Second was her long ponytail of silky jet-black hair. There was also no mistaking her dark blue cargo pants or her sleeveless sports vest. As much as he hoped it wasn't, there was no denying that the person standing in front of him was Byakko. "Ch-Chizuru?" The teenager stammered, as he slowly dropped his arms and his defenses. Byakko did not appear to react to his call in any way, so Ryūnosuke lifted his mask from his face and took a step forwards. "Chizuru it's me, Ryūnosuke." The woman growled behind her mask as she raised her fist and Ryūnosuke could see both her training gloves --the basis of Chizuru's Fullbring. The most heartbreaking discovery to end all his hopes was the steady stream of mist pouring from the mouth and sides of Chizuru's mask and what Ryūnosuke regrettably knew it meant. "No." He whimpered, just as his beloved Chizuru charged forwards in a blurring Bringer Light and threw a right hook at Ryūnosuke's jaw. [1/2] Thanks to having sparred with Byakko countless times in the past while she served as his martial arts instructor, Ryūnosuke was well equipped to parry her attack. He ducked his head forwards as the fist hooked over the back of his neck and into the reach of his own right arm. With his bat still in hand, the teenager instead caught Chizuru's fist between the bend of his right elbow. At the same time, he used his left hand to grab Chizuru by the waist of her pants before redirecting the momentum of her punch, combined with the upwards pull of his left arm as he bent his knees to the ground. This all neatly culminated in the teenager throwing Chizuru over his shoulders and flat onto her back. The Tengu-masked teenager hovered over Chizuru's head and removed her mask, revealing her face. To Ryūnosuke's horror, gone was Chizuru's fair complexion and alluring dark eyes. Now her skin was pale and cold, her eyes were grey as the mist pouring from her jaws. Ryūnosuke heart sunk with ever-growing burden of his sadness and his immediate guilt. "If only he'd found a way to warn her sooner, Chizuru would have never entered the Mist. If Chizuru came into the mist, had the others done so as well? Had his stupid curiosity cost him the lives of all his friends." This was his fault and now he didn't know what do to. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TURN STATS] --------------------------- [ACTIONS] --------------------------- [TURN END STATS] ND| 5,580 ______________________________ WC|920 -----
  6. Rash ラシュ

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    ENW 07: ESCAPE ----- [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 4] [REMAINING ND| 6,950 - 150 = 6,800] ___________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE remained alert and on edge even as Connor finished off the last of the second wave. The orange energy bat held in his left hand gradually broke down into particles that faded into the mist. As he stood beside his two comrades, surrounded by reeking and decayed carnage, the teenager covered the mouth and nose of his mask with the inside of his left elbow to block out the terrible foul stench of death. Connor posed a very important question, but as the trio would heard the coming of a much larger third wave, as hundreds upon hundreds of wailers could be heard closing in on them from all around. Sure enough, undead corpses began to enter their collective fields of vision within the mist. "Time for a tactical retreat!" Ryūnosuke announced as sheathed she bat into the side pouch of his backpack and grabbed the arms his two allies. "Don't let go!", with that final instruction, the Tengu-masked teenager leaped ten feet into the air. However, at the peak of the his jump the trio would not begin a natural descent; instead they continued to soar through the air in a controlled and rapid flight, made possible by Ryūnosuke's Aspect of the Tengu. They blistered through the mist and far beyond the massive horde of hundreds of Rotted Wailers. Once they made enough distance, Ryūnosuke spoke to his comrades. "Connor, your Reiatsu was able to clear a bit of the mist for a short while. I'm going to try it, you guys keep your eyes open for anything that can point us in the right direction." As Ryūnosuke suddenly flared his Reiatsu, signified by a bright orange glow in his eyes and hopefully a temporary clearing of the mist... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TURN STATS] --------------------------- [ACTIONS] ______________________________ WC|290 -----
  7. Rash ラシュ

    First Division Barracks

    ...SHUU smirked as Kaeru seemed to funny embrace the spirit of the game using repeated Flash-Steps. The Second Division Captain responded in turn by matching each of the Captain Commander's movements. Shuu was confident that Kaeru would realize that he intentionally lowered his own speed on the first couple of steps to match his. However Shuu held nothing back on the third step and arrived at the Head Captain's end destination just moments before Kaeru did. The scarlet-eyed Captain would meet the Frog's flying knee strike with an equal one of his own. At the two old friends stood suspended in their clash, Shuu spoke. "You're using your head too much. I know how dangerous that mind of yours is." ,he stated before Flash-Stepping backwards into a low crouch. He then kicked off with another step and reappeared directly in front of Kaeru, with his left fist thrust forwards for a jab at Kaeru's Chest. "Show me what your feet can do." Right after his jab, should it land on not, The Second Division Captain would perform two shunpos but would only physically appear to blur an inch or so to the right or left, but during those steps any of the Head Captain's attacks at his current speed would appear to phase through an intangible Mikoto Shuu. With the second of the very short Flash-Steps Shuu would throw a right jab, again at Kaeru's chest... ______________________________ WC| 235 -----
  8. Rash ラシュ

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    ENW 06: THE SECOND WAVE ----- [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [REMAINING ND| 7,100 - 150 = 6,950] ___________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE brought his run to a skidding halt as his eyes made out the group of undead bodies latched onto Hizorashi's thread, blocking his path. Three of the walking dead stopped thrashing and gnawing the thread as they noticed the teenager and immediately charged for him. Ryūnosuke sucked through his teeth and without hesitation conjured a fiery orange sphere of Reiryoku in his left palm. "We've got more zombies on the threads! I'm headed your way!" He shouted out to Hizorashi in response to the cyan coat-armed Fullbringer's earlier question. At the same moment, Ryūnosuke noticed the horde of undead circling him just at the edges of his limited range of vision. A very familiar and sentient blob of Reiryoku popped back into existence out of thin air and hovered over Ryūnosuke's left ear. "What's the play, Ace?" Ryūnosuke kicked off into a full sprint towards the three corpses in front of him, his intention was to take out all of the thirteen zombies in front of him and deal with the other ten or so surrounding him afterward. However, as Hizorashi's massive and spiked cyan hand made quick work of the ten undead that were on the thread, Ryūnosuke saw an opportunity to improvise and took advantage of the situation. The Tengu-masked Fullbringer pulled his ball hand back as he stepped forwards. "Here, catch!", the teenager remarked jokingly to the first of the three Rotted Wailers as he swept his left arm forwards and launched the fiery ball in an underhand pitch. The ball of orange flame rotated through the air and hovered inches in front of the head of the first zombie right as Ryūnosuke, having instantly initiated a Bringer Light, appeared off to the left of the creature with his bat already mid-swing, carried by the great brunt of the teenager's supernatural physical strength. "Batter Up!" Lumpu chimed in as the fiery orange ball made contact with the metal barrel of Kakushin. The ball instantaneously exploded into a bright wave of flames that set the upper halves of the three bodies on fire. Then, it was the teenager's follow through with his swing that crumbled the three Wailers to ash from the torso up. Ryūnosuke dipped and weaved, narrowly yet precisely dodging the pouncing undead as he continued to run towards Hizorashi's giant cyan hand. As the teenager took his first step on the hand he marked it with First Base, a square panel of Reiryoku that appeared atop the face of the cyan hand. The teenager's jumpy and unrelenting pursuers continued to pounce at him and, by their own extreme oversight, onto the spikes of Hizorashi's giant hand. It wasn't enough to completely destroy them, but they were temporarily immobilized; caught on the spikes, stumbling and piling upon one another. Looking ahead as he ran down the cyan arm of Hizorashi's Fullbring, Ryūnosuke could faintly make out Hizorashi's silhouette in the mist, he could also see the eight wailing enemies rushing his comrade, four at both his right and left sides. "Spike the hand again, I've got you covered on this end!", Ryūnosuke shouted as a rod of orange Reiryoku formed in his left hand and took the form of a second bat. The First Base placed on the hand would detonate a fiery explosion to finish off the ten wailers caught on the spikes. The Tengu-masked teen leaped down from the arm, just five feet in front of Masato, and swung both his bats downwards just as they were both covered in a dense blanket of orange flames. The flames shot forwards in two lines, and formed a wall that engulfed the the zombies approaching Masato as they mindlessly charged into them. With a second, skywards, swing of both bats the walls of flame grew even more intense as they were reignited. Masato might have felt the heat of both fire waves but only for the brief seconds it took for the flames to dissipate after burning the eight Rotted Wailers to ash. Standing ready, Ryūnosuke would continue to defend Hizorashi from the remaining pouncing zombies, if there were any, allowing Hizorashi to focus his Fullbring appendages on supporting Connor... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TURN STATS] --------------------------- [ACTIONS] ______________________________ WC|700 -----
  9. Rash ラシュ

    First Division Barracks

    ... SHUU began with a Shunpo forwards as he followed the Captain Commander's every move. He appeared right in front of the Frog, conspicuously in the immediate path of Xarius's kick. Of course, that was Shuu's plan. As evidenced by what he observed during the Kaeru's battle with Captain Olboro, Shuu concluded that while Kaeru clearly lacked a great deal of what was his peak speed and agility, that was not at all the case with his perception and intuition. With this knowledge, Shuu deduced that the use of high-speed movements alone wouldn't be enough to pressure Kaeru to exert the greatest effort in his mobility. Kaeru was an extremely skilled combatant with experience that rivaled Shuu's own. It was a given that Kaeru would circumvent his speed disadvantage, so long as the Captain Commander was able to follow Shuu's movements. In Shuu's centuries experience, there were very few individuals who could accomplish such a feat. The fact that Kaeru could was an astounding testament to his formidable skills and versatility. If the training was to be truly effective, the Second Division Captain needed to force Kaeru to rely less on his perception and more on his raw agility. And to that end- Shuu vanished just as Kaeru's kick brushed against the black fabric of his hakama. He simultaneously reappeared with his back against Kaeru's and his right palm reaching backwards over his right shoulder. His intent was to grab The Captain Commander's Haori coat by the back of the collar and then with a sudden forwards lean and swing of his arm, flip the Frog over his back and throw him forwards through the air. Should his plan succeed Shuu would follow up by Flash-stepping to wherever Kaeru moved, prepared for whatever the Head Captain would do next... ______________________________ WC| 300 -----
  10. Rash ラシュ

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    ENW 05: ENCOUNTER WITH THE ROTTED WAILERS ----- [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [REMAINING ND| 6,150 - 150 - 150 = 5,900] ___________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE nodded in approval as the cyan thread of Hizorashi's coat extended towards him. The thread appeared to move freely through the air, like it were a slithering serpent, and then over the teenager's left shoulder. The Tengu-masked Fullbringer observed the thread curiously from the corner of his eye as the it weaved into the fleece material of his orange jacket, just above his collar bone. "That's neat." Ryūnosuke remarked mirthfully in response to both the actions of thread and Hizorashi's explanation for extending them. The plan was effective overall from Ryūnosuke's point of view. He wondered what else Hizorashi's Fullbring, which appeared to be focused in his cyan jacket, could do. Hizorashi wasn't the only one thinking proactively it seemed; Connor had apparently been turning his mental gears and arrived at a theory regarding the mysterious nature of the mist. Before that, he filled Ryūnosuke and Hizorashi in on some of the information he gleaned from eavesdropping on the Shinigami at the gate. As Connor verbally confirmed that the mist did in fact disable all communications devices Ryūnosuke was not surprised at all; given that he'd basically arrived at the same conclusion just moments earlier. It was good to be certain, nonetheless. At this point Ryūnosuke was more concerned with what Chizuru and the others had done or were planning to do. They were probably fine as long as they didn't enter the mist after him, but with circumstances as they were, he had no way of knowing whether or not they came into the mist trying to to save him. Ryūnosuke could do nothing but hope and pray the Professor ordered them to stay away. Connor then shared his more speculative theory about the mist, the Tengu-masked Fullbringer simply crossed his arms and followed along. "I’m sure that you all have noticed by now that this space is shrinking progressively. Based on that, and other factors I have reason to believe that the reason this mist is filled with such a jumbled mess of reiatsu is because it possesses the ability to steadily devour energy and assimilate it.”, Connor explained. It was an interesting theory that, given his own bit of deduction, Ryūnosuke had more or less arrived at as well. He hadn't quite fully guessed that the mist was actively consuming the Spiritual Pressures of the things and beings within it but Ryūnosuke recognized that the mist was thick with a twisted, sinister mix and mess of thousands of Reiatsu signatures. He simply deduced that those many Spiritual Pressures had to originate from somewhere. The idea that they were possibly all slowly yet surely being devoured and assimilated into the mist was terrifying --bizarre even. Nonetheless, the theory was one so far supported by all the evidence, including the rapid shrinking of Connor's own Reiastu barrier. Ryūnosuke did not detect that Connor had in anyway suppressed his Reiatsu. The only issue was that Ryūnosuke's Reiatsu-sensing capabilities were being so disrupted by the mist that he couldn't confirm if Connor's own Reiatsu --or any of theirs-- had been absorbed into it and if so, to what degree. “If that’s the case, there isn’t any guarantee that a Fullbring can guarantee our location or prevent our separation. I don’t think we shouldn’t take advantage of this, but we should be careful to not be surprised if anything relying on energy mysteriously fails us here.”, Connor finished. At that point Ryūnosuke was surrounded by the mist entirely, he could only just make out Connor's hazy silhouette about seven feet away. He couldn't see Hizorashi at all anymore. Fortunately, the cyan thread was serving its purpose as a direct line connecting all three of them. "I have a feeling the only way out of this mist is to get rid of whatever is causing it. Issue is, we don't have anything to point us in its direction." Ryūnosuke paused there, he was annoyed that he had nothing beneficial to contribute to conversation or the group overall. Connor seemed to have the most information about the mist thanks to what he overheard from the Shinigami and Hizorashi's threads ensured that no one was separated from the trio and lost in the mist, at least for now. Ryūnosuke had done nothing but state the obvious. The fact that he'd been basically useless to the group so far was not sitting well with the teenager's competitive spirit. Ryūnosuke always knew exactly where he belonged in a team and what his role was --most of the time it was the leader and backbone. It was that way in his highschool Baseball team and now in WILD'S as well. He was never ever the "benched guy", the guy who got "carried" and that's how he felt at the moment. But what was he to do about it? He couldn't just assume leadership of the team, firstly both Hizorashi and Connor were older than the seventeen year old, and on top of that he imagined they were all around his same level of power. Heck, Connor might have even been more powerful than him. Bottom line, there was no reason for either of them to blindly follow him. A whistle in the mist distracted Ryūnosuke from his thoughts, "Ugh, keep your head in the game, idiot.", he grunted under his breath. He looked around the swaying mist, his brows furrowed as his eyes scanned left and right. Something was off. It was far too quiet. The kind of unnerving and foreboding silence that made his hair stand. As the silence dragged on, the teenager instinctively reached over his right shoulder for the leather grip of his aluminum baseball bat as he peered forwards. The teenager's fingers had barely touched the bat when the first of the undead of barreled into his view with a sickening howl. "UWAH!" The teenager exclaimed in terror at the sight of the decayed body charging towards him, just six feet away. He'd just was quickly heard more of the howls and wails come from behind him and from his sides, right as he was hit from behind and knocked mask-first onto the stone pavement. He immediately felt the weight beginning to pile on him as bony arms and hands of dry and wrinkled flesh, maggot-ridden and covered in black soil reached over his head thrashing and clawing at his mask. The putrid stench of rot and decay was so unbearably horrid that the teenager began to feel faint-headed as his gut twisted and convulsed with the urge to vomit. The head of one of the unearthed corpses loomed in front of Ryūnosuke's face and blocked his vision. It started to gape its jaws of rotted black teeth and exposed its shriveled grey tongue. The teenager could see what looked like a small snake slithering up the throat and into the skull of the very human carcass. The decayed flesh of its cheeks was peeled down and exposed bone. The eyes were empty black pits and only the left side of the head was covered in long strands of frilly black hair caked with rotten flesh and dirt. As the corpse began to let out a loud shrieking wail the mist surrounding its form appeared to pour out of it's mouth and eye sockets as if it were smoke from an exhaust pipe. "Not good!" Ryūnosuke grunted hoarsely through his mask and wasted not a second longer before getting himself out of his most unfortunate and harrowing situation. The Tengu-masked Fullbringer concentrated his Reiatsu around his body and the burnt-orange energy manifested as hooded cloak that encased his entire being from the mask down. The cloak suddenly writhed upon itself before it spontaneously swirled from under the pile of corpses. It waved through the air just above the ground and glided pass the flesh-less left ankle of the first undead corpse. The cloak rose from the ground and stood straight, like a twisted towel before it rapidly unraveled and spread outwards into the wingspan of a great Tengu, revealing the masked Fullbringer with his bat drawn and ready as the cloak dissipated into the mist. The entire escape happened in what was no more than a fraction of a second. As the Rotted Wailers turned or looked up and reacquired their target, Ryūnosuke had already struck his metal bat across the ground. This action marked the activation of his Fullbring, League of One's Own: Open Battle. A Flurry of dark-orange embers shot through the air as the metal bat scrapped across the stone walkway. All but one of the sparks gathered into a single sentient blob that hovered beside the teenager; it was Lumpu. The remaining spark shot directly into the chest of the first corpse as it started to charge at Ryūnosuke again, back in the direction from which it first arrived. The spark expanded into the form of a Reishi baseball that was visibly glowing and lodged halfway into the corpse's torso. The fist-sized orb of Reiatsu with a pair of large and very expressive cartoony eyes very obnoxiously announced "Play!", as the outline of a rectangular box formed around Ryūnosuke's feet. "Ace is in the batter's box but it seems the pitcher for team Zombies has abandoned the mound and is running with the ball directly at the batter. I've never seen anything like it!" Lumpu narrated enthusiastically. Ryūnosuke rolled his eyes, wound back his bat, and aimed his swing for the glowing orb, completing ignoring the decayed husk surrounding it. Ryūnosuke swung as soon as his undead attacker was within reach. The impact of the hit fired the orb off into the sky like an orange shooting star while the corpse was sent careening airborne as it burst into a ball of flame and burnt to ash before it even touched the ground. "Ace hits that ball dead center and starts the game strong with a homerun!", Lumpu cheered as Ryūnosuke completed his swing and released his bat behind him. It twirled through the air and disappears into the mist. Ryunosuke immediately pinpointed the locations of all the corpses now within his field of vision. He counted six more; two coming from his, three from ahead (the three that had pilled on him before), and a loner charging him for the left at an angle. The teenager smirked behind his mask as he began to advance bases; he sprinted at blistering speed appearing as an orange blur, to the first pair. He doesn't attack them, but simply stepped into their presence as a base plate (a square Reishi platform) appeared on the ground beneath them. Ryūnosuke nimbly evaded the thrashings and lunges just before he dashed towards the trio and established the second base. Each time the teenager left a base an explosion was triggered that detonated the platform, like a landmine, and a column of orange flames swallowed the corpses caught in it. The Tengu-masked teen then formed the third base. Not on the ground like it predecessors, but as a square platform on the back of the loner corpse. Ryūnosuke charged at the creature from behind, stomped over its back, and kicked off to launch himself through the air and back to the place he started at the batter's box; leaving to detonation of the third base to engulf the sixth corpse. Ryūnosuke observed, much to his unpleasant shock, that the remaining six corpses had not permanently fallen like the first. Instead, even as they were completely engulfed in flames and having their rotten flesh burned away, the undead horde continued its charge. Without missing a beat, the masked teenager shift his right foot backwards and pivoted to a sideways stance with his left shoulder pointed to his first pair of targets. The lines on the ground signifying the batter's box faded away and the ground beneath Ryūnosuke assumed its new designation as per Lumpu's narration, "Ace steps to the pitcher's mound. Team Zombie batters are up!" Ryūnosuke took a deep breath and conjured an orb of Reishi that solidified into a baseball in his cupped palms just before he primed his pitch and bulleted it at the first two corpses. The ball pierced through both their flame-lit heads, which were instantly and simultaneously incinerated before the bodies fell sickeningly to the ground and burned away. "Strike One!" Ryūnosuke then stood straight and conjured a second orb, and again fired the pitch through the air, this time at the trio, who were all obliterated from the waist up as the ball detonated midair into a shotgun-like blast of flame. "Strike Two!", Lumpu called. Ryūnosuke had no time to wind up his next throw as the last of the corpses had closed in on him. The teenager raised his left arm and grabbed the sixth undead carcass by the shoulder as it lunged forward and chomped its jaws repeatedly at the his face, mist teeming from its jaws and the gaps between the exposed rows of his left ribs. In his free right palm, the Tengu-masked Fullbringer conjured a third ball of Reishi, and promptly proceeded to jam it into the jaws of the howling corpse. Its wails were muffled for just an instant before the orb detonated in a final orange blaze. The body was reduced to ash that floated faded into the mist in mere seconds. "Strike Three! Out!" Lump declared before flying in a circle around Ryūnosuke's head and then suddenly popped out of existence --much to Ryūnosuke's joy. It annoyed him that he'd yet master his Fullbring to the point that he could summon Lumpu at will or preferably not summon him at all. "What the Hell?" The teenager gasped through his mask as he began to follow Hirorashi's thread back to it owner, keeping an eye out for Connor and as well as any other undead. He held his right arm outwards as he ran, within seconds he heard the metallic whirl of his bat in the air, right before it broke through the mist and returned to his firm grasp... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TURN STATS] --------------------------- [ACTIONS] ______________________________ WC|2,200 -----
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    Fate Points: Tutorial and Shop

    Character Name| Tamura Ryūnosuke ★ - FULLBRINGER - Fate Point Balance| 15 - Reiatsu Benchmark 121k [10] - Resurge Fate Points [3] - Achievements [2] Purchases [13/15]| 2 Non-Release Technique Slots(x2) [2FP] | Release Technique Slot(x3) [3FP] | Power Transference [3FP] | 1 Time 5K Reiatsu Boost [1FP] | 1ST Focus - PERCEPTION [4FP] | ------------------------------- |Achievements| [INITIATION (1): Complete your first PVP battle or battle against a Player Controlled NPC. [Blunt Trauma] 11/9/2019 [LEGENDARY (1): Unlock 1★ Legend [Requirements: 101k Reiatsu | 10 Legend Points] 11/9/2019
  12. For the last time, I swear. Everyone go and post how many FP they should have now and what they want to spend it on.


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    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    ENW 04: ENTER THE BALEFUL MISTS ----- [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [REMAINING ND| 6,150 - 150 = 6,000] ___________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE gave a light nod in affirmation of Connor's comments about setting a more casual atmosphere to their conservation and his confidence in his ability to communicate with them in Japanese. Overall, it seemed the trio were in the opening stages of an at least cordial friendship. The teenager found it ironic that such an opportunity for positive social interaction had come about as a direct result of the ever unpleasant nature of what had drawn them all to the cemetery. In fact, in the short time since his arrival, Ryūnosuke had entirely absorbed in their seemingly fated meeting, that he'd completely forgotten why it was he'd come to the gate. That was of course until Connor asked about a particular detail related to the Soul Reapers. "Eh, that could be good information to have. Unfortunately, I don't have a clue about that.", the teenager replied flatly. "But I'd bet they probably do.", he added nodded his head in the direction of the group of Shinigami. As he did, he noticed that the Shinigami Captain had begun to delegate his troops in some manner. At the same time, he listened to Connor's second question about whether or not the trio would stick together once inside the cemetery, Connor also mentioned WILD'S and the potential conflict that could cause. Ryūnosuke indulged in imagining such a scenario;he couldn't help but acknowledge that Connor and Hizorashi would surely stick out like a sore thumb. "Yeah, WILD'S is... wild. But no one else should be coming into the mist for now. I'm fine with sticking with you guys until then. I just need to let my comrades know." Ryūnosuke would point to his ear and turn facing away from the cemetery gate, his new acquaintances, and the Shinigami. It just so happened that he'd turned to face the sunset, the sun had just about completely faded below the horizon."Shit." Ryūnosuke muttered to himself as pressed the earpiece button twice to open a private line with Chizuru. "Byakko, you there?", he asked and then waited for her to respond. "Talk to me, Ryūn. I sense that crazy Reiatsu presence again, the one from last week. What's going on?", Chizuru replied almost immediately, she wasn't even trying to hide the worry in her tone. "It fine, I met the guy. He's absurdly powerful, but he seems cool for now. Listen, there isn't much time before sunset. I still have a bad feeling about this, Chizuru." Ryūnosuke whispered into his speaker. There was a short pause on Chizuru's end before Ryūnosuke heard a drawn out sigh of annoyance go directly into his ear. "What?" "Nothing, it's just that right after saying how you have a bad feeling is when you're going to say you're going in alone anyway." Byakko, murmured. Ryūnosuke couldn't argue; of course she was right. "Alright, Fearless Leader. I'll make sure we stay out of your way." At that moment, Ryūnosuke would not have noticed the the orbs that spread out to the corners of cemetery. Ryūnosuke grunted through the speaker. "You know it isn't like that.", his tone was flat Chizuru could hear the hurt her words had caused. "I know. That was fair, I'm sorry. I'm just worried, something feels very wrong about this to me too. I think we should jus-" Chizuru shut her sentence short, Ryūnosuke swore he heard her gasp in shock just before she addressed him about, this time shouting. "Dammit! Get out of there, now!" Ryūnosuke was hardly able to make sense of Chizuru's word, he had no clue of what had rattled Byakko so suddenly and managed to breath out a confused, "What?" before Chizuru repeated her instructions with even greater concern and urgency. "You have to run someone put up a barri-" Ryūnosuke grunted as Chizuru's voice cut off mid-sentence for a second time. It was in that same moment that the Tengu-masked teenager realized that the mist had now completely surrounded him and everyone else present. He turned to face Connor and Hizorashi, but just as he did a dense waft of grey mist passed over his face and completely clouded his vision. When the mist passed Ryūnosuke continued to survey his surrounding, looking for Connor and Hizorashi. He spotted them, as he expected he should have, but much to the teenager's shock, they were not where they'd been just a moment again. Ryūnosuke turned in a full circle and studied his environment thoroughly. He now stood in the middle of the stone walkway with between two lots of dozens of gravestones, those were just the ones he could see through the thick and swaying mist. Besides the fact that they'd very obviously been somehow transported into the cemetery against their will, something else was eerily wrong to Ryūnosuke. He glanced down at his empty left palm as a pervasive thought in the back of his mind presented a strange question that he could not answer. "When did I put my hand down? Wasn't I speaking with Chizuru?" Chizuru! Ryūnosuke dismissed those last thoughts as he pressed the button of his earpiece again. "Hello? Byakko, are you still there?" There was no reply. Ryūnosuke pushed the button again a single time for the open WILD'S line and called out to his team, "It's Tengu. I'm in the mist right now, Can any one here me?" No answer. Not even static. Just dead silence. The teenager grunted in frustration and fiddled with the buttons for a bit more, trying every channel he could to reach any of his comrades but with ultimately no success at all. When the teenager had finally given up, Connor addressed him and Hizorashi, commenting that they would likely be teaming up after all as well as inquiring about if they'd overheard the Shinigami.The Tengu-masked Fullbringer noticed that the mist seemed to have thicken around a bubble-like radius of which Connor was the center. Connor's lack of skill in suppressing his Spiritual Pressure seemed quite handy at the moment. "Seems so. I can't reach my guys at all." Ryūnosuke replied and then he answered the second question. "No. I didn't heat anything, I wasn't paying attention. What about you, Hizorashi-san?" As, he waited for Hizorashi's response, the teenager could have sworn he heard a very faint rumble coming from above, it sounded like it could have been thunder, but he couldn't see any clouds now because of the mist and there had been no indications that it was going to rain earlier in the evening. In fact, there hadn't been a single cloud in the sky. "Curious. no doubt the other two had learn it as well." , the teenager noted but for a brief instant. Hizorashi was speaking and Ryūnosuke wanted to hear what he had to say... ______________________________ WC|1,130 -----
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    Upcoming Updates: - Introduction of the Legends (Prestige) System. Set to Rework how Legendary Tier Reiatsu Bracket functions as well as the Legendary (201-230) Stat Tier is unlocked. - Introduction of Legend Points. Currency used to increase a character's Legend. - Legend Battles, and Legend Events. These interactions are designed explicitly to give WC towards build Legend Points rather than Reiatsu. - Mini Rework of Focus. Primary/Secondary Classes no longer require Focus Purchases to reach 201-230 Tier. First Focus Purchase is Minor. Second Focus Purchase is Major. - Mini Rework of Fate Points and Achievements. - WC requirement changes: (For 101k+ Tier) 101k+ Reiatsu- 1,700 WC: 1k Reiatsu. Weekly Cap Limit: 3k Reiatsu. Legendary Tier Reiatsu- 1,700 WC: 1k Reiatsu. Weekly Cap Limit: 2k Reiatsu.  - Continued rule clarification and updates. 
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    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    ENW 03: STRANGERS ASSEMBLE PRT2 ----- ___________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE cordially nodded after Connor and and Hizorashi introduced themselves. He considered revealing his face, but quickly decided that doing so would be unwise. The WILD'S faction put a major emphasis on perserving one's real name and identity, including maintaining a near human-level Reiatsu output in order to safeguard against the members of other faction who might target them unannounced. Although, Connor and Hizorashi might have been friendlies with no ill-intent, the fact of the matter was that Karakura as a whole was split up among many disputing factions and WILD'S just didn't have the power or influence to be able to deal with a targeted assault on them while they were mobilized and prepared. The thought of how easily any of the bigger and more establish factions could pick them off one by one if they rocked the wrong boat terrified Ryūnosuke, even with all the power he had as the second in command and the strongest member of WILD'S. Ryūnosuke was silently, yet pleasantly, pleased to have the horrible thought of possibly losing his friends and his mother, blanked out by the amusement of hearing Hizorashi hilariously introduced himself in English. The teenager smirked behind his mask and then coughed in order to stifle a snicker. "Connor-san... Hizorashi-san." Ryūnosuke, lightly bowed his head to each of the two individually, he then proceeded to say, in fluent English, "With introductions and language barriers at least somewhat out of the way." Ryūnosuke faced Connor directly, "I was just asking Hirorashi-san if he was here because he heard about the mysterious mist. That doesn't seem to be the case. Supposedly, this strange mist has been appearing in this cemetery on the evening of Halloween for the past couple of years. All the people who have gone into the mist vanish or something, hence all the Shinigami. I'll be speaking to Hizorashi in Japanese, if you get lost at any point or have questions just let me know and I'll do my best to translate for you." Nodding again, Ryūnosuke turns back to Hizorashi and addressed him in their shared native-language. "Eh, how do I say this, Hizorashi-san... I hope you aren't here because of the news reports about the human-traffickers. You know those aren't true, right? There is supposed to be a haunted mist that appears at sunset. A bunch of people have disappeared, including Shinigami. I've personally never seen it, but the rest of my team says it's true. We're sticking around to investigate it with the Shinigami. You might want to leave if this isn't your sort of thing." Ryūnosuke would end there and look west, in the direction of the setting sun. Sunset was just a few fleeting minutes away and Ryūnosuke's instinctual desire to flee toiled his conscious further with every passing second. Was he really going to go through with this? Every fiber of his being was opposed to it. This was clearly situation best left to the Shinigami. Still, as the forces of logic and instinct compelled him in one direction --far away from the cemetery-- an equal and opposing set of ideals, his sense of duty and an itching curiosity, anchored his feet where he stood --at least for now. Although, the Tengu-masked Fullbringer was keenly aware of which pair of forces would ultimately prevail. If past experiences --like the possessed ice cream truck-- were anything to go by, there wasn't even a shadow of a doubt in his mind... ______________________________ WC|570 -----