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    The Harrowing Recess

    ENW 22: The Harrowing Recess: Battle Of Egriffiend PRT 3 ___________________  [1]... RYŪNOSUKE dislodged his bat from the ground and watched Tomoe gracefully twirl through the air and released her mist wraiths and made her retreat once more. This time they swarmed him and his partner by the hundreds. Ryūnosuke's expression was visibly impassive, almost bored with the monotonous arrangement. "What, is she all out of moves?", he wondered. Was biding her time with these droves of wraith fodder the best Lady Tomoe could do against them? Ryūnosuke recounted all that had happened so far, everything that led up to this point. The Night of Wailing, the Wailers, his own possession. All the loss and suffering, it was all caused by Tomoe. Of course, Sanetoki was the undisputed mastermind behind it, but that didn't change that Lady Tomoe was at the very heart of the Night of Wailing. The Night of Wailing was hers, not even Sanetoki was safe from her powers once they reached him. It was a perplexing realization, Ryūnosuke couldn't help but feel bitterness, annoyance, and --strangest of all-- pity for Tomoe as she wailed and fled. He didn't dwell on those thoughts for long, however. As rapidly approaching cloud of wraiths blanketed over the teenager, he was brought back into the present. "Here we go again.", the teenager muttered as he widened his stance and twirled his bat with a sudden flare of his Reiatsu as he stomped his right foot; solidifying his position and resolve. The down-reaching canopy of talons and maws lashed and snapped at him threateningly and the teenager answered it with wide sweeping swings of his bat. Each swing broke the formation of the wraith cloud, deformed it around the force of his swings as the mist creatures were sprinkled about, set ablaze, and dispersed. [2-3] Then came the towering waves of mist claws that rose and collapsed over the teenager's location. Ryūnosuke chose to block the first one, but it fell with greater force than he'd anticipated and one of the serrated edges cut into his left shoulder. "STRIKE ONE!" Lumpu announced at a very inopportune moment, hovering around Ryūnosuke's head and almost obstructing his view. "I know, dammit!" The teenager spat angrily, if his hands weren't occupied he surely would have thrown the obnoxious little blob as far away as he could. Still, Ryūnosuke was able to push back against the Mist claw and simply glided around the others, dodging them as they fell. He quickly glanced to his side in search of Connor, but in that moment he was unable to spot his partner. He had no need to worry about Connor's well-being, still believing his comrade was more than capable on his own. Ideally, he'd have confirmed Connor's location so they could coordinate another attack but simply stating his intentions aloud would have to suffice for now. "I'm going after her!", Ryūnosuke shouted as he rocketed through the air towards Tomoe, who was still in combat with Hizorashi. [4] However, a sudden thrust of force collided with him, rather, it collided with a transparent shield of energy that surrounded him. The teenager noted the flicker of light that emanated from the o-fuda on his bat. "Nifty!" Ryūnosuke remarked internally. Tomoe seemed to be on the move again after her brief interaction with Hizorashi, Oriru, and San. She again left them to fend off a horde of wraiths in her escape. [5-6-7] Ryūnosuke quickly glanced back at Connor who would have been done with the annoyances on his end. There was a a weird feeling to the mist as it's level rose and its color changed to a horrid purple. Instinctively, Ryūnosuke knew the mist was now poisonous to the touch but given its nature there was no way to avoid it. "Not good.", Ryūnosuke muttered through his left sleeve as he rose it to cover his mouth. For what little good he figured it would do, he still felt the alternative of breathing in the smog was not a choice he'd make willingly. He could already feel the faint effects of poison on his body, although thankfully his own unique ability to power through such ailments activated naturally without the teenager ever being aware. [8] However, the Infection would quickly become a non-factor as the pillar attacks sprung upwards. The nature of the attacks allowed for minimal time and space to evade them, even at the teenager's absurd speed. Ryūnosuke used to Bringer's Light to propel himself forward as the first pillar shot up behind him. [9] He promptly landed several meters away on a square energy platform. Second Base. However, the base had not materialized fast enough to fully activate its defensive capabilities. "SAFE!" Lumpu announced as the very instant that the pillar rocketed skywards and twisted beside the teenager's left arm. Ryūnosuke felt the pull of the twisting mist as it latched onto the material of his sleeve immediately followed by a wet shredding sound and the splatter of blood across the ground. [10] Instantly recognizing the danger he was should he chose to remain on the base, Ryūnosuke moved, completely disregarding the simultaneous numbness and burning in his left shoulder and the significant amount of blood that was pouring down his arm. He leapt upwards and swung downward, clashing his bat with the mist pillar and dissipating it. Returning to the ground, Ryūnosuke took a moment to examine the gravity of his injury. The skin and muscle tissue of his left shoulder was terribly scrapped, almost as if it had been filed down, exposing a large blooding mess that sizzled and bubbled with purple ooze and some solid barbs could be seen crystallizing on the surface of the wound. The teenager grunted faintly as he almost touched the wound then quickly decided against it. "Fuck, this.", he muttered, wincing as he marched a few feet forwards. He gave some brief words to his comrade as he approached his target. Not Tomoe. The Demi-Hollow was currently doing all she could to avoid the pair. "Don't worry about me! Get Tomoe!" [11] Ryūnosuke took a few more steps forwards and grinned as he heard the metallic rattling of a chain being dragged across the ground. The teenager reached down for the chain with his bat and curled it tightly around the base of the barrel. "I'll show you exactly where she is!" Ryūnosuke declared as he suddenly rocketed himself into the air once more. A tail of mist rose from where he'd just stood. and Tomoe's Chain of Fate rose with him. Like a fishing line, the other end was beneath the mist and moved as Tomoe did. Ryūnosuke yanked the chain upwards, intended to pull Tomoe out of the mist and into the air. "She's all yours, Connor!" Hopefully, with Tomoe fully exposed, his partner would be able to do enough damage to finish Tomoe once and for all. While the two fought, Ryūnosuke would simply hold the chain from above at a length of about ten yards. [12] He wouldn't move again until Connor completed whatever combo of attacks he executed against Tomoe. At which point Ryūnosuke would pull the Chain of Fate one final time before launching himself downwards directly over Tomoe. He was slightly to her left with his bat winded back in his right hand. He led with his left side in the path of any potential attacks from Tomoe's deadly Hollowfied arm. [13] Two two were collide twenty feet above the ground as Ryūnosuke swung downwards directly across the middle of Tomoe's face. The teenager then veered off to the right and rotated once through the air to look back at Tomoe. Maintaining his flight, he observed what had become of the Demi-Hollow. Hopefully, they'd done enough to bring this nightmare to an end... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TURN STATS] --------------------------- [ACTIONS] --------------------------- [BATTING STAGE #1] Direct/Critical Hits To Prime Soul Buster (霊・バスター, Rei Basutā): 6/2 3 Soul Busters Strikes Ready.|| Hits To Prime Brute Sub-Class "Devastating Blow" 4/4 Salir Damage. [ND Cost: 400] || [New ND: 4,045] 1/3 Strikes To Stage Switch. Lady Tomoe's Assimilation Wave. [ND Cost: 1,000] || [New ND: 3,045] Rito Poisoned Mist. Infected x1 [-3 To All Stats] Jōnetsu Passive Activated. Infect Reduced To [-1 To All Stats] Tengu no Sokumen Passive Activated Infect Speed Reduction: [-0 Speed] Full Dodge (208 SPD) Lady Tomoe's El Elogio #1 (200 REI - 220 SPD). [ND Cost: 200] || [New ND: 2,845] Partial Dodge + [BASE - ADVANCE] (208 SPD) Lady Tomoe's El Elogio #2 (200 REI - 220 SPD) Infected x1 [-1 To All Stats But Speed]. [ND Cost: 300] || [New ND: 2,545] Clashed (203 STR) Lady Tomoe's El Elogio #3 (200 REI - 220 SPD). LOSS [ND Cost: -350 Ryūnosuke ||-203 To Lady Tomoe] || [1/4 Attack Moves] || [New ND: 2,195] Pull Of Lady Tomoe's Chain of Fate x1 [Strength: 203 STR] [Speed: 207] || [2/4 Attack Moves] Pull Of Lady Tomoe's Chain of Fate x2 [Strength: 203 STR] [Speed: 207] || [3/4 Attack Moves] Downwards Bat Swing Into Lady Tomoe's Face. [Damage: 203 STR] [Speed: 207] || [4/4 Attack Moves] --------------------------- [TURN END STATS] ND| 2,195 ______________________________ WC|1,285 -----
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    Live Changes 01/18/2020 - ND Changes "It's Gonna Sting" ND Changes Dubbed The "San Patch" Locked In...Kinda...?: So, after testing it out Live for a bit. The San patch seems to have fixed a few of the problems we were having with Clashes. Hits were hurting just a tiny bit too much, which was having a ripple effect elsewhere, not unlike the San Patch as a whole. But overall, the changes all look great. And with the damage multipliers tweak just a tiny bit we're in a good spot. Just so you know what all to look at: Direct Hits (x4) - Counter Class Direct Hits (x5) - Visionary Reduced Critical Hits VS Tanks (x5) - Critical Hits (x6) - Visionary Class Critical Hits (x7) - Broken Shield/Barrier (x5 Difference) - Clashes Brute/Genius Class Combat Skill Update: The San Patch Hit Clashing as a defensive option for the Classes that are supposed to excel at it pretty hard. Especially with the increased net value of Attacks. The argument can be made that Brutes/Genius as the Power Classes should be more focused on using their resources to attack anyway. As it stands with the, changes in most cases Brute/Genius lose more from Clashing than the other classes. To meet somewhere in the middle ground "Brutes/Genius Get 1 Free Defensive Clash. It will always default to a Tied Clash when possible. If the Brute/Genius is weaker it registers as a Normal Loss Clash." Natural Defense Thread SEALS & GRAPPLING mechanics are going to officially be added to the ND System soon. A General rundown. - Fatigue Mechanic "Thought This Was Already Up, Honestly" "Fatigue" sets in when a character uses the maximum capability of their stats without having sufficient Stamina to do so. An example of this would be an Agile frequently using 200 Speed while having only 100 Stamina. The General Rule is that characters can use their maximum stats for the duration of battle as long as they have the appropriate Stamina. Fatigue Cost ND = Value of Stat Used Per Action. 11-20 Point Difference: Mild Fatigue. You get 16 actions using the insufficient stat. After that Fatigue Cost kicks in for every instance that Stat is used at an amount higher than your Stamina. 21-30 Point Difference: Moderate Fatigue. You get 8 actions using the insufficient stats. After that Fatigue Cost kicks in for every instance that Stat is used at an amount higher than your Stamina. 31+ Point Difference: Major Fatigue. You get 4 actions using the insufficient stats. After that Fatigue Cost kicks in for every instance that Stat is used at an amount higher than your Stamina. Fatigue Added To ND Thread - Visionary "Mind's Eye" Update: "Mind's Eye Strike": With the changes to the Brute/Genius Combat Skill. Mind's Eye needs a rework. Currently it grants a Free Clash which is kinda cool but not really in line with the Class. The Perk should complement the Class Skill which for Visionary is Critical Hits. "After Landing Three Critical Hits the Visionary can attempt a Mind's Eye Strike. Mind's Eye Strike Hits For Attack Value (x8)." - Hollow Race Changes Are Live Hollow Race Thread Hollow Race Techs System Updated - Shinigami/Vaizard Race Changes Shunko Is Up. Full Vaizard under works Mukyu Shunko under works - Fate Point Shop Update Following Items Changed To Majors: [3 POINTS] SHUNKO: [Shinigami Exclusive] (CANNOT be purchased if your character has Hollowfication: VAIZARD.) [3 POINTS] Hollowfication - VAIZARD: (CANNOT be purchased if your character has SHUNKO.) [4 POINTS] Resurrección - SEGUNDA ETAPA: [Arrancar Exclusive] [3 POINTS] REISHI HEISŌ: [Quincy Exclusive] [3 POINTS] POWER TRANSFERENCE: [Fullbring Exclusive] (CANNOT be purchased if your character has Duality.) Following Items Changed To Minors: [10 POINTS] Shinigami - MUKYŪ SHUNKŌ: [Shinigami Exclusive] W.I.P [Ultimate] [10 POINTS] Vaizard - FULL HOLLOW FORM: [VAIZARD Extension] W.I.P [Ultimate] [9 POINTS] Hollow - HŌGYOKU FUSION: [Hollow Exclusive] W.I.P [Ultimate] [10 POINTS] Fullbringer - AWAKENED: [Fullbringer Exclusive] W.I.P [Ultimate] [4 POINTS] ENHANCED HIGH-SPEED REGENERATION: [Hollow Exclusive] (Only Hollows Who Evolved To Arrancar From Vasto Lorde) [4 POINTS] ENHANCED HIERRO: [Hollow Exclusive] (Only Hollows Who Evolved To Arrancar From Vasto Lorde) [7 POINTS] REIRYOKU SPECIALIST TRAIT - Talisman Updates "San Patch Did Some Stuff, Yada Yada Yada" Talisman of Might: "This o-fuda is inscribed with the word 'might'. It imbues its bearer with incredible power." [Prevents Connor's Attacks from being Clashed for 1 Turn.] [Cost: 1000 ND - 5 Turn Cooldown - 3 Uses Per Battle] Owner: Connor Knight★ Talisman of Karma: "This o-fuda is inscribed with the word 'karma'. The bearer of this talisman is bestowed karmic favor and will reap the swift rewards for the transgressions of others upon them." [Enemy Loses 210 ND for every Attack issued against Masato for 1 Turn.] [Cost: 1000 ND - 5 Turn Cooldown - 3 Uses Per Battle] Owner: Masato Hizorashi Talisman of Clarity: "This o-fuda is inscribed with the word 'clarity'. It grants unclouded clarity, clearness of mind, and wards off illusions and confusion." [Oriru's next attack to land on an enemy within the next 2 turns is counted as an (Attack Value)x7 Critical Hit regardless of where it lands. Applies to Partials as well. If the attack lands on true Critical Hit Zone (neck and above) the next attack afterwards will also be an (Attack Value)x8 Critical Hit.] [Cost: 1000 ND - 5 Turn Cooldown - 3 Uses Per Battle] Owner: Oriru Kusho★ Talisman of Dominance: "This o-fuda is inscribed with the word 'dominance'. It imbues its bearer with unrivaled might." [Prevents Ryūnosuke's attacks from being Full Blocked/Partially Blocked for 1 Turn. His attacks will break shields and barriers to hit their target.] [Cost: 1000 ND - 5 Turn Cooldown - 3 Uses Per Battle] Owner: Tamura Ryūnosuke★ Talisman of Vitality: "This o-fuda is inscribed with the word 'vitality'. It imbues its bearer with great youthful vigor and tenacity." [Allows San to gain 300 ND for each of his attacks that Partially Hit. 600 ND for each of his attacks that Critical Hits/Direct Hits. (ND Gain Caps at 2,100). For the next 2 turns.] [Cost: 1000 ND - 5 Turn Cooldown - 3 Uses Per Battle] Owner: San Salvatore - Character Kits That Could Use Some TLC Kaeru Xarius★: Minor Tweaks Connor Knight★: Minor Tweaks Yamashiro Gamazi: Full Rework - Clarification For Equipment Item Fate Points Price Ranges. The Maximum amount of FP an Equipment Item can cost is 5 Fate Points. The Equipment Item itself can cost anything from 1-4 FP based on the strength of the item. If the Equipment Item costs less than 5FP there are other features that can be bought as augments. 1 FP: Insurance #1 "Indestructibility" (Cannot Be Destroyed Upon Defeat) 1 FP: Insurance #2 "Anti-Theft" (Cannot Be Stolen Upon Defeat) 1 FP: Trade/Gift (Can Be Traded or Gifted To Another Player) 1 FP: +10 ??? Stat (Adds +10 To A Single Stat - Limited To 1 Per Item) Note: This is the system for grading and pricing Personal Equipment Items purchased from the Fate Points Shop. May not necessarily apply to Equipment Items from Events or loot from NPCs.
  4. Rash ラシュ

    A Savage Hunt

    007: The Akihiko 'Aiden' Kaine Job __________ [1]... Jin got shot. Aiden still ain't shit. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jin Got Shot. He ded --------------------------- [TURN END STATS] Don't Matter, Jin Got Shot ND|000 ____________________ WC|Shot, Just Like Jin Was.
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    Ability Approval Thread

    Oh, I can't wait to get started on these. I've been waiting.
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    The Harrowing Recess

    ENW 21: The Harrowing Recess: Battle Of Egriffiend PRT 2 ___________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE sucked his teeth as Tomoe leaped backwards and evading his swing. [1] Despite the success of his strike at Tomoe's left knee, he recognized that he'd missed a huge window of opportunity. The teenager nodded back to Connor and shared the brief moment of camaraderie as Tomoe retreated from them. In the short time they'd know one another Ryūnosuke had come to think of both Connor and Hizorashi as trustworthy friends. In the beginning he worried that he was the weak link of the trio and that maybe Connor and Masato thought him to be beneath them due to his age. It wasn't much longer after that when the teenager well under the possession of Tomoe. If they wanted to, they could have left him as a wailer, but they didn't and instead risked their own well-beings to save him and were even prepared to wage war against the Shinigami to save Chizuru. The teenager's eyes quickly drifted to the burn scar on Connor's forearm and he recounted the moment their immense powers collided. There was one thing he learned from that clash, Connor hadn't only knocked the ghost out of him, but also the self-doubt that had plagued Ryūnosuke up until that point. He realized that Connor and Masato had at no point looked down at him, they saw him as their equal and their comrade. As he stood at Connor's side now that fact couldn't be any better asseverated. The fiery orange glow in the Tengu-masked teenager's eyes now burned with excitement and confidence as he watched the mist rise and contort around Tomoe's form. The mist twisted and turned upon itself as it split into several dozen blue-eyed torrents that sudden shot towards the two Fullbringers as Tomoe glided away. It was clear in Connor's actions that he was also aware of Tomoe's intentions. While the mist wraiths were a considerably annoying, they were meant to do nothing more than temporarily distract the pair long enough for Tomoe to direct her attention to the others and create some distance between herself and the two Fullbringers. Ryūnosuke lowered his stance and faced the incoming horde of wraiths head on. A spark of dark-orange Reiatsu formed in his left hand and materialized into second baseball bat. The teenager crossed the bats in front of him just as the first few wraiths gnawed and slashed at him. The wraiths rammed into the bats one after the other and were deflected downwards in front of him, as he allowed each hit to slightly push him back just an inch or so. It wasn't long before most of the wraiths were in view in front of him and at a lower elevation. Ryūnosuke grinned and raised his real bat high above his head before swinging it downwards upon one of the wraiths, obliterating it instantly and momentarily clearing the mist all around him, revealing the overgrown grass. The very same swing then produced a pressurized wave of force that slammed the majority of the remaining wraiths into the ground with enough force to disperse them. The Tengu-masked teenager then charged forwards and disposed of the others in a flurry of swings with his two bats. The last of the wraiths on his end was destroyed with a final devastating swing of the energy bat as it shattered upon contact and pierced the mist creature with pointed splinters of solidified Reiatsu. ----- ... RYŪNOSUKE also saw Tomoe slip into the mist below and begin to glide around in the distance. He stood at the ready, in anticipation of the fiendish Demi-Hollow's next move. A moment passed and both Fullbringers realized that Lady Tomoe had zero intention of confronting them in close-quarters --the Tengu-masked teenager of course couldn't blame her for feeling that way. Judging by their last encounter, it was almost tragically obvious that Connor and Ryūnosuke far out-classed her in physical strength, while her forte was in the manipulation of spiritual energy, particularly her seemingly infinite arsenal of mist-based attacks. Still, that understanding didn't make Tomoe's cautious off-hand approach any less annoying for either of the Fullbringers and the assault she deployed next only exasperated them further. As the volley of mist tendrils tipped with gnashing maws of mismatched human bones fired towards them with incredible speed that caught even Ryūnosuke slightly off-guard, they each verbally stated their disdain for the new development. "I'm gonna crack her head open!" Ryūnosuke declared as he charged forwards with Connor. They both seemed to have simultaneously arrived at the same conclusion. If Tomoe wasn't going to come to them willingly, they'd just chase her down like predators running down their cowering prey. The mist arms were too much of a threat for Ryūnosuke to not give them his undivided attention, but having full trust and belief in his comrade's abilities, he knew Connor would manage just fine on his own. [1-2] Ryūnosuke's most efficient means of dealing with the barrage of attacks was to evade them. He did so by dashing in a zigzagged path and mixed in a few Bringer Light steps and brief bursts of flight. The fact that each individual attack altered its trajectory to match his movement proved to be the most stressful aspect of the whole ordeal, as it prevented the teenager from staying the same course for any longer than a millisecond. He was silent through the entire sequence of evasive maneuvers. Each action demanded every bit of his concentration. The first nine mist arms collided with the ground and exploded into shards of bones barely centimeters away from his sides. [3] It came do to the last of the mist arms which honed in on Ryūnosuke just as Connor had finished blocking all the attacks launched at him and closed in on Tomoe. Ryūnosuke angled his bat in front of his body and blocked the last bone jaw, then he followed closely behind Connor a few feet to his right side. "Right behind you!", the teenager announced as Tomoe finally sprung up from the mist with an attack and was promptly engaged upon by Connor. Ryūnosuke couldn't see Connor's exact movements from his current position but it was clear that he not only deflected Tomoe's attack but had possibly mounted a counterattack of his own. [4] Ryūnosuke slid to a sudden halt and responded, "Yeah!", to Connor's "Batter Up" mid the latter's forceful swing of Tomoe's entire body. With barely five feet between them, Ryūnosuke began to make the motions of entering a swinging position; his left hand crossed half-way in front of him and he started to twist his torso to the left. But, it was all a feint. The very moment Tomoe was released from Connor's grasp, the teenager revealed his true intentions. He stood square with his bat nestled just an inch from his chest and lined up diagonally with the handle facing Tomoe's right hip and the end of the bat extended just above her left shoulder. Ryūnosuke would brace himself for the impact and Tomoe would practically be hugging him as he looked over her shoulder towards Connor, grinning manically from ear to ear, his features appeared to darken with a mischievous expression. [5] Without wasting a single second, Ryūnosuke pushed outwards at a right and upwards angle --hitting Tomoe with the bat in the process. He exerted just enough strength so that Tomoe would be unable to resist the backwards shove and be displaced only a foot away, giving the teenager enough room to complete the full upwards extension of his arms and bat while also sliding his right foot six inches forwards. "HE BUNTED HER!", the obnoxious voice of Lumpu announced-- [6] Precisely as Ryūnosuke brought his bat back down with the full weight of his physical might upon to smooth curve of Tomoe's collar. [7] Ryūnosuke did not let up yet. He rotated both his wrists around the grip of his bat to the right and followed-up with sudden sweep of his bat to the left, just as Connor had done before. [8] "EAT-!" Ryūnosuke shouted with the sudden eruption of his Reiatsu with the full completion of his swing, "SHIT!". If Tomoe moved or not nothing would change the fact that Ryūnosuke's swing released an explosive crackle and a ring of smoke where the sound barrier had been broken between the barrel of the teenager's bat and Tomoe's neck. [9] Should his signature attack, dubbed the M.H.B by the other members of WILD'S land, Tomoe would have likely been sent blistering through the air and possibly slammed into the ground. Whatever the case, Ryūnosuke was now hunched forwards with his back slightly to Connor if his partner hadn't moved. The entire barrel of his bat buried into the ground. The teenager would look over his right shoulder and shout "Connor!", as he smiled at his comrade and raised a thumbs-up. His expression bright with the satisfaction of having exacted a fair bit of sweet vengeance, before his expression suddenly turned to a serious of approval and admiration "Nice pitch!", he finished proudly... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TURN STATS] --------------------------- [ACTIONS] --------------------------- [BATTING STAGE #1] Direct/Critical Hits To Prime Soul Buster (霊・バスター, Rei Basutā): 1/2 || Hits To Prime Brute Sub-Class "Devastating Blow" 1/4 Full Dodge (209 SPD) Lady Tomoe's Lamento Tajada Pandemonio (95 STR - 215 SPD) x9. [ND Cost: 855] || [New ND: 4,845] Full Block (205 SPD) Lady Tomoe's Lamento Tajada Pandemonio (95 STR - 215 SPD) x1. [ND Cost: 200] || [New ND: 4,645] Full Block (205 SPD) Connor's Throw/Slam Of Lady Tomoe (205 STR - 210 SPD). [ND Cost: 200] || [New ND: 4,445] Diagonal Bat Shove At Lady Tomoe's Torso. [Damage: 141 STR] [Speed: 206] || [1/4 Attack Moves] Follow-up Downwards Bat Swing Into Lady Tomoe's Neck. [Damage: 205 STR] [Speed: 206] || [2/4 Attack Moves] Follow through Leftwards Swing To The Side Of Lady Tomoe's Neck. [Damage: 205 STR] [Speed: 206] || [3/4 Attack Moves] Crackling M.H.B: Shockwave To the Side Of Lady Tomoe's Head/Neck. [Damage: 205 STR] [Speed: 206] || [Free Attack Move] || [1/7 - 1 Turn Cooldown] Force of Attack Knocking Lady Tomoe Into The Ground. [Damage: 205 STR] [Speed: 206] || [4/4 Attack Moves] --------------------------- [TURN END STATS] ND| 4,445 ______________________________ WC|1,510 -----
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    Test Version of ND currently being used for the Event. Adjusted Features: Clashes - Direct Hits - Critical Hits - Critical Hits For Visionary Class - Counter Class Direct Hits (Everything Else Is The Same) NATURAL DEFENSE STAT [ND] NATURAL DEFENSE [ND] is a new defensive combat stat that reflects how long your character can stay in a fight. It comes into effect in most situations where damage is being taken or mitigated and serves as the defensive power that is keeping your character from being fatally injured at any point in a fight UNTIL your ND hits zero. At which point the next attack to hit you character will likely be fatal, considering that even the current lowest level of damage in either Power Stat is enough to kill someone, if the attack is well-placed. ND Calculation Agile / Brute / Genius / Visionary Classes: 5% Reiatsu Tank Class: 8% Reiatsu [10% at 2★ Legend Unlocked] Tank Sub-Class/ Tank Focus: 6.5% Reiastu [10% at 2★ Legend Unlocked] ----- Releases Give A Flat ND Boost: First Releases: 600 ND Shikai | Adjuchas Rage | Sanrei Glove | Incomplete Fullbring | Manifested Doll / Doll Manifestation Final Releases: 1,200 ND Bankai | Resurrección | Sanrei Glove- Advanced Bow / Quincy: Vollständig| Complete Fullbring | Mastered Doll/Doll Fusion [Release ND Boosts do not stack. Example: If you go into Shikai you get 600 ND. If you following up by using Bankai you get just another 600 ND and not 1,200.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ND COMBAT USE This next section will cover all the Defense Mechanics of RP combat. Basically, all the instances in which ND comes into play. ------------------------- EVADING Evading Examples: --------------- BLOCKING Blocking Examples: --------------- CLASHING Clashing Examples: --------------- TAKING DAMAGE Direct Hit/Critical Hit Examples: --------------- WHEN YOUR ND REACHES ZERO: You will have no option but to fully Evade or CLASH/BLOCK incoming attacks. If you cannot it is possible to be fatally wounded by an attack far weaker than your own. It basically becomes a question of where the next attack lands. Ultimately, it is up to the parties involved to decide whether or not reaching Zero ND will result in the death of the character or if they will be forced to retreat, etc. --------------------------------------------- For a full look of how ND works in actual RP Combat try giving these threads a read: Blunt Trauma [ND Calculations Not Updated Yet] Noble House: Kaeru [ND Calculations Not Updated Yet] ================================================================ CLASS COUNTER SYSTEM'S RELATION TO ND. In Addition to having their unique strengths each class also has their weakness and are naturally countered by an opposing Class. In the early levels of play Class Counters do not take effect or benefit a character. However they can effect interactions against certain NPCS and Event Bosses. For PVP battles Class Counters come into play at 2★ Legend Rank and after a character has Maxed out their Primary Class Stat (230). -------------------------------------------
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    The Harrowing Recess

    ENW 20: The Harrowing Recess: Battle Of Egriffiend PRT 1 ___________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE tightened his fingers around the grip of his bat just before he swung forwards and released a scorching wave of flames that incinerated the remaining Rotted Wailers in his path. From where they were, the harrowing recess, a massive hurricane-like body of violently spiraling mist could be seen in the horizon. It was a strange feeling, until this moment the teenager hadn't seen the recess in person; he'd only seen it in his head and felt it in his mind and heart. He knew it was all due to Tomoe's possession and that the memories weren't truly his own, but now he couldn't shake the feeling that he was "returning" to a place he'd been before. A place familiar to him. The teenager's expression hardened with anger and disgust. Despite being free from her grasp, the trauma of being under her influence still plagued him. He recalled being manipulated and toyed with and it only fueled his anger further. Lady Tomoe would regret messing in his head. "We're almost there!", He declared to the others as he advanced with even greater haste. He could see exorcised spirits rising from the charred and electrocuted corpses that littered their path as they ascended back into the mist. His only thought was on his confidence in the combined strength of the Fullbringers and the Shinigami and his certainty that they could save all the spirits imprisoned in Tomoe's grasp. Nothing could stop them now. The coalition arrived before the towering mist barrier in no time at all. As they stood before the anomaly, the teenager looked back at the others as they arrived and did a quick headcount, mainly checking for Hizorashi. "This is it." Ryūnosuke stated as he faced the mist wall. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the four fragments of his Tengu mask. Hizorashi had returned them to him earlier but Ryūnosuke hadn't had the chance to properly address the matter at that moment. He mentally recounted Hizorashi's comment, "Seemed important.", and chuckled under his breath as he envisioned an infuriated Kiyoko berating him as she glared daggers right before he was forced to suffer intense physical labor at her mercy. "Hizorashi-san, you have no idea.", he exclaimed mentally in relief. Ryūnosuke took a brief moment to concentrate his energy to manipulate the soul of his mask and "pulled" it through Fullbring; essentially forcing the mask to repair itself in his left palm as he lifted it to his face. As he lowered his hand, the results of his handiwork were visible: a reformed mask that looked brand new from a short distance, although on close inspection one could make out where the cracks had been and there was a chipped fragment missing from the left horn. "Let's end this shit." The teenager stated as he marched into the mist. He held his bat in his left arm and raised his elbow to shoulder-height with the barrel of his bat pointed to the ground and aligned with his side. While his arm guarded his head and neck from any incoming debris, his bat did the same for his side. He suspected the rightwards push of the mist was nothing most of the group couldn't handle, but unfortunately that wasn't the only threat within the mist barrier. The teenager felt some remorse for the Shinigami who were lost to the mist one after the other, but he never looked back as he led the advance. There was no turning around now --no time for doubts or hesitations-- and he assumed all the Shinigami understood and accepted that fact. Most importantly, he hoped that Captain Oriru understood and accepted it. Anyone they lost now would not be able to help them in the fight against Tomoe, but they could still be saved like the others. Regardless of his own strong and negative opinion of the seated officer, Ryūnosuke had to acknowledge that Tenzaimon seemed to have understood it and if he could, so could anyone else. Ryūnosuke did not look back as Tenzaimon offered his last words to Captain Oriru but he did reaffirm them, "He's right-!" The teenager was forced to pause and plant his feet as a gravestone smacked into his bat with a loud clang before it whirled off through the mist again. "We can do this... we'll save them all, Oriru!" Ryūnosuke shouted. The teenager soon broke through the wall of mist with Connor to his left, he couldn't see any of the others yet, but he had hope that more of them would get through soon. The teenager barely took a second to observe his strange surroundings, none of the phenomenon really surprised him, but it was still a very surreal to behold in person. He could say the same for Lady Tomoe herself. As she spoke Ryūnosuke spiked his Reiatsu, twirled his bat in his left hand, and charged forwards at the same instant Connor had. Their incredible speeds matched as they advanced, and forced the floating debris to push outwards from their path. ----- ... RYŪNOSUKE maintained visual contact Tomoe through his entire charge, even while he noted Connor's movements from his peripheral. Slightly delayed behind the teenager was Lumpu; the small blob of seemingly sentient energy with the obnoxiously childish voice, hovered closely at Ryūnosuke's right and exclaimed. "Play Ball!" [1] As Tomoe started her first twirl, Lumpo enthusiastically announced. "Tomoe the Number One of Team Mist Bitch winds up the pitch!". Ignoring Lumpu --as he always did-- Ryūnosuke instead took note of the shift in the mist in front of him and observed the incoming blade of mist as it rose from below. His next right footstep forwards barely reached an inch from the surface before a white rectangle formed on the ground around the teenager and he swung his bat in a full arc from his left. This released a shockwave of force to counter the mist blade as he continued his advance. He noticed that the mist blade lost form momentarily, and then reformed behind him and shoot outwards. "Ace hits it!" He released his bat at the end of his swing as his left arm crossed over his chest. The bat whirled through the air and out of Ryūnosuke's view --but never truly out of his "reach". [2] Ryūnosuke was twice over warned of the next attack. Firstly he'd observed Tomoe's movement and intuitively guessed another attack was inbound. The swing of Tomoe's arm suggested it was a horizontal attack that would most likely come from the left. Although he couldn't see any changes in the mist, the teenager dropped low into a forwards slide as an orange square-shaped energy platform formed on the ground in front of him --the designation of First Base. Both of the horizontal slashes passed seamlessly over Ryūnosuke's head as his foot touched on the base. "SAFE!" Lumpu announced, right in time with Connor's warning. "Got it!" Ryūnosuke confirmed as he rolled forwards and continued his advance, now slightly behind his partner. [3] It was clear that Connor would be the first to engage Tomoe, but that wouldn't stop Ryūnosuke from seizing the opportunity. It wasn't likely that Tomoe could mount a full offensive on them both at once or that she could afford to be preoccupied with him while Connor was an immediate threat. In this situation, Connor was in a much better position to score and Ryūnosuke could capitalize on that. The Tengu-masked teenager's bat blurred back into the grasp of his open right hand as he altered his trajectory ever so slightly to the left and with a sudden Bringer Light step, instantly propelled himself the remaining distance between himself, Connor, and Tomoe. The teenager landed his step in the very moment that Connor stabbed. Ryūnosuke positioned himself in an crouch under the shaft of Connor's spear, between his comrade and Tomoe. The full reach of Connor's spear provided ample room for him to freely maneuver. From his lowered position Ryūnosuke swung leftwards at the side of Tomoe's left knee. In this position, he also insured that no rising attacks could be used to interrupt Connor's attacks as they would have to pass through Ryūnosuke first. The Tengu-masked teen blurred ahead a second time, further to Connor's left as the electrical surge was released from the spear. [4] And finally, when Connor started his left-bound swing, Ryūnosuke would be half-way through a counterclockwise spin that would end with the barrel of his bat careening in a horizontal swing perfectly aligned with either Tomoe's head or neck depending on her height at the moment of Connor's swing. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TURN STATS] --------------------------- [ACTIONS] --------------------------- [BATTING STAGE #1] Clashed (205 STR) Lady Tomoe's Vertical Lamento Tajada (200 REI). WON [ND Cost: -200 Ryūnosuke ||-305 To Lady Tomoe] || [1/4 Attack Moves] || [New ND: 5,900] Full Dodge (209 SPD) + [BASE - ADVANCE] Lady Tomoe's Horizontal Lamento Tajada (200 REI - 220 SPD). [ND Cost: 200] || [New ND: 5,700] Horizontal Bat Swing At Lady Tomoe's Left Knee. [Damage: 205 STR] [Speed: 206] || [2/4 Attack Moves] Horizontal Bat Swing At Lady Tomoe's Head/Neck. [Damage: 205 STR] [Speed: 206] || [3/4 Attack Moves] --------------------------- [TURN END STATS] ND| 5,700 ______________________________ WC|1,440 -----
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    Live Changes 01/09/2020 - Shinigami Race Changes Are Live "Finally! Many Thanks To FrogMod." Shinigami Duality Updates: "Spirit Tempest" can now be activated for both Shikai/Bankai in the same battle. Now officially counted as a Shield/Barrier technique. Kidō (Bakudō, Hadō, Kaidō) Race Techniques System Revamped: All Kidō now have a set Power that cannot be altered. Kidō can be used at their Full Power as long as the Shinigami meets the requirements to learn them and has learned them. Shunkō Updates: Shunkō is being poised as a viable competitor/alternative to Hollowfication (Still being ironed out) should be finalized soon. Fate Points cost for Shunkō adjusted to [6 Points]. Spending Slots To Learn Kidō Adjusted: Given the considerable changes made to the Kidō system overall and how much stronger they have become as a result. The cost is too low for what Shinigami end up gaining now. New Cost: 2 Release Technique Slots -or- 4 Non-Release Stats. Custom Kidō Passives Removed. Custom Kido Spells are still in. The Custom Kido Power will scale with character Reiryoku and can be of any Kidō classification (Bakudō, Hadō, Kaidō). All Shinigami Race Changes Can Be Found Here: Shinigami Race Thread - New RP Feature "Equipment Items" What Is This?: With a lot of RP events and arcs on the way and the Completion of the first major event of Resurge 2019 we've seen our first Event Rewards and can expect to see more in the future. An understandable concern is how these bonus items which essentially function as extra abilities/utility will remain worthwhile without severely messing with Combat/Power Kit balance? Simple problems need simple solutions. Rewards from Arcs/Events/Missions are now officially known as "Equipment Items" and normally your character can only carry 1 of them on their person at a time --normally (more on this later). While your character may own an endless number of equipment items they can only use 1 in battle and that Item must be listed with their stats in their first post entering battle. All owned Equipment Items must be listed on your Character Stat Page. Equipment Items come in various types and behave differently. Some can be stolen, traded, destroyed. Some can be sold for Fate Points. Some expire. Some may be available for a limited time. Some are strong, some aren't as strong. They all come with an inherit ability or usage and the cost of using them may vary. Lastly, Equipment Items can be purchased in the Fate Points Shop. But The price of an item will depend on how strong it is, 1-5 FP is the cost range. The Process of buying a FP Equipment Item starts with making the Application for it and posting it in your Character Application Thread. Equipment Item Name: | Intended FP Cost: | Ability: (Mods will do the rest.) - Fate Points Shop Updates "Some New Goodies" REIRYOKU SPECIALIST Trait Updated: As a Major FP Purchase, this one just wasn't performing and didn't really have it's own identity. Changes to Kidō have presented an opportunity for this Trait to mean alot more. At the moment its best suited to Shinigami but it's being fleshed out to be more attractive across the board. Basic Concept: "Reiryoku Specialist Trait makes learning Race Techniques even easier and makes them stronger." - New Fate Point Shop Purchases - Upcoming Changes Hollow/Cero/Segunda Updates - Fullbringer Duality Adjustments - Finalizing Reiryoku Specialist Effects
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    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    ENW 19: Crisis Averted! Onwards To End The Night of Wailing [Niebla Nefasta Effect: Disabled with Talisman] [Tick Counter: 9 Disabled] [REMAINING ND|6,100] ___________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE sighed with relief as the Captain agreed with his line of reasoning and even acknowledged that the buildup of pain and emotions was what truly lied at the root of their conflict and not any ill-intent or prejudice. Glad to have been able to reach the Shinigami with his words, Ryūnosuke nodded affirmatively as Oriru gave his promise that the Shinigami would cooperate with the Fullbringers to defeat Tomoe and furthermore that Chizuru would be returned unharmed. Ryūnosuke took a moment to watch the exchange of hostages between Connor and Tenzaimon. He noted that he'd later have to thank Connor for the support and solidarity he'd displayed throughout all the events leading up until this point. Truthfully, Connor and Hizorashi both. He doubted either of them actually realized how grateful Ryūnosuke was to them and how much he owed them. "So, Tamura. What's next?", asked the Captain after he also confirmed that the terms of the negotiation were being honored on both sides. In response to the question Ryūnosuke nodded to his left. "Tomoe's grave is located in the North-east quadrant of the cemetery. She can't leave her grave sight, and that's where she tried to drive all the humans." The teenager whirled his bat once and took a deep breath. "She's not gonna make it easy, but we can get through.", the teenager stated confidently. "There is one other thing, your guys were definitely right about the mist being a Fullbring, but Tomoe herself is something else now. I don't know what to call it, but its like she's in a transition between a spirit and a Hollow." Ryūnosuke looked back to quickly confirm Hizorashi's status and signaled to him with a nod. He then addressed the entire coalition of Fullbringers and Shingami, "Regardless, defeating her is the key to getting rid of the mist. That bastard Sanetoki is another issue altogether, but we'll cross that bridge when we reach it... Let's go." The teenager suddenly took off in the direction of Tomoe's grave at a blistering speed but one he was sure most of the group could follow without being left too terribly behind. He used his bat and pressurized waves of force to swap away wailers in droves as he led the way certain that at least Oriru and Connor matched his pace if not surpassed him at times to handle the strayed and incoming wailers... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [UPDATED STATS] --------------------------- [Left Thread] [Continues In: The Harrowing Recess] ______________________________ WC|400 ----- OOC| Equipment Obtained: ["Talisman of Dominance"] Ryūnosuke's o-fuda. Unlocked Achievement: [FOUR IS A PARTY (2): Complete A Thread Role-Playing with 3 or more other Role-Players (Minimum 5 Post).
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    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    ENW 18: Crossed Paths [Niebla Nefasta Effect: Disabled with Talisman] [Tick Counter: 9 Disabled] [REMAINING ND| 7,378 - 1,278 = 6,100] ___________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE felt the bitter cold sting of Egriffiend's touch as his soul was latched into the grasp of the mist and partially pulled from his mortal form. The "transformation" had occurred almost as instantly as the mist filled the administration building. The whitening of his skin, greying of his eyes, the drafts of mist that poured from his mouth, the shrill of his distorted voice, and of course the sudden change in his behavior were the Frenzied Wailer effects broadcasted by the teenager. The unseen and unspoken reality of the transformation was a saga in its own right. It began with the resurgence of the beckoning voices and lamenting wails of spirits within the mist as they collectively pointed out Sanetoki from the inhabitants of the room. From the perspective of his comrades, potential foes, and neutral parties within the building, Ryūnosuke loudly declared Sanetoki as the true mastermind behind the Night of Wailing but that hadn't been the will of the Tengu-masked Teen --not entirely at least. Smashing the door, and burning the talisman on the doorway, that was Ryūnosuke start to finish. The letter had given him the knowledge he needed to conclude HE was present in the administration building and furthermore that He had not only survived the previous Night of Wailing but had also returned this year. Being previewed to information not disclosed to his comrades or the Shinigami, Ryūnosuke understand the potential threat posed by the mystery man better than anyone. It placed him in the uniquely critical position of having to make a decisive and seemingly bizarre decision. All the clues had pointed to one man being the root cause and there was no doubt that the one man who was responsible was indeed present among them. Unfortunately, the quickest and most reliable way of unveiling his identity was for Lady Tomoe to do it herself. The teenager figured that exposing the other humans to the mist wouldn't be an issue if the talismans worked as Kiri claimed. So far Kiri had given Ryūnosuke no reasons to doubt him. Furthermore, with at least Connor and Masato to rely on, the humans couldn't be in safer hands. Sadly, what Ryūnosuke had not accounted for was just how close Lady Tomoe had set him towards his transformation into a Frenzied Wailer and the fact that He was fully prepared to bomb the entire building should he be exposed. Careened backwards through the air and pelted with wooden and concrete debris as the deadly magenta blast erupted, the teenager came to a sudden stop after he collided with one of the stone lanterns. His vision painted with a mauvish-crimson hue, Ryūnosuke sprung to his feet. He could feel he was no longer in full control of his body. It was now shared by another, an invading spirit under Egriffiend's control. It was that spirit who growled and charged at Sanetoki. In that time, the essence of the real Ryūnosuke was spreading throughout the mist and endowed with all its secrets. As a Frenzied Wailer, there was nothing hidden from him as he was accepted by Lady Tomoe entirely. He saw and felt her memories and feelings as if they were his own and he now understood everything... ----- He saw the life of Tomoe Tagashi from her teenage years until the moment of her passing at the age of forty-one, just three years ago. She'd had her fair share of adventures and endured more than her fill of trials and tribulations. First and foremost, Tomoe was a Fullbringer, but she'd also been many other things throughout her lifetime. An estranged daughter, a student, unemployed then employed for a time, happily married and later divorced, a mother full-time and then a mother only every other week. Then, tragically not a mother at all when her seven year-old son and her ex-husband both passed away in a terrible car accident. For a time a heartbroken and anguished Tomoe lost the will to live, but she ultimately realized the immeasurable value of grief. Indeed, the most important things in life were being kind and loving to those one held dear in their lifetime and then mourning and remembering them in their passing. That was what Tomoe did for her son and ex-husband. Sadly, with no family and very few "friends" Tomoe often felt alone, the emptiness left behind by the passing of her son was one that could never been filled. Still, Tomoe was kind and caring to those around her until to time of her own death. With no listed relatives or next of kin, Tomoe Tagashi was buried in the old Karakura cemetery. The sight of her grave was were her spirit waited in solitude; waited to be mourned and grieved by the people she was kind to and the people who cared for her. Tomoe wait and waited... but no one ever came. No one visited her grave, placed flowers or prayed for her, no one cared for her. Worse yet, much to Tomoe's sorrow and despair, she was not the only unmourned and forgotten. All around her were countless graves that were never visited. In fact, it seemed the entire cemetery was forgotten and abandoned. Bitter with sadness and a feeling of betrayal, Tomoe was unable to pass on and thus her soul anchored itself to her grave sight. Night and day, Tomoe cried and mourned the thousands of others laid to rest within the cemetery and she continued to do so until the day the devil Kotaekōruyama Sanetoki arrived. ----- Ryūnosuke's presence of mind dangled somewhere between watching the events as the unfolded and seeing Tomoe's lifetime play out in front of him. He did both from the perspective of third party, though occasionally his perspective would cut between being inside his body with minimal control over his actions and being more of a specter that hung almost literally over his own shoulders. The connection to his body was always strongest when his abilities were being used. During those moments the teenager was capable of speech but he felt as if he was in a constant state of choking, unable to inhale, he simply expelled the mist-filled breaths of air from his lungs and throat. It was obvious that the spirit with which his body was currently shared possessed little-to-no combat experience. Ryūnosuke could do nothing but watch as his body ineffectively thrashed and flailed about before being unceremoniously pummeled into the ground by Sanetoki. The teenager was markedly furious with the inexcusably poor handing of his body and powers as well as his inability to intervene. However nothing brought on the teenagers ire and fury like the sight of the scurrying trio of Shinigami as they grabbed Chizuru's defenseless body and ran into the mist, no doubt towards the vortex anomaly. The voice of Lady Tomoe cried in Ryūnosuke's mind and demanded he prevent the Shinigami from reaching the vortex --no doubt motivated by her own interest in self-preservation. Her suggestions were not even needed, as Ryūnosuke was of his own volition sharply opposed to the actions of the Shinigami. In his rage, he pushed back against even the control of the invading spirit and Tomoe's influence. "GIVE HER BAAAAAAAACK!" , he roared before he charged forwards. Despite his limited control, which allowed for almost the full utilization of his physical capabilities, Ryūnosuke could feel that his mind was still tainted by the Niebla Nefasta which compelled him to attack anyone in his way, even those Ryūnosuke saw as allies. Everyone was an enemy until Chizuru was back in his arms. "OUT OF MY WAY!" Frenzied Wailer Tengu roared once more as a torrent of flame ignited around the length of his metal bat and was then suddenly released in a ferocious wave of scorching flames as he swung at Connor. As Ryūnosuke's blazing bat was promptly met with the clash of Connor's lightning-charged forearm the ensuing cataclysmic reaction of their two immense powers mixing and colliding seemed to catch the teenager by surprised. Several strayed bolts of yellow lightning snapped and bit at Ryūnosuke, hitting him in the front with enough force to cause a slight recoil in his footing with each subsequent strike. The repeated shocks to his muscles paralyzed them in place and stifled the teenager's mobility just long enough for Connor to deliver the talisman-headed palm strike to his unmasked and bloodied forehead. In the moment the strike landed, Ryūnosuke felt his essence return fully to his physical form as the foreign presence was immediately expelled with a sharp exhale followed by what felt like the first breath of air Ryūnosuke had taken after holding his breath for several minutes. As he fell backwards his senses were blurred and numb and he heard Connor's muffled voice as if he was listening to it through an enclosed vacuum. "I’m going ahead to try and get that girl’s body back.", were Connor's words as Ryūnosuke stared forwards in a daze still trying to regain his bearings. "I’ll back you up as soon as I’m certain the wounded are tended to.", responded the voice of Hizorashi as Connor disappeared and Hizorashi's face appeared in the teenager's view. He felt the man's right hand hold the back of his head in place just as Hizorashi clobbered him with an unprovoked headbutt. Despite the visible annoyance displayed in his expression after the hit, the fact he had a clear reaction to it at all was evidence that the headbutt served its intended purpose and had knocked the teenager out of his daze. Ryūnosuke let out a pained grunt. He hunched forwards and placed a hand on Hizorashi's shoulder as the man spoke to him. "They have your girlfriend, and with that stunt you pulled earlier, I can barely blame them. You owe us some explaining, but she’s a bit higher on our list of priorities." "Yeah." Ryūnosuke muttered, he voice noticeably hoarse and scratchy; his throat was clearly raw from all the roaring and shouting during his time as a Frenzied Wailer. The teenager cleared his throat as he used Hizorashi's shoulder to prop himself to his feet. "Thanks, Hizorashi-san. I'll explain everything later but what's important now is that I know where to find Tomoe." The teenager suddenly flared his Reiatsu, as he took the talisman and wrapped it around the barrel of his metal bat. His eyes ignited with a bright orange glow, the teenager briefly glanced at the three Shinigami who were ordered to stay behind and assist the humans. He couldn't help but be infuriated by what he perceived as hypocrisy and incompetence displayed by the Shinigami leadership. He wondered if he should even consider the actions he was about to take, if the Shinigami were worthy of being negotiated with and could they even be trusted. Ryūnosuke was confident that Connor had considered the very same thoughts before he went off the confront the Shinigami. However, Ryūnosuke understood the situation a bit better than his comrades did. The mist and Lady Tomoe had revealed things to him that Connor and Masato simply weren't aware of. It was information the teenager could have shared, perhaps it had been a mistake on his part to not disclose things before. He preferred to believe the opportunity to do so hadn't presented itself and that's what prevented him. That didn't change the fact that the root of their current predicament was a lack of communication all around. The Fullbringers and the Shinigami were not the same that much was obvious. Nonetheless, Ryūnosuke had come to realize just how much their values were different as well as all the ways in which they were alike and the same. He didn't believe that any of the actions on the part of the Shinigami had been taken from a position of pure evil. Truthfully, he didn't have the authority to pass that kind of judgement on individuals he didn't know. What he did know was that everyone wanted the Night of Wailing to end. And just like Ryūnosuke, the Captain wanted to save and protect his people. It infuriated Ryūnosuke that the Shinigami were prepared to sacrifice the humans and even contradict themselves for the sake of it; but Ryūnosuke also had to consider how far he would be willing to go if he was placed in the same situation. He recognized that in the moment he was prepared to slaughter every Shinigami he could reach, even those who had done him and his no wrong but were still guilty simply by association. To save Chizuru, what were a few massacred Shinigami goons? That line of thought going back and forth and escalating would lead to nothing but disaster and a disaster was the last thing anyone wanted, especially Ryūnosuke. Especially not when he finally had the one thing everyone could use at the moment: Hope. "I'll leave the situation here to you, Hizorashi-san. Join us as soon as you're done but be ready for anything we may have no choice but to fight the Shinigami." Without another word Ryūnosuke blurred forwards through the mist at top speed in a straight line towards Captain Oriru. He left Hizorashi with the confidence his comrade was fully capable of "handling" the situation on his front should a war with the Shinigami become the reality. The only indication of the path Ryūnosuke dashed were the sudden dozens of wailers that caught flame and burned to ash as he passed. ----- ... RYŪNOSUKE came to a sudden halt in front of the Kido Corps Commander. An empty distance of fifteen feet and no more divided them. Any wailers that entered within a twenty foot radius of Ryūnosuke were pelted with a single blob of flames that whipped through the air around the teenager and declared "YER OUT!", repeatedly in an obnoxious and squeaky tone with every wailer that was struck and charred to ash. Ryūnosuke took a moment to observe his surroundings, he noted the Shinigami in a stalemate, held back by an attention-commanding Connor who was in possession of a Shinigami hostage. He nodded to Connor, acknowledging that he was prepared to back him up should negotiations fall through. The teenager noticed Chizuru's body lifeless in the arms of the giant Shinigami, Tenzaimon. He also noted the mysterious three orbs orbiting the Captain. The teenager took a deep breath and gave the man in front of him his full undivided attention. "It's Captain Oriru Kusho, correct?" The teenager's tone was direct and confident, as was his posture as he faced the Captain head on with his bat ready at his side. The kanjis of "kakushin" on the barrel of his bat glowed as intensely as his eyes. "My name is Tamura Ryūnosuke and I don't appreciate what you and your subordinates are doing." Ryūnosuke could hear his words beginning to spill out with his anger. He took another deep breath and continued with a deliberate focus on maintaining a neutral pace and volume. "I understand your intentions... Believe it or not, I think we both want the same thing but this-" Ryūnosuke pointed his bat in the direction of Tenzaimon and Connor. "This ends badly for everyone. You're a Shinigami Captain... you want to protect your people and you want to save the ones that are already in the mist. I get that... I have people in the mist as well and that girl is is one of MY people." Ryūnosuke hit his bat against his chest. "Just like you're prepared to do whatever it takes for your people, I'm prepared to do the same for mine." Ryūnosuke exhaled sharply as he mentally considered the gravity of what a fight between the Shinigami and the Fullbringers would mean at this point. "Look, man. We don't want to fight you here and I don't think you want to fight us either. I know how to get to Lady Tomoe. I know for a fact that the mist goes away and people return to normal if she is defeated. We can work together and potentially save everyone... We can save her." Ryūnosuke didn't mention Genshi by name, but he hoped the Captain would understand exactly who he was referring to. It was a huge risk mentioning Genshi, Ryūnosuke knew it could make or break the negotiation. The idea was to convey that he understood Oriru's position and his motivations better than the Captain might have previously realized. "We can save them all --together." Ryūnosuke lowered his bat to his side once more, "We've all been through a lot, we all want to get through the night with the least number of casualties. Since this started my friends and I have been attacked, wrongfully accused, talked down to- Hell, you guys were ready to condemn us in the mist out of the fear that we might at some point become wailers! And now-" The teenager scoffed, trying to hold back his frustration. "Now, you're trying to turn one of us into a wailer against their will! Tell me, how the fuck does that work, huh?!" The teenager directed his fiery glare to the seated officers and addressed them directly, "Yeah, so much for intellectual and moral consistency... you fucking morons!" Ryūnosuke looked down at his right hand and noticed that it was shaking. Another build up of emotions began to rise from within him and he could feel tears of rage beginning to pool in his eyes. It wasn't fair, he had every right to be angry, every right to want to make the Shinigami hurt, but that wasn't the answer. He wiped his eyes with his left sleeve and quelled his anger with a sniffle. He leveled himself again. "Still, this is bigger than all of us. Despite everything, we're prepared to overlook all of that and work with you to get through this alive. The choice is yours. So, what's it gonna be, Captain Oriru?" Ryūnosuke ended there. Whatever happened next, he believed he'd done the best he could to prevent unnecessary bloodshed at least long enough for them to take care of the real enemies... ______________________________ WC|2,975 -----
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    Live Changes 12/28/2019 - Tier 3 Achievements Series 1 Duration Extended Set to expire on 2/1/2020. Series 2 currently slated for February. Yay! - Agile Class Perk Ghosting has been adjusted to clarify its use better. In situations where the use of Ghosting would logically cause more than a single attack to be avoided, Ghosting will occur as a "flicker" dodge in place rather than a reposition to a different location. - ND Clarification Examples of ND uses in combat have been added to the ND guide under each action. Link Here: Natural Defense Guide - Vaizard Race Changes Finalized Vaizard Changes are finished and updated in the Shinigami Race Thread.
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    Welcome To The Wild's

    019: On The Crucible Of Fate ----- ___________________ ... RYŪNOSUKE raced up the stair to his bedroom with his wallet held tightly in his left hand. His conversation with the two detectives replayed clearly in his head as the teenager imagined --after the fact-- what things he should have or could have said to change the outcome. He hadn't been careful enough and that mistake had effectively given the detectives all the information they needed. Ryūnosuke had served himself up in a gold ribbon. Tamakawa particularly, had pretty much expressed so to the teenager directly. A fact that only further worried Ryūnosuke because despite the fact that Tamakawa had both the evidence --and obviously the motive-- he needed to do so, the detective hadn't taken any action against the teenager whatsoever. Ryūnosuke didn't understand the detectives actions, nor their motivations, and least of all their intentions moving forward. Ryūnosuke plopped himself down on the edge of his bed and tapped his right foot nervously on the floor as he stared deeply into the wall in front of him and racked his mind. The teenager sat anxious and contemplative for a few silent minutes that passed like dripping kuromitsu from a metal spoon. Still, no matter how hard he pondered, Ryūnosuke found himself still plagued with questions and worries by the dozens. Questions he didn't have the answers to. Worries he couldn't be sure were rational or not, and the fear of not knowing just how worried and afraid he should be. After much mental toil, the teenager arrived at a singular conclusion; he needed answers and all hopes of getting them pointed in the direction of the mysterious people who saved his life. The reasons were rather simple; he was clueless on his own and going to the detectives wasn't an option. So, assuming he could even find them, the group of masked individuals were Ryūnosuke's best bet. He figured if they were willing to save his life, they wouldn't mind answering a few questions to help him understand what was going on in this town. Ryūnosuke sprung up from his bed, paced towards the green trench coat hung up behind his bedroom door, and started to rummage through its many flapped pockets. He hoped the owner of the jacket had left something for him to use to get in contact with him in order to return the trench coat. What he found in the inside chest pocket was much more than he'd anticipated. The teenager felt his fingers slide across the surface of what was unmistakably a folded sheet of paper. He pulled the paper out of the pocket and unfolded it, he exhaled a shallow gasp as his eyes landed on a hand-written note. ----- You probably have a lot of questions. We have answers. Come to Sato Gift Shop in Mashiba. We'll be waiting for you. -WILD'S ----- After reading the letter, Ryūnosuke folded the paper again and slipped it into his pocket. He had more than just the address to follow, he'd also been given an open invitation. So, why was he hesitant now? The teenager wondered but quickly came to understand the answer on his own. Perhaps knowing the answers to his questions was far worse than remaining ignorant to them. Maybe there was a blissful innocence in being oblivious of the world he'd been completely unaware of until last night. A world of monsters and supernatural powers. Ryūnosuke lifted his right hand in front of his face and clenched his fist as he again recalled the battle against the monster, Baron Quadhorn. He remembered the immense mysterious energy that surged throughout him and engulfed him like a raging blaze. He'd felt empowered behind his wildest imaginations, beyond what he knew to be humanly possible. It was incredible and still equally terrifying. Ryūnosuke steeled his resolve with that realization. For now his intense desire to understand that strange power outweighed his fear of opening a Pandora's box he wouldn't be able to close again. ----- Ryūnosuke got dressing in a black tracksuit with an orange jersey underneath. He folded the green trench coat and placed it in his gym bag, along with his baseball bat. Before he headed out into town, Ryūnosuke checked on his resting mother; Mariko was still peacefully sleeping off her hangover from the night before. After leaving the house, he locked the door behind him and stood on the corner of the pavement at the intersection of two roads. The teenager looked around for any suspicious characters; he imagined that being tailed by law enforcement might be a reality he'd have to deal with now but, thankfully, that didn't seem to be the case. At least not yet. Confident that he had no unwanted eyes on him, Ryūnosuke started to walk to his destination; the Sato Gift Shop, located in the Mashibi district of Karakura. It was about a twenty minute walk from Ryūnosuke's house but he'd likely have to cut between a few alleys to reach it. As he walk through town on his way to Mashima, Ryūnosuke was repeatedly shaken by the strange entities he was able to see now. On occasion he'd spot beings that looked like normal humans but with chains protruding from their chests. They either walked or stood around in a manner that gave the teenager the sense that they'd been there all along, just invisible to the masses. Many of them looked back at him with an equal amount of curiosity and acknowledged that they could see him as well as he saw them. There were also distant unseen presences that Ryūnosuke could feel all around him. Many faint and others more potent. None as malicious as that of the Baron the night before. As he walked, the teenager wondered about the mysterious group of people who apparently went by the name WILD'S. He was curious about who they were behind the masks, what they intentions were, and what purpose they served in the supernatural world. He found he was more inclined to believe they were out to do good, seeing at they'd saved his life when they had no obligation to do so, and he was thankful for that. Even if he didn't have his own questions or interest in their strange and dangerous world, he did feel he needed to thank them properly and also return the trench coat. Ryūnosuke was particularly interested in meeting the girl with the phoenix mask, as he was certain she was the one who actually pulled him back from the brink of certain death. Before long, Ryūnosuke arrived at the location of the Sato Gift Shop, it was a small humble affair, nestled between a flower store to the left and a small dango shop on a corner facing Karakura Community Park to its right. The outwards appearance of the gift shop was very homey; in fact, gift shop and the dango store appeared to be one with the small house nuzzled behind them, as if they were two separate and welcoming instances into the home itself. The redwood exterior of the shops and the house were very pleasing to behold, and gave off a warmth that Ryūnosuke appreciated. It was nothing like the cold and black monolithic box he had for a home. It was also nothing like the teenager was expecting for the assumed based of operations of a secret supernatural organization. Although, a part of him figured that was the entire point. Looking in through the glass store front of the gift shop, Ryūnosuke could make out tons of colorful merchandise and memorabilia. A lot of seasonal products as well, and a few customers walking about. Looking to his right, Ryūnosuke noticed that the dango store did not appear to be open yet. He adjusted the strap of his gym bag on his right shoulder. There was a suddenly bell jingle, followed by a draft of cold air as the gift shop door opened in from of the teenager just before a friendly male voice called out to him, "Good morning, sir. Welcome to Sato Gift Shop!" Ryūnosuke faced the door again and met face-to-face with a tall young man with sandy blonde hair and green eyes. His hair was styled in a bowl cut with an angled fringe that was parted down the middle. There was a stubble on his chin and his skin-tone was almost a European pale. His other features were unmistakably East Asian, Ryūnosuke noted. The young man appeared to be just a few years older than Ryūnosuke himself; just hitting his early twenties. He had on a plain white apron and what appeared to be a suit on underneath --perhaps distinctly missing a coat, although the teenager could not say for certain. "Ah, you must be the guy in for the interview.", the man stated. Though he didn't recognize the man's face, Ryūnosuke felt a sense of familiarity with the voice. The words "I really wanna save this guy!" played in his head like a memory in the voice of the man standing in front of him. Ryūnosuke, perplexed by the man's statement, barely had a second to fully comprehend it before he young man reached out to him and with a firm but gracious push against the teenager's back, guided him into the store. "H-hold on. What?" Ryūnosuke stammered as he was simultaneously pushed through the shop layout. His eyes observed his surroundings; stacked nearly to the ceiling and from wall-to-to with all manners of products enclosed in glass display cabinets. As he was steered towards the back of the store, between aisles of postcards and picture frames, his legs just naturally followed along as if they were accomplices with stranger and shared his intentions. "Just on time, we've been expecting you." The young man spoke with a deliberate half-shout, it was like he wanted all the customers in the shop to hear what he was saying while muffling out any voiced protest that might have come from the teenager. Ryūnosuke and his pseudo-guide rapidly approached a wall upon which t-shirts, jackets and other clothing accessories where displayed. As they reached the wall the stranger turned Ryūnosuke sharply to the left and put him face to face with a black door with an "Employees Only" sign visible at eye-level. "The manager will see you now for your interview." The young man explained before briskly nudging the teenager towards the door. Ryūnosuke skipped a couple of steps forward and planted his feet to a halt. He paused for a moment and faced the the door, before turning back to look at the young male employee. There was a now a sharp look of acknowledgement perhaps even pride on the man's face as he nodded at Ryūnosuke. The teenager suddenly felt certain that he's met the man before; specifically that he was one of the masked people. The young man seemed to recognize the revelation blooming in Ryūnosuke's eyes and simply nodded again. There was one last confirmation the teenager needed; Ryūnosuke reached to his left side, half-way unzipped his gym bag and pulled out the folded green trench coat. The look in the male employee's eyes as he noticed the coat said more than enough. The teenager smiled and nodded back at the young man, "Thanks for lending it to me.", Ryūnosuke said as he tossed the coat to the employee. The man chuckled and smiled back, "Thanks for returning it." There was an unspoken message in both their expressions of gratitude that was not missed by either of the young men. The employee knew that Ryūnosuke was also thanking him for intervening and saving his life and Ryūnosuke understood that he'd been thanked for answering WILD'S invitation. With that silent interaction alone, Ryūnosuke felt a strange sense of camaraderie with the employee. They were two young men who'd barely known anything about each other, but thanks to the strange and terrifying circumstances that had caused them to meet on a fateful evening, Ryūnosuke felt there was a bond between them in the making a bond that would only grow from this point on. At that moment his heart harbored no doubts and Ryūnosuke confidently approached the door, pulled down the handle, and opened it. "Last door to the left, at the end of the hall. Good luck." The male employee finished before he walked to the side and disappeared behind an aisle. Ryūnosuke cleared his throat and stepped through the doorway. There was a dimly lit hall, about seven feet long, with doors on both sides and a single door at the end. Ryūnosuke walked to the end of the hall and turned towards the last door on the left. He he opened the door without hesitation, expecting to see an office, but was met with a downwards case of stairs that led to some underground facility. The teenager exhaled his held breath and began his descent. He reflected on his actions thus far with every step; he recalled all the chances he'd had until now to turn back. He'd followed the directions on the letter, allowed himself to be pushed through the shop, opened the first door, walked the hall, opened the second door, and was now going down the stairs. His actions thus far were a reflection of how committed he was to the pursuit of this unknown, but still the teenager wondered if he'd passed the point of no return. He'd come this far, and certainly he could turn around and return home, forget everything that happened. The teenager scoffed at that thought. No he couldn't. Ryūnosuke knew that better than anyone. There was no turning back now, the only path for him was forwards. Whether he'd come to regret that decision later was yet to be seen but the teenager sincerely hoped he wouldn't. After all, he had even regret as it was to last him at least a couple of lifetimes. The bottom of the stairs opened up to his left into a massive air-conditioned underground chamber partially lit with panel LED lights. The room closely resembled what Ryūnosuke expected a luxury employee lounge would look like. There was a pantry and a round dining table off in one of the far corners. A black living room set complete with sofas, a glass coffee table, and a 60 inch flat screen television. Looking to his left, Ryūnosuke could see a large portion of the room dedicated to fitness and training equipment. That section with distinguishable by the large grey puzzle foam mats that covered its area as opposed to the maroon carpet seen everywhere else. There were weight racks, treadmills, two multi gym systems, and a few punching bags. To the right of the training area (between it and the living room set) was a more casual recreation space, Ryūnosuke could make out two adjacent Ping-Pong tables, a Foosball table, an Air Hockey table, and a bookshelf stacked with books, but more so with board-game boxes. The middle of the room was distinctly lacking of any furniture besides a large rectangular table with no chairs around it. The room was presently void of any other presences. There were any unique ones triggering the teenager's new "sixth sense", not that he had a particular understanding of how that worked regardless. There was a deadly silence to the room, save the faint hum of the ventilation. Then a smooth feminine voice emerged from deeper in the room, ahead of Ryūnosuke. "Come this way.", the voice called. The teenager looked forwards in the direction of the voice's origin and saw a tall slender woman with long and wavy sandy-blonde hair, done up in a huge ponytail that went down to the base of her spine. She was dressed in an maroon long-sleeve turtleneck and black denim pants. As the teenager walked towards her, he could make out her rose-colored lipstick and finger nails, and her striking green eyes. There was a strong resemblance to the male employee he met moments before, except unlike him there was no mistaking her European heritage. It was also clear that she was much older than Ryūnosuke; she looked to be in her late twenties to early thirties from what Ryūnosuke could tell. Intriguingly, there was a cool and attractive maturity to her appearance and facial features, Ryūnosuke imagined that as much as he hated the act of smoking, this was a woman who could smoke and look incredible while doing it. She smiled as she welcomed Ryūnosuke in another room, there was a formidable sharpness in her gaze as she eyed the teenager and Ryūnosuke felt as if the woman had seen all there was to know about him, discovered all his deepest darkest secrets in that moment and had not been phased by any of them in the slightest. "Thanks." The teenager replied with a bow as he shuffled quickly into the room. This room had the appearance of the typical principal's office, and Ryūnosuke was much less impressed by it appearance alone as he was by how boring it was compared to the other facilities he'd seen. "Well, make yourself comfortable. The Professor will be in shortly." The woman said as she closed the door behind the teenager and walked around to the front of the back of the office desk and leaned against the wall, beside a large framed map of Karakura. Ryūnosuke cleared his throat and helped himself to a seat. He didn't know were to look, so he pretended to observe the office setting, in doing so he discovered just how unremarkable the office was and also, that the attractive blonde woman was studying him from head to toe. The teenager shifted in he seat and faced the woman directly he tried to match her gaze and the woman simply chuckled as he did. "Careful, you'll make a lady blush.", the woman quipped. "Figured it'd be impolite to not return the favor.", Ryūnosuke replied confidently. "Hmm, touché", she chuckled again and crossed her arms. "Can't say I'm surprised, of course the boy who boldly took on the Baron alone would have some fire in him." The remark surprised Ryūnosuke, he was beginning to wonder just how many people knew about his battle with the monster known as Baron Quadhorn. "I didn't catch your name." Ryūnosuke stood up from his seat and held his hand, the gesture seemed to momentarily shock the woman but she quickly accepted the gesture and firmly shook Ryūnosuke's hand. "Tamura. Tamura Ryūnosuke.", he stated firmly. "Pleasure to meet you, Tamura-kun. I'm Sato Kiyoku, but I'm called 'Manager' around here." "And I am the Professor." a third voice stated as another person entered the office. Ryūnosuke turned to the door and met face to face with the professor. A man who wasn't much taller than himself, with neat combed back brown hair and round glasses. His nose was notably pointed and red at the tip. The Professor appeared to be a bit stocky under his garments, which consisted of a white lab-coat and had a grey suit. He wore a silver watch on his left wrist which drew the teenagers eyes to the Professor's oddly large hands. Ryūnosuke imagined the professor would make a great catcher if he played Baseball. The Professor was the one who offered his hand for a shake this time and Ryūnosuke seized it firmly without hesitation. "We've heard a lot about you, Tamura Ryūnosuke.", said the Professor with a charming smile. To Be Continued... ______________________________ WC|3,250 -----
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    Welcome To The Wild's

    018: Trouble With The Law ----- ___________________ ... RYŪNOSUKE took a moment to quickly study the appearances of the two men standing in front of his house door. The man to his right was a bit bulkier in figure but around the same height as the teenager himself. He was bald with a very stern expression and a neatly trimmed but defined chin strap beard. He wore a pair of shades that were tinted brown and hid the eyes that sat below his thick dark brows. The man held in his right hand a single gold coin that he simply flipped and caught as he stared directly at the teenager. Ryūnosuke couldn't help but pick up on the authoritative and imposing atmosphere that seemed to radiant through the man's admittedly impressive black suit. To the teenager's left, and markedly less commanding of presence was another man who --compared to Ryūnosuke and much more so to his assumed colleague-- was of a relatively average build from what the teenager could judge. However, he had strikingly orange hair upon which Ryūnosuke momentarily fixated; it subconsciously made the teenager more inclined to warm up to the man. He wore a gray suit and overall had a much more casual and aloft demeanor about himself. He also appeared to be several years younger than his coin-flipping partner. Perhaps he was less hardened by the trials and experiences that came with the territory of their line of work; which Ryūnosuke had already confirmed to be law enforcement officers, thanks to the badges both men currently wore around their necks. At that moment, Ryūnosuke found himself mentally thanking Nagashi for having taught him how to properly distinguish legitimate policeman badges from fake ones. He also knew what to look for as far as the protocol officers and detectives followed when identifying themselves at civilian residences. Ryūnosuke cleared his throat as he stood upright and crossed his arms. "Good morning.", the teenager greeted calmly. His eyes drifted towards the man to the left as he was the first to respond. "Good morning, young man." The man replied with a cordial smile as he and his colleague reached into their chest pockets and pulled out photo IDs which they promptly presented to Ryūnosuke as the man continued. "I'm Detective Kakaabi and this is my colleague, Detective Tamakawa. We're with the KPD. You must be Tamura Ryūnosuke, correct?" The photograph IDs were the verification Ryūnosuke needed and he nodded to the pair of officers as they returned the IDs to their pockets. "Yeah, I'm Ryūnosuke. Can I help you, detectives?" The teenager asked despite already having a good idea of what the detectives were most likely visiting for. He wondered if the masked guys who saved him last night called the incident in or maybe they worked with a secret police task-force. "Yes, actually, you can." Seito responded. "We're investigating an incident that took place last night. There was some destruction of town property and we're fishing for leads." Seito began to reach into his right pocket when Detective Tamakawa caught his coin and cut in, "Where were you last night, kid?", the detective asked bluntly. Ryūnosuke caught a distinct accusatory tone in the man's voice and allowed his gaze to fall coldly onto the officer. "I was out until around eleven." Ryūnosuke replied plainly. "Eleven o'clock, huh. That's pretty late, don't you think? What were you doing out at that hour?" The Detective returned, his tone no less incriminating. Ryūnosuke couldn't help but let out a shallow scoff. Recent history had given him some experience with egotistical officers and as he remembered correctly it didn't end well back then. "On my way home, actually." The teenager started. "I spent most of the day at the Elites Dome batting center. I didn't leave until nine-twenty. The daughter of the owner...Asano-san." ,Ryūnosuke recalled, "she saw me leave at that time." As he answered, the teenager noticed that Seito had paused with his hand half-way into his pocket. Kakaabi currently glanced at Tamakawa from the corner of his eye with an unmistakable curiosity. Tamakawa went on with his line of questioning. "We have security footage that shows you running towards the train station at nine-thirty. But you never enter the station or get on a train. You also don't appear on any other surveillance cameras in the area-" Ryūnosuke predicted the question that would be tied to the end of that revelation of fact and decided to save the detective and himself some time, "I didn't take the train. I overspent at the batting center and didn't have enough money for the fare." The teenager's words were sharp and concise. His demeanor exuded confidence and straightforwardness; but internally he was beginning to grow concerned. If the police had him on camera running from the train station was it possible they had other things on tape. Images of his battle with the monster named Baron Quadhorn flashed in Ryūnosuke's mind. He could feel that strange power, the ignition of that fire that burned within his very soul when he chose fight over flight and faced the monster head on. Furthermore, another thought struck the teenager; if the police had no footage of him after he passed the train station, how did they find his home? Ryūnosuke thought to ask this question, but he didn't want to come off as defensive until he determined the full extent of what the detectives knew. In the meantime, Ryūnosuke understood he had to be careful with what he said. He never had any intention of lying to the police --at most he intended to leave out a few details if necessary-- but he was now forced to assume the detectives knew everything until he could confirm otherwise. "Excuse me, officers. Am I currently a suspect?" "No, haha, you're not a suspect." Detective Kakaabi cut in firmly. There was a stress on the word 'not' that surprisingly seemed directed more towards Detective Tamakawa than it was the teenager. "We're just asking a few questions is all." "Is there anyone who can confirm you arrived home when you say you did? Maybe a parent or siblings?", Detective Tamakawa continued. "No. I live here with my mom and she was already asleep." Ryūnosuke, turned to the orange-haired detective, "Detective Kakaabi, I'm more than happy to answer your questions, but I'm not sure I understand how I can help you find your guy." Ryūnosuke stated calmly. "Ah." Seito started as he reached fully into his pocket. "My colleague thought we should ask you about it because we found this-" Ryūnosuke's brow furrowed with shock and confusion as he observed the object Seito extracted from his pocket. Sealed in a clear plastic bag was unmistakably, Ryūnosuke's wallet. "not far from the crime scene. Do you have any idea of how it might have gotten there?" "I guess, I must have dropped it while I was running home." Ryūnosuke explained. "I see. Well, did you see anything strange on your way there? Any suspicious characters, anything at all that could help us?", Seito asked as he returned the wallet to its owner. Ryūnosuke considered for a moment as he took the wallet from Seito, thanked the officer, and bowed his head. The teenager pondered on whether or not he should mention the monster. Even as the ever-present burning of Detective Tamakawa's glare at him compelled the teenager to a decided 'no' with every passing second. While he couldn't be certain of Detective Kakaabi's motives, it was clear that Tamakawa was more occupied with finding a culprit than uncovering all the facts. Having recent firsthand experience in being the subject of law enforcement ire, Ryūnosuke could sense that no matter what he said, he was already guilty in the eyes of at least one of the officers. The teenager had to weigh his options and the potential risks and ultimately decided to leave out the encounter with the other-worldly creature. "Sorry, I don't remember seeing anything out of the ordinary. It was pretty dark and I was in a rush to get home." "Nothing at all, are you sure?", Seito insisted. Ryūnosuke lightly frowned and shook his head. "Nothing.", he affirmed. His eyes drifted from Kakaabi towards Tamakawa whose stare still drilled into the teenager as his gold coin was perpetually flipped in his left hand. Seito nodded, "Well, I think that will be all. Wouldn't you agree, Detective Tamakawa?" Seito quickly handed out a card to the teenager, on it were the detective's name and contact information. "Tamura-kun, if you recall anything later, please give me a call." Ryūnosuke, received the card and nodded. "Sure thing, Detective Kakaabi. And thanks again for returning this.", the teenager tapped the card against the top of his wallet. "Just doing our job. Let's go, Detective Tamakawa." Ryūnosuke smiled warmly and bowed again. Seito was the first to turn and leave, as he started to walk away, Tamakawa paused and locked eyes with the teenager. "There is just one more thing." Tamakawa reached into his pocket and quickly flicked a small shiny object from it towards Ryūnosuke. The teenager reacted instinctively and caught the projectile, which had a cold metallic feel to it, in his fist. Turning his palm towards himself, Ryūnosuke felt his heart nearly stop as he stared --paralyzed with the realization that he'd been caught-- at the mangled and bent remains of a batting cage token. Although the metal token appeared to have been slightly melted out of shape, one could still make out the words "Elites Dome" inscribed on the surface. Ryūnosuke clenched his jaw behind his tightly pressed lips. From what he observed at his peripheral, it was obvious that Kakaabi was not clued in on the meaning of the interaction. Tamakawa on the other hand, his stern and serious expression were no more and the heavy foreboding grin that lined his face declared boastfully the word that detective needn't utter aloud. Ryūnosuke heard the word, clear as day, as the gold coin whirled upwards in from of the officer's face before descending flatly into his palm with a metallic pat. "Gotcha" Ryūnosuke swallowed hard and closed his right fist tightly around the token. "Stay safe out there, kid... and welcome to Karakura." Tamakawa said as he turned away and departed with his colleague. Ryūnosuke watched the two officer's enter a silver sedan, Seito walked around to the passenger's side while Tamakawa sat in the driver's seat. He didn't move until he saw the car drive off. Once the detectives were completely gone the teenager paced backwards through the doorway and shut the door behind him... ----- ... Detective Kakaabi Seito sat silently in the passenger's seat as detective Tamakawa pulled away from the Tamura residence and drove east, heading back in the direction of the police head-quarters. He reflected on their conversation with the teenager and occasionally glanced at Tamakawa who was silently grinning as he held the stirring wheel with a death grip; in his right hand he effortlessly rolled his gold coin between his fingers. By now Seito had a long list of questions; it started with why Tamakawa had asked him to tag along for this case --which was clearly just a regular Hollow attack that happened the night before. The last question on that list was what the Hell was that at the end between Tamakawa and the Tamura kid. Alas, it was clear to Kakaabi that Tamakawa seemed content with leaving him in the dark and that he wouldn't get answers unless he pried for them. It wasn't like him to do so and he was more than happy to tag along to help out where he could, but Tamakawa seemed to be withholding information that was vital to the case. "Ahem." Seito cleared his throat. "He seemed like a good kid.", he began. Tamakawa snickered. "Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe you know something I don't." Kakaabi finished; giving Tamakawa the floor to explain why he'd dealt with Ryūnosuke in the callous manner that he had. Tamakawa took the bait almost instantly. "Come on, Kakaabi. You felt that kid's Reiatsu as clear as I did." Tamakawa appeared to almost shudder at the thought of it. "He was practically a busted fire hydrant." Seito sighed. "Yeah, it was something... Still, having a lot of Reiatsu isn't a crime. I mean, even if we could prove he was the guy there last night, all it does is tell us he fought a Hollow and lived to talk about it." "He was there. I have no doubt about it, he's our guy and the Hollow wasn't just any Hollow." Tamakawa replied bluntly. "Open the glove box, there's a file in there." Seito raised a brow, then clicked the glove compartment open, and spotted the file. He extracted it as Tamakawa told him and with a nod from his colleague began to look through it. On the first page there was a sketch of a furred Hollow with serrated jaws on the surface of it's mask and four horns protruding from its shoulder and around it's head. "That's Baron Quadhorn, I'm sure you've heard of him." "Yeah, of course." Seito confirmed. "Real nasty bastard, up there with the big bads like the Quarterer. He's been terrorizing Karakura for months now, we know his preferred hunting ground but he always manages to give us the slip. He come, stalks his prey, takes them out and then retreats to Hueco Mundo." "Wide range of hunting grounds that he targets at random. The number of officers 'equip' for this sort of thing are too few and far between to cover all his spots, especially when he isn't the only active predator. Means he gets away with it." Seito added, sharing a bit of what he knew about the infamous Baron Quadhorn from reports he'd seen in the past. "That's right. Until last night. Seems Baron Quadhorn targeted that Tamura kid and got one Hell of a surprise." "You think the Tamura kid took on Baron Quadhorn alone? He's got impressive Reiatsu, but it doesn't look like he's had any training or experience beyond that. Maybe he could put a fight, but that means the Baron would have really had to earn the feast." "The kid wasn't alone. Look at the next page.", Tamakawa replied. Seito flipped the page in the folder and his eyes fell on a photograph paper-clipped to a report. The photograph was of four blurred figures leaping between two rooftop silhouetted by the moonlight. The image was taken from the perspective of someone down in the alley between the two buildings. Squinting his eyes, Seito could make out masks over the faces of each of the individuals and it became clear to him, "WILD'S?", he asked. "WILD'S." Tamakawa affirmed. "There is no natural route that kid could have taken to get back to his house without being caught on at least half a dozen cameras. Suspeciously, all the cameras in the area momentarily stopped working. That seems to be the norm when those WILD'S punks are involved." "You think they made contact?" Seito inquired as he flipped through the rest of the folder and scanned through what Tamakawa had documented as the most recent WILD'S activity and its correlation to the Baron Quadhorn sightings. "I think they did, and I think this Tamura kid is the key to catching one of the biggest fish in this town." Saito looked out the window as he pondered on Tamakawa's words. He knew there was some history between Tamakawa and the WILD'S crew, but he wasn't sure how deep it ran. One thing was for certain he had a feeling this wouldn't be the last he heard of this case or Tamura Ryūnosuke for a long time. To Be Continued... ______________________________ WC|2,630 -----
  15. Rash ラシュ

    A Savage Hunt

    006: The Akihiko 'Aiden' Kaine Job __________ [1-2]... Jin's eyes widened with anticipation as the barrel of Aiden's sniper rifle bloomed with a blue light that formed the limbs of a bow. The first two arrows fired deflected the two shots fired by Fangs. The two arrows rebounded off of the deflected bullets and scrapped across Jin's hip. [3-4] Nonetheless, as Fangs was already pre-aimed at Aiden's weapon, Jin needn't do more than simply return fire with two shots of his own at the last pair of arrows released from the makeshift crossbow. While the arrows served as a temporary distraction they did next to nothing in stopping the Savage Dragon's advance. [5-8] Jin's expression blossomed with a pearly white and sinister grin as he lined the barrel of the crossbow up with his shoulder and held it there as he looped his right arm over the length of the weapon and held it in place. This put no distance between his shoulder and the next bullet or arrow fired by Aiden would have nothing preventing it from going clean through Jin's shoulder, at the same time Jin raised his right knee and held it tightly over the chamber slot that was now void of a loaded cartridge. While this all occurred he turned the barrel of Claw to the left ever so slightly at a upwards angle, away from the inside of Aiden's Elbow and directly at the left side of his chest. In the other hand, having locked the shaft of the weapon in his arm Jin hand the barrel of Fangs pointed directly at the center of Akihiko's manubrium. Either of the two opponents could fire at any moment it was just a matter of seeing who would pull the trigger first and Jin didn't hesitate in the slightest. Jin started shooting as soon as both guns were in position, the entire maneuver would have taken no longer that a fraction of a second after the fourth arrow was loosed. Jin fired both weapons twice at the same time... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- [ACTIONS] Savagery +1 = (28) Jin Loss 2 Clashes: [Arrow #1 Clash ND Cost: 160] [Arrow #2 Clash ND Cost: 160] [New ND: 920] Savagery gained from Loss Clashes +2 = (30) Fangs Normal Offensive Clash Gunshot #1 at Arrow #3. [Damage: 60 STR ] [Speed: 56] [Tied Clash ND Cost: 100 ND] [New ND: 820] Savagery +1 (31) Fangs Normal Offensive Clash Gunshot #2 at Arrow #4. [Damage: 60 STR ] [Speed: 56] [Tied Clash ND Cost: 100 ND] [New ND: 720] Savagery +1 (32) Fangs Gunshot #3 at Aiden's manubrium. [Damage: 30 STR (62 For Clashes)] [Speed: 56] Fangs Gunshot #4 at Aiden's manubrium. [Damage: 30 STR (62 For Clashes)] [Speed: 56] Claw Gunshot #1 at Aiden's left chest. [Damage: 30 STR (62 For Clashes)] [Speed: 56] Claw Gunshot #2 at Aiden's left chest. machinery. [Damage: 30 STR (62 For Clashes)] [Speed: 56] --------------------------- [TURN END STATS] ND|720 Savagery (32) Aiden loses ND from 2 Tied Clashes: 200 ND each. ____________________ WC|335