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  1. Rash ラシュ

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    ENW 16: A Moment's Respite [Niebla Nefasta Effect: ???] [Tick Counter: 9 Disabled] [REMAINING ND| 2,200 ND Recovered] ___________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE was not particularly vexed that the Shinigami, he was now informed went by the name "Oriru" or formally "Captain Kusho", managed to deescalate the situation before it resulted in a likely brutal fight. The Tengu-masked Fullbringer truthfully had no desire to engage is any meaningless conflict. There were a dozen other things he'd rather do with what was sure to be his last few hours as a free breathing man. Although there was some pleasure to be had in fighting, after all the very nature of his Fullbring League of One's Own ensured he'd get at least one final game of his beloved sport, Ryūnosuke still considered himself a sort of "hero" --that was the WILD'S mission after all, they were heroes. As a hero, it was only right that his final act was fighting the "villain"; despite their poor interpersonal skills and "higher-than-thou" demeanor, the Shinigami were not the "villains". Much to Ryūnosuke's hidden exasperation, therein lied his dilemma. Who was the villain? Who did he have to fight? The voices in his head and his heart told him one thing, but at the moment their influence over him still felt surface-level and... manipulative. The teenager sympathized with the spirits trapped in the mist and also with Lady Tomoe, but that wasn't enough for him. He understood that Lady Tomoe's motivation behind her actions was to protect the souls in the mist from what she saw as a terrible evil, and while Ryūnosuke's heart --unbeknownst to him-- had already been swayed to believe that there was an evil present in the cemetery his reaction to that evil would not be to cower and seek refuge in the arms of some savior. To just roll over backwards and let someone else protect him. Hell nah, that just wasn't his style. Ryūnosuke was a fighting, to his very last breath, didn't matter if the fight was a losing one. He'd finish strong just like he always did. The Tengu-masked teenager was a man, a man who'd now fully accepted that he'd be dead long before sunrise. He had his regrets; the wrongs he'd yet to right, the past he'd ran away from, the lives he'd ruined, the apologies he'd never get to make, and the farewells he'd never get to say. He didn't want to be remembered for the bad things, a part of him felt like he didn't want to be remembered at all. The bottom line for Ryūnosuke was clear, Lady Tomoe gave an offer only a fool would refuse, "an eternity of peace forever loved by all the other lost souls in her mist or a terrible painful doom at sunrise"; the answer was pretty clear, but also that kind of fairy tale happiness was something he hadn't earned it but he fully intended to before his time was up. Ryūnosuke sighed heavily from behind his mask as he too lowered his weapon. While the voices in his raged with no less earnestness and passion, and while Ryūnosuke swayed further still to their will, the Teenager --at least for now-- still held firm to his own resolve, figuratively and physically. The opening of the administrative building door and the exodus of the odd man Hideo and his cult-like followers marked a sharp change in the atmosphere surrounding the group. From what Ryūnosuke could observe the others were all equally perplexed, but none of them could be as confused as he was. Being connected to the mist to the degree that he was gave the teenager insight on every soul within it and held under its influence. Thus, it was rather bizarre to Ryūnosuke that none of Hideo's followers or even Hideo himself for that matter were under any current influence by Lady Tomoe. These were people surrendering themselves willingly to the mist. Granted, knowing what he knew, it made no difference either way. The thing was, none of them should have known, and yet Hideo spoke very much like someone who knew, basically quoting Lady Tomoe word-for-word at certain points in his speech. Ryūnosuke's best guess, something was going on in the administration building and he'd bet He had something to do with it. The bubbly young fellow who introduced himself as Kiri and warmly invited the group into the administrative building had potentially --knowing or unknowingly, Ryūnosuke had yet to determine-- invited them into the serpent's den. Having ignored the drama within the Shinigami ranks and then confirming the assimilation of Hideo and his cult a skeptical Ryūnosuke stepped forwards after Captain Kusho, Hizorashi, Connor, and another unfamiliar Shinigami. The teenager firmly shook Kiri's hand, "Tengu.", he replied flatly as he began to step through the doorway, but paused momentarily. Ryūnosuke was conscious of the sudden effects his presence on the shrine grounds how how him. For one, the voices the spoke to him were completely silenced. On top of that, Ryūnosuke could no longer sense anything spiritually. This was no doubt some sort of defense mechanism employed by Him to insure Lady Tomoe and her agents could not identify him. Ryūnosuke, as far as his ability to point out his target or any spiritual presence for that matter, was effectively blind. He needed to change that if he had any hope of succeeding and confronting Him. "What's keeping the mist out of the cemetery? How are we safe here?" Ryūnosuke inquired curiously. However Kiri answered the question, Ryūnosuke would nod and then enter to building. He took a look around and observed the bleak atmosphere as Kiri explained the situation. He didn't judge any of them particularly; for a group of strangers struggling with the prospect of their own demise at the claws of a harrowing army of the undead they seemed to all be handling it fairly well. Ryūnosuke eyes naturally lingered on the small group of people huddled around a table writing on sheets on papers. The teenager approached them, still holding Chizuru's motionless body, at the moment it seemed to pose no major issue to anyone present. Ryūnosuke didn't address any of the strangers yet and simply watched them as they wrote what appeared to be letters. It was all unsurprisingly emotional, some cried into their letters while others seemed keenly focused. A few paused as Captain Kusho began to give his inspiring speech to his subordinates. Ryūnosuke listened in himself, but found it to be rather agitating. He loved a good pep talk just as much as the next guy, heck, he'd had the honor and giving a few himself in the past, but the Captain's words at the moment just felt a bit pretentious. The ravings of just some pawn in the game that didn't get the full picture. In a way, the Shinigami were currently no better than Hideo and his gang. Just another cult and from the looks of it they intended to also throw themselves into the mist with the same grace. Which was a shame, from what Captain Kusho had said outside he seemed to have the most knowledge about the Mist and Lady Tomoe, perhaps not as much as Ryūnosuke thought. It was just irksome, Captain Kusho and the Shinigami were all speaking like they who who the enemy was. They'd all condemned Lady Tomoe, which could very well be fair, but on what grounds had they done so? How and when had they decided? Ryūnosuke liked to think he was the current highest authority on all matters related to the mist --whether he divulged that information or not. The point was, as far as he was aware, he knew and understood the mist than anyone and even with all his insight still couldn't decide which side to fight on. How the Hell had the Shinigami chosen? Ryūnosuke thought as he sucked his teeth sharply behind his mask. He admired the Shinigamis' will to fight the good fight and wouldn't mind them as an allies at all, but until everyone agreed on what the good fight was, it was up to Ryūnosuke to make sure they took no drastic actions. Unfortunately, he couldn't yet depend on Connor or Masato either. Exposing Him was something Ryūnosuke had to do alone and with the clock ticking on the approach of the Wailer army, the Tengu-masked teenager needed to hatch a plan, pronto... ______________________________ WC|1,390 -----
  2. Rash ラシュ


    Live Changes 12/7 - Eagle-Eyes Class renamed Visionary Class "What can I say except 'You're Welcome'~!" - Stat Bonuses for Character Ranks (VC:+5|Captain:+10) Removed: Stat boosts for ranks aren't needed, considering Captaincy Level Ranks come with a 10K Reiatsu Boost Already. Removing the Stat bonuses from ranks also simplifies Stat calculations. - Natural Defense [ND] Tweaks & Added Features Number Adjustments on ND Actions. Partial Blocking may see future changes. At the moment it might still be too harsh on Hand-to-Hand combat situations. Class "Combat Skills": Primary Class specific advantages for particular ND actions. - Class Counter System & Legendary Tier Class Perks Added Class Counter System: In Addition to having their unique strengths each class also has their weakness and are naturally countered by an opposing Class. In the early levels of play Class Counters do not take effect or benefit a character. However they can effect interactions against certain NPCS and Event Bosses. For PVP battles Class Counters come into play at 2★ Legend Rank and after a character has Maxed out their Primary Class Stat (230). Legendary Tier Class Perks: Revised to fall in like with the new Legendary Tier. Legendary Tier Perks specifically affect your Primary Class and activate at 2★ Legend Rank and after a character has Maxed out their Primary Class Stat (230). - Legendary Tier Added All Information Regarding the Legendary Tier Progression System Found Here: Legendary Tier Thread Legend Points Implemented. Legend Battles PVP & Player V NPC Boss Raids Online. Character Retirement Guidelines Added. - New Tier 2 Achievements [High-Ground Advantage (1): Win a 1v1 Battle where you have the Class Advantage against another Role-Player or Player Controlled NPC. [Check Your Privilege (2): Win a 1v1 Battle where you have the Class Disadvantage against another Role-Player or Player Controlled NPC. [Vibe Check (4): Win a 1v1 Battle where you have the Class Disadvantage and more than 20K Reiatsu Disadvantage against another Role-Player. [#Worth (2): In a Battle where you have the Class Disadvantage Spend 750 ND to Use Your Class Perk. If there are any other Tier 2 Achievements you'd like to see added message me on Discord. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Upcoming Changes Quincy Page Updates - Hollow Page Updates - Shinigami/Vaizard Updates - Cero Updates Tier 3 Achievements: [Under Construction] Tier 3 Achievements are Character Specific Achievements that grant 2 Fate Points Each. Tier 3 Achievements must be achieved within a limited time frame before the are removed and replaced with a new Achievement. T3 Achievements will usually focus around your characters Abilities or in-character habits and will be crafted by the Mod team to make sure the standard and difficulty of these achievements is fair across the board. Upcoming Events 500K Community Event: Selection Battles Of Nygam's Expanse Sign Ups Still Open 750K Community Event: Sentinels Of Potential Sign Ups TBA 2★ Legend Boss Raid: ???[Genius] TBA Achievement Hunting Raid: March Of The Menos [Brute] TBA
  3. Rash ラシュ

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    ENW 15: Tensions Rise: Stand-off With The Shinigami! [Niebla Nefasta Effect: ???] [Tick Counter: 9 Disabled] [REMAINING ND| ???] ___________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE remained silent and seemingly disconnected as the events unfolded before his eyes. Prior to the arrival of the two new Shinigami, he'd followed the conversation between his fellow humans and the two Shinigami he'd acknowledged moments earlier as a present but also distant third-party. At that moment the Tengu-masked teenager was much more enmeshed with the conversation raging on in his head. The wailing and whining of the voices persisted in their pleas for him to a abandon the shrine grounds while the voice of Lady Tomoe warned ever more of the threat posed by Him. As it stood, that was more vital than anything the Shinigami had to say currently. Nothing they said was of any revelation to him, as Ryūnosuke already knew how the mist functioned. He wondered if he should speak up at some point, but the prevailing belief was that there was nothing to lose or gain in doing so. The truth was, Ryūnosuke had at some point unknowingly accepted the reality presented by Lady Tomoe and the spirits in the mist. It didn't matter if they figured it out, none of them were going to see the morning and the only thing that awaited them was a long eternity in the mist. They could choose to go willingly or they could fight it --but what was the point of fighting it? What Lady Tomoe offered wasn't unreasonable. The teenager focused on the voice of the Shinigami as he seemed to address him directly, "If that is the case, then the idea is by removing the source of this mist then the souls will be released and be allowed to move on or...Potentially return the souls to their original source or form, meaning spirits assimilated may return and bodies may regain their soul to become one of the living." Ryūnosuke wasn't sure how to react, it was difficult for him to feint relief or a sense of hope at the Shinigami's attempts to reassure him, but he nodded lightly anyway. "At least he's not wrong." The teenager thought. There was one problem, for that to actually work they'd need to find and defeat Lady Tomoe which Ryūnosuke strongly believed wasn't possible. Did he believe that? Were those his own thoughts or the thoughts of the souls in the mist? It was growing progressively harder to distinguish the two at this point. Ryūnosuke knew it wouldn't be long before his own soul was weakened enough to the point that it could be pulled partially from his body and into the mist --becoming a Frenzied Wailer himself. Was he relieved or angered by that fact? He wasn't sure. Ryūnosuke would continue to take in the constant flow of memories, emotions, and information given to him through his growing connection to the mist. While it might have came as a surprise to the others, Ryūnosuke was aware of the approaching two Shinigami long before their arrival. Just as he'd done the Shinigami already present and his two comrades, Ryūnosuke maintained an clear awareness of their positions and movements in the mist, up until the point that they set foot on the shrine grounds and '"disappeared". They stepped onto the marble path for everyone to see and Ryūnosuke couldn't help by snicker lowly behind his mask as they drew their Zanpakutō. Then as the pair began their speech the teenager did nothing more than listen until the Shinigami said everything they wanted to. All the while Lady Tomoe's voice warned him against believing them. Ryūnosuke was skeptical but he knew --despite how poorly they'd decided to voice their concerns-- there was some weight to their accusations. Why Lady Tomoe had managed to control all the humans present in the mist it wasn't because she could control their souls. She's simply managed to temporarily possess their bodies. Ryūnosuke knew this thanks to the memories shared with him by Lady Tomoe. The irony of it all, was that the Shinigami were accusing them being potential pawns for Lady Tomoe, the truth was they were precisely the reason why Lady Tomoe had lost her initial control over all the living human bodies. Their Reiatsu were simply too immense and trying to control them had weakened her. Ryūnosuke could see the tension rising as the Shinigami persisted in their accusations. Connor's Reiatsu and also his anger in particular had surprised Ryūnosuke but it came as no shock that Hizorashi took the side of his comrade. As far as the teenager was concerned all fighting between the groups would be a waste of time and energy, especially with the Rotted Wailer threat looming in the distance. Still Ryūnosuke wouldn't allow Connor and Hizorashi to take on the Shinigami alone. Besides, he had a suspicion that their actions would draw Him out. Holding Chizuru's body in his left arm. "I guess we're doing this." He murmured as his right hand he reached over his and pulled forth his Baseball bat. "Oi, you've gone and pissed them off. Anyone else have other bold claims they'd like to make before we take a more hands-on approach in our response?" Ryūnosuke delivered coldly, prepared to use his bat if he needed to... ______________________________ WC|810 -----
  4. Rash ラシュ

    Legendary Tier

    Legendary Tier Reiatsu & Progression The Legendary Tier is the final stage of progression for a character once they have reached Immense Spiritual Pressure (101K+). While all characters can naturally climb the Reiatsu ranks until they Cap at 200,000 Reiatsu, progression through the Legendary Tier is the only way a character can MAX out their stats as well as unlock the full potential of their Class Type. Here is an example of what the stats for a capped Standard Progression character look versus the stats of a capped Legendary Tier character. The Legendary Tier unlocks other benefits at various stages in the progression. All the Legendary Tier benefits will be listed below. How To Enter Legendary Tier First, your character must reach the Immense Spiritual Pressure Tier (101K+) to be eligible to enter the Legendary Tier. After your character has reach 101k+ Reiatsu. You must earn 10 Legend Points [LP]. After you've earned you 10 Legend Points your character will be added to the ranks of the Legendary Tier as a 1★ Legend. From that point you climb the Reiatsu Ranks as you normally do until you're eligible to unlock next stages of the Legendary Tier. You repeat Step 2, earning the Legend Points needed through special PVP Battle Threads or Player-Controlled NPC Boss Raids. Earning Legend Points The challenge of the Legendary Tier is that a character can only progress through the Legends with Legend Points; which aren't achieved through normal posting. Word Counts in Legend Point Threads are counted towards Legend Point generation alone and do not reward Reiatsu in any way. For every 1,000 WC in a LP Thread a character gains 1 Legend Point. There are currently 2 types of LP Threads. P.V.P Legend Battles: These P.V.P Battles are between characters of the same Reiatsu or the same Legend Tier. The Winner of the battle gains an additional 2 LP. P.V.PC-NPC Boss Raid: These Player .V. Player-Controlled NPC battles are co-operative NPC Boss Battles that are scaled up in difficulty for the players participating. If the players win they each gain an additional 2 LP. The parameters of the LP Battles are left up to the parties involved but as a default practice Legend Battles are set with No Death rules. This is to encourage interaction between the highest level characters and to give them a chance to become legends worthy of the title and their stars. ----- The Legends There are 3 Progression Levels in the Legendary Tier: 1★ Legend , 2★ Legend & 3★ Legend. Each Level comes with its own rewards, with 2★ Legend having the most benefit. All information and details regarding the Legends and their benefits is listed in this section. -------------------------------------------------- 1★ Legend Requirements to Unlock: 101K+ Reiatsu | 10 Legend Points Benefits: "★" featured beside your character's name (the best part). Legendary Stat Tier (201-230) unlocked for your character's Primary Class Stat & Sub-Class Stat. --------------- 2★ Legend Requirements to Unlock: 121K+ Reiatsu | 15 Legend Points "★★" featured beside your character's name. Legendary Stat Tier (201-230) unlocked for your character's Minor Focus Stat (if applicable). True Natural Defense (10%) unlocked for Tank Primary/Sub-Class/Tank Focus. Legendary Tier Class Perks Unlocked. Class Counter System Activated. --------------- 3★ Legend Requirements to Unlock: 141K+ Reiatsu | 20 Legend Points "★★★" featured beside your character's name. Legendary Stat Tier (201-230) unlocked for your character's Major Focus Stat (if applicable). Character Retirement: Once a character reaches 3★ Legend you can continue their growth through the Reiatsu ranks until they cap at 200K Reiatsu and MAX out all of their stats or you can send the character in to early retirement. ---------------
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    Role-Play Community Reiatsu Ranking

  6. Ranks Updated! Happy Season of Giving~

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    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    ENW 14: The Gang Reunited ----- [Niebla Nefasta Effect: ???] [Tick Counter: 9 Disabled] [REMAINING ND| ???] ___________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE, having acknowledged the presence of both the Shinigami and concluded that they intended no immediate harm, turn to his right to face Connor and Hizorashi as they approached him. He wasn't surprised that they arrived as he'd been able to track their every move within the mist, but it didn't make him any less glad to see them unharmed. The voices in the mist had already informed him of their fierce battles. Inwardly, Ryūnosuke felt oddly conflicted. He was relieved that Connor and Hizorashi were victorious but at the same time disappointed and almost frustrated that they'd managed to pull through and were no closer to understanding the power at work within the mist and the will of Lady Tomoe. Had his face been unmasked, the disappointment and annoyance would have been visible in his expression. "Yeah, I'm glad you guys are okay.", the Tengu-masked teenager responded flatly to Connor's remark. He then responded to Hizorashi, and shook his head lightly to dismiss the man's concern. Ryūnosuke's well-being was the last thing any of them needed to be worried about. "I'm fine, Hizorashi-san. Don't worry about the stone, I don't think any of us saw it. Besides, I dropped you both out of the sky, so let's call it even?", he ended. Ryūnosuke started to crack a smile, but he noticed that Hizorashi's eyes had fallen on Chizuru's lifeless corpse. As Hizorashi asked about Chizuru's well-being, Ryūnosuke instinctively hugged the body closer to his chest and narrowly turned away. He was unconscious of the fact as it happened and only after taking the seemingly defensive repositioning did he realize that for some reason he'd seen Hizorashi and Connor as threats. "She's... my girlfriend. She's in the mist now." The teenager answered plainly. There was a detachment in his words. A calmness that betrayed to brokenness any human might have rightfully expected a grieving teenage boy to feel. However, his lack of discernible emotional distress would likely be mistaken as tragic denial. The teenager would indeed appear to be in denial in the eyes of his comrades as he held the unmistakably lifeless body of Chizuru in his arms, but to Ryūnosuke that wasn't the case at all. Chizuru wasn't really dead. She was a part of the mist now, just like he would soon be. Just like they would all soon be... ______________________________ WC|395 -----
  8. Rash ラシュ

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    ENW 13: Affliction PRT 2 ----- [Niebla Nefasta Effect: ???] [Tick Counter: 9 Disabled] [REMAINING ND| ???] ___________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE continued to reject the calls and cries of the mist as he carried on steadily towards the shrine. The Tengu-masked Fullbringer was not surprised or worried by his newly obtained ability to sense Reiatsu signatures and see clearly in the mist. It actually felt normal to him, like that was the way it should have been from the start. The realization of his growing connection to the Baleful Mist and the ultimate abandonment of his physical form was not a frightening fate for him to accept anymore. With each moment that passed Ryūnosuke accepted that inevitability more and more on a subconscious level. He wondered if it was strange that he felt that way. The Tengu-masked teenager had no intention of just submitting to Lady Tomoe's will. Even as the final great battle --a battle he was certain they'd lose-- loomed eerily in the horizon, the teenager held firmly to his conviction. Come sunrise, if they even held out til then, their fight would be over. At least he'd end his fight on his own terms. Ryūnosuke looked down at the lifeless body in his arms and smiled. He was no longer saddened or anguished by the loss of Chizuru because he knew she wasn't really dead. None of them were. Ryūnosuke could feel them all in the mist; Chizuru, Iwa, Juri, and Kanako --his dearest friends and the girl he loved. Chizuru's soul would never return to her body, but that wasn't the point; Ryūnosuke just wanted her body to be with his when he too was assimilated into the Baleful Mist. "What! No, that's not-" Ryūnosuke shuddered with discomfort. Why did he believe that? When did he start believing that? He felt odd... he couldn't confidently say the belief wasn't his own. Deep down he actually felt that way now but it didn't feel "good". He wasn't at peace with it. His beliefs felt "wrong". Dirty even. "Stop fighting... You know it's true.", a voice whispered. "Eat shit!" Ryūnosuke spat back icily. "And get the Hell out of my head!" His demand were directed at the voices crying and warning him to stay clear of the shrine. "He is there! He is there!", they lamented. It was strange that Ryūnosuke knew who the "He" was almost instantly. The imagines, memories, and fears that swarmed his mind and heart helped paint an even clearer picture of why Lady Tomoe and the spirits wanted him to avoid the shrine. There was a man there that terrified them all. "You mustn't enter the shrine! He is there and I am powerless against him." "Good." Ryūnosuke thought as he proceeded towards the shrine. He denied the voices and their cries even as their fears and memories gradually became his own. He could feel his own hesitation build up as weight in his legs. "Do you understand now, Ryūnosuke? If you go into the shrine I cannot protect you from Him." The voice of Lady Tomoe tried to reason, but for now her words had the opposite effect of what she intended. Ryūnosuke was even more certain that he needed to enter the shrine. "Yeah. No lady. I'm still going, just because of how badly you all are trying to stop me from finding Him. Because He scares you." Ryūnosuke answered sharply. He stopped about twenty feet away from the marble shrine path, halted by... fear? He was also terrified by the faceless man? "No. That doesn't make any sense?" Why was he afraid? Two arms of mist folded around the teenager from behind. "Don't go, Ryūnosuke. Stay with me... with your friends and Chizuru. We're all here, in the mist." Ryūnosuke closed his eyes and focused on the Spiritual Pressures of the other WILD'S members, they were all there within the mist just as Lady Tomoe claimed. Their voices also begged for him to turn back and abandon his quest for the shrine and to join them. Ryūnosuke couldn't do that, he couldn't oblige them --not yet. Not while he still sensed something was wrong. Ryūnosuke sighed and he stepped forwards and the mist arms dispersed from their form and released him. "Sorry guys, you'll have to wait on me a bit longer.", he whispered as he approached the decorative stone lanterns. The Tengu focused on the presences of the two approaching Shinigami, he knew they were Shinigami because the voices in the mist had told him such. They were closer than Masato and Connor, but those two would arrive soon as well. He tracked the two Shinigami through the sakura garden until they reach the steps on the hillside but they would disappear from his senses the moment they stepped onto the marble steps. Ryūnosuke decided to hold his position and waited beside the stone lanterns. He looked to his left where he expected the two Shinigami to emerge from the mist in just moments. As he came into the view of the Shinigami pair the teenager acknowledged their presence with an upwards nod... ______________________________ WC|840 -----
  9. Rash ラシュ

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    ENW 12: Affliction PRT 1 ----- [Niebla Nefasta Effect: ???] [Tick Counter: 9] [REMAINING ND| ???] ___________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE dropped his bat and caught Chizuru's body in both his arms as the weakened spirit departed it. The teenager sat with his back to a sakura tree with Chizuru's lifeless body hugged tightly against his chest in both his arms. There was a blankness in his eyes and an emptiness in his heart as Ryūnosuke sat in anguish and utter disbelief. Even as he felt the coldness of Chizuru's arms and cheeks he vehemently refused to accept that she was gone. Chizuru couldn't be dead, there was just no way. Chizuru was strong, she was smart, and she was the most heroic person Ryūnosuke had ever met. She enjoyed video-games and training at her brother's dojo. Most of all, she was important to him. Ryūnosuke cared about her and he loved her. The people he cared about and loved didn't just die he was too powerful for that. Chizuru would be fine, as would Iwa, Juri, and Kanako. They would all be fine, no matter what happened in the mist. Ryūnosuke would fine them all and fix everything and they'd all leave the cemetery together. Until then he needed to keep Chizuru's body safe. Distracted by his thoughts, the Tengu-masked Fullbringer had not noticed that the mist thickened and converged upon him. He felt the mist enter him like a breath of icy air and gasped upon the realization. As a misty breath left his lungs Ryūnosuke's mind ears were suddenly filled with countless disembodied whispering voices. Their calls and pleas were too numeral for the teenager to focus on, but even though he could not make our the words he was hearing the emotions they invoked in him was undeniable. They were telling him everything would be fine. That he knew what needed to be done and exactly how to save Chizuru and his comrades. "Lady Tomoe..." Ryūnosuke breathed the name with an ease and familiarity that shocked and frightened him. "Why do I-", a sudden realization hit the teenager and reminded him of his objective. "We're here to destroy whatever is causing the mist." The teenager grunted with discomfort as the voices from all around him objected to that thought. "No, that can't be right. It's impossible to do." Ryūnosuke shut his eyes tight and attempted to drown out the voices. "You must Protect Lady Tomoe... Protect Lady Tomoe... No harm can come to Lady Tomoe." "Shut up.", the teenager hissed at the voices. "You can't trick me.", he shuddered as he stood up to his feet and surveyed his surroundings in search for an unseen enemy. It was not long before he heard the calm and reassuring voice of the woman he mysteriously knew was Lady Tomoe, "Be calm, little one. There is no pain here... there is no struggle. Here you are loved and remembered forever." With each word spoken by the calm motherly voice, Ryūnosuke felt ease and lightness growing within him as if he'd reached a new understanding. Things were beginning to make sense. Lady Tomoe was right, there was no pain in the mist. No, that wasn't right at all. What was he thinking? Ryūnosuke retrieved his bat to his right hand and inserted it into the mesh side-pocket of his backpack. Then, he began to make his walk westwards in the direction of the shrine. Later, he wouldn't recall what compelled him to do so, only that for some reason he felt that was what he was supposed to do. He noted he was also much less distraught about the loss of Chizuru because he had a feeling deep down inside that she was fine. It was almost as if Chizuru and the others as stated so to him themselves. As he carried Chizuru's body towards the shrine Ryūnosuke heard Lady Tomoe's voice once again, this time she addressed all the souls still stranded in the cemetery. "You poor things... Misguided and stranded... lost and afraid... why do you fight? Why do you struggle? Don't you understand, there is no escape from the Niebla Nefasta. Your efforts are wasted. You need not tire or fear... embrace the mist... accept your fate and I will comfort you to the end of your days." Ryūnosuke sucked through his teeth and largely disregarded the message, this seemed to agitate the voices in his head, which all further admonished his denial and failure to understand and accept the truth. "Protect Lady Tomoe... you must protect Lady Tomoe at all cost! Show the others.", the calls and commands were loud and persistent but for the moment the teenager clenched his jaw and resisted. It was going to be a long and arduous walk to the shrine, the teen-aged Fullbringer noted... ______________________________ WC|790 -----
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    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    ENW 11: Frenzied Wailer Byakko PRT 4 ----- [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 8] [REMAINING ND| 4,528 - 150 = 4,378] ___________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE held his position as Chizuru raised her fists. He could feel an unusual sting and wetness under the collar of his orange fleece jacket but the Tengu-masked Fullbringer ignored the discomfort momentarily. The Frenzied Wailer was attacking again. [1] Ryūnosuke followed Byakko's movement acutely as she blurred forwards and shot her piercing jab towards his heart. The Tengu's counter occurred without an shortest delay. With just a slight counterclockwise twist of his wrists and the tensing of his arms and shoulders, Ryūnosuke blocked the jab with the barrel of his bat and diverted Chizuru's fist and her momentum off to his left. In that same moment the Tengu-masked Fullbringer stepped forwards to the right and slammed the length of his bat against Chizuru's body while he rotated and guided Chizuru's own body with the continuous pressure of his bat against her torso. Ryūnosuke followed through with the motion until he aligned Chizuru's back with another tree. [2/3] Only at that point did Ryūnosuke proceed with his attack by suddenly applying almost double the force into his beat as if to complete a downwards swing. The result was it exploding shock wave of force that released a loud crackle. The intensity of the blow would immediately blast Byakko towards the tree. Seeking to capitalize on the opportunity and hopefully end the fight, Ryūnosuke shot forwards to meet Chizuru and reached out to with his left hand. He wrapped his hand around the back of her head as his right arm was drawn back with his bat ready to strike if needed. "Chizuru!" The Fullbringer called out earnestly as he rammed his head forwards, simultaneously pulled the Frenzied Wailer's head towards him and forcefully joined the two in a blunt collision. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TURN STATS] --------------------------- [ACTIONS] --------------------------- [TURN END STATS] ND| 4,002 ______________________________ WC|290 -----
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    Pokémane Sword & Shield, Who's Getting It?

    It would be one thing if that was a valid reason for why the National Dex was removed but after doing some research it seems that really wasn't the case at all. #gamefreaklied
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    Pokémane Sword & Shield, Who's Getting It?

    oof, this one didn't age well for me, tbh. I got Sword of my wife as a birthday gift and she's a normie so she's loving it so far. But for me, I'm just... *sigh* I'm super disheartened with the game. I knew what issues I would have going in and I was opening to trying it out even with Dmax and everything, but cutting out the National Dex was a Gigantamax red flag to me and low and behold 8 of my top 10 Pokémon were cut out from the game. I have no clue how Gamefreak thought removing so much of the roster would be a good idea especially considering every Pokémon is someone's favorite Pokémon and people want to play and train their favorites. I feel like, I just wasn't meant to play this version xD I might check it out eventually, but for now I have no drive to Play it.
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    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    ENW 10: Frenzied Wailer Byakko PRT 3 ----- [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 7] [REMAINING ND| 5,028 - 150 = 4,878] ___________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE was not surprised by how adeptly Chizuru countered being tripped to the floor into a full mount over him. It was rather fitting that even as a Frenzied Wailer, Chizuru still had years of experience in hand-to-hand combat over him. In fact, the trip he tried to perform on her was one she'd taught him. Luckily for Ryūnosuke, he'd also learned from Chizuru that a mount was a terribly disadvantageous position to be caught in and she'd also taught him a few ways to get out of one. The Tengu-masked Fullbringer recalled that when Chizuru first took on training him, he often --mistakenly-- relied on his brute strength to try and force his way out of bad positions. Although, there were rare cases when it worked, most of the time he did not succeed. Brute strength was not always the answer and not all problems could be overwhelmed and beaten with raw force alone. Chizuru drilled that lesson into Ryūnosuke until he understood the most efficient use of his strength would be to supplement it into the proper techniques. [1] In this case, the counter to the mount was clear, but first there was a deadly punch he needed to take care of. Ryūnosuke had range and time to jerk his head to the left and avoid the fist, allowing it to slam into the ground beside his head. Just where he wanted it. Ryūnosuke reached over Chizuru's left arm, grabbed her shoulder of her shirt, and pulled it down shifted the weight of Chizuru's torso forwards as he lowered her head to his chest. In the same moment, he planted his right foot on the ground, and thrusts his body upwards and to his right with a flawless bridge before completing the rotation of his body to reverse the mount. Chizuru still had a firm grip on his left wrist, while he controlled her left arm and could potentially lock his legs between hers if he didn't move. [2/3] Ryūnosuke wasted no time, and mustered his strength to dig his toes into the ground before kicking forwards, propelling himself and Byakko into the air. He gliding them both in the direction of the treeline, at a rapid sixty miles per hour. The first tree was obliterated with a loud crack as they crashed into it. Ryūnosuke Slammed Chizuru's back into the next tree as they landed on their feet. Hoping to have loosened Byakko's grip, Ryūnosuke attempted to jump backwards from her. There was a visible crack going down the center of his mask as he leaned against another tree opposite Chizuru by a couple of feet. The Tengu-masked Fullbringer lead out his right palm and following a sudden metallic whirl heard in the mist, his metal bat flew into his hand. Ryūnosuke took a deep breath and exhaled as he leveled his shoulders and prepared for Chizuru's advance. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TURN STATS] --------------------------- [ACTIONS] --------------------------- [TURN END STATS] ND| 4,528 ______________________________ WC|480 -----
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    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    ENW 09: Frenzied Wailer Byakko PRT 2 ----- [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 6] [REMAINING ND| 5,580 - 150 = 5,430] ___________________  [1] ... RYŪNOSUKE was caught off guard as Frenzied Wailer Byakko cried out. It was clear that Chizuru hadn't fully transformed into an undead zombie-like creature. Ryūnosuke saw the pain and sadness in her expression and it told him everything he needed to know. The person in front of him was still Chizuru. Nevertheless, as the Tengu-masked Fullbringer raised his bat diagonally to block the kick and subsequently slid several feet backwards as a result of the impact, he also realized that Chizuru wasn't fully in control of her body or her abilities for that matter. As they both stood and faced one another, the remorse was as clear on Chizuru's face as Ryūnosuke's sorrow was evident on his own. Until this moment, the teenager hadn't given much thought to the fact that they were fighting and destroying the bodies of humans. Sure they were deceased humans, but they were still human bodies that he'd broken and burned without any reservation or hesitance. The fact that the corpses had been resurrected by an ill-meaning entity and that it was either destroy them or end up dead himself did simplify things as far as Ryūnosuke was concerned. But this was different. Chizuru wasn't some dead stranger. Chizuru wasn't dead at all. Ryūnosuke would never intentionally harm her and he knew she wouldn't harm him either. The teenager stood resolute as Chizuru's deadly Taigākura technique was activated right before his eyes. He'd recognize the ability anywhere without fail. By manipulating the soul of her gloves, Chizuru was able to alter how damage inflicted by her punched reflected on her targets without changing the shape or texture of her gloves physically. It was thanks to Chizuru's training that Ryūnosuke now possessed a similar ability that he could use on his baseball bat, which allowed it to cut like a sword or shred like a chainsaw based on his preference. Chizuru's Taigākura was very straightforward, it allowed her gloves to slash like razor-sharp tiger claws. So, there was no doubt in Tengu's mind that being hit by Chizuru's uppercut would most likely spell death for him. [2] Ryūnosuke's immediate response was to hold his bat out just in front of him, pointed down at his feet. As Byakko's uppercut slashed across the length of the barrel of the metal bat, sparks erupted skywards between the pair. Ryūnosuke initially hesitated to retaliate, but --as if she'd known he needed the push to action-- Chizuru called out to him with a request she knew he could not deny. "Ryūn, fight me!" With those sincere words alone, the Tengu-masked teenager's entire demeanor shifted almost instantly. [3] After a faint sigh, Ryūnosuke's eyes suddenly flashed bright orange with the increased output of his own Reiatsu, enhancing his own abilities. "Alright, you got it!" Ryūnosuke muttered resolutely as he pulled his mask back down over his face. "Let's go, Chizuru!" Ryūnosuke shouted as he suddenly swung his bat upwards causing a massive shockwave of pressure to explode between them. [4] Ryūnosuke turned his wrist into an upright position at the peak of his swing and raised his left hand to join his right in holding the grip of his bat just before he swung the bat downwards again with a Major Heavy Blow aimed to come down on Chizuru's right shoulder. With the first attack likely pushing Byakko backwards, Ryūnosuke timed the second to land just as she was still being pushed away. If the swing missed it would result in its own massive shock wave. [5] Ryūnosuke would follow up his second swing by releasing his bat entirely and using Bringer Light to instantly place himself at Chizuru's left side, but just behind her shoulder. With his left leg slid out behind hers and his left arm barred over hers and across her chest, Ryūnosuke twisted her waist counterclockwise. The aim was the trip Chizuru backwards over his left leg with his forwards momentum and the torque of his torso. Even if the full trip didn't go through, the impact of his arm slamming against Chizuru's clavicle was sufficient an attack on it's own. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TURN STATS] --------------------------- [ACTIONS] --------------------------- [TURN END STATS] ND| 5,028 ______________________________ WC|685 -----
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