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    Name: Denise Hãer
    Race: Hollow
    Class: Agile
    Reiatsu: 5,000

    Strength: 5
    Speed: 10
    Stamina: 5
    Reiryoku: 5

    [x2 To Speed for Class]

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  1. Where'd you go? Miss you! T,T


  3. Hello, I know it's a bit late to reply this, but... Well, here's my five cents: Yes, as you've noticed, ranking up gets you more SP and HP... However, I wouldn't consider it first priority. Actually, there's times you'll want to rank hold. Leveling up is something you'll want to do ASAP, because it raises your stamina and defense, without touching your SP. Raising the SP too much too soon, however, may become a misstake you can reach to pay dearly: you see, the higher SP, the higher damage you deal to NPC Hollows: true; but once your SP raises too much, the type of Hollow you were killing will flee from you, forcing you to fight a stronger type. That'll happen exactly when you're able to one hit the previous type of Hollow (which means you wouldn't loose any HP from killing it). As everyone will have noticed, the time any type of NPC Hollow's most rentable is, precisely, the last steps of fighting that type: from where you can kill it off in 3 hits or less: you get to kill enough so that by when you're in need of healing, you've earned more than it costs to heal yourself (being part of a fraccion, buying 1 med and then using it works wonders, as those healing items cost way less than black market ones from the point you start fighting average/common hollows). On the other hand, the first steps of fighting a new type of hollow are disastrous for a player's economy, more often than not forcing you to wait for regen. Therefore, if you rank hold when you're finishing off a type of enemy, and then rank up as soon as you're over with them, you'll be maximising the time you spend earning money, and minimise the time you're spending it/waiting for regens. Also, I don't know how much it influences gameplay and damage dealt, but your weapon points will benefit from doing this: as far as those points matter, lots'a weak enemies > a couple stronger ones. As you can provably see, I'm just a noob to this game, so I've only experienced the earliest stages of it (I'm a strong hollow right now, not even Gillian)... Anyways, This is what I've gathered so far. Hope it's useful for anybody.
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