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  1. Creating Lurker

    Alright, here's day 2. Still far from finished but it looks good as hell imo!
  2. Creating Lurker

    So I just finished Lurker's "strong hollow" head. I don't know yet what I'll do for his body but probably something with a lot of parts since Lurker actually absorb other hollows to evolve. What do you guys think?
  3. Death Among Us

    Atmospheric song ~ Death Among Us ~ Living 700 years ago wasn't easy. The Black Death was killing everyone no matter their wealth, gender or race. Even Shinigami & hollows were affected a way or another. Once infected rare were those who survived the pandemic. But there was a hollow, totally ordinary, that gave birth to something horrifying without even knowing it. Desperate for a soul, it ate a deteriorating contaminated human. Every instincts of it screamed to stop, it's wrong... But he was dead either way. What would you choose between dying of hunger or dying of disease? The hollow then returned to its plane, stomach full but already feeling ill. It took nearly a week before it died, but the plague wasn't done. The Hueco Mundo is full of reitsu and the cells didn't need a host to remains alive anymore. Slowly eating the corpse, the sand, and the air itself. Somewhere, in the eternal desert there was lake of all of those tiny destroyers of life. Over the course of 500 years they duplicated, evolved and consuming everything in that part of the desert, until one cell decided that it will not duplicate, but assimilate others like it. With each bacterium eaten, it would grow in power and became smarter. It took another century until it took form of something resembling a hollow. The lake was gone. Only it remained. Sand & crystal trees wasn't able to quench its appetite no more, so it begun to roam for a hundred years, mindlessly, eating hollows bigger and bigger. One day, HE became self-aware. The thousands of hollows consumed finally gave him something of value, consciousness. "What?" You are one of us. "Who are you?" We are Legion. "What I'm I supposed to do?" ... The question everyone asked at some place in their life. No answer. He could feel all the cells in his body breathing, moving, growing. The presences always there in the corner of his mind, lurking. "Lurking huh... I can work with that." It didn't take long until Lurker understood the concept of the world he is in. He needed to become strong to survive. Other hollows were eating their race without discrimination. The surface was too much for him. So he searched. He found the Menos Forest. A hiding place from all those humanoids with sword on the surface, perfect. He now lives there, eating hollows quietly. One day he heard a voice. He stopped. It's the first time he heard talking in all it's life, yet he understood it perfectly. Curious, he decided to approach the source of the noise, creeping, trying not to be seen. ooc>> Anyone who wants to join can, I don't mind at all.
  4. The Lurker Theme song Name: ??? Nickname: Lurker Gender: Male Race: Hollow Rank: Weak Age: Something in the neighborhood of 700 years old History: Every hollows comes from something that was once alive and Lurker is no exception, except he was a cell. A black death's cell to be more precise. Some would argue that a bacterial cell isn't alive, but it sure as hell ain't dead. It took more than 600 years of hollowfication before it would actually develop a consciousness but here we are. He even calls himself a "pure hollow" since it came from practically nothing. During the last hundred years he quietly ate hollows in the Menos Forest to evolve himself further. ~Appearance~ ~Personality~ Likes: Strategic decisions Dislikes: Being wrong, stupid things Fears: Smarter spirits than him Goals: Leaking the Hueco Mundo into the living world Favorite food: Intelligent souls Least favorite food: Smelly souls Most prized possession: His intelligence and his pure bloodline ~Powers~ In the manga we saw that some hollows can have unique abilities even if they are relatively weak, so I permitted myself to add himself one even if he's far from being an Adjuchas. Bacterial Infection Dead skin, sweat, spit and even dust. Everything coming from Lurker's body is infected with his evolved cells. Everything that he touch becomes tainted. The cells slowly adapt to its host, draining its reitsu, evolving and spreading further. If the host is very weak (like dying or something like a plant) it will hollowficate them, making them a mindless puppet of Lurker doing his bidding or fusionning with him, giving him reitsu. If not then the cells will slowly hollowficate the flesh of the host until cleaned or its death (therefore making a puppet). The infection can easily be cleaned in the early stage by wiping it off but is really hard to completely clean if inside the host's blood. The complete infection of a healthy normal human being can take between 10 - 14 days if no actions is taken. (They could just take antibiotic if the cells didn't evolve quick enough to resist them) A infected weak shinigami would take years to hollowficate, so this power is pretty much useless on strong target unless they are killed while tainted.