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  1. Hachūrui's Lab

    Interrupting the scientist's story was not an option, so Lurker quietly listened to it all, nodding in understanding. He never was human, nor shinigami, but he lived their life thousands of time. Each time he consumed one in fact. He knew how much a friend could mean. It was with profound respect that Lurker replied to Haru's comment about being unprofessional: "No harm done my friend. If me listening to you could relieve even just a bit of your sorrows, I'd be glad." The computer then showed the new creation named Angel and the shinigami asked about further inquiries. "Well, what are you doing here exactly?" He pointed to the computer's screen.
  2. Death Among Us

    The cocktail of emotions Kotaro exhibited in his aura was easily detected by Lurker's sense, but he did not need to ask about it as the Vasto Lorde clearly stated his opinion vis-à-vis the Adjuchas' copying feat. The latter chose to ignore the comment and carry on. He is so quick to anger. There are a lot more unknown special abilities in this world; obviously, there would be such copying techniques. I suppose it is his lack of experience that is speaking. A few moments after Lurker's Sonido demonstration, where his head was nearly cut off, he replied to Kotaro's warning with an amused grin and a humorous tone: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but you know, I kinda like this head of mine. It would be much appreciated if I could keep it." Draiden then selected this moment to warn him about devouring anyone he pleased, and Absolon agreed with a chuckle and advised of not obstructing Las Noches' path. Lurker answered to their worries seriously: "Of course, this was needless to say. As for my regressing problem, you don't have to concern yourself about it Draiden. I am continuously eating as we speak. My needs are attended for." And they were. He did have an army under Hueco Mundo, hunting without rest to feed him. Even if Lurker accepted Absolon's advice, he did notice the emphasis on needing a good reason. Rules are made to be broken after all. Then, the Cero Espada asked the two candidates if they were ready for their initiation mission. He was quickly answered by Lurker: "Of course, we were born ready." It was evident that the two of them were not to be trusted nor acknowledged that easily. This mission is their first opportunity to show how capable they are. He then quietly listened to Monk's description as he held his question until the end. "How about his last known whereabouts?" This quest will prove to be quite a challenge. Searching for a single entity in all the worlds without any clues is close to impossible, even with Lurker's nature. He hoped that with his last question, a place to start his investigation would be given. Lurker's vast knowledge was still lacking as he did not know anything about that "Monk," the first step of his mission will probably be to absorb the soul of someone that knew/saw/survived him. The last shinigamis he ate did know about a recent Arrancar's attack in Soul Society, but they had no clue about who that was.
  3. Death Among Us

    After Absolon was answered by an excited nod, he asked Lurker about his experience with Las Noches. Vatto answered partially, and Kotaro agreed with his statement. The Tres Espada then signaled the multiform hollow to continue, which he did, even if explaining his ability again and again was getting boring. "Like the two of them said, the way I consume is quite exclusive." He turned toward a giant white boulder and said: "I guess It would be quicker if I demonstrate it directly." He lifted his palm, and a black javelin was expelled from it. It's been already a few hours since Lurker's main body was in intensive training to increase his speed, and this was equivalent to nearly five months of constant practicing. The force at which the javelin was shot was tremendous. The boulder exploded in hundreds of pieces, but it wasn't what Lurker intended to show. Each fragment had been tainted by the hollow's infection, they quickly melted and then converted to more black goo before anyone got hit. They then floated to merge with his Arrancar form. "I perfectly control every single cell in my body. They can disintegrate the bounds holding Reishi, Kishi, and Reiryoku together to transform them into pure energy. They can then duplicate themselves and restart the cycle." He paused for a few seconds to let them process this information. "This is not all. They can directly absorb souls, giving me all of their memories and experience. I endured more than 400 000 lives. This is how I know about the fortress." While he talked, he separated into four distinct bodies, each with the exact appearance and Reitsu signature of Draiden, Vatto, Kotaro, and Absolon. A short moment later they all reformed into one, morphing into his last Arrancar form. After explaining and showing his powers, he spoke to Absolon with a determined tone: "I was serious when I talked about information gathering and manpower." Even if Kotaro's question wasn't meant for him, he answered in his own way. Using a well-honed Sonido, he left an afterimage of himself that slowly disappeared while he whispered directly behind the Vasto's ear: "Like this?" Lurker wasn't a fool; he knew doing that could be risky, so he prepared to dodge if the surprised hollow tried to hit him by reflex with another Sonido. Either way, he would return to his original position with his newly trained skill. A few hours ago Lurker couldn't even execute this skill correctly, but now he was extremely proficient with it. Of course, it was still nothing comparing to Vatto or Draiden.
  4. The Other Side of the Coin

    Only an exceptionally powerful Arrancar with a Pesquisa without equal could sense the hidden Reitsu of Lurker's main body, buried a hundred meters under tons and tons of sand coming from the barren desert that is the Hueco Mundo. Fortunately for him, those kinds of opponents would not waste time on such a small matter. Now was the time for the hollow to leave his impossible hiding place. Upon meeting Absolon, he realized that his power was far from mighty and more like a weak ant, waiting to be crushed. Yes, he will be more vulnerable. If someone chose to obliterate that body, he would lose more than half of his total Reiryoku. However, this was entirely worth it. In theory, using more of his power would accelerate his training tremendously. The mega mass of goo recalled all of his melting lakes that were dispersed all over the wasteland. They then joined together under the Menos Forest, still hidden by the grey dust. He would stay underground to avoid attracting unwanted attention, but he needed to make himself an acceptable training terrain first. Using his high cell counts and his ability to disintegrate the bounds holding Reishi together, he melted an enormous cavern in a perfect cube, with a radius of more than five kilometers of open space. He left huge pillars supporting the cave. In the center of the room was the entrance, encrusted in one of the posts like a staircase tower, leading straight to the surface. From the forest, the opening was hidden into the biggest crystal tree with a concealed door. For sources of light, he left tiny spheres of himself floating. They were consuming the insignificant amount of Reiryoku particles that saturated the air of the Hueco Mundo to irradiate a cold white light and to stay afloat. Now that his secret training ground was completed, Lurker could concentrate on more physical exercises, which he never did yet. Before, his only focus was energy gaining. Now, he understood that it wasn’t the only way to become stronger. Actual practice was needed. He lacked speed, strength, and agility. His three core stats were augmented because of the power of his Reitsu, but he could bring them to an even higher level by training for real. He wasn’t even able to do an adequate Sonido because of that. I guess this is the first step of my furtive training. Lurker separated his body into thousands that took the appearance of bare, black, gooey humanoids. Then, they formed a basic army formation. They were exactly 1342. That way his Reitsu was equally distributed between all of them and they all had the same amount of internal spirit energy that his current body in Soul Society and the one with Absolon had. With that much workforce, one hour of training was equivalent to nearly two months of it. This meant that in seven hours, he could achieve more than a year worth of improvement. This is acceptable. Even if his main pool of energy was shared with all of his parts, their inside pool was also crucial for emergency and quick access, so he couldn’t just make millions of them without rendering them useless. The army then began practicing their Sonido, each with a slightly different maneuver. In each wave, the fastest one was copied, and again, a thousand slight iterations were made, restarting the cycle. After a few hours, it was made evident that the troops longed for discipline. Each being was given a different soul and limited independence so they could think by themselves, this brought a different set of problems. Sure, it was way faster than by coming up with iterations alone, but the souls were prompt to laziness and were easily distracted. A solution quickly arose into Lurker’s Cognizance System, the Legion. Some of the lights previously created came together to form a single entity, which was given one of the most vigorous souls he ever consumed; his first Arrancar. “What the hell are you doing maggots!?” he exclaimed with frustration. “I’m not here to watch some fucktards fucks each other, you all better be working, or I’ll whip your asses.” With every harsh word and punishment, the troops began to work more efficiently. With some little independence adjustment, they were now practicing correctly, with not a second of wasted time. Another hour passed, and Lurker’s Sonido was already noticeably faster, improving at an extreme pace. However, he did not only want to increase his Sonido speed, but he also wanted to raise his overall agility. Separating the group in half, he then instructed the newly formed squad to move as fast as they could, trying to dodge each other blows. That was a two-in-one training since they would improve their speed and their dodging techniques. With every cell improved, all other enhanced at the same time because of the Cognizance System. That ability is hugely advantageous. I was dumb not to use this method sooner. Lurker then decided to keep training like that for a full day and a whole night, giving him the equivalent of more than three years of continuous improvement.
  5. Hachūrui's Lab

    The lifeform patiently waited for the shinigami response as he were finalizing his formula and started the calculation, but it seemed like he will have to wait for a bit longer. Catching the bottle thrown at him with a small grin, he relaxed after he heard about the offer to start over. With a little sigh and a genuine smile he answered "Alright, let's!" He would watch his new friend remove the screw with his fangs and he thought some scales around his eyes, an intense instinctual look and now some sharp fangs. It seems like he have some lizard genes in his body huh. Well, no matter, it really doesn't change anything. He happily followed with the offered clink making the bottles do a sharp ting and laughed at his joke. Lurker watched Hachūrui chug the whole thing and tried to do the same, but it was way more stronger than he anticipated. He had to stop to cough before finishing it. "Oh gosh, this is strong." after a few other cough he continued "But not bad at all." He knew his old livers would have a hard time but he was sure it could handle that. It was the first time that the hollow felt the pleasant feeling of alcohol as it wasn't filtered by his cells this time. In a more serious tone, the scientist then apologized and expressed his worries. Lurker answered in the same tone "it doesn't bother me anymore, but your apology is accepted." He stared at the wall for a few seconds and then confessed "as for my hollow origin... Even I hesitate sometime. I did have an hollow hole and a mask before my evolutions into gillian then adjuchas, but now I don't have either. I know I never was human, but I did killed 25 million of them. Maybe the energy released on those deaths triggered something, I can't say for sure." Changing the topic of the conversation Haru then informed Lurker of what he could do to help with his weakness and he replied "Approved. It's a good idea." Then, following the shinigami's gaze he turned his chair to look at the picture. "You and your gang sure looks happy. Who are they?" He really appreciated the care his new friend showed him and it was his way to repay him.
  6. Death Among Us

    The Adjuchas had a small grin at the mention of his two evolutions in a single day. It seemed like forever ago, but he was so weak at the beginning of the day. He were grateful to the neon-haired arrancar since it was because of his intervention that he became what he is now. Lurker was perplexed at the mention of the power of the Vasto Lorde. Is he really that powerful? From my point of view, he is nothing comparing him to Draiden. Maybe I missed something. And again, he seemed to have missed something else, did Absolon really "death"glared at the ex-espada? If it meant anything it seemed more like... disappointment. Draiden would then add some more insignificant comments then went off before Absolon could say anything to him. After that, the speech that Kotaro gave truly impressed him. Such intense emotions, and without a crack in his voice. A place to belong huh? I guess it would be nice to have somewhere to call a home. His kneeling is a bit much tho. With a smile he added to his thoughts and he forgot to introduce himself, he is so nervous. The cero espada then helped him stand up and asked for his name, which he gave in a hurry and a quick apology. After this, Absolon officially welcomed the two new arrivals to Las Noches and asked Draiden to join them. It was with a straight back and a new determined look that Lurker walked with him through the gates of the immense fortress. The hollow knew what to expect, but Las Noches was even more impressive with its new reconstruction, the sky seemed brighter and more real than ever. The sand did not have any traces of imperfection and his gaze were immediately attracted by the huge white pillars coming from it. Kotaro's comment sent a smile across Lurker face as he said "You did well with that place Absolon, it is even better than before. I'm impressed."
  7. Hachūrui's Lab

    The shinigami answered Lurker's remark with a glare and a remembrance that he could kill him anytime he wanted. The hollow chose to shrug and ignore the notice while sitting on the chair rolled at him after being ordered to. The Adjuchas did not appreciated being pushed around that way but since he just upset -involuntary- the scientist he decided to let it go and do as he was told. He would then observe Hachūrui do his thing with the keyboard and be impressed by his setup. He did not correct the scientist's comment since Lurker was too baffled with it. He really would miss the fact that I am neither? I possess dead corpses, not living ones. When I do taint a living being, I'm just a literal bacterial infection. Also he his missing a big component in these simulations. The Cognizance System. If I were that easy to replicate I would've made myself a giant 'black goo' factory a long time ago. But the perplexed hollow chose to remain silent. The shinigami's next remark made Lurker react and he replied with an bitter tone "Well, if you're that sure I was created, go ahead, run those simulations of yours, see where they take you." Not only did that scientist missed a giant clue, he insulted him by desecrating his origin. These simulations would only show an infection without any intent. No souls taken and no sign of intelligence. Those slimes he virtually created were far from hollows. After that Lurker regained his composure, he would answer "You seems really fixated on improving or fixing me, well I don't need fixing, but I guess we could work together on something." He then explained how his cells would enter a forced duplication phase when the maximum Reiryoku of the body is reached, then he added "This phase is where I'm vulnerable to attacks. If I were hit by a kido, I would absorb it until my limit is reached, then my cells would start receiving damage. I need something to disrupt those Reiryoku attack or a way they can't damage me even in this phase." Lurker just revealed one of his biggest weakness, but he agreed to work with the scientist, and a relation of trust is needed to do that.
  8. Hachūrui's Lab

    With a small grin, he thought "he is good after all. But if I heard him, so did my cells. They won't cause any trouble anyway; so this is not even a betrayal. I just don't like my movements being restricted." Lizzy took too long to process Hachūrui's command, Lurker's cells had more than enough time to plug its trail and to completely leave the lab area. It was one of the weakness of a voice interface. After that they went deep into Soul Society, this time hiding its trail. The scan would not come up with anything. The hollow took a mental note of everything. The cameras, the guns and also that nearly every tanks were empty. He then answered the shinigami "Your father huh? You did a lot of modification to its corpse I see, I can't gather any energy in this." He followed the scientist across the all and asked "You've hit a wall huh? Your lab is empty, not a single specimen in sight. I guess I will take all of your time then." He then continued accompanying his rival to his workshop. He listened to the shinigami and made a quick laugh "You certainly don't waste any time do you? I like that. We should probably begin by me explaining the structure of my cell." He proceeded to show him his cell's biology. "So, what do you need to know or what are you suggesting?"
  9. Death Among Us

    That's good. Absolon seems pleased for now, but... I'm I really a hollow? Lurker had this question for a long time now. And that inquiry, asked from someone else, had a profound impact on the Adjuchas. His true form doesn't have a mask, nor does it have a hole. Sure, his genuine reitsu was at the most part hollow, but that could be attributed to his hollow diet. Maybe he'll have answers on his next evolution. Absolon staring at him and circling him like a shark did not help Lurker to relax, but he managed to listen quietly while Vatto and Kotaro responded. Calming his excited cells, he gradually stopped glowing as he adapted to the reitsu.
  10. Hachūrui's Lab

    While stepping out of his capsule, he replied "I see. I suppose this will be my new home for a while then." Sure, this scientist had his precautions, but so did Lurker. As soon as his feet met the cold floor, he buried cells after cells in a microscopic hole invisible to naked eyes, piercing it until normal earth is reached. Being full of Reishi, the rocks were quickly absorbed and the cells continued their route deeper and deeper so they can duplicate in peace, until another body could be formed. Casually, Lurker then entered the old man body, filling its inside with the goo and closing its chest. He filled every veins and every nerve to fully grasp the control of the body. Having adapted to his new vessel, he sat on the operating table then asked "Alright, shall we get to work then?"
  11. Hachūrui's Lab

    As soon as he arrived, Lurker was assaulted by a liquid full of toxins trying to find their way into his body. While he had organs he was vulnerable, so he changed his inside to pure black slime, leaving his outside untouched. The first few layers of cells was already exposed, so there's nothing he could do about it, but the next layer was ordered to stop their absorbing process, leaving them unable to take Reiryoku in them but also the liquid. He then destroyed the exposed layer and tried to stand in the tank, leaving his foetus position. Looking around, he then saw the scientist glaring at him and heard a muffled out "right away sir~" What is he thinking? Putting his hand on the glass, he finally realized that it was made with Sekkiseki, rendering it extremely durable and unabsorbable. After that, Lurker observed that the tank was injected with what could be assumed to be anti-toxins. He quickly made one of his cell take in the poison and then the newly injected serum, making it responsive again. Huh. This could be useful. I'll keep their composition in mind. With the newly gained compositions, he melted the bounds holding the liquid together, converting it into pure energy that he assimilated. With now nothing in the tank, Lurker could talk at last. "That's a lot of precautions and I commend you for it. Now could you please get me out of that tank? It is pretty boring in there." He wasn't angry but truly impressed. He couldn't do anything in that, so this mean he could not work either, that's not efficient at all.
  12. ⚠ Please, do not post here. ⚠ In this thread I will explain pretty much every abilities Lurker have and I will try to go as deep as possible into the details. I will describe how his cells are structured, how he can communicate with them between worlds, etc... It will also serve as a character sheet for him that will be edited every time I can. This won't include any backstory on how he got those powers, only what they do in details. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Vocabulary The Legion: This is the regroupement of all of Lurker's cells, including those dispersed into other worlds & his childrens. This also regroup every souls he ever ate & their memories. Cognizance System: This the "place" in Lurker's psyche that stores every souls, every memories and even his personality. This can be considered as his brain. This is what make all cells communicate with each others. This system will be explained later. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  13. Death Among Us

    Walking always calmed me down, let's just move on. Of course, Vatto was right. hollows will always argue, but Lurker didn't get pissed because they were arguing. He lost his bearing as a result of them losing time. He was pretty excited to finally see Absolon, probably the top fighter in this world, and they started squabbling for no reason just at the step of the giant fortress. It was pretty frustrating for him. Then the doors opened. Silence. Everything stopped. Standing in the middle of the entrance, Absolon. Lurker instantaneously identified him. He could remember him from one of his eaten souls. Well then. I suppose the devil is woke and I'm to blame for it. The doors closed. I hope he is not in a bad moo- wh-what? where is- The arrancar dropped right in front of him. From this close, his reitsu was astounding. In fact, it was so strong that Lurker was practically glowing as his cell absorbed the saturated air around him. Lurker regained his composure then answered him without making that great being wait longer than required. "My name is Lurker, I am an adjuchas-class hollow, even if my appearance could tell otherwise. I did not mean to bother you cero." Turning his head toward the trio behind him he added "I won't talk for the others, but I am not here looking for a fight." He then stared into Absolon eyes, his body still glowing but with no hint of fear "I am here to take an opportunity, you lack manpower and information. With enough time I can give you both, but right now I seek power. I do not care if you train me personally or if you show me how, your efforts will be worth tenfold in the long run." It wasn't easy for him to keep calm, and it took everything just to keep his voice firm, but at last, maybe Lurker will be able to do something useful with his life. Maybe he'll even find the meaning of the life he was given. Or maybe not.
  14. Death Among Us

    Ignoring Draiden's remark at his direction, Lurker observed the back and forth quietly and assimilated every useful pieces of information out of this. People says a lot of things they shouldn't when they let their emotions do the talking. 1. Draiden is the elder between him and Vatto 2. From Draiden "pecking" comment, I could assume he have a bird hollow form, or he came from one 3. Draiden once "ripped the hierro" of Absolon 4. Absolon respect Draiden in some way or another 5. Draiden lost his rank as the segundo espada because of his lazy attitude 6. Vatto seized his title himself, maybe he is only self-proclaimed? Anyway the law of the strong govern Hueco Mundo, so it doesn't really matter 7. Draiden is an idiot 8. Vatto is not much better But now, this was enough. He had much more stuff to do than to listen to two buttercups arguing about who has the bigger sword and his patience ran out. The spiritual pressure he could produce wasn't impressive to the two arrancars, but he was hoping this would be enough to make them listen to him. Using the first step of his Shunkan Sokudo and all of the spiritual energy all of his souls accumulated, Lurker let out an extreme wave of reitsu propulsing his voice in Hueco Mundo "enough." A single, strong word with all the power he could give. It was a firm tone, not angry, but far from pleased. His ability was cranked up to the max, he lost billions of cells but he nearly quadrupled his reitsu for a few seconds. With his ultimate disabled and a more calm voice he continued "I'm not here to listen to two childrens babbles." he turned his head toward the neon haired arrancar "Draiden, I understand you want to have a word with Absolon. Well I'm sorry but this will have to wait. A couple minutes won't make a difference to you and I'm sure he will give you the fight you await for if you ask." he took half a second to breathe then he twisted his head the other way "Vatto this is inadmissible coming from you. I didn't think you could lose your cold because of a minor hindrance like that. This is not how a Tres Espada should act." The Adjuchas then span around and headed for the gigantic doors behind the group. "I'm going in. If Absolon kills me because he thought I was an intruder then so be it. Those who doesn't care about petty matters should come with me." Okaaaaay, yeah I lost my cold too I guess, but that was some useless and pathetic arguing. I even lost my usual speech's elegance because of them. Man I hope I don't go in alone. Ability used:
  15. Death Among Us

    That's a strange advice... But I guess Kotaro does get easily frightened. Some says that fear dull the senses, but I say it depend on the personality of the one that's scared. For someone like Kotaro, I'm pretty sure it would sharpen them, and he could use that to his adva- His thoughts were cut short by the wind passing through Vatto's hair. Did the wind... changed direction? no. But then, why Vatto is looking up my shoulder? There is someone isn't it? "So a random arrancar and my two favorites hollows Kotaro and it only makes sense that this is Lurker." Ugh. Not that boastful guy again. He did saved my life, so I guess he have my respect. Slowly turning around, Lurker welcomed him with a half sarcastic tone "Well well well, if it isn't our dear Draiden." He didn't need to add anything else, as Vatto clearly warned the new arrival.