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  1. Himuro_Kuchiki

    New Features

    Rewards for soul burial/soul devour? What's that all about?
  2. Himuro_Kuchiki


    Yes. Your HRA has to be Shinigami for you to even see the option.
  3. So.... I heard you like Mudkipz...

  4. I'm out for the night but I thought I would let you know that I responded yet again and will follow your post tomorrow ^_^

  5. Himuro_Kuchiki

    Naruto (Who Is The Real Tobi?)

    If I may direct your attention to the following link. http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Sharingan that shows that you do need to get the eternal from a sibling. BOOYA! And also, to confront it being Obito, Obito was Yondaime Hokage's student, I don't think he'd so easily mistake his own student when fighting him. When Madara attacked the leaf 15 years ago the fourth hokage would have known if it was Obito.
  6. I thought I would let you know that I responded to your post on who the real (Tobi)is, was nice to hear others opinions on the topic ^_^

  7. Himuro_Kuchiki

    Naruto (Who Is The Real Tobi?)

    I hate to blow a hole in your thing here, but Obito cannot be Madara. Madara has too much knowledge of the older days in Konoha, more specifically the first hokage who he had fought on more than one occasion. Also, it would have been impossible for Obito to gain an eternal mangekyo sharingan. He had no brothers, thus if he had somehow achieved the mangekyo he would have lost his sight from using it, never being able to gain it back. And Madara's time space ninjutsu does come from his mangekyo, but it's not dependent on his eternal mangekyo, that just insures that he doesn't lose his eye sight. It's similar to Kakashi's Kamui, in the fact that it transports people or objects to a different dimension.
  8. Himuro_Kuchiki

    Drawing Requests

    Lol. You know I do it out of love buddy. (:
  9. I wasn't trying to offend you and I understand what you're saying

  10. Why is everyone saying that? I just know how annoying it can be when people don't do stuff the way they're supposed to. >.>

  11. Trying to get on Gen's good side I see =)

  12. Byakuya Zaraki

    14 Jun 2011 - 21:00

    Wow your quick!!

    That's what she said. B)