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  1. Maybe, But I wouldn't be me if I wan't making ludicrous requests
  2. Came back to Vaizard from Arrancar and now my ZP is 0.
  3. Just curious but could we have Noble Houses added to game? Possibly even as a reward for lifetime VIPs +
  4. Head spins with the possibilities Perhaps another Account could be unlocked/Attempted when you reach a certain level of Power, Coyote Stark Style (Your power gets split so you can hunt PvNP but you can combine for PvP) Not sure how you'd work that into the Human Characters though...
  5. Multiple characters means either accepting people are gona help themselves or the major headache of game moderation. Although if an In Game Position comes up I could see my way to be active
  6. So... things have been a bit boring lately... Who's up for a Contest?
  7. Remember they have to make a pact with Yhwach to get a letter written on there soul though?
  8. That would be the point. They are the Quincy equivalent of Espada.
  9. http://bleachsoulevolution.com/profile.php?player=AdamTousen
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