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  1. Tenjinsai grinned slightly at the response he received from the shinigami. He was certainly an uppity one it seemed, though given the situation most would probably respond in such a way. He and Mikoto had acted in a rather suspicious way, enough to put someone investigating on edge. Even still, it was not too outlandish considering almost all of the rukongai were not fans of the shinigami. They were often treated poorly, especially in the lower districts where patrols did not even occur for weeks or months at a time. For a pair of rukongai residents to react this poorly should have been another day on the job. This man was either smart enough to care, or was far too gung-ho for their job. Either way, Tenjinsai was stuck between a rock and a hard place with this shinigami representing both. "Listen..." Tenjinsai said as he leaned on a tree behind him. "Mr Lieutenant Sir, interesting name by the way; Is it any real surprise that rukongai residents would react to a shinigami visit, in the middle of the night, this badly? You guys don't exactly have a lot of fans out here as it is." Tenjinsai then paused, crossing his arms over his chest and peering into the forest behind the Vice Captain as inconspicuously as possible. He was trying to see if he could lay eyes on Mikoto to see where he was. Unfortunately the darkness of the forest was still quite thick and did not yield to his deep gaze. Sighing lightly, his arms slumped from his chest as he shrugged as the shinigami mentioned 'The Funny Man'. "Well, Mr Lieutenant Sir, I already gave you my name, I have no family name if that is what you mean. Most of us out here don't, though I figure you wouldn't know that." He pushed himself from the tree, beginning to pace slowly as he continued to speak "We would have no need for any form of transportation, nor the money for it, as yet again most people out here would likewise say. All of these, suspicions let's call them, are just commonplace attributes attached to those who live here. We are all poor and both dislike and are afraid of shinigami for obvious reasons. It's just the way it is I am afraid." Tenjinsai shrugged once more, trying to look as sincere as possible in his answer. He wasn't particularly flinging a loud of bullshit, most of it was actually true to most of the people that lived out in the boonies. Most of this just, did not apply to his own self. He did not have any particular aversion to shinigami, but he also did not find it enjoyable to hangout with them either. If they came to find him, fine, but he certainly was not going to go seeking them out. Though this particular encounter could certain shift his thinking toward the latter a tad bit more. WC: 502 OOC: No worries, despite it being short I genuinely enjoyed it; Especially the bit about 'the funny man' lol.
  2. Tenjinsai stood quietly in the clearing, the moments slowly ticking away in the balmy night air. Though he had only waited for a few seconds at most, it felt like an eternity as he stared into the darkness of the forest. His anxiety intensified as his pursuer finally emerged, the shinigami standing clearly before him. The young soul looked the man up and down, finally getting a good look at the late night visitor. They did not appeared particularly outstanding other then a few alterations to the normal uniform the shinigami wore. The only thing that truly stood out to him was the badge that was adorned on their person. He had already heard them mention they were a Vice Captain when speaking with Mikoto: Seeing it now though made it all the more real. Despite how strong he had become over time, and even with the assistance of Mikoto, if this man had come to do them harm they stood little chance. Tenjinsai had seen first hand just how strong those of the Gotei Thirteen's upper echelon could be. Fighting in this situation would have to be a last resort. Either way, he had a sneaking suspicion that the dynamic duo would not be leaving the Rukongai with their freedom intact. Seconds after the shinigami had emerged, they launched a burst of energy into the air above them. It did not burst at any point; Just sailed up into the air soaring lazily in the sky above them. Tenjinsai squinted slightly as he looked up, shielding his eyes from the bright light amidst the darkness of the night. 'The hell...' He could have figured a few ideas as to why his 'guest' had done this, but he was not given the chance. Conversation opened quickly, the shinigami addressing him mere seconds after launching the blast into the sky. He spoke bluntly, which while expected of a shinigami, Tenjinsai still respected of a person. Their words did not seem to be those of someone who had come to kill them as originally suspected by the pair; Could this whole situation truly have just been one massive misunderstanding. It seemed almost too much of a coincidence to actually be one, but it was certainly playing out that way. For now he just wanted to talk, ask some questions apparently. Given the predicament they were in, and the shifting of the scenario, Tenjinsai found himself willing to oblige. "Alright then, Vice Captain." Tenjinsai responded. "We can speak, but I have some questions of my own as well. The first of which being your name." He paused, his posture slackening slightly, but his senses still remaining alert. "It would be rude to not introduce myself first though. My name is Tenjinsai, a pleasure I'm sure." This rodeo now belonged to the shinigami and he readily handed the reins over to him. All that was left for him was to see the direction this conversation went. WC: 592 OOC: No worries, life takes priority over the internet and we've got all the time in the world as it is. I've been fairly busy myself as well, work has been heating up a bit lately. Hopefully we can get this story rolling though, we're getting to the good part now!
  3. The pair continued to make their way silently into the night. The stress from their encounter from before had mostly drained away, thinking themselves safe and away from anyone intruding upon their lives. They leapt quickly and calmly through the underbrush, leaping over bushes and swinging on overhead branches to maintain and increase momentum. Despite believing they had managed to elude capture, they wanted to vacate the area as quickly as possible. "So, now that we have a moment why don't we discuss what to do from here." Mikoto had decided to open a dialogue in their newly acquired breathing room. While Tenjinsai had been more keen on maintaining his focus towards their escape, it may do well to actually establish an end goal. They made it from the shack, covered a fair enough distance that they believed they were, now they needed to decide where to go. "Well..." Tenjinsai responded before pausing for a moment, looping his arm upward and swinging around on a branch. Maintaining his hold on the branch, he looped himself upwards until he was then hovering above it. Releasing his grip on the branch, he repositioned himself and landed with a light thunk upon the woodland appendage. He released a deep sigh while he watched Mikoto double back, jumping up beside him into a section of tree just above. "I think at this point we should just follow up on the only lead we have and head west." The young soul stopped once more, glancing around as if to emphasize the point he was about to make. "It's clear that staying around here is not an option, let alone a remotely good idea. It's a long shot, but it's the only thing I can think of. Thoughts?" Mikoto hesitated, his mouth open but no words finding their way to his tongue. As he had gone to speak a voice had rang out through the night, a voice that he recognized. The pair quickly turned their heads to the direction they had came from and saw the figure of someone approaching them in the distance. Though they could not clearly make this person out the two vigilantes were more then sure of who it was. "Move, now!" Tenjinsai had yelled out at his companion as he flung himself from the branch and continued moving the direction they were heading previously. Despite only pausing for a few moments they had given the shinigami more then enough time to catch up. Now that they were back in their pursuer's sights the odds of escape would be slim to none. From what the pair had observed and heard, they already discerned that this man was a Vice Captain. He was stronger than them, faster than them, at this point they had little choice in how to proceed. As the pair bolted off through the woods, they glanced at one another, meetings eyes for only a moment before nodding. After this quick exchange the young vigilantes would break off from one another, Mikoto going left and Tenjinsai going right. Despite being well beyond the ability of the pair, this shinigami was still only one man. If the two separated he would be forced to pursue only one of them. Each of them would break off, conceal their reiatsu as much as possible, and disappear into the night. It was the best plan that they could come up with in that moment; Or at least that is what their plan would hopefully appear as to their observer. What the two souls had actually done was enact a strategy that they had employed countless times over their history of hunting bandits. While this shinigami was most likely not as ignorant or rash as a bandit, in the cover of night and the dense forestry around them, they were willing to take the odds. When Tenjinsai had broken off he proceeded to dampen his reiatsu as he did before, but not entirely. He wanted this shinigami to still be able to sense him, and pursue after him instead of Mikoto. Considering he was the 'unknown variable' in the encounter at the shack, he was willing to bet their pursuer would follow him. In that light, Tenjinsai proceeded to initiate the plan as well as he could. Moving only a short distance from where he had broken away, the young soul burst into a small clearing. It spanned only about twenty or thirty feet in diameter, several rocks and saplings adorning the area. He came to a grinding halt at the edge of the small area, pivoting as he did to face the direction he had came from. He glanced upward, squinting slightly as he gazed at the moon, the light shimmering down around and over him to reveal the area in its entirety. His eyes had adjusted to the light, as dim as it was, and now the forest was a sheet of darkness to him. His gaze could penetrate a few feet in, but beyond that were simply silhouettes and shadows. He stood and waited patiently, hoping that only a few moments later their shinigami pursuer would soar through the tree line and arrive at the clearing just in front of him. As he prepared himself, the young soul saw fit to shout into the forest, his words aimed toward the shinigami. "I'm quite certain it is me that you are looking for! I've stopped running, I'm right here, come and face me!" He then placed his hands behind his back, clasping them together. He did not want to seem threatening or imposing, he wanted to talk first. If this encounter was going to be forced, then he would gather as much information as he possibly could before it came to an ultimatum, and he knew that it would. There was no real way out of this situation with his freedom that did not involve conflict. They were investigating some recent happenings, the bandit murders for certain. The pair were the only ones in the area, and they were the ones who had killed the majority of them. If they told the truth they would certainly be arrested, if they lied, they would still likely be dragged off for further questioning. He would take the current odds as they were their best chance for getting out of here on their own terms. If fate was against them, then he would have to get used to some new accommodations in prison. WC: 1,177 OOC: Gotcha, yeah I saw the dialogue and must have breezed right past the bit that followed. I had just assumed it was meant to distract or disorient because of how unusual it was, also rather amusing lol.
  4. Tenjinsai froze for a moment when he heard the shinigami shout at his friend. The sudden escalation, even though not directed at him, was still startling to an extent. They had shouted for Mikoto to show them his hands. He was lost as to what to do in this moment. It appeared as though his friend was going to be arrested and carted off, somewhere. Should he show himself, did he remain in hiding and just let it happen; A decision needed to be made quickly. Then, just as quickly as everything had escalated, it then deescalated as well. This shinigami simply told Mikoto to have a nice day before leaving the area. It was exactly what they had wanted, but it was also incredibly suspicious. The act of this individual leaving, especially after all that transpired, would have been entirely normal. Instead, it was the sudden change of the situations momentum that had alarmed him. Even with all of that taken into account though, they had apparently left the area entirely. He could not sense any reiatsu in the area other then Mikoto's down below him. There was not much more he had to go on other then that, not having seen this person actually leave the area. The only thing for Tenjinsai to do at that moment was to keep laying low until given the all clear by Mikoto. The last thing he wanted to do was jump down from the roof and have a shinigami pop out from the bushes because he couldn't wait an extra minute or two. ------------------------------------------------------- Down below, Mikoto continued to wrestle about with the curtain, his noises of struggle drowning out most of what the shinigami was saying. Though even through what he believed to be a masterful performance, he had to freeze for a single moment when shouted at by the shinigami outside. He had been so sure that the jig was up, their visitor being fed up with whatever nonsense this was. Shinigami as a whole were never known to be the most patient or understanding individuals; The general opinion of them to the whole of rukongai residents being indicative of this. However, just as quickly as Mikoto believed he was about to hauled off to some jail cell, everything did a full one-eighty turn. The same shinigami that just moment ago had told him that he had enough was now telling him to have a good evening; He was bewildered, to say the very least. He was not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but there was something about the situation that just was not right. He paused a moment, listening for any movement or a sign of something suspicious and was met with only silence. Shooting up from the ground he pulled the curtains off of himself and moved slowly toward the front window, The one that was now without curtain. Mikoto stopped short of looking out the window, taking a second to see if he could sense anything in the area. He was met with a similar response to his listening for noise, nothing. His senses picked up nothing foreign in the area. Still, something seemed off to him, he just could not place it. Perhaps they were just genuinely tired of dealing with him and the shit show that he was putting on. Maybe they would just come back during daylight hours and try to question him at that point. Either way, it looked like they were in the clear for the moment. He peered out the window, taking a visual inventory of the area before calling Tenjinsai down from the roof. He doubted he would be able to see anything in the dark but it was still worthwhile. As expected, his eyes revealed nothing to him other then the wilderness of the rukongai. With his suspicions as quenched as they could be, Mikoto moved toward the left side of the abode. He stayed within the structure but called out the window silently, whispering into the darkness. "Hey, I think it's safe to come down for now. I don't know where they went, but they are probably gone." ------------------------------------------------------- A few moments passed before Tenjinsai heard the whispering of his friend from down below. He was given as good of an all clear as he could be, given the situation. Purely out of caution he remained still for a while longer, waiting another two or three minutes. Once his own nerves told him it was okay, he slid himself down toward the edge of the roof and dropped down onto the sill of the window his friend had called to him from. He landed quietly, with only a light tap sounding out as he met the wood. Tenjinsai moved into the building quickly, no time could be wasted in the current moment. They needed to decide what their next move was going to be. The pair spoke quietly in hushed tones as they rushed to conclude on a course of action. "So, what the hell do we do now? We don't really know why they were here as I'm not willing to believe they were just investigating. It's possible, but I'm still skeptical." Tenjinsai nodded in response, peering anxiously toward the door. "I have to agree with you. One way or another, we don't have time to discuss their true intentions. I think it may be in our best interests to leave. We don't know if they are going to come back, possibly with more shinigami. I sure as shit don't want to have to deal with that." Tenjinsai sighed involuntarily, his body releasing some of the tension that had been built up with the stress of the moment. Mikoto only nodded in silence, as if to say that he agreed with what the sigh symbolized. Tenjinsai then turned, heading back toward the window he had climbed in and peered out of it for a moment. The area was still clear from what he could tell, if they were going to leave now was the time. He turned back to Mikoto and gestured quickly toward the window. "I think if we are going to leave let's do it now. We have to move quickly and try to get some distance. Even if they really were here just to investigate, I don't think they will take kindly to some vigilante bandit killers." Mikoto, without wasting a moment, motioned quickly toward the window to mark his agreement to the plan. He was not particularly a fan of waiting around to see if more shinigami showed up either. Tenjinsai quickly climbed out the window, Mikoto following quickly behind him, and the pair darted off into the dark undergrowth. They had no particular destination in mind, just wanting to get as much distance between them and the shack as they could. All Tenjinsai could think about though was how downhill the day had gone. Only twenty four hours ago it was a routine operation for the two of them. They were hunting down bandits, the scourge of districts, just as they had done for the last century together. Never would he have expected to encounter not one, but two shinigami in a single day; One of which was probably on some crimelord's payroll. Between people trying to kill them, and now shinigami possibly trying to arrest them, this was definitely not their best day. WC: 1,235
  5. It seemed from what Tenjinsai could observe that Mikoto's act was proceeding well. His acting, as always, was superb. He always believed in the back of his mind that his friend was destined to be a statesmen or politician of some sort. He spoke eloquently with words, being able to manipulate them into caressing even the most fragile of sensibilities. Despite his companion's linguistic abilities, it seemed the act was starting to go south. No matter how well he acted, there were things that could no truly be faked; This shinigami had apparently just picked up on one of them. Mikoto had been acting overwhelmingly drunk, the type that would require someone to be several bottles deep into the creature. However, there would be no scent of any alcohol lingering about him. It was not something that could be faked, and now they had reached an impasse in the current situation. He would wait silently to see what Mikoto would do, not wanting to interrupt whatever plan his friend had in mind. He had a sneaking suspicion though that he would be revealing himself soon, lest his companion get into more trouble then was needed. It seemed the show was destined to go on though, as Mikoto rose slowly at the demand of their visitor. He continued to stumble about, acting his part, moving to and fro as though trying to find his balance. Just as he stood up, he swung himself backwards heavily and banged his head against the wall of the house; Not hard enough to do any damage, but to simply make a scene of it. Stumbling forward slightly, he rubbed his head and spun around, staring at the house confused. "Who the hell hit me!!" Mikoto spun around once more, this time eyeing the shinigami visitor. He then pointed at him accusingly, his hand shaking as he yelled. "It was you washn't it! Ushed some of that, shinigami magic to smack me!!" He then paused a moment, as if a revelation had come over him in that moment. His arm lowered slowly as he turned around, taking each step methodically and carefully. He faced the wall of the structure once again, specifically facing toward the front window to the left of the door. He pointed out at it threateningly and accused the window of hitting him in a faux delirium. "It was you, you bashtard!! Graaaaaaaaaagh!!!" Mikoto then lunged at the window, grabbing hold of the reed curtain that covered it. He throttled the curtain violently, tearing at it with pulling motions as it was thrust back and forth. He continued the act, pretending to get more and more aggravated with his 'adversary', until he lunged forward into the window. Mikoto dived head first through, taking the curtain down with him, disappearing out of sight into the abode once more. From inside though the incoherent groans of a man fighting with a curtain could still be heard. With all of this happening below, Tenjinsai thought it prevalent to add to the chaos with another distraction. The thatch roof was bound into place with rope tied off to stones so as to weigh it down and keep into place. He took his time, unraveling one of these rocks from the rope that held it so as to use it to create a noise in the distance. With Mikoto in the house, the shinigami's attentions hould have been drawn off to his right. Taking into account the cover of darkness provided by the night, he would reason a decent chance at throwing the rock overhead and into the woods behind their visitor. He spun around slightly on the roof, his every move very slow and cautious. His position needed to be changed so as to get a better angle to throw at; Laying on his stomach did not provide him with much room to throw. He had essentially rolled to his right in a clockwise arc so that he was now in roughly the same position, but now on his back. He took a moment to orient himself, gauging where the shinigami was stood and where he needed to throw. The positioning, now worked out as best it could be, Tenjinsai threw the stone with enough force to send it sailing overhead through the air. It would ideally land in the woods behind the shinigami and at enough distance to not land within sight. Hopefully it would provide enough of a distraction that their train of thought would be lost once more. At this point the pair were going all in on trying to break the man's patience. He assumed that once they were overwhelmed with frustration the situation would progress one of two ways. The first, he would simply give up as there was no true apparent threat; Or he would simply attempt to arrest Mikoto and Tenjinsai would be forced to reveal himself. There was no true way for him to tell which way the tides of fate would turn, but this was their best bet of circumnavigating trouble. They could only wait and see what this shinigami would do to determine the final act in their 'play'. WC: 862 OOC: No, for sure. With how I've capped my reiatsu for the purposes of growth and development, it would be a roflstomp. It's like what, 30k vs 90k roughly. Just the imposed reiatsu difference would be enough to floor him. It would be funny, but in a sad way.
  6. Tenjinsai listened quietly on the roof to the act that Mikoto was putting on. He had to make a conscious effort to keep from laughing, his partner playing drunk being mildly amusing. It was a nice break in the tension from what was an otherwise stressful situation. It was clear from the voice that followed afterward who this mystery visitor was; A shinigami. They had come to investigate so happenings in the area. His mind was immediately drawn to the murder of the bandits from earlier. There was nothing else in particular that he could think of that would have drawn shinigami to the area. Still though, why would they come to their abode in the middle of the night. He could agree that while there shack was the building closest to the bandits den, it was still a great distance away. The reasoning behind everything made sense but didn't at the same time; It certainly did not put him at ease. The shinigami from earlier kept coming to mind, questioning if this person may be attributed to whatever task that group had been assigned to. Perhaps upon reporting back to whomever they answered to they sent someone back to try and locate them. For all they knew, this shinigami could have been there to kill them; Cleaning up any loose ends as it were. Then again, they could genuinely just be here investigating the murders. Shinigami did patrol the rukongai after all; They were certainly few and far between, but they did happen though. Either way, just the general sense of this individuals reiatsu told him all he needed to know about their odds. If this person wanted to kill them, arrest them, or just chat; They were certainly going to have their way. Tenjinsai and Mikoto together stood little chance in a fight against this person. They would have to avoid an altercation and attempt to side step whatever this investigation was. This involved Tenjinsai to continue observing, and Mikoto to continue ad libbing as it were. He would simply maintain his concealment as best he could and let his friend do what he did best. Mikoto stumbled forward, shuffling around inside the shack for a moment before agreeing to their 'visitors' demands. "Alright, alright, don't get yer' panties in a bunch, I'm comin'!" As he moved forward, his arm stretched out to move the curtain aside, he purposely bumped into the frame of the doorway and fell over. Falling face first into the dirt, Mikoto coughed loudly as he fell, a small cloud of dust puffing up around him. This was followed up by a low groan as he rolled over and looked up at the shinigami that was stood nearby. He gave a wide, goofy grin, the kind that just said -Hi, I'm shitfaced, how are you?-. He maintained his position on the ground, laying there as he squinted slightly and took in the visitors appearance. They looked fairly similar to most shinigami other then a few irregularities, some more glaring then others. His kosode was oddly short, cutting off just past the elbows, while there were still sleeves beyond them; Perhaps an unusual variant of the shitagi that was worn underneath. The sheath of their zanpaktou was odd as well; It appeared large, unwieldy, and cumbersome. More importantly, there were two other features that were more obvious, one of which caused Mikoto concern. This shinigami had their face obscured, a veil worn over their face, not allowing him to truly get a descriptive look of them. Then there was the object fastened to their arm, a badge, one that Mikoto knew well from his time around Tenjinsai's family from long ago. This man that was stood before him was a high ranking shinigami, a Vice Captain to be specific. The situation suddenly made far less sense then it did to him before, originally thinking perhaps a routine patrol stopping by to investigate the bandit murders. Now it seemed something far more specific, and potentially dangerous to them. He would need to tread more carefully then before; Playing dumb was the name of the game, a dumb drunk to be specific. "So, mishter shinigami, I'm here, what didja wanna ashk me?" He specifically avoided touching base on the demand for both of them coming out of the abode. Hopefully playing blind to the presence of Tenjinsai would allow him to circumnavigate that troublesome topic. Something caught his attention though as he lay there, something poking at his senses. He sniffed lightly, the air carrying an unusual scent with it; One that was not usually found out in the midst of the rukongai to be certain. The more he sniffed at it the more he was uncertain of what it was until it struck him; Specifically with confusion. 'Baby powder, what?' He was without a doubt smelling baby powder. The scent was most likely being carried by this shinigami, though it only added more curiosity to the situation. Perhaps though he could use this somewhat to his 'drunken' advantage. He ruffled his face slightly and sniffed loudly several times before staring hard at the shinigami, another goofy smirk appearing across his features. "Hey there mishter shinigami, you shmell pretty good." WC: 873 OOC: I wanted to leave it mostly open ended and allow you to decide which route you wanted to take as far as sensing/concealment goes. I'm just operating under the assumption that murder isn't happening so we can flavor text some things up. If it ends up going that route and stats get involved, that's a different story.
  7. Even after going back to sleep the voice continued to persist in his mind. His mind would fall into a deeper sleep, dreams taking hold of his conscious. When he wandered these mystical constructs of his minds the voice was ever present, calling out to him desperately. It was heard in half mumbles, words scattered here and there. On the occasion his mind would be able to fully perceive a sentence, the words echoing loudly through his mind. The odd thing was that if he tried to focus on the speech, it would become garbled and incoherent to his senses. The most unusual trait of it all though was that it was almost as though he was in a metaphysical state; Maybe even something beyond that. Being a spiritual being, Tenjinsai, and all others like him were creatures of a metaphysical origin; If looked at in a human's mindset. Now, he felt as though his conscious had separated to a point beyond that. Though he was asleep he still felt aware; Not necessarily of his surroundings in relation to his spiritual body, but to his conscious mind. It was akin to one being in a lucid dream and being aware that they were not awake and in reality. He was aware that he could hear these voices in the present, not recalling them later on after waking from the dream as most would. This phenomenon took a step further as he slowly became aware of his physical surroundings in this dreamscape. It started out simply as a black void of nothingness, his mind simply swirling about in it. This void slowly began to take shape as a structure formed around him, materials seemingly appearing out of thin air. Tenjinsai began to move forward slowly, every step forward into the void causing more and more of this structure to appear. The further that he continued to venture into this mystical dreamscape the more the structure began to materialize before him. At first glance it appeared to be a hall of some sort, dull and drab with minimal lighting. The colors that surrounded him were a simple palette of grays presenting a feeling of muted dullness. In the midst of the hall lay a long carpet that extended off into the distance beyond his vision. Examining it, the carpet appeared to be rather ornate and exquisitely designed. The weavings were intricate and mesmerizing to look at; Though the luster of it was taken away by the dreary array of colors. His attention was soon drawn away from the carpet, Tenjinsai gazing about to the walls of the large chamber he found himself within. Tapestries lined the walls of the hall, one placed between every set of pillars. The depictions upon them were unclear to him as the same phenomenon of studying the voice occurred when he looked upon them. When he casually glanced passed them, he could swear that some details could be made out. Though when he looked upon them with focus, they twisted and morphed in his vision and became incoherent works of nonsense; Neither did it help that the room was poorly lit, the shadows playing tricks on his mind as he stared at the vast space that was now formed around him. The only lighting within the hall that he could see were small torches; A small one placed upon each pillar that adorned the walls. Amidst all of this confusion and rapidly unnerving mindscape, Tenjinsai was struck with a sudden feeling of dread. This feeling originated from a realization that quickly washed over him. His head turned slowly from the tapestry he was gazing at and toward the front of the hall. When his eyes peered forward into the darkness he realized that the darkness peered back into him. Violet orbs dug into his soul and seized him with terror as he realized he was no longer the only creature in this hall. His instincts seizing him, Tenjinsai lunged backward to gain distance from this unknown being. He knew not if it was a friend or foe, only that it had unnerved him deeply at a glance. The young soul now stood in silence, his eyes not daring to move from the gaze of this mysterious creature. Moments passed as he began to realize that the longer he stared at those two violet orbs, the less angst he felt. The piercing gleam of this being began to instill a different feeling in him as he stared in it, calm. His soul began to fall at ease, no longer feeling the tension and anxiety that had crept up in him before. Why did he feel this way, he mused to himself completely befuddled. Perhaps whatever this being was, it was what had been calling out to him all this time. This, creature, it had pierced the veil of his mind and called out to him; Even fabricating itself within his dreams. This was only a theory, a rushed and poorly put together one at that from panic and euphoria. Still, something deep within him tugged at his soul, demanding he press onward toward this peculiar entity. Tenjinsai's primal instincts called out to him as he stepped a single foot forward, warning signals popping up in his brain telling him to retreat. He was moving forward into the unknown, something that all creatures gave a wide berth to. Despite all of that he still charged onward into uncertainty, something inside him demanding contact with this being. As he slowly moved forward that was when he heard it, the voice. Once more the voice spoke to him, this time though not within his mind. His suspicions were very quickly laid to rest as he realized that whatever this entity was before him, it was in fact the source of these disturbances. It spoke calmly though, its tone soothing to his mind. "Tenjinsai, finally you have come to my hall. I had worried for so long that my pleading calls to you would go unanswered." The young soul continued forward, each step slowly revealing more and more of the hall before him. Despite his inner workings overwhelming desire to pursue this creature, he still could not feel a slight sense of anxiety as he approached. Whatever this being was, it had the ability to peer directly into his mind and influence his subconscious in frightening ways. The closer he got to this creature the more tentative he became to approaching it. Conflict swarmed his mind as his instincts screamed at him to stop, yet his heart and soul pressed him forward. Never before had he felt so certain, yet uncertain, about anything in his entire life. "Fear not young one, I have no desire to harm you in anyway. I only wish to give you my aid." It was at that moment that Tenjinsai finally set eyes upon the entity he was speaking to. He froze on the spot as it's figure came into full view, stunning him with fright and unease. The first thing that truly struck him was the sheer size of it. This entity was daunting in its size, towering over the young soul's form despite the creature sitting upon an extravagant throne. The massive throne upon which it sat was made of gold and adorned with various precious gems of varying size. It was hard for him to fathom such a thing existing; The sheer value of such an object being almost unimaginable. Yet, even more incredulous then the throne itself, was the being that sat upon it. All but the face of this being was visible to him with the only accents of its visage showing still being its sharp violet eyes. Whilst paralyzed in place, not wanting to advance nor retreat, Tenjinsai found himself slowly studying the form of the entity that was sat in his presence. His gaze first scanned over their body, the form being strong yet lithe at the same time. Their skin was dark, or at least darker then his own; A very deep beige that nearly bordered on brown. Their skin seemed smooth and hairless and pulled taunt over their figure where it could be seen. Covering the majority of their flesh was a flowing robe that was tied off at the waist with a sash, a deep crimson in color. It seemed well worn, even tattered in places as Tenjinsai looked it over. His eyes then glanced over the arms and eventually settling on the being's hands. Their hands were adorned with various pieces of jewelry, rings on every finger, bangles dangling around their wrists, all splendidly decorated with gemstones. Their nails were long and appeared a shade of light purple, lavender he would settle upon. They each came to a point, like daggers at the tips of their fingers that could be used to tear an insect like him apart. Tenjinsai's eyes slowly traced back up, settling upon the shadow that surrounded this creature's face. Their eyes still peered out of the darkness at him filling him with uncertainty now that he had gotten a better look at them. Still though, deep down in his soul, something was telling him that nothing was wrong. The young soul continued to have an urge to advance, to approach this entity further and meet them fully. As he went to take another step forward the world around him rippled and began to fall apart. Again, he felt his instincts active and turn him to panic while his heart still told him that all was well. This conflict was not to be resolved at this time it seemed, the world around him slowly returning to the void it had been when he first arrived. "No, not yet, we were so close!! Please, come back..." The beings words echoed around him and slowly faded to silence. The last thing Tenjinsai saw was the being lurch forward, their hand extended out toward him in a desperation to reach out for the young soul. Again, he was aroused in the middle of the night after another abnormal experience. He was not panicked in this particular instance as he was before. He simply looked about into the darkness around him, confirming for sure that he was where he was meant to be. His eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness and confirmed his surroundings to him. He was back, as strange of a sentiment that was to him, from that unusual dreamscape he had been drawn away to. His gaze trailed off to the right, his eyes settling upon the sleeping form of Mikoto confirming further he had returned. His vision shifted back in front of him, observing his hands as he lifted them up in front of himself. The young soul shifted them back and forth, looking them over as if in disbelief of whether it was real or not. 'That was, so strange, so real.' The true problem is that this 'dream', was far more real then he would have liked it to be. He seemed far too aware for it to truly be a dream, too conscious of the world around him. That being as well, they were the one who had been reaching out and speaking to him as he slept. Why did they seem so desperate to reach out to him, to meet and befriend him. The young soul sat in silence, pondering over the reality of the situation to no end. He could draw no conclusions from any of it, simply more confusion being drawn from his thoughts. None of it made sense, not any that his own logic could find. One thing was certain though, these voices and dreams, they were becoming more power, and invasive. These thoughts concerned him more then they ever had before, not knowing what the end result of all of these visions were. If they eventually came to their conclusion, whatever that may be, what would be in store for the young soul. Tenjinsai could only dwell on it to futile results, the unknown remaining as it was. 'There is no point concerning myself with it further, I need to rest.' Sleep was the only thing he could think of, and do, at the moment. Staying up all night dwelling over whatever this was would solve nothing. There was still much to do, things that he needed his energy and strength for. The young souls settled himself back down, laying onto his mat and closing his eyes to the external darkness leaving only the internal one. Even while awake, the darkness he gazed upon behind the lids of his eyes drew him to be anxious. It reminded Tenjinsai of what had happened, and what could happen once again. What if it was some trick, some trap, what if he never woke up again. He would have to sleep eventually though, there was no putting it off forever. These thoughts coursed through his head until eventually, without even realizing it, his mind had drifted away and his body seized by slumber. He lay at rest again, this time uninterrupted by these voices and visions until he would awaken. Time passed uneventfully, yet these thoughts still lingered in his subconscious, his brain looping around them. Several hours had passed after Tenjinsai's sleep was interrupted by whoever, or whatever, his imagination had conjured up. It was not the first time he had heard these voices; This was just the first time that they had been so pronounced. Never had they spoke to him so clearly before. It would have normally concerned him; The worries of possibly going insane, what with all the bandit killing he and Mikoto had done over the course of many years. Though he knew it was for a good cause, these murders would still weigh on anyone's psyche; Providing of course they were not a psychopath. Perhaps he could make a visit back to the manor after all these years and speak with his brother about it. It would have to be brief, so as to not attract his father's ire; But his oldest sibling always had the answers he was looking for. These miscellaneous concerns would have to be put on hold as a larger one came knocking upon their door, almost literally. Still in the early morning, the pair were jolted awake by a loud banging on the wall that housed the entrance to their tiny abode. It was three loud pounds that was then followed only be silence. The two did not say a word, simply looking forward toward the entrance of their shack and then at each other. With a few gestures and glances with their eyes they conveyed more to one another then they could have with words. They rose slowly from their mats, being as quiet as possible, Tenjinsai moving toward the window on the left of the shack while Mikoto approached the front curtain. His friend answered the call, not moving the curtain, but feigning a groggy voice and slurring slightly in his speech near the front. "Well who the hell ish it!! It'sh the middle of the." 'hic' "God damn night, thish better be goood!!" While Mikoto made a show of speaking loudly and pretending to be in a drunken stupor, Tenjinsai slipped out the window, suppressing his reiatsu and climbing to the roof. He edged along the beam at the top of the wall, the support being sturdy enough to hold his weight. He moved toward the front of the roof, listening as closely as he could to the conversation that would carry on down below. WC: 2,711 OOC: At this point Tenjinsai's reiatsu is about 30k and Mikoto is 20k. Let me know if you want a more detailed rundown of their stats.
  8. Congratulations on maintaining your existence for another year. May you have fortune in continuing to do so amidst humanities constant blunders.

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  9. The two arrived back at the abandoned shack they called at home in good time. The sun had just set and darkness had fallen across rukongai. Tenjinsai had been set on having a firm drink, especially with the events the day held. Discussing what had occurred at the compound was more important though. These were things that were not safe to discuss in a public place either; As unlikely as it may have been, there was no telling where the eyes and ears of others could be. The small shack they had claimed as there own was the only place safe enough for them to talk openly. Tenjinsai was quick to fling himself on the ground, laying out on the less then comfortable straw mat provided; It was at least more comfortable then resting upon the ground. It was at that moment that his stomach decided to grumble. They had not eaten in two days, eating the last of their rations when they had arrived in town. The pair were not exactly made of money, and their deeds were not ones that were rewarded. Survival was staked primarily off of hunting and scavenging; Occasionally off of the generosity of others as well. Either way, he was tired, hungry, and still with many unanswered questions. He stared out toward the front of their small shack, looking at Mikoto and waiting for the inevitable question. Only moments later would it come as the two locked eyes. "So, what's our game plan now?" Tenjinsai, in his current mood, could not help but roll his eyes as he sat up slowly on the mat. "You know as well as I do I don't have a clue what the damn game plan is. I don't even know what the hell happened when we were down there. Why don't we explore that adventure first." Mikoto raised his hands up defensively as he leaned backward against the wall of the building. "Well alright, then let's talk about that, adventure, as you put it. What do we think those, I think you said three, people were doing there?" Tenjinsai sat up, his nerves not allowing him to relax even if he wanted to. He walked over to the right side of the shack, shifting the curtain out of the way to look out into the darkness. "I don't have a clue honestly. They never said anything that was revealing of their purpose there. The shinigami told them to head back first and, report in? Whatever the hell that means." He paused a moment, rubbing his forehead as he tried to sort the events of the evening. It was just so strange, everything that had happened. It wasn't even everything to be honest, just that shinigami being present at the compound. He could have accepted the other bandits; Maybe they had been sent because the guys there were cutting into their turf or something. The shinigami though, it did not make any sense for them to be there; Working with those other two nonetheless. Maybe if it had just been a few shinigami, a patrol cleaning up the bandits; That would have actually made sense. It was the odd combination of them and the other two, the shinigami's demeanor, everything was just, off. He remembered the one thing that Mikoto had said though when the shinigami fled. "We know which way he's going..." He spoke quietly out the window, Mikoto barely hearing him as he leaned over to speak. "You want to try saying that again?" Tenjinsai spun around, the curtain twisting chaotically as it slowly returned to its resting position. He pointed at Mikoto, not looking at him but instead looking down at the ground in thought. "We know which way he's going. That, that was what you said earlier. We don't know who, why, or what, but we know where!" "Yes, and no." Tenjinsai looked up as Mikoto responded, the excitement in his eyes dulling at his friends negativity. "Elaborate." He said a single word so as to get straight to the point of what he wanted in that moment. This whole situation was gnawing at him despite that danger that was held behind it. He wanted to know why there were there as well as who they were. The only way there were going to get that answer is if they found out where they were going; And his friend had just said that the only piece of information they had, may mean nothing. "It's not that we know nothing. It's more that what we do know, means very little. We know that they headed west, and that is literally it. Do you know how much west there is, a lot. Enough that they may as well have said that they were going to the World of the Living." As much as he did not want to admit it, what Mikoto said made sense; Which was the way that things typically went. Mikoto was the thinker, Tenjinsai was the actor. This was not to say that he was by any means stupid, he was just more rash in his actions. Right now he was being rash in his decision making. Tenjinsai was ready to run off into the western rukongai in search of these individuals on, what was essentially, the vaguest clue one could get. He nodded slightly, smiling a little as he realized how foolish he was being in that moment. "You're right, as usual my friend. I still think that we should pursue these individuals, considering how dangerous they may be to the rukongai. I just don't know how we should go about doing it." Mikoto pushed himself off the wall and drew closer to Tenjinsai, placing his hand on his friend's shoulder. "No worries Tenjinsai, we'll figure things out in time. For now what we came to do is done; And we can rest easy on that fact." Tenjinsai patted his friend firmly on the back, nodding in agreement as he turned his gaze back down to his mat. "Well, lets sleep on it then. We can figure out what to do in the morning, agreed?" Mikoto followed suit, walking over to his own mat and preparing himself to turn in for the night. "Agreed. We should though, go hunting in and morning to look for food." As the two laid down to rest, Tenjinsai's stomach gurgled loudly, as if agreeing to Mikoto's statement. The pair could not help but chuckle lightly, the two being far more hungry then they would admit. "It seems my stomach would agree with you before my brain even had the chance to. But yes, sleep, food, and then plan." With a final nod of agreement between the pair, they both laid down and prepared to go to bed. The sounds of a light breeze carried on the nights air soon faded away to the silence of slumber. The two were fast asleep, resting well after their day of stress and activity. Tenjinsai's sleep would not be allowed to be completely peaceful though. Whispers would ripple through his brain during the night. The voice of a being he did not know, yet was still familiar to him in some way. It was as if they were a long forgotten friend, one who he knew but could not place. They whispered to him in his dreams, calling out to Tenjinsai, desperate to be noticed. "Tenjinsai, Listen to me. Hear my voice, hear my name, please....." The young soul sprung up from his mat in the middle of the night, the voice fading quickly from his mind as he awoke. The temperature in the shack was quite warm, much hotter then it had been when they went to bed. The night breeze should have brought a light chill in. Despite the heat though he was not uncomfortable, quite the opposite in fact. It felt like the warm embrace of a loved one, bring his mind and soul at ease. He laid himself back down on the mat, heading back to sleep as a single thought permeated his mind. 'What was that voice...' WC: 1,352
  10. Still maintaining a degree of stealth, Tenjinsai exited the building from the same door he entered. He did not go about handling the curtain as he did before, not deeming it quite as necessary. Now back out in the open air his attention was drawn to the main structure of the compound. It's front faced toward him and was on the north side of the compound. It was, a bit odd in his opinion; The main building always tended to be dead center or close to it. It was the, I'm the most important so my shit shack should be in the center of everything, mentality. Perhaps whoever was in charge of this group of misfits was a bit less egotistical then those they faced in the past. Regardless, the building was there along with the rest of his prey. Tenjinsai would slink back into the treeline, moving along just outside the perimeter of the base so as to avoid detection as best he could. Just because he was going to face the rest of them head on did not mean he didn't want a head start on them. He moved quietly through the underbrush, moving specifically through the less dense areas so as to avoid making too much noise. Every so often a quiet rustle would be emitted but not enough to draw any attention, at least that he thought. Soon enough he drew close to the west end of the building, no one standing outside of it from what he perceived. The wall facing him contained only two windows, both obscured as well by a curtain. This would make it harder for him to take a look inside; But at least he could survey the entirety of the buildings outside in a relatively relaxed manner. That is precisely what he would do as well, moving silently along the edge of the building and moving toward the rear. Once on the rear end of the structure he found it was similar to the west side. No guards, no openings aside from a single window, also obscured. Though now certainly becoming repetitive, as well as pointless, he moved on to the east side of the building. Once more he was met with the same sight, wall, windows, obscured, no guards. Everyone else was inside, and they were also fairly quiet from what it sounded like too. There was no noise coming from inside that he could hear, no chatter, nothing. He was getting a sense of deja vu from the last building he had just cleared. Certainly these bandits could not be sleeping as well, that would just completely bizarre. There had to be some form of explanation for it; Did they know he was coming, some noise he had made perhaps? Either way, his job here was almost done and the only thing getting in the way at this point was his own hesistation. Stepping out from the east side of the building Tenjinsai pressed forward, moving into clear sight of the entrance to the structure. At this point he could only stare in complete and utter confusion at the sight before him. The bandits were indeed strewn about the floor, however they were certainly not sleeping. Blood splattered the area from, what Tenjinsai could only describe as, mutilated corpses. These men had been slaughtered in an incredibly violent manner, limbs and viscera scattered about the room. This, surprisingly enough, was not the most concerning thing that he saw in the room before him. His eyes had raced about the room, taking in the horror and gore of these murders, and then settled upon those that were still alive. Center stage, three men stood amidst the massacre, all with weapons drawn. The two that flanked the individual in center looked like any other resident of the rukongai. The man in center, that was the one that drew in his attention. They were from the rukongai, they were not a bandit, they were most assuredly a shinigami. They wore the shihakushou that was issued to every shinigami upon graduating from the academy, there was no mistaking it. But why, why would a shinigami be here, and why would they be doing this. There were so many questions racing through Tenjinsai's head; But there was no time for them to be asked or answered. This, supposed shinigami, rushed toward Tenjinsai and attacked him with an overhead slash. 'He's fast.' The young soul barely had enough time to draw his own weapon from its sheath and knock the strike aside. He stumbled backwards, taking a moment to regain his footing, and then jumped backward to gain some distance. The individual he now faced shifted his stance, preparing to do combat since their preemptive strike did not hit the mark. They shifted their head slightly to the right, yelling back at the two that were still in the structure. "You two head back and report in. I'll catch up after I deal with our, guest." The two exited quickly, stopping short behind the shinigami before leaving and spoke. "Are you sure you don't want any help? Shouldn't take long to slice up this kid with the three of us." Tenjinsai's new opponent kept eye contact with him the entire time, nodding his head only slightly in response. "It's fine, go on ahead. I'll catch up before you know it." The two other assailants simply shrugged and broke off running toward the east. Tenjinsai moved to try to intercept, not wanting any of these, mystery murderers, to get away. He was quickly intercepted, the shinigami popping up in front of him in the blink of an eye. Their zanpaktou was pointed out toward him, only a few inches from his face as he stopped dead in his tracks. "Ah ah ah, you still have me to play with, don't worry about them. Though to be fair, you won't need to worry about anything ever again soon enough." Tenjinsai swung his own blade upward, knocking his opponents zanpaktou aside and then drifting backwards to gain distance again. "You, you're a shinigami, why are you here and what are you doing killing these people?" Tenjinsai spoke as calmly as he could, though there were tremors in his speech from the raw anxiety and tension he now felt. His opponent paced slowly to his left, maintaining his footwork and staying at the ready as they did. He smirked ever so slightly as he replied. "Tell you what, friend. If you manage to actually defeat me, I'll tell you whatever you want." What happened next would then drill into Tenjinsai just how much trouble he was now in. His opponent flared their reiatsu as a light rumble began to emit through the area. Their power was not overpowering, but it was not something to be trifled with. Now feeling the full power that they possessed, Tenjinsai realized they were stronger then he was. In his entire time wandering the rukongai, never had he faced someone who possessed as much power as himself. Now here he was, face to face with someone who was undoubtedly more powerful and was more then willing to kill him where he stood. He had two options at this point, the two classic primal instincts, fight or flight. Would he attempt to run and flee from this opponent, unlikely. They were stronger then him and most likely faster as well. There was no hope for him if he attempted to flee, he would never escape. With that option struck out the only one left was for him to fight. It was his best chance to come out of this situation alive. This shinigami was stronger then him, but that did not mean he was a weakling either. He had wandered and fought across the rukongai for one hundred years; He had been trained by his elder brother for several years who was a shinigami far stronger then the man who stood before him. The same blood that coursed through his families veins flowed through him, the blood of warriors. In that moment his resolve was steeled, he was prepare to do what he had to so that he would survive. Locking eyes with the enemy before him, Tenjinsai returned the favor and released his own reiatsu in response. The quaking through the area intensified further, the ground trembling ever so slightly under the combined weight of their conflicting power. The shinigami looked slightly surprised, though only for a moment as the smirk returned. He laughed mockingly at Tenjinsai before speaking once more. "I see you have a little bit of fight in you, good. I haven't had some fun in a while so don't disappoint me." The instant he stopped speaking his face turned to stone, the arrogant and smug composure gone, replaced only by the blood lust of a killer. They lunged forward toward Tenjinsai, stabbing forward with their zanpaktou. They then followed up their attack by reversing the grip on their blade, and making a quick swipe to their right, to slash across Tenjinsai's chest. The young soul was quick to parry the first attack; Swatting the thrust aside with the flat of his blade, only to be caught by surprise by the quick follow up. He flung himself backwards, trying to avoid the attack but still catching a grazing wound across the chest. Blood bubbled up from the wound as it trickled down his chest in a single drip. Tenjinsai took only a moment to look down at the wound, turning his eyes back up to his opponent to see them upon him once again. "Never take your eyes from the fight greenhorn!" The shinigami scolded him as he launched a myriad of thrusts; All striking at different points and angles. They were not hard to read, but they kept him busy enough that Tenjinsai had to stay on the defensive. He parried and dodged strike after strike, but he knew he was falling into his opponents rhythm. He needed to do something fast before he was completely swept away in the tide of battle. As the next thrust came at Tenjinsai, instead of parrying he flung himself to the right, rolling across the ground and coming to his feet a short distance away. He remained low, crouched with one knee to the ground, and immediately swung his zanpaktou in a wide arc assuming his opponent would be close on his heels. He was correct in assuming that the shinigami would be close behind him, but not quite so literally. Using a burst of shunpou, his opponent had appeared behind him, zanpaktou held high and ready to strike. "Nice try but, game over friend." Tenjinsai expected these to be the last words he would hear before his life was taken, but he was given a reprieve on this day. As the shinigami's blade came crashing down a loud clang of metal on metal emitted through the area. Tenjinsai's eyes went wide as he looked up and realized that Mikoto stood over him, having fended off the assailants attack. His friend spoke through clenched teeth as he held back the strike. "I knew you were going to go off and have all the fun you bastard." Tenjinsai moved quickly, sliding out from under the two competing blades and swung his blade upwards, slicing at his opponents side. The shinigami side stepped to the left, avoiding Tenjinsai's attack and disengaging with Mikoto. He then used shunpou, moving backwards and distancing himself several meters. There was a silence that carried through the air as the two sides locked eyes with one another, reevaluating the situation for what it was. "It seems that things have developed that are not necessarily to my advantage. Sorry lad, but it looks like our fun will have to end prematurely. Hopefully we won't meet again, for your sake." With those last few words, the shinigami disappeared into the distance in a blur of shunpou. Tenjinsai kept alert for a few more seconds, his brain running wild with adrenaline. Once it became clear that the threat was truly gone he heaved a huge sigh of relief and collapsed to the ground, landing hard on his back. As he stared up into the sky above, the sun now starting the set, Mikoto came into his view and glared down at him. "You need to learn to stop running off by yourself, fun or not. Lucky I showed up when I did this time or you would be taking an everlasting nap." Tenjinsai waved his left arm lazily, dismissing his friends comment and slowly peeled himself up off the ground. "Listen, they spotted me while I was taking a look around. I had to kill two of them and I couldn't just leave and risk them figuring out something was wrong." Tenjinsai paused for a moment, brushing the dirt off of his robes as he looked into the distance. "Still though, something else was going on here. That shinigami was here with two others; Looked like bandits as well." He looked at his friend a moment thinking, bending down after a second to pick up his blade and return it to it's sheath. "They had killed a few of the other bandits that were here before I had a chance to get to them, not sure why." Mikoto nodded slowly, peering off into the direction the shinigami had retreated before turning around and heading back the direction that he came. "Well, we can try and figure things out once we get back to the house. We don't know who they are or why they were here; But we at least know which direction they were headed." Tenjinsai nodded in response, following after his friend as they headed back to the house. He was interested in seeing what was going on; But a small piece in the back of his mind told him to drop it. They couldn't really know what they were getting themselves into. It was more then clear as well that whoever these people were, they were dangerous. Unfortunately, Tenjinsai was for too stubborn to heed the advice from the tiny voice in his mind that warned him. He was stubborn and curious, a deadly combination. Still though, he was sure whatever these individuals were up to, it was not for the benefit of the common folk. Whatever it was, they were going to investigate it to whatever end it came to. One thing was for certain though, what was just supposed to be another day, became anything but. WC: 2,438
  11. Waiting patiently, only moments passed before his next targets came into view. it was the final pair of patrolling bandits that were to be eliminated. They drew ever closer every second until they at last noticed what was left of Tenjinsai's last attack. They sprinted quickly toward the splatter of blood along the ground, stopping just before it. The hopeful bet the young soul had made seemed to pay off as neither bandit decided to call for assistance from anyone else. They moved slowly, heading in the direction that the blood trail led until they reached the tree line. Peering further past, amidst the undergrowth they saw the corpses of their companions. Without giving them another moment to yell out, Tenjinsai descended once more from above and skewered the first one through the top of the head. With his blade still in the first bandits head, he then pushed forward, shoving the now dead bandit into his companion and knocking him into a tree. He then reached down and grabbed hold of the dagger that was tucked into his victims sash; Tenjinsai pulled the weapon out and quickly swung his arm around to the right, driving the blade into the last man's skull. A quiet yet sickening crack eminated for a moment on the moment of impact followed by the gurgling of his death throes. Releasing the blade from his grasp, he allowed both men to slump down against the tree, piled against one another in a bloodied mess. He quickly reached down and ripped his blade from the first victims skull, swiping it through the air and then running it along the top of the sheath to clean blood from the blade. Once returned to its sheath, Tenjinsai then began to plan his next course of action. All of the patrols had been dealt with and it was only a matter of time until someone noticed that six people had disappeared. He would need to move both quietly and swiftly if he was to eliminate all the bandits before attention was drawn to the missing men. Using his sensory skills to their extent, he could get a general idea of where everyone was located on the compound. Out of the five building on the compound, it only seemed that three of them were occupied. Most of the reiatsu he could sense was being emitted from the largest building. That, in and of itself though, was not particularly and indicator of how many were within the structure. There were some larger sources of reiryoku he sensed previously, most likely belonging to bodyguards; Or simply more able fighters. It would be in his best interest to strike at the other structures first, clearing out those within, then moving on to the main building. Minimizing the number of threats he had to deal with at a single time would be ideal in this situation. Now was just for him to decide upon which structure he would enter first. They were all, from what he could tell, single in floor design. They were somewhat shoddy as well, all being constructed out of wood and thatch with minimal windows. It made it a bit easier for him to skulk about with fewer points of observation. The easiest way to proceed would simply be to go for the nearest structure. He no longer had to worry about any more men patrolling around that could haphazardly spot him. It was now just a question of what the individuals inside of these buildings were going to potentially do. If they could all just stay in place that would be the best outcome for him. He could simply move from structure to structure, killing those inside in peace and quiet, to an extent. Either way he needed to move, he was wasting too much time planning instead of acting. His plan of attack for the most part was set; Move to the closest building, inspect it from the outside via window or entrance, then strike. Hesitation, as had been the case for the bandits he had just slain, was the biggest killer of all. It was time to act, and a man of action he was. Taking a last moment to gauge his surroundings, Tenjinsai moved forward and quickly advanced upon the nearest structure. Pressing himself up against the wall he took into greater detail the layout of the buildings outside. He slowly began sidling along the edge of the structure, getting closer to one of the sparse windows there were. Once close enough he stopped, taking a moment to listen for any movement, speaking, or noises of any sort. It was odd but, from inside the building he heard not a peep. He was certain that there were reiatsu signatures he was picking up from inside the structure. Surely within the time he formulated a plan and acted upon it they could not have left the building. Tenjinsai stopped for a moment, clearing his mind, and focused on sensing the reiatsu in the area once more. Within moments he very clearly picked up energy from inside the building he was standing just beside. There was, at the very least, two individuals inside from how separated the energy felt. But still, no noise, no talking, no nothing at all from inside. 'What the hell are they doing.' Tenjinsai moved slowly, peeking his head around the edge of the window and peering inside. Once his eyes set on the scene inside the structure he suddenly understood the situation. He smiled slightly, having to hold himself back from a light chuckle as he took in the view of four bandits sleeping. The building seemed to be some sort of sleeping quarters with various mats strewn about the floor to rest upon. Why these men were sleeping in the middle of the day was beyond him; Perhaps they were part of the night patrol. Regardless of their role within this bandit hierarchy and why they slept, Tenjinsai's job got a great deal easier. With these men sleeping he could slay them quite easily, and quietly. Now he just needed to figure out a way to get inside silently so he could send them permanently to la-la land. The window was too high up for him to simply climb through. He could balance himself on it, using his arms as leverage, but it may make too much noise as he climbs through. The door was his only other option as well aside from the window. It was not an actual door either, instead being a reed curtain similar to what acted as a door at his own abode. The door itself though was still noisy to move, or at least move enough to allow himself entrance. There was no real conceivable way for him to get inside in complete silence. Though in that moment an odd thought struck him; One of the unusual thoughts that often had him praised or ridiculed for his creativity. He could indeed gain entrance through the door by entering it in the most eccentric way possible. The curtain was indeed loud when moved; The reeds rattling against themselves as it shifted to make way for those to enter or exit. What if instead of moving it aside, he simply, rolled it up. It was asinine to be certain, but there was a chance it could work. He would have to move slowly, methodically, and with great coordination. The challenge of it almost enthralled him the most, but it was truly the best idea, in his mind at least, at this point. Creeping away from the window, Tenjinsai moved back toward the front of the structure, edging around a corner and placing himself next to the door. The curtain drooped down to the ground, just barely long enough to rest upon the dirt below. Bending down slowly, he reached out and grabbed hold of the very bottom of the curtain. Only holding it by the very last section of reed, he began to slowly roll it up; Moving bit by bit, section by section, keeping a tight hold on it as it bunched together so as to not allow room for it to make noise. He slowly stood up as he did so, the remaining curtain getting higher and higher as more and more found itself within his grasp. It eventually got to the point where he was reaching up just over his head, holding onto the wide majority of the curtain that previously blocked his path. Now he simply had to make his way inside and then unfurl the curtain behind him. Once that task was completed, he could then begin his slumber slaughter. Now inside and turned around, Tenjinsai went about the tedious task of now unraveling the curtain back to the ground. It was both aggravating and stressful at the same time, having to maintain such perfect coordination so as to not let too much go, or not enough, so as to make a sound. There was of course no guarantee that doing such a thing would wake anyone up; Neither was there one that promised the opposite either. Such was the situation he found himself in, of his own design to boot. He just needed to maintain focus and finish the task at hand. That, is exactly what he would do as well. The last bit of reed fell from his hand and back down to the ground beneath him as he made successful entry into the structure. Turning around slowly, he scanned the room one last time to take a more full inventory. This is when his eyes caught sight of something that he did not want to see. One of the bandits that had been resting had woken up while he was unfurling the curtain from his grasp. He did not know if he had disrupted his targets sleep, or if they had woken up of their own accord; The issue now at hand was that he was staring, eye to eye, with what was once a soon to be victim. Looking around quickly and realizing all the other bandits were still asleep, Tenjinsai whispered a few words to the man. "So, were you awake for all of that?" The bandit looked up at him, somewhat perplexed but nodded after a few moments. "You're probably confused, kind of weird right?" Once more, the bandit nodded at him but seemed to relax a bit more as the conversation carried on. "Yeah, I just didn't want to wake you guys up. You can go back to sleep if you'd like, nothing important is going on. We're all just, hanging out." The two continued to stare at one another for a moment, the bandit's eyes darting around every once in a while as though he were thinking. Then, after a few moments, they gave a loose wave at Tenjinsai and then laid back down to bed. 'I can't believe that worked. I almost feel bad about killing him now...., idiot.' However, he came here to do a job; And despite whatever feelings he may have had, these men needed to die. Tenjinsai moved forward quietly, his right hand reaching across his abdomen to grab hold of his blade's sheath. He slowly drew it, the quiet sound of the metal being drawn echoing through the room like a whisper on the wind. He looked across the room, his eyes eventually resting on the closest bandit to him; Then he went to work. He moved quickly, stabbing deftly into the skull of each individual in the room, giving them at the very least, a quick and painless death. They did not deserve it, at least in his opinion, but he was not wont to be cruel. Finally though he came upon the last man, the one who had awoken and watched him in all of his eccentric glory. Now it came time to snuff the candle of this bandits life. Even though their interaction lasted only a few moments, he still found it more difficult to, do the deed. He could not place why, having literally no connection with the individual at all; Yet he still hesitated. Tenjinsai stared at him, moments passing by as he had an internal battle of will. Finally, he drew in a deep breath and raised his blade up high. His eyes glared downward at the mans face as his arms dropped, the blade following close behind. In the silence only a thud was heard as he finished the motion, his eyes still staring intently at the man. As he drew his blade back and placed it back in his sheath, he spared him one more look before uttering a single phrase. "Don't forget this kindness." He had struck the man hard with the blunt edge of the blade. It did not kill him, but it would certainly leave him with a hell of a bruise and sleeping for a while. With this building now cleared he was certain there were only a handful of men left. He could move quickly and just execute the rest of them at this point to be entirely honest. Move on to the main building, kill the last few that were here, interrogate the boss for anything interesting, and then kill them too. It was as simple as counting one, two, three. "Welp, onwards and upwards." Tenjinsai exited the structure and began to slowly make his way toward, what he deemed, the main building. Inside is where he would find the stiffest resistance, though nothing truly challenging from what it seemed. He was just looking forward to wrapping things up, heading back to town, and having a nice refreshing drink. WC: 2,284
  12. Wasting neither words nor time, the two bandits advanced on Tenjinsai and prepared to do battle. They were clearly not trained or disciplined, moving clumsily toward their target. Taking advantage of the opportunity Tenjinsai lunged forward, coming in low between the two of them before they had the chance to react. Pivoting clockwise on his right foot, he swung his blade wide; Both bandits being struck by the sweeping slash. With how weak the bandits were they both quickly fell, succumbing to the single, yet grevious, injury. Tenjinsai quickly returned his zanpaktou to its sheath, heaving a light sigh as he looked over the bodies. They were not dead yet but they would be soon, no conventional first aid being able to help them. He was not prone to senseless bloodshed, preferring to not kill if he had the choice. These men though, just like all the others they dealt with in the past, had to be eradicated. They were a scourge on society, preying on the weak and helpless to fuel their own ambitions. By staining his hands with the blood of these men and their ilk, he knew the world would be a slightly better place. In that light, he still had more 'improvements' to make upon the current district. He quickly dragged the men out from plain sight and hid them as well as he could in the undergrowth. He wanted his presence announced on his own terms, not for some bumbling fool to see a body and realize something was wrong. From what he could tell there were still a fair number of individuals in the compound. From what he could sense, his approximation was between ten and fifteen. There were several ways that he could go about clearing the compound. The first was of course just charging in and slaying anyone who crossed his path. It was, direct, but not always the best approach in his experience. Though these bandits were weaker and less skilled then himself, numbers could sometimes make up the difference. With there being as many as there were, it was probably not the best idea. The next option, which was certainly more subtle, was to move around the perimeter and take out anyone patrolling; From there he could move in, clear the buildings, and eventually strike the main compound where the leader most likely was. The third and final choice was for him to retreat for now and regroup with Mikoto. This in particular was definitely the wisest choice but it also relied upon those still here not finding the bodies. If they found their two dead comrades it could set their plans back by days or even weeks. Tenjinsai had to make a decision and he knew which one to make. He would take the second option, remaining as stealthy as possible and slowly infiltrating the base. First he would fall back to the tree line and simply observe for some time. He would need to watch for patterns, observe how they moved and patrolled, then make his move once he had as good an idea as he could get. Roughly an hour passed as he sat, quietly observing the men he planned to wipe from existence. There were two pairs of them, patrolling at somewhat broken intervals with a clear gap. They would stop occasionally, chatting and having a drink. They were lacking in discipline, yet at the same time who could blame them. They had a small compound in the middle of nowhere. How could they come to suspect that someone was coming to kill them; Even observing them right now as they bantered among themselves. Between all of this though there was a very obvious gap, most likely from where the previous group had been in the patrol chain. If timed properly, he could strike precisely where this gap was, eliminate a patrol, and wait for the last one to arrive. It would be a bit risky, especially gambling with how intelligent they were. Judging by the fact that they had not noticed the third pair to have gone missing they clearly weren't geniuses. However, if they suddenly realize they are the ONLY patrol going about the perimeter, it might be too obvious to ignore. If Tenjinsai was to do this it would have to be quickly, striking one group and then laying in ambush immediately for the second group. If his timing was off by even a moment they could end up alerting the entire compound. His plan was set, now only needing to wait for the moment to strike. He observed at the men went around once more, making sure they were not going to stop. Then, when one rounded the edge of the perimeter and were out of sight, he struck. Leaping from the branches on which he perched, Tenjinsai descended upon the bandits like a bird of prey. Drawing his blade quickly, he slew the first man with a downward thrust before ever touching the ground. While still having the advantage of surprise, Tenjinsai pulled his blade back and stepped forward, swinging his blade upward in an arcing cleave. The slash sliced through vertically across the other bandit, cutting their torso clean across. The two fell to the ground silently, not a word uttered before facing their deaths. Tenjinsai needed to move quickly now, dragging off the two corpses to where the first pair he slew was. If he could hide them quickly enough, ideally, the final pair patrolling would not be keen to his movements; Then, when they finally passed through again, he could strike and eliminate them before moving deeper into the compound. Moving quickly, he dragged the bodies out of sight and into cover, but not without leaving some evidence of his deed. Upon the ground was now a smear of blood from where they had been dragged. He could run out, try and cover it up with the loose dirt, but he knew the other bandits would be coming about within moments. With no time to cover it up, hopefully it could simply be used to distract the patrolling pair when they came over to it. Tenjinsai would need to hope that they did not call out for others when spotted and simply decide to investigate it. Either way, when they did draw near he would need to strike quickly once more. Now hidden once more on his perch he waited silently for his prey to march into his sights yet again. WC: 1,083
  13. With the pair having separated, Tenjinsai wandered on his own through the woodland undergrowth. If he had to be honest with himself, he had little clue of what he was doing or where he was going. This was not to say he was incapable of being stealthy, tracking, and observing. Instead, he simply had no real lead as to where he should start looking for these bandits. They had arrived in the district recently; Surveyed the area for two days, and found the abandoned hovel they were residing in. It was all guess work from there, and guessing he was. Hours would pass as the young soul continued to fumble about through the woodland outskirts, nothing truly relevant being found. It was not until he came to the edge of an overhanging cliff that he found what they were looking for. Still somewhat in the distance, he could make out what appeared to be several structures. They seemed a bit too far out of the way to be another town, but there was no true way for him to discern that from where he was. Tenjinsai now had a choice that was to be made. Either head back and regroup with Mikoto and they could investigate these findings together, or; Go on ahead alone and try his best to surveil the area without being noticed. He was confident in his abilities in combat, but not enough so to potentially take on a camp of unknowns. It was clear though which decision he would decide to make. Tenjinsai was young, brash, and most certainly over confident. Drawing his zanpaktou from its sheath, the young spirit jumped from the cliff and dug the blade into the wall as he descended. It allowed him to slow his fall into a somewhat controlled descent until he hit bottom. Once he was within ten or fifteen feet of the ground, Tenjinsai released his blade from the rockface and fell the rest of the way. He landed with a light thud, bending his knees to absorb the impact; His spine whispering a silent thank you. The now spy pushed on quickly and silently in the direction of what was believed to be a compound. He had crept up into the trees, moving across the upper branches as to make less noise then running through the shrubbery below. As he drew closer to where he believed the structure had been seen he cut his speed, not wanting to risk making any noise. Still in the treeline about thirty feet from the compound edge, Tenjinsai peered out and took in all he could. This was definitely what they were looking for, just judging from those who were wandering the area. Many of the individuals there were armed, most with simple weapons such as clubs or knives; Several had actual swords and even boasted a higher then typical reiryoku level. 'Nothing to really worry about.' The single thought crossed his mind once he believed that everyone in the area had been sensed. They were all small fry, nothing dangerous at all from his own standpoint. These bandits only grew to such influence because they bullied and lived off the commonfolk. They possessed some modicum of power and used it to extort those weaker then them. Tenjinsai sighed lightly, reality having long since set in on him but still saddening when he thought on it. 'Welp, time to head back.' He turned slowly on the branch he was perched, preparing to leave from whence he came. As he put pressure down to leap away he heard a loud cracking noise emit from directly beneath him. 'Son of a...' The branch he had stood upon quickly snapped under him dropping him down to the ground with a loud thud. The young spirit sprung up, fumbling about the bushes and making far more of a racket then he had desired. Some of those he observed on the perimeter of the compound had heard his disturbance. Unfortunately for Tenjinsai these bandits were not blind, as they quickly spotted his form amidst the various greenery. Those that had noticed him drew close, drawing the makeshift weapons they possessed. "You there, I don't recognize you. Who are you and what are you doing here?" Tenjinsai had his back against the wall at this point, or more literally, a tree. He could run, but that could compromise their whole operation. He had no choice at this point but to press forward and kick things off. "Who, me? Would you believe I am an overly enthusiastic bird watcher?" The two men that had approached him laughed lightly, wicked smiles across their face. "Heh, you're either really stupid, or really brave if you are gonna mess with us. Either way, you're coming with us now." The two bandits closed in on Tenjinsai, weapons at the ready as they prepared to take custody of him. Tenjinsai moved his right hand quickly to his side, grabbing hold of his blade and drawing it. He shifted slightly in place to get into as good a position as he could for where he was standing. Fighting was going to be his only way out; At least he enjoyed a good fight. "I'd say you are making a mistake, but you won't realize that until you wake up tomorrow morning. Providing you are lucky enough to wake up..." WC: 895
  14. As the sun rises far to the east, light slowly creeps in through a window; The occupants of the small hovel stir and awaken to the morning light. Rising slowly from the rough straw mat he slept upon, Tenjinsai stretched out his arms, preparing for the new day. There was much to be done in the near future, a nice change of pace for him and his companion. The particularly region of Rukongai they had taken up in recently was rather lawless. Far from the civilization, and authority, of the Seireitei, bandits had seen to take charge of the district they resided in. This was however how Tenjinsai had chosen to make his name and live life; Restoring order to areas where there was little and providing relief to the common folk. He was a vigilante of sorts, separated by the residents of rukongai only by some reiryoku and noble ideals. He had accomplished much in the years that had passed since he had been cast out from his family dwelling. He had wandered the various districts, slaying bandits, helping the poor, and trying to provide some form of kindness to these downtrodden people. Granted, he may have lost himself to the madness of loneliness long ago if he had not had the company of a friend. As he stood up slowly, his gaze turned to the right and eyed the other individual occupying the hovel with him. His friend, Mikoto, had traveled with him for many years; The two forming a sort of, dynamic duo, as it were. They had been acquainted since before he was cast out of his home. They had often visited the manor, spending time playing about as children were wont to do. Once they grew older the two had even trained together. Under the tutelage of Tsunkai and Hayashi, older brother and uncle respectively, they had amounted to some form of potential. Those were times long since passed, fond memories amidst a lifetime of struggle and strife. Tenjinsai heaved a light sigh, casting his thoughts away and bringing his focus back to the current moment. He moved toward the door of their shack, pushing aside the reed curtain to look outside. "It doesn't appear that we have aroused any suspicion as of yet. Otherwise I'm sure someone would have come to visit us by now." Removing his hand from the curtain, it slid back into place as he turned to face Mikoto. His arms crossed over his chest as a mock frown appeared over his features. "I'm just not sure if that means we are functioning quietly enough, or we just haven't acquired enough infamy to be noticed." He shrugged to himself as he turned back around and leaned against the door jamb. "So, are you clear on the plan or should we go over it one more time before heading out?" Mikoto yawned as he finished shifting his zanpaktou into position, the signal that he was ready. "Let's go over it one more time just for the sake of it." Tenjinsai nodded as he continued to peer outside through the gaps of the curtain. "We will split up, as both of us together may cause some suspicion from those we are hunting. You head into town and ask around, seeing if you can gather any information on the local bandits. I'll head to the outskirts and scan the forests and valleys to see if I can get any trace of their operations." Tenjinsai paused a moment, a light rustling heard several meters outside the front of their current abode. The two stood in silence, only moving to place their hands over the hilt of their weapons. Several moments passed that felt like an eternity until finally Tenjinsai saw the culprit of the noises through the small slits of the curtain. A doe and several fawns following closely behind it emerged from the woods nearby. The young soul leaned heavily against the wall as the tension flowed from him. Releasing a long sigh of relief, he waved his arm off at Mikoto signalling that all was clear. "Just a couple of deer moving through the forest. Nothing to worry about for now." Mikoto followed along, sighing himself as he moved forward toward the opposite side of the door. "So, as for what you were saying before. You get to go and have all the fun while I slog around in the slums; And, digging for info we both know no one is going to have or give up." Tenjinsai stopped for a moment and turned his attention from peering through the curtain gaps to his companion. "Listen, we just have to play to our strong suits. You are better at talking to people then I am, much better. You have a way with words that I can only describe as, manipulative." He laughed lightly for a moment, Mikoto looking less then amused with the comment; Though that was his default emotion. "If you are talking about last time as well, that was hardly my fault. Simply a case of right place at the right time." Tenjinsai watched his friend roll their eyes before moving past him and out of their hovel into the open morning air. Tenjinsai followed closely behind, it clearly being time for them to start their 'operation'. The two prepared to break off into their separate tasks, one heading right, the other left. They only paused for a single moment as Tenjinsai uttered a few final words before departing. "Remember, don't attract too much undue attention, don't be followed, and meet back at the rendezvous when our objectives are complete. If we can get enough, we strike tonight. If not, well, you know how this works." Mikoto simply gave a firm nod and the two broke away to go their separate paths. There was much work to be done, and an element of danger added to it as well. It kept it interesting at least; But they had no idea how interesting this particular job was going to be. WC: 1,008
  15. I guess I am resurrecting this topic as I could not bear to not have my name on the list for my great love of the 13th, and my own personal pride lol. I am a former, and the first ever, Captain of the 13th Division. So, yay!!
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