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  1. Draka

    The whispering Hollows

    What is the worst one can do.. Murder, which kills the heart until becomes it becomes as void as in Hollows. Torture, which makes a prisoner of the mind, to the pain of the flesh, robbing it's faint amount of choice. Slavery, which diminishes others by senseless standards and inflates oneself into abandoning worldly values in favor of one's own. Vengeance, which punishes with blindness to consequences, bringing soothing to the self and suffering to those familiar with the avenger and culprit both... Some humans once philosophized that the depths of hell were reserved for traitors, those who abandon the reliance placed on them by another. Perhaps because, the fear of being betrayed, the fear of unseen threats that experience, despite their invisibility, still tells us is there.. That fear, is rooted in truths of everyday life, and so is the knowledge of how fragile trust is to these unseen threats of slights, large and small, that might unravel that fear. Long ago.. So very long ago now, there lived a boy that was made a man by the tragedy of senseless misfortune. He trusted no-one and never opened his heart, fearing that loss of control over what trust he had given to another person, would lead him to suffer. That unreal flames of fear for doing anything, after being betrayed, would burn him away and make naught more of him, but a husk... But, men and ideals, do not mix well with one another. And like myths of old, where does running from fate lead back too that fate, as though by the work of a god's will to keep him imprisoned.. And indeed, he burnt up in an inner fire of the soul - an azure blaze that took away half the heart - all because he forgot that it is not people that betray others. Rather, it is circumstances, that changes what one trusts away from what it use to be. Alas, a fruitless tale, as were any that served a purpose, rather than serving the story's subject. The curse of fabrication. The lifelessness of a focused mind, trying to mimic something chaotic. And failing. Even the subject coming to see the smooth lines of design... Beckoning the cruel question. If tragedy had made a monster, one guilty of many more sins than be the monster worth forgiveness, and were that monster's tragedy a design. Does this meaning something new?.. A glimmer of hope, the possibility for changing by breaking the design, and the fear that such would merely be a wasted effort. Even then.. Either the past is a lie, leaving a shell out of the monster, or, the past is as true as before and a monster is absolute, regardless of choice. A thought like that, exists in a place. A place without walls, but merely dense rock spanning nearly forever, and no doors for lack of one needing to be designed. In a place where need light not be, for there being no pairings of living things to see one-another, and no changes to make an endless passage of time bearable.. In such a place sits one the like of which has nothing to offer, nothing to gift and no sense of hope.. Only two kinds of beings exist merely to be in such a place. Those blissful in sleep, and those waiting. Somewhere, beneath the desert sand, rested a cave. One which walls was made of a black, crystal matter alike that of the black quartz pillars, found upon the surface of the desert. It's floor cracked open in numerous locations in which blue crystals rose, their forms radiating the faintest flicker, alike ever burning blue flames. Near an enormous arc, formed of black quartz and covered in carvings of symbols, sat a Hollow upon the ground with one set of clawed fingers clutching a long staff, standing like a pole and with a curved blade for a flag. Through miles upon miles of stone, a shock reverberated onward, struggling. It's force caused nearly only a grain of dust to shift upon the black wall and fall, while the Reiatsu did not even manage that cut through the odd material that guarded this tomb.. And yet, did something else carry through, stirring the Hollow to open it's eyes amidst the utter darkness. The faint glow of his eyes dimmed as they narrowed with his focusing, silent minutes passing as the Hollow's mind properly woke from the long slumber. The cold blaze of the eclipsed blue suns, that were his eyes, starred into the distance without change as began life to slowly grasp the statue-like figure upon the ground. His breath seeped out between the pale white teeth of his mask, causing tussles of long black hair hanging down over his mask to slightly sway forward. A low snap reverberated through the room as he cracked his neck, brushing a horn over the shriveled gray flesh of his chest. His jaw dropped slightly, instinctual trying to speak, yet his muscles seemed still sore and his throat dried in the cold air, only hissing out a low groan. "I see.." his voice sounded within his mind, his eyes slightly widening as his mind began to connect with the flesh of his form. "How long- No.. Pointless.." His thoughts wandered as flooded his memories too him, soon followed by a sense of his last few thoughts before surrendering himself to slumbering within this place, the home he'd built so very long ago, bare the condensed and rich experience to follow his Arrancarization. Still, it calmed him to waken here, with the familiar site to remind him of the parts of his core never to change. His eyes slowly shifted across the inky sclera of his eye, the black pupil compressing as his returning senses looking off into an impossibly long distance. Towards the feeling that had stirred him from his wait.. Even in this place, were does the cavern rock kill any shock and the strange stone practically block Reiatsu, could some very few things still reach him. Despite the passage of time, his abilities had clearly not dulled, the small fragment of himself having survived the passage of time. "Which.." his voice spoke said aloud, rough like the grating walls of his place. Which indeed. His feeling of intention and this energy.. There was little mistaking her for anyone else. However long since he'd last felt this presence, his instincts wouldn't allow him to forget that presence which he had felt practically every day for years on end. A slow sigh left him at the thought, knowing too well that of all people, his expectations never seemed to meet with her kind of thinking. If he could be said to have been gifted a mind for making sense of things, than surely she'd been gifted one immune to being made sense of. His tall frame rose from the floor with the echo of clacking hooves, his knee's long black mane casting off the layer of dust upon it. The base of the staff-like handle in his grasp screeched across the floor as he took a step into the darkness, his eye lifting to look up with thoughts still flowing about his mind, despite his better judgment. It were for the best to merely ask himself. Her tune, were perhaps the only of which he didn't mind occasionally being lead by, despite his hatred for surrendering to such things. ---------------------- A spear of sand struck through into the sky upon the desert floor, falling apart into a pale gray hail as dropping around the Hollow. His pupil moved to the edge of his eye, looking down through the rift in the rock besides his feet and into the cavern, as moonlight gave some small amount of detail to the massive space hidden beneath the sands. Sliding back over the black sclera, they set themselves on the distance ahead, as did he, stepping across the desert floor with naught but the further outskirts of Hueco Mundo around him, silent and nearly empty. Slowly, the rock he'd broken began to darken to a pitch black and creep together into a mass over the small opening. As faded the texture soon again, the stone seemed as though never broken.. She'd have to wait a little while. Take some time to get her thoughts straight about this odd summons. All the while, his mind would gradually recover through the long trek across the endless desert.. They'd might even have some shared sense of what to expect from one another at the end of that. The thought was barely formed, but a long sigh left him and he shook his head slightly, thinking upon his error. Truly his mind weren't yet woken, if thoughts like that were the first to surface to his mind. The little sparks of thoughtless feelings, like annoyance or distressing tension, that would on occasion try to pull the mind away from deeper things.. ---------------------- It had been some several hours or so, before his mind adjusted to notice. His eyes ran down his shape, the pale flesh of a form from which had come the odd title that had some thought him somehow more fitting than that from which it likely originated, the Shinigami. True, it were not one she were accustomed to. It had dawned on him a few times now, minutes of passage giving rise to distractions as old thoughts came to the surface of his mind, causing him to dismiss the small matter until now.. With a thought, the black of his eyes spread over his mask, creeping onto his skin as in it's wake was left a featureless dark figure with barely a defining ridge to show. The black mane crawled back along itself, shortening until did it barely reach past the shoulders of the humanoid figure still changing as continued it on it's march. Black tatters clinging too him grew into long open robes and sleeves, splitting apart into layers whilst grayish lining formed at the edges as it tore into the shape of a dark uniform. A small bluish gem formed upon the end of the sheathed black blade that had been the man-sized scythe he carried, just in time for details to finish their manifestation upon the clothing of the figure, followed swiftly by the retreating blackness across form giving view of pale-white skin, contrasted by facial hair and as inky black as the black pools he now possessed for eyes. With the passing thought resolved, his mind started to quiet a bit. The desert had little in the way of changes that invited new ideas, say for the minds that would create from nothing, rather than make out of something. His mind saw merely the 'who' of whom he was finally approaching now, wondering perhaps one small thing about the odd meeting. Hours upon hours passed, likely more than he were aware, she'd have waited while he had approached with his Reiatsu (as ever) barely the level of a human. Set to wait amidst these outskirts and it's wandering Hollow, would she have lost patience with the waiting by this time or had perhaps that trait improved in her.. His eyes climbed out of their unfocused stare towards the difference, as had the shape of some pit in the sand started to become apparent.
  2. Happy Holidays to the Community

    I continue to feel that i won't find the time to make a proper return to this site - my first and since strongest lasting experience with online roleplay.

    So, to hoping beyond hope that one day, it might prosper once again

  3. Draka

    Orp Suggestions Discussion Thread

    In view of the latest suggestion, in regards to the function of high-speed movements: You can assume for the sake of this suggestion (Even though we know Sonido is used in a different matter) that the entire point of these techniques is to get from one point to another, by using the least amount of effort, yet getting there as quickly as possible. The entire point of these techniques is to be able to move faster, without exhausting yourself. As it stands now, or at the least, with my current knowledge of how these techs previously worked, simply requires 40 speed and a small wc to achieve. But beyond that, there is little to no benefit of using this in battle. My hopes is to find a way to make these techniques not only have a purpose, but be viable to use and not sway their usefulness too much in favor of the 'agile' class. Now to start reaching my point, I would like to suggest different stages of each, that would have a meaningful purpose in battle to use. Something that can have a useful effect in a longer -or in some cases shorter- term battle. Below in spoilers would be an example of such. While the basis of my idea wouldn't be compromised by making slight altercations to make these techniques more 'ideal' for all classes, without making them OP. (I'm not 100% sure this is 'too much' but I feel it is not) Overall, I feel like there should be advantages/ a reason for the movement techs to be used. And I chose this way to make them, because with the way they are utilized, I feel adding to someone's speed with the technique isn't it's real purpose. While I understand that this is something all Race's/ Rper's could potentially have, I feel it would make a unique difference. I'm not sure why it hasn't been implemented in the past, for shunpo to have an actual effect in battle. But for balancing purposes, I don't see why it couldn't be restricted to amounts of uses, or X amounts of posts to be utilized, much like shunko used to be on this RP Site. It's true enough, the exact nature and advantages of high-speed movement techniques like Shunpo have always been somewhat ambiguous, when it comes to their use in the ORP. Though i personally find the Wikia's definition of Shunpo rather as to meaning "How to get from point A, to point B, using the longest strides and consequently doing so in the shortest period of time", rather than having anything to do with reserving stamina (if not rather exhaust more of it, to achieve this speed. Much in the same way as Yoruichi commented her being out of shape, tiring out after having used the technique continuously to escape Byakuya), i recognize that that seems difficult to implement, with top-speed supposedly being reachable without the technique and speed-boosting being simply too pointlessly plain. A notable weakness to the current suggest, though i don't discourage the intentions for wanting to make these techniques unique, would possibly be that the "stamina drain" during combat is a concept easily as ambiguous as that of high-speed movements' function and carries a long history of being unequal between opposing parties in a fight, making it unfit for numeral relations, with the difference in individual perspectives. In the past, when a similar question of what exactly high-speed movements were good for arose in the chat, it's usually been theorized that high-speed movements serve either of two purposes. Allowing the user to utilize their maximal speed, if only for an instance (this problematically inquiring that they otherwise wouldn't, without Shunpo, or the like) Allows the user to accelerate from standstill towards top-speed in an instant, rather than having to build up speed through movement. Allowing generally for an effect similar to the cannon scenes, of users avoiding or outmaneuvering non-users (with the supposed consequence of draining stamina worth the amount of otherwise-required movements for achieving the same, compressed into an instant's worth of "toll" on the muscles). Though i cannot speak for the general person, the latter of these theories have, for the longest time, been my person interpretation of high-speed movements advantage and consequence, as well as the perspective from which i've considered my personal perspective of the ambiguous "stamina drain", when utilized.
  4. Happy birthday dude


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  5. It's been a slow year. All the same, i'll argue that it might as well go recognized - http://bleachsoulevolution.com/forum/index.php/topic/15398-bse-awards-2015-voting/

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      I'd vote for somebody as best rp'er or more interesting story if I found their story to be better than mine, or that they write better than me. Or maybe I just really like their character. Just because I know my own the most and like it, doesn't mean I think it's the best or that others aren't better story tellers than me. And well if the majority votes for themselves, then the one guy who voted for somebody else decides. gg, though I do consider it bad form to vote

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      Mr. Neppington

      for your own character. Let's be honest if you vote for your own character on every questions. Then you're a pretty lame person.

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      Otter Aiden

      So far not really the majority of the votes have been for themselves....

  6. Roleplayer of the Year: ChaosKaiz - Notably for his contribution to a year of hardship for the ORP community's activityCharacter of the Year: … Honorable Mentions Elevander Jecht (RP'ed by ChaosKaiz) - Beginning of a tale as long as was it fineORPer of the Year: ChaosKaiz 2nd Choice: Rash (Reese Schlereth) Honorable Mentions Gina (Kasumi Kudo)ORP Character of the Year: Ashikaga Shizuka (RP'ed by Gina (Kasumi Kudo)) 2nd Choice: San Salvatore / Wrath (RP'ed by San Salvatore) - Witness to greatness' rise; Warrior. Forsook it then to fall; Coward. Unworthy to live this shame, let wrath now trample the fear that was your undoing, and burn the mistaken path with sinner's flame.Previous instances of these annual BSE Awards has had certain other categories included, which i myself found interesting. Thought i'd might as well raise awareness of them, if anyone else should feel these awards lacking without them. Fight of the Year: … Honorable Mentions Eximus Nobody vs. Draka Acturial - Father's shame, burdened on his sons Xenegon Bahir'an vs. Draka Acturial - Who can deny the splendor of a rematch. Birthed of a battle unconcluded; carrying with it redemption to that shame Kumo vs. Regashi - Thread: The Game of Life and Death Yoko vs. Jo-Jo vs. Reese Schlereth - Thread: Designation DesolateDeath of the Year: … Honorable Mentions Kensen ShihÅin's Death - Thread: End of the Line (technically from late 2014) - A shadow's tale, riddled with all of what does the shadow hide; truth and lies alikePost of the Year: … Honorable Mentions Gen's 1-post Wonder - Thread: The DamnedFunniest Post of the Year: … Character Quote of the Year: … Honorable Mentions Tale of the White Desert Old - Thread: Where Life & Death Colide (technically wasn't spoken aloud) ~ "Endless as was it old, where each new to rise would begin it's walk, as comes heart's end and soul's beat Endless as was it old, for each to walk it would eventually end in it the same Endless as was it old, ashes to ashes; dust to dust For this desert be neither sand nor rock, but degraded flesh, bone and blood The white sickness of the sand neither moonlight nor age, but phoenix's ash from every Hollow old, in it born each one new to begin upon it's walk Endless as was it old, for no memory remains, to remind us when was this land without it's sand" ~
  7. For OPR'ers currently in SS (Energy surges (particular effect on Vaizards) & Hollowfication instances): http://bleachsoulevolution.com/forum/index.php/topic/14642-eclipse-upon-the-disheartened-night/#entry347375

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      Mr. Neppington

      Sorry but I'll hold off until the movie version comes out.

  8. For ORP'ers currently in Karakura Town (Sudden spiritually-natured destruction of an building): http://bleachsoulevolution.com/forum/index.php/topic/11506-ring-of-unheartly-acts/page__st__40#entry347270

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    Why'd You Say/do That

    Seems worth noting that only shouts involving the topic were included in the image, leaving some holes
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