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  7. Sion heard Reekel's voice behind him, chanting some weird mantra as his reiatsu swords sliced air. Turning around he watched as the shinigami let loose a kido, a searing whip flew towards him. Caught by surprise, Sion cursed as he de-materialized his reiatsu swords back into his body. Pointing his arms behind him he launched a blast of spiritual energy from his palms. and took a few steps. This greatly increased his movement speed for a quick burst and propelled him forward but used a bit of stamina in the process. He felt the heat of the whip as he ducked below it, his skin and eyes warm from the proximity. Quickly regaining his balance he launched a few more violet bolts at Reekel. He charged forward to close the distance between the two. Gritting his teeth together, Sion's eyes focused on the shinigami.
  8. Sion didn't even see Reekel move before he saw him about to swing his zanpakuto. Physical combatant... okay, I can do this. By the speed of the swing he could tell Reekel was holding back. It's much appreciated that he's not trying to kill me. Sion sidestepped to the right, avoiding the shinigami's zanpakuto. Quickly concentrating his spiritual energy Sion formed two short-swords made of pure reiatsu in each hand. Sion slashed with both horizontally at the same time. He full well expected Reekel to dodge. Bringer's Light, the jewel encrusted in his chest glowed brightly. It was enjoying the exercise, amazing how it seemed to have emotions and thoughts like a person. Sion's thoughts momentarily drifted to Meekel's blade, could it think and feel too? Did it have the ability to communicate with its master as well? He would have to ask the shinigami afterwards.
  9. "Heh, well if you insist" Nodding once more he made the first move. Sion charged visible spiritual energy in his palms and fired two energy bolts from his left and right hand. They sailed quickly towards Reekel, Sion had faith the shinigami would react swiftly. Bracing himself for what Reekel would do next, he held his arms up, waiting to counter. I have no idea what Reekel's fighting style is, I don't know if he specializes in using that... zanpakuto. Or perhaps using a form of kido like I do. Tch, I hate fighting blind, but I guess I'll have to wait and see.
  10. Sion could feel a mysterious power emanating from the rocks. It seemed to drown his out, the way a disinfectant spray covers up other smells. Reekel Havoc... I'll do well to remember that name. Sion was surprised by the shinigami's question. He'd assumed shinigami were all-knowing, omniscient in a sense. Admittedly, people like himself were rare though. He had yet to meet a human with his... characteristics. "Heh, you don't have to give me that look. This jewel shining on my chest is the source of my power. It acts as a conduit to my spiritual energy. It even lives you know, it's how I even know that spirits exist, what shinigami are and all that. I'm not exactly sure what I am other than human, or where this jewel came from. But I do know it's a part of me- anyway the jewel has referred to beings with my type of power as fullbringers. But lately, it's been acting up. It overwhelms my senses from time to time as you saw with a will to fight and unleash it's strength. It appears to want to become stronger, but I don't sense malevolence behind it. Just a passion to become something larger in life." Looking down at the jewel he touched it with his fingertips. It dimmed and glowed again, almost humming with anticipation. Sion closed his eyes and let the jewel's power envelop him. Holding his palms out the spiritual energy swirled around. A feeling of warmth surged through, his feet leaving the ground as he hovered about a foot from it. Sion opened his eyes, awaiting any more questions the shinigami would have before they began.
  11. The shinigami didn't seem to mean any harm. And Bringer's Light was messing with his head. It made him want to fight, it made him need to battle and release his powers. Taking a quick second to breath deeply he nodded to the shinigami. And began following him out the door. Continuing to cover the jewel with his hand he followed behind, eager to get rid of this frantic frenzy to battle. "My name is Sion by the way...if I may ask, what is yours?" They seemed to be heading for a more remote section of Karakura. He'd passed by a few times, but there wasn't much anything there so he'd never had much reason to visit often. Now, he realized, that he may have to start heading to this place more often.
  12. Sion turned to face the man dressed as a samurai. He looked extremely out of place.... wait he'd heard about these guys. They were shinigami, reapers of the dead, those who helped spirits get to the Spirit Realm or whatever it was called. No one else seemed fazed by his appearance, in fact no one even looked up at him. Sion was just as surprised when he realized the shinigami was talking to him. Dumbly Sion pointed to himself, asking with his hands if he was referring to himself. After realizing he was indeed talking to him he replied: "I suppose... but why would you want to fight me, shinigami?" To be honest, Sion was quite suspicious. He didn't want the shinigami to take it upon himself to reap his soul before it was his time to go. His brow furrowed, and muscles tensed up as he waited for a reply.
  13. The morning sun shined brightly on the unkempt young man that was wandering the streets of Karakura. Having discovered his Fullbringer powers hardly a month ago, Sion found himself eager to find a use for them. The 21 year olds' chestnut brown hair waved in the wind, his ponytail blowing to his right. His amber eyes concentrated all around him, looking for any sort of spiritual disturbance. So that he could have an excuse to brandish his powers. Sion's black long sleeve shirt absorbed all the heat from the sun, making him that much more impatient to fight. His normally analytic mind was frantic. He hadn't been in battle for over a week. It was starting to drive him stir crazy, Hands shoved in the pockets of his jeans he continued scanning the streets. Many civilians passed by, none of them with the spiritual strength he was looking for. Sighing to himself he stopped walking along the sidewalk and leaned against the front of a convenience store building. He needed to calm down, looking for a fight would get him killed if he wasn't careful... Bringer's Light suddenly began flashing from below his shirt. The beautiful violet jewel shined, eagerly wishing for an opponent. The jewel was melded to his skin, a conduit for all his fullbringer powers. It was indestructible as far as he knew, he'd been punched in the chest, no effect had been had on the jewel. Covering the jewel with his left hand so others wouldn't see, he looked from left to right searching for someone to quarrel. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Come post with me
  14. CHARACTER NAME: Sion Race: Human/Fullbringer Weapon name: Bringer's Light Weapon Description: A violet diamond shaped jewel about the size of his palm, merged with Sion's chest that acts as a conduit for all his fullbringer powers. Mainly reiatsu based. Affiliation: None Rank in Affiliation: None Character Fun Fact: Is often misinterpreted for being sarcastic when he isn't, which makes giving compliments difficult. Though when you speak to him most of the time he will be using dry humor and sarcasm. Stamina: 60/100 Attack: 50/100 Defense: 50/100 Mobility: 80 /100 Reiatsu: 80/100 Intelligence: 70/100 Total Stats: 390/600