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    friends,bleach,the twelve kingoms and others
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  1. Happy Birthday Senpai I hope it is a good one :)

  2. what could I do?studying I just appear when I see anything strange. still worry with the clan^^ anyway nice to see you all. bye bye.
  3. oh well.I can't see Morg neither arya names at rank(strenght).They came to quit?
  4. what's happened?new leader?Topics closed too....please someone send a pm and explain me all ^^
  5. taht's such brautiful...you'rea good designer...
  6. I'm sad.I'm here not for play,but for solve a mess between both my friends.Arrghhhhh

    1. Amemiya Natsuki
    2. Night Asakura

      Night Asakura

      Hey Matues hope you solve it

  7. hiiiiiii brrreeeaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  8. I love you lets be friends

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