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  1. ガゼット - 「飼育れãŸæ˜¥ã€å¤‰ã‚ã‚Œã¬æ˜¥ã€
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zJ44kpboow
  3. 下æ‘陽å­- Somnus Nemoris
  4. I wish to join as a Vaizard purisu o . o
  5. I am not a non-quincy I am a Quincy. I'm stuck with a Human rank of "Lieutenant"
  6. I'm stuck at a human rank again even though i'm a Quincy...
  7. Wasn't sure if this was the right to post this but for the longest time, The FAQ has been in need of a fix o_O
  8. LOL Molestia + Morg put the icing on the cake. I hope this guy wasn't for real xD
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