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  1. 2 years, 2 years and curiosity got the better of me to stop in to see if the place still stood

  2. yep still breathing, I haven't killed over yet so you can keep wishing lol


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    2. Molestia


      *sacrifices more goats* 

    3. Kattrine Magnus

      Kattrine Magnus

      Those poor goats. 

    4. Omni/Yui


      goats wont do, you need the blood of a first born virgin, preferably female between the ages of 25 and 30...but...idk where your going to find one of those in this day and age lol...

  3. well motherboard fried on my computer, tried to order a new one but after careful consideration i went ahead and bought a whole new computer yay upgrades, now a proud owner of a new Asus ROG G20

  4. just had an idea...ya know coming from me that does sound scary *shrugs* now for the planning

  5. someone get the battery and jumper cables as RP needs a jump start

  6. the great debate has started again and I am starting to feel inspired again but i know this too shall pass shortly

  7. had minor surgery on my foot acouple days ago, doing alot better and it no longer hurts to walk so things are looking alot better

    1. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

      Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

      Don't know you too well but hope you get better soon. I know surgery sucks.

    2. DaGr8Toshiba


      So you finally broke your foot off in somebodies ass and experienced the side of it that nobody tells you about.

    3. Rayzoric Crimson Umbra
  8. idk how to feel that i am no longer on the ranking but due to my absents that is understandable, i suppose my soul is finally free!

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    2. Shiba Isshin
    3. DaGr8Toshiba


      The fact that you made this post proves that you're already back in the fold. It's a shame, I had really thought you escaped.

    4. Omni/Yui


      im pulling a page from your book tosh, might stop in once in awhile but to busy to actually do anything.

  9. would you rather be a vampire or be posesed by a demon weapon?

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    2. Omni/Yui


      just watch Owari No Seraph and you'll understand...

    3. Mr. Clean

      Mr. Clean

      OMG I love that manga/anime. Mika is my favorite character. Buut I gotta say being possessed like Caladbolg from Cavalier of the abyss beats sucking blood.

    4. Rayzoric Crimson Umbra

      Rayzoric Crimson Umbra

      Yes!!!!!! I think in Yu case it is an issue since he is also possessed by the Seraphim.

  10. EvE Online, lots and lots of EvE online, just saying

  11. just a figment of your imagination

    1. Rayzoric Crimson Umbra

      Rayzoric Crimson Umbra

      Never!!! You know you exist outside of your own imagination!!!!!!

    2. Kattrine Magnus

      Kattrine Magnus

      KKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs in slow motion towards*

    3. Xenegon Bahir'an

      Xenegon Bahir'an

      Maybe WE are figments of YOUR imagination. #mindblown

  12. Sorry to everyone in RP I just got invited to the World of Warships Closed Beta so my time is now booked for the rest of the year

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    2. Omni/Yui


      oh we will still play but you will have to catch me when im not blowing other ships out of the water

    3. ChaosKaiz


      Damn, and you just came back to us D:

    4. Omni/Yui


      such is the life of a gamer with a short attention span

  13. If anyone has a World of Warships Closed Beta Code that they are not going to use I would be much appreicated in having it